If you are a SMART telephone subscriber and you plan on traveling to Mexico, you will be able to use your phone just as if you are in Belize. That is because SMART has launched a new roaming service. Ian Courtenay is the public relations officer in charge of roaming for SMART.

Courtenay says there are plans to roll out the roaming service to other countries. Another exciting part of the new service is that SMART had added a virtual home network feature to the roaming service that allows customers to dial as it they are at home while roaming. In related news � the deadline for the registration passed at midnight on Friday. And today, Courtenay told Love News that a big chunk of the company's customer base had their telephone service suspended because of non-registration.

Persons wishing to register their suspended telephones are asked to go in to any of the SMART offices and showrooms around the country.