Sergio "Diablo" Duarte

Forty-seven year old Sergio Duarte a.k.a. 'Diablo', a Honduran national who resides in San Pedro Town, was found guilty of committing an aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a six year old child. The little girl, who testified en camera, said that on November sixteenth 2011, she was playing with her sister and a little boy in an unfinished structure when 'Diablo' walked in and touched her private parts. The child said that 'Diablo' later inappropriately touched her sister's breasts and the boy's private parts after which they all ran out of the house and reported the incident to her mother. Although the child's mother gave an account of her daughter's complaint, her older daughter didn't appear to testify. In his defense, Duarte denied all allegations, but he was sentenced to eighteen months in jail. No charges were levied against Duarte for the boy and the older girl.

Channel 5