Stephanie! Available for adoption-super sweet

STephanie has been my foster for two months and I have to go back to the states, so I would love to find a home for her ASAP! She is so sweet. She will cuddle and hug you. Always happy. 1+ year old. She is turn-key, ready to bring into your home.
Very well mannered.
Completely potty trained.
Knows basic commands and some hand signals.
Barks only to alert you that someone is outside.
Sits calmly on the golf cart.
Excellent swimmer.
Loves children, men, women.
Loves other dogs, chases cats.
Will lay quietly while you work, but she is young so plan on walks and activities. She loves to go on errands.
Will lay quietly while you visit at a restaurant or bar.
Call Saga Volunteer Gail at 501-607-5992