From Children's home To London Town

24 year old Belizean born Joel Hodgson - who went from the Children's Home to an adopted family in England - got his moment in the spotlight over the weekend when he carried the Olympic torch in London.

Hodgson who was born in Belize and adopted by Scottish parents - revealed his inspirational life story in May of this year to the Media in Britain -and his story went universal. After moving to Scotland with his two sisters - all from the Children's Home - he ended up homeless in London, sleeping on the stairs of the police station there. And then he got a job at a London magazine - and when his story got out, he was nominated and selected to carry the torch.

Yesterday, his amazing journey climaxed, when he carried the Olympic flame through Newham as the torch began the final leg of its journey around Britain. It was indeed a life changing experience for young Hodgson's who told interviewers it was the proudest moment of his life.

Channel 7