Hello there!

I'm new to the forum, but thought I'd stop by and ask for some advice!

My girlfriend and I (both from Australia) are planning a month-long trip to Belize in March/April next year. We're both very outdoors-focused people, who love hiking, snorkling, swimming, kayaking and (especially) wildlife watching.

We chose Belize mainly because of what we've read about the wildlife, and on further research, realising how much there is to do there. It seems like paradise! If you feel like a lazy day, there's beautiful beaches to relax on, and if you've got a lot of energy, there's so many adventure opportunities!

At the moment, we're really just looking for recommendations on where to visit and stay, etc. We'd love to delve into the jungle a bit in the hope of seeing some beautiful wildlife. I've heard it's very rare to see jaguars, but one can dream! :p

Also, if we were staying in basic accomodation, how much do you think we should expect to pay per day?

Thanks in advance for any advice! Can't wait to visit such a beautiful country!