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Valid: Friday, July 13 until Monday, July 16, 2012

SYNOPSIS: A weak pressure gradient over the NW Caribbean will favor warm and humid conditions this weekend. A surface trough will move over Belize and Yucatan on Monday along the leading edge of another surge in the low level easterlies.

Conditions will remain favourable for warm and sultry weather this weekend; but the approach of a surface trough on Monday will favour another bout of showers and thunderstorms. An upper level low spinning in the south-central Gulf of Mexico north of Yucatan is projected to lift slowly northwards by Monday, but it is expected to provide some uplift over Yucatan and Belize early next week, favouring convective activity in the area.

Daily rainfall totals over most districts and coastal waters will be minimal this weekend, with accumulations in the range of 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch. Rainfall activity will be on the increase on Monday through Wednesday of next week, with daily totals in the hills and coastal areas ranging from 0.50-0.75 of-an-inch. Showers will become a bit more concentrated along the coastal zone and the South next week, with daily totals of 1:00 to 2.00 inches on Thursday and Friday with the approach and passage of the tropical wave.

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The San Pedro Sun

Scotiabank Belize presents grants to 5 primary school students in San Pedro
Five deserving primary school students received grants along with school bags and supplies from San Pedro branch of Scotiabank Belize on Tuesday July 10, 2012. The grants were made possible as part of Scotia’s efforts to “Give back to the community” in which they exist and come from the bank’s Education Fund. Receiving their grants were Janelly Aban, Hazel Hyde and Kelly Carillo, from New Horizon SDA School. From San Pedro RC School were Nayeli Longsworth and Darwin Albeño. The students received a cheque in the amount of $300.00 made out to the relevant school, a backpack and school supplies. The money is to be used towards books, registration, uniforms or any expenditure related to the student’s education. According to acting Office Manager at the San Pedro Branch, Roanne Badillo this is the sixth year that Scotiabank Belize is giving out the grants. Funding for the grants is done by individual branches through fundraising activities.

Miriam Codd; new District Education Officer for San Pedro and Caye Caulker
Mrs. Miriam Carlene Codd Pott is San Pedro and Caye Caulker’s new District Education Officer. Pott comes to the cayes with over fifteen years of experience working in the field of Education. Pott attended TCC Toledo Community College, after which she moved on to the Belize Teacher’s College where she graduated in 1996. She then acquired a Bachelors of Science in Primary Education in 2002 from the University of Belize. Following this, Pott left the country to further her studies at the University of Lethbridge in southern Alberta, Canada where she received her Masters in Primary Education in 2009. Returning to Belize, immediately after completing her studies in Canada, Pott was employed by the Ministry of Education in the capacity as an Education Officer in 2009. Prior to this, she worked as a teacher for some twelve years. In San Pedro, Mrs. Pott hopes that her skills and experience will prove helpful in solving some of the many problems that exist in the schools here on the island.

Ambergris Today

Slovakia’s Most Wanted Arrested in San Pedro
A major international fugitive - and alleged Eastern European mafia boss has been caught in Belize. On Thursday, July 12, 2012, 42 year old Karol Mello a citizen of the Slovak Republic who is wanted by Interpol was arrested in San Pedro and taken to Belize City in handcuffs. Mello who lived on North Ambergris Caye and reportedly was operating a business was apprehended by San Pedro Police on Pescador Drive after months of being sought in Belize. Mello is an alleged mafia boss and was wanted for setting up a double murder in 2004. After successfully eluding arrest for six years, Polish special police forces arrested Mello in Krakow in October 2010 but he was released from custody last May by Slovak courts, reportedly due to procedural errors. Now he is being sought on a European and international arrest warrant.

Actress Tamala Jones Vacations in San Pedro, Belize
Belize has become the vacationing hot spot for famous actors/actresses and our beautiful island has had its fair share of artists visiting our beautiful beaches and snorkeling our pristine waters. Gene Simmons, Mya, Faizon Love, Harrison Ford and many more have been on Ambergris Caye and just last week actress Tamala R. Jones was vacationing in beautiful San Pedro. This has been Tamala’s third time vacationing in Belize and her second time in San Pedro, staying at Corona Del Mar Hotel & Suites. She was hosted by the entire staff of Corona del Mar who took her out on fishing trips and several outings on the island. It is really nice to see that many famous stars are coming down to our beautiful island and enjoying themselves amongst locals. We invite Tamala and other artists to come and enjoy La Isla Bonita and take back many fun memories along with them. About Actress Tamala Jones Tamala R. Jones (born November 12, 1974, Pasadena, California) is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the movies Booty Call, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Kingdom Come, The Brothers, Daddy Day Camp and Two Can Play That Game. She currently stars on the ABC television show Castle as medical examiner Lanie Parish. Her début acting role was a guest appearance on the teen sitcom California Dreams. She had her first major television role playing a student in the short-lived ABC drama Dangerous Minds. Jones had co-starring roles on the 1998-2002 series For Your Love and the short-lived The Tracy Morgan Show. She had a recurring role as Tonya, an old girlfriend of Flex's (seasons one and five) on One on One. She has guest starred on other television series, including, My Name Is Earl, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She recently appeared in the music video for the song Independent by rapper Webbie as a female black President of the United States. Tamala was voted as one of The 10 Sexiest Women of the Year in 2000 and 2001 by Black Men Magazine.

Costa Maya Festival Presents Miss Guatemala Contestant
This week The International Costa Maya Festival is happy to announce Miss Guatemala, Alessandra Manzur Franco, vying for the title of Reina de la Costa Maya 2012. Alessandra is 22 years old, 6’1” tall and her measurements are 33-23-34. Alessandra enjoys playing volleyball, dancing, and painting. Let us all welcome Alessandra to this year’s International Costa Maya Festival. She will join seven other contestants from around the Mundo Maya countries, including Belize, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua at the Miss Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant (August 2, 2012) that will take place during the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival taking place from August 2 to August 5, 2012.

Economic Prospects for Belize Will Vary Based on U.S.A. and Europe Trends
When pleasant trade winds flow from the Caribbean over our Central American paradise, it is difficult to accept that turbulence in far off lands can have a material impact on our daily lives. At some point the daydreaming pauses, and memories from the past break through to wake us. Small emerging economies are often buffeted severely when global economic slowdowns take their toll. Investment capital moves offshore. Growth and hiring come to a halt. Government deficits expand. Gradual growth is the present forecast for Belize, but economic storm clouds on the distant horizon cannot be ignored. In today’s modern era of globalization, our economies are interconnected like never before in our recorded history. A “bump in the road” in Europe or the United States can suddenly translate into a “tsunami” by the time its impacts reach our shores. For Belize, the first impact will be on tourism. With fewer discretionary Euros and Dollars in their wallets, one can expect some slowdown to come. The same can be said to the South, also. Brazil is also pulling back, as are most developing economies in the world. The future, however, is not as bleak as this current synopsis might suggest. Europe has definitely slid back into recession, but economic data in the U.S. suggest that a pause is occurring, until the situation in Europe is stabilized and the presidential elections in the States are concluded. Elections in Belize have already concluded. The United Democratic Party has returned to power by securing 17 of 31 seats in the National Assembly and all 11 seats in the Belize City Municipal elections.

Have You Had Enough Lobster for the Season?
With the amount of lobsters rolled out during the three lobster festivals at the opening of the season I wondered if there was going to be enough for the rest of the season. Yes, the three giant lobster festivals of Belize have concluded, but that does not mean that it is the end of lobster in your plate! It’s no doubt that lobsters are in abundance; the season closes for only a few months to let the lobsters reproduce and grow. From June 14 to February 14 we all can enjoy the savory and juicy taste of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster. There are so many way to enjoy and I did not miss out on the opportunity and attended two out of the three festivals this year.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Another Shade Of Blue: KoldCast TV
ACES on KoldCast TV The large croc jump was filmed by Tamara of the San Pedro Sun. Crocodile rescues, shark feeding and 'Chicken Bingo' are just a few of the adventures that we find Ty experiencing in the adventure-laden country of Belize on Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer. From ancient Maya pyramids to forbidding Maya caves where Ty discovers sites where secret bloodletting rituals took place, Belize is a country crammed with experiences. The Maya lived in Belize for thousands of years and their culture and heritage is reflected in centuries old ruins such as Xunantunich, where Ty photographs the dizzying vistas from high atop the pyramid of El Castillo, once the private platform of Maya kings. Ty flies to an island off the coast of Belize, Ambergris Caye, and he meet's a couple devoted to saving the nearly extinct species of the American Crocodile. All in a day's work for Ty Sawyer.

BAS Blue Hole Adventure Day Camp
Tomorrow, July the 14th, the Belize Audubon Society will be doing their Adventure Day Camp trip to the Blue Hole. Here are pictures from last year's event. Jungle and Cave Adventure Day Camp Date: Saturday July 14th 2012 Time: 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Age: All Ages (children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult) Space Limit: 40 persons Location: St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, Cayo Age: All ages (children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult)

Benque Fiesta Program of Events
The Benque Fiesta has their inauguration tonight, and it'll go strong through Monday. Digicell will be be doing their double and triple up today, as will Smart. The cycling race is tomorrow morning, followed by some football. Dances every night, and there will be fireworks tonight at 10 as the dance kicks off. Have a great fiesta weekend!

Walk Across Belize: And we're off!
And they're off! Rowan is making great progress, and many of his fellow walkers and supporters are with him. He got from Benque to Santa Elena yesterday. Best of luck to Rowan garel on his 90 mile journey. "We started our trek at 5am and are well on our way to meeting our goal of 20 miles a day! Stay tuned throughout the next 5 days for regular updates and don't forget to make a donation if you haven't already! We are counting on you all to help keep the services of BCVI alive - services that the blind children of Belize need so desperately!"

Ka'ana's Glamping On Elite Traveler
Ka'ana's glamping package, where guests stay on a Mayan ruin in a luxury tent, is mentioned on Elite Traveler. Sounds like quite the experience. "Ka'ana Belize's Yaxha Overnight Experience is an exciting new package that affords adventure seekers the rare opportunity to spend the night on an ancient Maya ruin just past the Guatemalan border in a luxury tent, without having to sacrifice the comfort and amenities of a luxury resort."

Channel 7

Radio Silence For Unregistered Cell Phones
Today at 6:00 pm - tens of thousands of cell phones and SIM Cards went dead across the country: disconnected for non-registration. Today July 13th was the firm final deadline - and we spoke with both cell phone providers to find out how many phones went out of commission at 6:00 pm. Here's what they had to say: Lisa Gonzalez, Marketing Manager, Speednet Communications "The latest information we have regarding registration is that we have 80% of our customers registered. That is good news for us because it is majority of our customers. We have about 20% more that is still left to come in and update their information, so we are waiting on them to come in." Daniel Ortiz At the time that this story airs - their cell will have been cut off. Am I correct? Lisa Gonzalez "The deadline is today. What will happen is that when we close our showrooms today we will run a report and see who is not registered and then those are the ones that will be suspended. So these customers won't be able to send or receive calls and SMS. After they are suspended we will have to open them again, once you come in and provide your information. Of course we don't want to inconvenience these customers by suspending their account. But if they don't comply by registering we will have to suspend them."

PM Barrow Closes Budget Debate With A Tongue-Lashing
Last night, we regaled you with highlights of Thursday's house sitting - a spirited back and forth between first time representatives Julius Espat and Santino Castillo. The debate continued into the night and the session didn't end until about 7:40 pm when the Budget passed the third reading. As is required by custom, the Prime Minister wound up the debate with a withering review of the budget response by the leader of the opposition. He did that and held forth on the performances by other opposition members as well - they didn't stick around to listen, but that didn't stop him from going Nagaski on them: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "The Leader of the Opposition, member for Freetown completely misses the mark. We don't refer to the political and economic devastation elsewhere, on any misery-love's company basis or as any explanation of our straightened circumstances, not at all because we don't have straightened circumstances. Rather when we survey the wreckage elsewhere, it is for the purpose of marking underlining and even boasting about the fact that Belize, our country, our economy, our government has comparted speaking. We have done so very remarkably well. But I can't sit down without commenting on some of the more revealing aspects of the presentation by some of the senior so called leaders on the other side. Now, Mr. Speaker the Leader of the Opposition did not have as I said the courtesy to stay for the conclusion of the debate and it is not disrespecting me, he is disrespecting his constituency and the people of Belize."

Knox Cumberbatch Sentenced to 10 Years
Tonight, 28 year-old Knox Cumberbatch, is spending his 1st night of a 10 year prison term after he was sentenced by Justice Adolph Lucas today. As we reported, he was convicted of 3 counts of attempted murder on Monday, after the main witness, Uwani Nunez, testified for the prosecution that on July of 2007, they was hanging out on the Central Park basketball court in San Pedro when Cumberbatch and one of his friends got into an argument. According to Nunez, Cumberbatch left the court and returned with a firearm and shot him in the right hip. The two testified that when Cumberbatch attempted to ride away on bicycle, he had difficulty because of the beach sand. They tackled him and wrestled him to the ground, where they detained him until police came and arrested him. Today in court, Cumberbatch chose to remain silent, and he offered no mitigation plea on his behalf. In coming to his decision, Justice Lucas commented that today's youth resort to firearms when committing crimes. He also commented that based on the evidence, Cumberbatch had no regards for the value of life.

Is Avian Influenza A Threat To Belize?
There is a full-fledged outbreak of avian influenza in Jalisco, Mexico. First detected a month ago, it has since spread to 58 farms - and the concern now is that it may come over to Belize. That's because of two risk factors: contraband and the fact that avian influenza is carried by wild birds - and they don't need any visa to cross borders. Today we spoke with BAHA's director of animal health, Miguel DePaz who told us it is "likely" that avian influenza will come to Belize. First he explained why it would be dire for the poultry industry: Miguel DePaz, BAHA's director of animal health "The disease is known as highly pathogenic avian influenza H7N3 affecting only poultry and because the area is known for large numbers of poultry it is very important that the Mexican authorities contain this dreadful disease. It is known as highly pathogenic because it kills more than 75% of the birds. The state of Jalisco is poultry state with more than 75 million birds. The distraction that is going on right now in that state is numerous." "Belize is presently on the state of alert. Difficult to contain a disease as such because it spreads by wild birds mainly, so it's very difficult to stop wild birds from moving from one country to another, so we must be on alert." Jules Vasquez "It hasn't extended beyond Jalisco and its hasn't extended into any contiguous state to Belize?" Miguel DePaz "As far as we know it's only in the state of Jalisco. But as I say the way the disease gets transmitted its very difficult to contain, so countries bordering with Mexico such as Guatemala and Belize; Belize is really on alert mode. Guatemala - because there is more trade with Mexico and Guatemala - there are in a mode of emergency."

Natl. Security Execs. Meet On Organized Crime
There was a high level security meeting in Belmopan today. The Ministry of National Security and the National Security Council, met with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and various friendly-nation ambassadors for a high Level Meeting on Intelligence, Strategic Analysis and Serious and Organized Crimes. That's major considering that in the last week, five persons have been killed as a result of narco trafficking activities. CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Major George Lovell explained that - with assistance from the UN - they hope to do no less than revamp the entire intelligence apparatus. Here's how he explained it:.. Major George Lovell, CEO - Ministry of National Security "129 homicides which the country has never seen in its history in my view is reasons for us to be alarmed and quite likely we were alarm. With the level of criminal activities that we witness in Belie City, the people that were involve in those type of activities are all reasons for us to have a concern as a people and for us to look at where we were 20 years ago and where we were back in 2010 and clearly you would agree that we as a people would believe that we were near a crisis situation. We couldn't continue along those lines. We have since the look at some of the areas that we needed to strengthen. Intelligence certainly was one of those areas."

Rowan Continues His Walk Across Belize
14 year old Rowan Garel started walking from the Benque Viejo border to Belize City yesterday. Along with his family and supporters, he walked 13 miles and got to Esperanza. That set things up for today when he'd have to make the biggest one day push: Esperanza to Belmopan, a distance of over 20 miles. He set out at 5:00 am and we caught him six hours later in Camalote. He was tired, but still stepping smartly; here's how he looked:... Jules Vasquez reporting Through the majestic, rolling hills of the Cayo district - they appear as only a speck on the horizon, figures lost against the broad vista - a slender 14 year old, his friends and followers doing the impossible, the unthinkable - walking from Benque to Belize City. Well-wishers greet them along the way with gifts and small contributions. Mugging for photos with the 14 year old - who after 20 miles in the unforgiving heat can still muster a smile for his fans. Walking through Camalote today - Rowan Garel was coming up on 20 miles. But - clutching unto his father Joe for direction - he was still keeping a brisk pace. The prospects of an entire summer programme are riding on these slender shoulders, so he made sure to keep hydrated with his mother Milagro taking a turn on his arm and coming across Roaring Creek Bridge up on the end of today's arduous trek - which ended at Guanacaste Park. With the end in sight - just to show he could still pull it off - after twenty plus miles, Rowan broke into a jog. And still had the good grace to indulge us in an interview just as soon as he sat down on the roadside and took a drink.

Wagner's Youth Facility Hosts Rehab Program
Over the past 3 months, the Wagner's Youth Facility has been engaging in a rehabilitating exercise for the current inmates. Now, the current public position on prison is that accused and convicted persons just go there, and they wait their time out until they are release. When they come out, there is no positive change in personality and behavior occurs. Well, the Wagner's Youth Facility was determined not concur, and the facility's population participated in this exercise. With the help of the Government Press Office, we got a chance to look at the final day of the rehab exercise. Here's what the participants and coordinators had to say: Participant "During these past three months the program has had a great impact on my life. It has helped me to conquer and overcome one of my greatest problems in life which was anger. At first it was a challenge to adapt but with practice I eventually came to realization that I am in charge of my own feelings. I own my feelings and it is ok to feel angry. I also learn that anger is part of being human; however I have learned how to express my anger in helpful ways. Although I have learned these skills there were times I want to restore to familiar aggressive ways to expressing my feelings. I have to step back and reflect, the more I felt to take care of my anger the more powerful I became. I know that I need to control what I do with my anger."

Belize Music Industry Leaders Get International Advice
This weekend is the 2012 International Film Festival, and as a part of the show, the coordinators have brought in a US music producer turned film director to produce a reality TV show which will work the event. But, this producer comes very equipped to advice Belize on its fledgling music industry. Today, they held a forum with the local music stakeholders on how to expand the industry. The coordinator updated us on that advice. James Sanker, Coordinator - Music Forum "We basically have a person that came in and talk to us about the industry and what artist in Belize needs to do in order to move ahead with their career. This kind of forum we continue to do from MIAB as we continue to develop the industry and our industry is at this point where we need all the advice and assistance to get us to go to the next level." "We have some of the major components in place already. I would say like we have some solid foundations that have been laid already. What are needed now are directions for our local market and a direction for international market. We have some plans on how to do that, we are working on those plans over the next 5 years - we have a 5 year plan that we are working to build the industry and working on those two major components on how to build a very robust local market and how to penetrate the international market." As noted in the interview, the Music Association has a 5-year plan which they will implement very soon.

International Organization Donates Flood Relief
A few weeks ago, 7News told you about the flood in the Belize River Valley which left several farmers and residents in distress. Well, there is an international group who has come to bring 10,000 US dollars' worth of items for relief. Here's what the representative had to say about that relief: Representative "We are delivering for the affected village; 10 lbs. flour, 10 lbs. beans, 10 lbs. rice and also a bottle of oil and salt and 3 lbs. of sugar." Reporter "What is the value of all the stuff that you buy?" Representative "We brought US$10,000 worth of stuff here. Sometime when she sell a lot of things we have more and sometimes when she doesn't have money we still go to the country but with less amount."

Police Association Condemns Last-Minute Transfers
The Police Association is upset with the way certain transfers are currently being done in the Police Department. Just a few moments ago, they spoke about their displeasure with the situation, and because of time, we will air it unedited. Here's what they had to say: Daniel Ortiz "Mr. Williams can you update us on why you are opposing these transfers." Sgt. Williams "At this moment our membership is not please about the way transfer are being given to them. What happen is that we are not supporting the manner in the way transfers are now being done because there are rules that regulates the manner in which transfer are being done. The reason our membership came to us is because they have children who are in school and the time period to just give somebody a transfer immediate without notice and this time in June - people have already registered their children in school, so we do not support the manner in which transfers are now being done." Daniel Ortiz "You are saying that your membership had been ambushed." PC Williams "Let's say some sort because section 46 and 47 of the service commission states that you should inform a member for this department that he/she will be transfer - inform him/she in January to March which the transfer will take effect July/August, so that is not the manner in which transfer are now being done."

Channel 5

Health Ministry C.E.O. says zero tolerance for K.H.M.H. Financial Irregularities
The K.H.M.H. special audit was not released to the media until July fourth. The K.H.M.H. executive would not allow the media to review the document prior to giving their slant on the findings, which resulted in a media boycott. The audit revealed that established procurement practices for medical supplies were not adhered to. Travel allowances [...]

P.M. gets the last word on the budget
We’ll have more of that discussion with the C.E.O. of the Ministry of Health on Monday. But the burning issue of the week continues to be the budget. The annual budget debate for the current fiscal year concluded shortly after seven o’clock on Thursday night following a protracted discussion during which allocations and government expenditure [...]

Police Association concerned about several transfers
The Police Department is transferring officers, some of which are occurring without due notice. A press release sent from the group says, “The Belize Police Association stands firm for the rule of law and therefore strongly condemns transfers for which no formal notice has been given to its members. As law enforcement officers, it is [...]

Unregistered customers lose phone service during cuts
Today is the deadline for registering your phones. And while traffic at both phone companies was relatively slow for the week, there are still outstanding prepaid cell phone customers that have not taken heed to the disconnection of telecommunication services issued as a statutory instrument by the Ministry of National Security back 2011 to curb [...]

Bail given for man who knocked down Bowen employee
A man from Northern Belize who worked at Bowen & Bowen Limited in Ladyville was knocked down and killed on June twenty-third of this year at Mile nine on the Northern Highway. Today, almost three weeks later, the man police say is responsible for his untimely death, forty year old Everal Augustine, was charged with [...]

Armstrong loses a finger and assailant detained in prison
Gavin Armstrong lost his index finger during a domestic dispute on July fourth in Rio Grande Crescent, an area off Faber’s Road when he was allegedly chopped by a machete wielding man. And today, thirty-one year old Alex Myers was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on three counts: Attempted Murder, Maim and Use [...]

N.T.U.C.B. celebrates anniversary and plans the next 5 years
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize, the umbrella organization representing unionized workers across the country, is celebrating its anniversary this week. The N.T.U.C.B. is comprised of a number of interest groups, including the Belize Energy Workers Union, the Belize Communications Workers Union, as well as the Public Service Union which will be commemorating ninety [...]

Public Notice: road works ahead
Due to upgrades in the Belize City, starting today, Fort Street and Marine Parade Boulevard are being utilized as two way avenues as works are being done in the surrounding area. There is also a section of the Old Northern Highway between miles forty and forty-one will be closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic [...]

Regional initiative along with United Nations Office on drugs and crime
As a part of a regional initiative to strengthen intelligence and assist the capacity of member states, a high level meeting, only the second if its kind to be held in the Caribbean, took place this morning in Belmopan. Earlier this week, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, partnered with the Ministry of [...]

BAHA says Belize on high alert to monitor Avian Flu in Mexico
Ten days ago, The Belize Agricultural Health Authority placed a national poultry alert following a major outbreak of a highly pathogenic avian influenza called H-7-N-3 in Jalisco, Mexico. The outbreak, which was detected on three Mexican farms, has now spread to over fifty farms. It has killed thousands of birds in that country. BAHA says [...]

Reproductive Health Services for all; a mission of UNFPA
With over seven billion people on the planet, the availability of resources is a major concern for governments. While some worry about fuel, the main concern for countries in the region is healthcare. Earlier today the United Nations Population Fund gave commendations to people involved in the organizations project on health services.   Jose Sanchez, [...]

Roaming across the border with SMART
As prepaid cell phone users, have you been exhausted by not being able to make calls from you phones ones you cross the borders? Well both telecommunication companies are servicing your needs. And while it is still in the pipeline for Belize Telemedia Limited, today, SMART launched its international roaming service for prepaid customers. It [...]

News Five Journalist participates in International Visitor Leadership Program
Two countries within this region, Belize and Mexico have been chosen to send a participant for an international visitor leadership program designed to increase mutual understanding through communication at the personal and international level. The twenty-four participants in the program are established or potential leaders in government, politics, media, education economics drug and crime prevention [...]

Coastal Zone and Natural Capital Project work together
The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is working in partnership with the Natural Capital Project, an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund to discuss the important linkages between science and policy that will guide the decisions to be made by the Coastal Zone. A seminar was held with the representatives of the project and [...]

Visually Impaired youth Walking across Belize
On Thursday, Rowan Garel set out to walk some ninety two miles all in the name of goodwill. Garel hopes to raise one hundred thousand dollars for a summer camp and also to raise awareness to visually impaired children. The journey, which started from the West, will take over four days. While they didn’t quite [...]


The House of Culture on Regent Street is today the venue for a consultation through the collaboration of the Belize International Film Festival, NICH and the Music Industry Association of Belize. Singer, songwriter, model, and director of MIAB, Melonie Gillett gave Love News the ...

Corozal police continue to follow leads in connection with the murders of Robert Hernandez and Kenrick Vacarro, an uncle and nephew duo who were murdered on Wednesday night. When we spoke with Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Station on Thursday, Love News also asked Superin...

Once again Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret has been the haven for another fugitive, this time hailing all the way from Europe. Forty-two year old Karol Mello, a native of the Slovak Republic in Eastern European, was reportedly living in Belize for the past several months, ...

Members of the police department are today participating in a customer service and public relations workshop at the House of Culture on Regent Street in Belize City. The two day workshop opened yesterday and Sergeant Karla Gamboa from the Deputy Tourism Police Unit further enligh...

The youth arm of the National Garifuna Council begins is 14th annual convention today at the Gulisi Primary School in Dangriga. HARRY ARZU, Reporter “The youth moderator, Mary Enriquez, told Love News that the three day event seeks to increase capacity of...

Two flooded rivers in the Toledo District have caused major setbacks to vehicular traffic and to inhabitants in several rural communities in that southern District. Correspondent Paul Mahung fills us in. PAUL MAHUNG, Reporter “Aguacate Village Alcal...

The week-long training provided members of Belize’s law enforcement community as well as our Trinidadian counterparts with a forum to discuss the crucial subject of intelligence gathering and sharing. On the final day of the training, participants discussed two main topics,...

We now join our Correspondent Harry Arzu who is in Belize City where APAMO is holding its general meeting. HARRY ARZU, Reporter “The Association of Protect Areas Management Organization (APAMO) is holding its fifth annual general meeting at the Biltmore Plaza H...


PM closes two day budget debate
The Budget Debate for 2012 is now over. As we reported last night, the two day debate ended at around 7:15 last nig...

High level meeting of National Security
Today was the culmination of a week-long training for personnel of Belize’s law enforcement. The training was geare...

A.L.C Dance Ministries holds workshop at the Bliss
Another Level Christian Dance Ministries has been hosting a dance workshop in Belize. The US base organization was ...

Hon. Castro's uncanny bus ride experience
An interesting report was made today to the house when Minister of State Hon. Edmund Castor told the assembly about...

International producer has forum with Belizean artists
MIAB is Belize's first association that represents the music industry as a whole. It includes existing organization...

Cumberbatch gets 10 years in prison
28-year-old Knox Cumberbatch was sentenced to three 10 year jail sentences today. Cumberbatch was found guilty on M...

Convicted murderer's appeal dismissed
A man accused and convicted of killing a cop saw his appeal dismissed yesterday. 31 year old Chadwick Debride was s...

Slovakian fugitive caught in Belize
An alleged Eastern European mafia boss has been caught in Belize. 42 year old Karol Mello, a citizen of the Slovak ...

Phone registration deadline is over
If you did not make it to your telephone company to register your phone, well, as of 6 pm this evening, your phone ...


House passes 2012-2013 budget
The national budget debate wrapped up at 7:10 tonight, Thursday, July 12, 2012, with Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow making the concluding statements.

Father of 2 fights for life at KHMH
A gunman robbing his delivery truck shot him in the chest... Marty Gough, 35, a delivery truck driver of Kee’s Bakery, is presently fighting for his life at the Intensive Care Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and is listed in a critical condition, with a 50/50 chance of survival after he was shot in the left side of his chest by two robbers. Surgery repaired some damaged arteries in the area, and induced sleep has apparently helped his condition.

Court of Appeal dismisses appeal of Chadrick Debride, convicted of the murder of PC Nedi Reymundo
An appeal by Chadrick Debride, 31, who was convicted of the murder of police constable Nedi Reymundo and sentenced to life imprisonment, was dismissed today by the Belize Court of Appeal.

Chief Justice to preside over retrial of Melanie Coye, Money Exchange case
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has set aside Monday, July 16, 2012, to commence the retrial of the case brought against Melanie Coye et al, after the Court of Appeal rendered a decision in March, agreeing that there is a prima facie case against at least five of the eight defendants who were listed in a case brought by the Queen back in 2010.

Ronlee Petillo, 26, acquitted of attempted murder of Stackles Monsanto
Stackles, his prison mate, said he made a mistake when he told police that Petillo shot him... Ronlee Petillo, 26, was today found not guilty when the main witness and victim of the shooting, Stackles Monsanto, suddenly realized that he made a mistake.

Double murder in Corozal – again!
Just one week after a double murder occurred in Corozal Town in which Clari Fredersdorf and her daughter, Shanny Fredersdorf, 18, were violently killed in their hotel compound, two men were murdered in the same normally quiet town.

West Lake still undefeated at Week 3 of Belize City Champions Cup
With the 3 Sunday games postponed due to rain, 2 games were played last night in Week 3 of the Belize City Champions Cup, and the other game was scheduled for Friday night.

Promising basketballer on first visit to parents’ birthplace, the Jewel
21-year-old Derick Flowers was not born in Belize, but both his parents, Anthony and Yvonne Flowers are from the Jewel, and they have kept young Derick well in tune with his Belizean heritage throughout all his growing up years in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Yabra (Men’s Senior) and Kruzzars (U18) win BDBA leg of BBF’s Sprite/Belikin 3x3 Tournament
The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) leg of the Belize Basketball Federation’s (BBF) Sprite/Belikin 3x3 Tournament concluded last night, Wednesday, at the Belize Elementary Auditorium, with winners declared in both the Men’s Senior and U18 categories.

Drugs, death and debate
The sensational shooting death of three young men by security forces near Rocky Point, San Pedro Ambergris, not far from the Belize-Mexico border, brought into sharp focus just how far-reaching and perilous the drug trade still is in Belize.

From The Publisher
“For the next three hours crowds rampaged through the City centre (many individuals soon fueled and inflamed on looted liquor) plundering goods they could not afford to buy and settling old scores with merchants who vainly attempted to defend their property, with unpopular colonial officials and with any other unfortunate member of the white-Creole elite who happened to be on the streets. Some, like William Cadle Price, were only subject to verbal abuse, albeit of some indecency, but most did not get away so lightly. G.O’D. Walton was bombarded with missiles (including a Scrubbs Ammonia bottle) at Ida Staine’s boarding house and he feared for his life; Robert Wyatt, the Superintendent of Belize, was beaten ‘black and blue’ by Tony Hamilton outside Hofius’s store in Albert Street; Alexander Hunter, a director of Brodies and a lieutenant in the B. T. F., was assaulted in Regent Street by Philip Sabido; James Cran was only saved from serious injury by the intervention of P. C. Francis, who was badly wounded; P. E. Matthews, a captain in and adjutant to the B. T. F., received head wounds at the hands of Sergeant Panting and Private Hamilton outside the International Hotel on Gabourel Lane; Percy George was repaid with ‘fifteen minutes of blows’ in Queen Street for his cynical remarks about the Contingent members’ ambitious demands, while P. S. Woods, after an initial assault, was told, ‘Yes, yes, you old bugger Woods, we are coming back to finish you off.’”


Top Attractions in Belize City
If you’re like me, the name “Belize” conjures up dreamy images of virgin rain forests, jungles, ancient Maya cities, barrier reefs, scuba diving, and tropical island paradises. A much-overlooked destination, however, is Belize City itself – which is surprising given that it is not only the old capital of the country, but also a point of entry for the rest of Belize. In fact, Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport is located only a 30-minute drive from the city center. So what is there to see, do, and experience in Belize City? From walking tours to museums, galleries, religious sites, ancient monuments, and even a casino, there is no lack of interesting, fun, and entertaining venues to keep you busy. So let’s put our walking shoes on and explore the top attractions in Belize City!

The Story of Pat the “Great Cat”
A very special jaguar has won the hearts and minds of the teachers, college students training to be teachers and Peace Corps volunteers who have gathered at the 9th Annual Summer Institute In Environmental Studies and Culture here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek this week. His name is “Pat the Cat” and he is the subject of a new book written by children of Belize and the U.S. as part of an international literacy initiative. Children of Belize and the U.S. joined hands across nations to give a voice to a “down on his luck” real-life Belizean jaguar, whose world was forever changed as people came to share his land. The resulting book, Pat the (Great) Cat: A Jaguar’s Journey, has made the students published authors and advocates, and their teachers are taking note! Written side-by-side in English and Spanish, Pat the (Great) Cat: A Jaguar’s Journey chronicles the true story of a jaguar whose dramatic journey from Belize to the United States is both heart-breaking and heart warming. It is a magnificent tale, rich with creativity and insights that only the children of the Americas could have provided. We think that their teachers agree!

Friday the 13th, 6 Months of Living in Belize and Belizean Betty Friday
Today is Friday the 13th which is considered unlucky in Western superstition and it also marks our 6 month anniversary of living in San Pedro, Belize in Central America. We flew to Belize on January Friday the 13th, 2012 and I am usually not superstitious, but our trip to Belize in January was definitely a Friday 13th kind of day. I feel certain today, July Friday the 13th will not be as eventful. You can read about our January, Friday 13th move to Belize here.

International Sources

Earthrise Series three, episode one: Banning destructive fishing in Belize
Belize is proud to have the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, but in 2010 the tiny country was facing a huge problem – the potential loss of the reef's UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The reef's species were being depleted by bottom-dragging fish trawler, jeopardising a major source of revenue from tourism. Local fishermen also complained they were being prevented from making a living by what many critics call the maritime equivalent of strip mining or clear-cut logging. Belize decided to take a stand, becoming one of the world’s first nations to ban trawlers from all its waters. Sharita Hutton travels to Belize to find out more about the ban.

Book review: 'Whiplash River' by Lou Berney takes readers to Belize, Egypt
Sometimes it's fun to like the bad guy, and in Lou Berney's new novel released July 10, "Whiplash River," that’s not hard to do. Charles 'Shake' Bouchon is back after his debut in Berney's debut, "Gutshot Straight," and he's still a character you'll root for time and time again, no matter what stupid stunts he pulls. In Berney's latest novel, Shake thinks he left his life of crime behind when he opens a restaurant in Belize, but he's about to get himself into a whole mess of trouble, and not just because he borrowed money from drug lord Baby Jesus. After saving the life of one of his patrons, Quinn, he finds his life is in more danger than ever before. Two sometimes-bumbling assassins are on his tail, his restaurant goes up in smoke, and he's got the hots for an FBI agent, who’s keeping close tabs on him. Danger lurks in every corner in "Whiplash River," no matter where Shake and his new partner-in-crime Quinn go, from the island of Belize, to L.A., and then all the way over to Cairo for one last heist. All of the characters -- and there are a lot of them -- are fun, even when they really are the bad guys. The exotic locales too are a great touch, especially in Cairo where even Shake is stunned by the Sphinx.

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