Activities in celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the historic St. John’s Anglican Cathedral are coming to a close this weekend. Love News spoke with Bishop of the Anglican Diocese in Belize, the Right Reverend Phillip Wright.

PHILIP WRIGHT, Bishop of Anglican Diocese

“For us at St. John’s Cathedral we are in the final stretch of this phase for our celebration.  This is the final week and the activities that remain for this week include a concert on Thursday at 7:00 at the Bliss Institute and on Friday which is the actual anniversary day there will be this grand celebration service at the Cathedral at 6 in the evening.  It certainly something I think we’re hoping will be a wonderful and moving and in the spirit of celebration will draw people to give God thanks for His goodness in our lives.  On Saturday starting at 7 in the evening there will be this gala banquet at the Biltmore where again we expect the faithful and those who love and support the Cathedral and friends to again gather for an evening of fun and enjoyment, good food, hopefully and entertainment.  Then on Sunday the 2nd at 10 in the morning we’re hoping that all the congregations from across the country will converge at the Cathedral for a grand closing celebration as well, service.  At that service we are going to have the Bishop of the Bahamas, Laish Boyd as our preacher and I’ve heard him before and he’s really one of those sort of almost Pentecostal kind of guy but so all in all I think it will be a wonderful week of celebration and fun.”

Bishop Wright says he hopes that the Anglican Church will continue to play a meaningful role in the community in the next two hundred years of service to the people of Belize.

PHILIP WRIGHT, Bishop of Anglican Diocese

“Well, on the fact that I might only be around for a small fraction of that two hundred, I just hope and pray that the Cathedral continues to play a significant role in the development of Belize.  That it doesn’t lose sight of the fact that it has inherited in heritage of faithful people really over the years who have given of their time and talent and treasure and that successful generations will also be so inspired to not only support a building but support the work of the church in this country to make it a better place for all of us.”

The St. John’s Cathedral was the first church to be built in the then colony of British Honduras.  Historical records show that the historical landmark was constructed in 1812.