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Valid: Monday, July 23, 2012 - 6:00 am

Residual instability with support in the upper levels will continue to favor outbreaks of showers and thunderstorms over most districts and coastal waters on Monday and Tuesday. A tropical wave will reach the coast of Yucatan and Belize on Wednesday night, generating another bout of showers and thunderstorms through Thursday (Figure 3 & 5 below). The atmosphere will then stabilized by Friday leading to mainly fair and dry weather over the coming weekend.

An influx of moisture and instability is enhancing outbreaks of showers and thunderstorms over southern and northern areas of the mainland and northern coastal waters today. The instability will continue on Tuesday, decreasing on Wednesday. An active tropical wave will reach the coast of Belize on Wednesday night, producing more showers and thunderstorms which will be locally concentrated over central and northern coastal areas.

Daytime heating will add to the instability, inducing afternoon thunderstorms over inland areas of the Orange Walk, Cayo, western Stann Creek and Toledo districts. Expect mostly cloudy skies through Thursday, but a significant reduction in showers is expected by Friday and over the coming weekend.

Daily rainfall accumulations will range from 0.50-2.00 inches in the northern districts and northern coastal waters/Cayes, and along the coast on Monday and Tuesday. Elsewhere, rainfall totals will be 0.25-1.00 inch today and Tuesday. Most areas will see daily totals of 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch of rainfall on Wednesday; but increasing on Wednesday night and Thursday; with daily totals in the hills and central coastal areas of 0.75-1.50 inches. Daily rainfall rates will decrease on Friday and this coming weekend, ranging from 0.01-0.10 of-an-inch, with possible higher amounts in the elevated terrain produced by afternoon showers.

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The San Pedro Sun

St. Peter’s College shut down by Ministry of Education
After over fifteen years of offering services to the adult population of the island wishing to further their education, St. Peter’s College was forced to close its doors on Thursday July 19th. Reliable sources have confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that the reason for closure by the Ministry of Education was due to failure to comply with the standards of the Ministry of Education as it pertains to the operations of a High School. The institution, which was being run by Mr. Frank Nuñez, was officially inaugurated on Friday, 20th December, 1996. It is understood that to accommodate the students affected by the closure, the San Pedro High School has agreed to provide night time classes. As for the Elementary School, St. Peter’s will be allowed to continue operations through the school year 2012-2013 with certain conditions. The San Pedro Sun contacted Mr. Nuñez for a comment regarding the developments. He indicated he would do so after a meeting with parents on Wednesday July 25th. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

Belizean born sprinter Joel Hodgson carries the Olympic Torch in London
A former Big Issue vendor carried the Olympic torch through London – and is now preparing for more international sporting glory Joel Hodgson carries the Olympic Torch through Newham, east London, photo by The BIG Issue A former Big Issue vendor has described carrying the Olympic torch as “the proudest day of my life”. On Saturday, Joel Hodgson bore the flame along the streets of Newham, east London, whilst thousands of people cheered him on. His involvement in the Olympic torch relay comes after an astonishing two years in which Joel escaped homelessness and set himself on a path to sporting glory as well as professional success. Joel now holds a full-time job with an international law firm and is set to represent Belize, his home country, in the 100m at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. After passing on the torch at 11 o’clock on Saturday morning, Joel went to a star-studded event at Newham Town Hall, where he was congratulated by the singer Paloma Faith.

Peter Lawrence of Pedro’s Inn arrested and charged with illegal gambling
San Pedro Police have formally arrested and brought several charges against 57 year old businessman Peter Lawrence of Pedro’s Inn in San Pedro Town. Lawrence was detained by SP Police on his premises after he allegedly failed to produce a gaming permit for gambling on the night of July 18th, 2012. His arrest comes as a result of a warrant obtained by the Gambling Control Board of Belize and served to the San Pedro Police Department. Police say that after meeting with members of the Gambling Control Board of Belize, they decided to conduct a special operation to look into the matter of gaming at Lawrence’s establishment. Sometime around 9:30PM on Wednesday July 18th, 2012, a team of Police officers, carrying a warrant, descended on the premises of Pedro’s Inn located on Sea Grape Drive in San Pedro Town. According to the Police, they observed a female bartender, later identified as 30 year old Ayanna Ramos, of San Pedro Town, dealing cards around a poker table. They observed proprietor Peter Lawrence accompanied by five other persons with poker chips and cards apparently gambling. When requested by Police, the authorities say that Lawrence was unable to provide a gaming license from the Gambling Control Board of Belize. The officers then proceeded to confiscate all the poker chips, the gambling cards and poker table. In addition, everyone around the poker table was detained and taken to the San Pedro Police station. Following investigation, Police released all with the exception of Lawrence and Ramos. Peter Lawrence was subsequently charged for the offences of ‘gambling in a common gaming house’, ‘use of premises as a common gaming house’ and ‘use of premises for gaming without a gaming license’. Ramos was also charged for the offence of ‘gambling in a common gaming house’.

Ambergris Today

A Night of Live Theater Drama in San Pedro
It was a night of live theater this past Saturday, July 21, 2012, as the San Pedro House of Culture hosted the cast of Palíndromos Teatro Independiente of Costa Rica. The group is on its third tour through several southern states of Mexico and Central America, but on a first pass through Belize. The theatrical performance which the group is presenting is called “La Celda Compartida” (The Shared Cell), a drama written by Diego J. Salgado which puts four characters locked in a space they believe is a waiting room at a police station. They carry on their shoulders the weight of unrelated crimes and try to figure out why they are all locked together in one room. The play has us see how humans are doomed to repeat past mistakes, urging us to do a review of history so as not to continue this vicious cycle.

Ministry of Works Assists San Pedro with Road Repairs
The San Pedro Town Council got some special assistance from government this past weekend as the Ministry of Works sent over four heavy duty road repair equipment over to the island to assist the Council’s work on the upgrading of the streets. Mayor Daniel Guerrero commented to Ambergris Today that he wants to fully upgrade the streets in the DFC and San Pedrito Areas before classes resume. Students in both areas were having difficulty reaching their schools when the rains flooded the streets in the areas and residents have been complaining on the dire condition of the roads.

Butane Prices Down By $30
The Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection negotiated a significant decrease in the retail price of Butane to the public. On Friday, June 20, 2012, the price of butane reduced by $30 per 100 pound cylinder. In light of a general downward trend in the global market price for natural gas, the Ministry took proactive steps in engaging the suppliers, and it was determined that they were able to pass some of these accumulated savings to the consumers. The new list for controlled butane prices: District Imported from Mexico Imported from Central America Belize $104 $97 Belmopan $106 $99 San Ignacio $106 $99 Benque $107 $100 Orange Walk $105 $98 Corozal $104 $97 Dangriga $108 $101 Punta Gorda $109 $102

Belize Ranks Second in Region for Influenza Response
Last month, at the Influenza Surveillance Regional Meeting in Panama City, Panama, it was reported that Belize ranked second behind only Panama in its ability to monitor and respond to Influenza cases across the country. The regional meeting was held in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The objectives of the meeting were to share the results and experience with influenza surveillance of each participating country, to define and analyze laboratory influenza diagnostic procedures, to identify the needs of the country to continue strengthening and development of influenza surveillance, and to prepare a plan of action including activities and funding source for Influenza strengthening.

Marsden and Batty Island Nuptials
With stunning beaches and lush gardens, romantic sunsets and exquisite turquoise waters, Ambergris Caye was the perfect backdrop for Brian Batty and Tanya Marsden’s dream destination wedding. Joyfully celebrated on Saturday July 21, 2012, at Sueno Del Mar Resort, the couple along with family and friends, made their love known as they said their vows on a romantic beachfront setting, and later kissed as fireworks filled the sky!

Road Repairs Assist in Access to Marco Gonzalez Maya Site
A big THANK YOU to San Pedro Town Council for the road work being done on south Ambergris Caye. Repair work in the form of hard core has been done in the last two weeks to finally make the road 100% more passable. By no means is it a smooth journey, however, it doesn’t take water wings to navigate the road to just past the 5.25 mile point. I understand that the work will continue to the end of the island very quickly. I write this thank you with the understanding that by doing the repairs it is a boon to the island. The day the work was completed to the Marco Gonzalez Maya Site entrance, we had some of our first visitors (even in a light rain) in a very long time. You simply couldn’t get to the site entrance due to the amount of rain water covering the roadway. From about Mile 2.5 to the end, only the construction and sand trucks could “safely” drive down the watery road. Now we’re open for business again.

Saga Salad Cook Off a Success!
SAGA Humane Society would like to extend their thanks to Bruce & Diane Badolato and Steve Kilchenstein the owners of Wet Willy’s for hosting our monthly Cook-off Fundraiser for the second time this year! It was held on Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Bruce, Diane & Steve and their staff were once again gracious hosts. We tried a new theme – “SALADS” – and we happy to say it was well received. We had (12) entries and each and every one of them were delicious! But in the end, it was Wild Mango’s with their Roasted Chili Caesar Salad that took home the first place prize of a Nano IPod! Second Place went to AJ’s own Danielle with her Buffalo Chicken Salad Bites. And Third Place went to Adaly Ayuso with her yummy Lobster Salad.

Misc Belizean Sources

Contact numbers, for Police Stations countrywide
Belize Police Department Prepaid Listing 2011 Location Phone Numbers Corozal Corozal Police Station 402-0022 Progresso Police station 403-6179 Belize City Sandhill Police Station 205-5051 OC Crimes Investigation Branch 207-7489 Control Room Operator 207-4954 Control Room Operator 207-2222 Control Room Operator 207-2223 Control Room Operator 207-4676 ...

Kurse a di Xtabai Premiere
There was a great showing for the premiere of Kurse a di Xtabai this weekend at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. They kicked off the national tour in Cayo, where the film was shot. Here's the video of the grand premiere. Xtabai was there herself! "Premiere of the national tour, 2012 Kurse a di Xtabai, San Ignacio resort Hotel Bedran Hall, thanks everyone who worked and supported thai great Belizean art project, your are very inspiring."

NICH's National Cultural Policy Meetings
NICH will be having their Cultural Policy consultation for Cayo Tuesday, July 24th, at the Cahal Pech Resort at 5:00pm. In Belmopan they'll have it at the Civic Centre at 5:00pm on Wednesday, July 25th. "The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) hereby inform the general public that countrywide consultations will be carried out during July and August 2012 to develop a National Cultural Policy."

Western Women Agro-processing Association
Have you tried all the homemade jams and jellies at the market? They also have homemade hot sauces too. And they're hot! On market Saturday, you can find those, and a wide selection of homemade wines. Cassava, Cashew, Rice, Carrot, Papaya, Mango, and many more flavors. "In the west, an agro-processing facility is providing alternative income for a group of women. The project started on a small scale, but today the production of jams and juices from locally grown fruits has grown considerably, attracting support from the Food and Agriculture Organization."

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (21 July, 2012)
Straight Line 100.00 Each (7 Balls) 56 ­7 ­39 ­66 ­33 ­44 ­27­ Y 125.00 Each (10 Balls) 56 ­7 ­39 ­66 ­33 ­44 ­27 ­17 ­20 ­40­ T 150.00 Each (20 Balls) 56 ­7 ­39 ­66 ­33 ­44 ­27 ­17 ­20 ­40 ­57 ­47 ­52 ­10 ­43 ­60 ­6 ­45 ­4 ­37­ Inside World 1000.00 Each (21 Balls) 56 ­7 ­39 ­66 ­33 ­44 ­27 ­17 ­20 ­40 ­57 ­47 ­52 ­10 ­43 ­60 ­6 ­45 ­4 ­37 ­38­ L 175.00 Each (24 Balls) 56 ­7 ­39 ­66 ­33 ­44 ­27 ­17 ­20 ­40 ­57 ­47 ­52 ­10 ­43 ­60 ­6 ­45 ­4 ­37 ­38 ­14 ­1 ­63­ Letter X 750.00 Each (26 Balls) 56 ­7 ­39 ­66 ­33 ­44 ­27 ­17 ­20 ­40 ­57 ­47 ­52 ­10 ­43 ­60 ­6 ­45 ­4 ­37 ­38 ­14 ­1 ­63 ­8 ­70­

Channel 7

Guatemalan Gold Rush In Chiquibul
The pressures upon Belize's borders continue to multiply: last week it was an illegal Guatemalan logger who was killed after he engaged a BDF Patrol and this week, and tonight the news is about scores of Guatemalans illegally panning for gold in the Chiquibul. They were caught in extreme southern Chiquibul. That's the same area where the Ceibo Chico Conservation Post and the South Chiquibul Joint Enforcement Unit was inaugurated a few weeks ago - and tonight there is proof of why that post is so desperately needed. 19 days ago the joint patrol came upon a major, organized Guatemalan gold-panning operation - but due to the remote-ness of the location, only now are the pictures and video becoming available. It shows a group of 20 men, women and children set up well within Belizean territory panning for gold from the Ceibo Chico drainage system.

Police Association: Toe-To-Toe With Top Cop
Last week, the Police Association made history when it came out publicly condemning the Senior Command's rushed police transfers. Commissioner of Police, David Henderson, who stated publicly that his office was working to reverse the transfers of those aggrieved officers. Finally, we also told you that the Ministry of National Security was displeased that the Association went against the media police to speak freely to us. But it seems that things are coming to a head, and 7News received unofficial word today that the senior Command has decided that because the Association refuses to remain quiet, they will be dismantled, and all privileges that they previously enjoyed are now null and void. It sounds like a gag-order to us, but the Police Administration - all the way up to the Ministry of National Security Level - seems to have decided that they will no longer be 'dissed' by the Association which refuses to keep quiet. There is nothing official yet, but we contacted the acting president, who told us that they had to miss a 10 o'clock appointment with Commissioner, who was supposed to tell them all of this in person. Here's how he described that conversation with the Commissioner this morning:

Home Invaders Prey On 72 Year Old At His Ranch
A 72 year old man living in the rural Belize district was the victim of an early morning home invasion on Sunday. It happened in a quiet neighborhood at mile 20 on the Old Northern Highway. Around 6 o'clock on Sunday morning, 72 year old Hipolito Castillo reported to police that he went to his sheep stable on his ranch about 50 yards behind his house and while entering the stable he was approached from behind by 6 men who were armed and dressed in full black and their faces covered with cloth. The men then blind folded Castillo with transparent tape while his neck was tied with a piece of yellow rope and both of his hands tied tightly with a piece of black telephone wire. He was escorted to his house by the men who demanded that he handed over money. Police press officer Fitzroy Yearwood told us more:... Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "Hipolito Castillo, 72 year old retired person was at his at farm on the 22nd July and around 6 o' clock he said that he went around his sheep stable not too far from his house where he was attack by 6 men all dress in black clothing with their faces covered with mask. These men were all armed with firearms. These men blind-folded him, his hands were tied and he was escorted back to the house where he was instructed to hand over his chest containing an undisclosed amount of cash. These men went on to ransack the house. Fearing for his life he didn't try to do anything. The men then took him outside where they ask his for another chest - they took away his 12 gauge pump action shotgun and they left in his Isuzu pickup valued at $10,000. This pickup was later located by Ladyville police at an area around mile 23 on a feeder road 3 miles from his residence. Police are still investigating this incident."

Martinez To Court For Stabbing Raheem
Last week, 18 year-old Raheem Smith was fatally stabbed in an altercation over his bike. We also showed you the mother of the man who police have now charged for it. She said that that her son did it in self defence. Well, today, that man, 18 year-old Paul Martinez was taken to court. According to police, on Thursday, Smith loaned his bicycle to Martinez, and when he returned with it, it was flat. As a result, a verbal confrontation started, which escalated to a fight. The fight ended when Martinez stabbed Smith in the upper right side of his body. He was rushed to the KHMH, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. Well, Martinez was taken to Magistrates Court today, where he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Smith for murder. But, police also believe that he was involved in another incident. Martinez was also arraigned on the charge of robbery, where police allege that while armed with a firearm, he robbed Samson Sheldon Jacobs on July 17 of 2 cellular phones, an assortment of jewelry, and $200 in cash, to a total value of $4,120. Martinez was remanded to prison until August 30, his next court date.

Police Take Two Guns Off Street
Intelligence gathered by Special Branch has resulted in two guns taken off the streets. Around 9 on Friday night, police searched at an open lot on Elston Kerr Street. They found a 9mm pistol with 5 live rounds stuffed inside a black plastic bag. And just an hour later while conducting another intelligence-led search in an abandoned lot - this time in the Jane Usher Boulevard area- they came across another firearm. The 9 millimeter pistol was found with one live round. The firearm was deposited and labeled as Found Property.

Mentally Ill Man Rambles In Court, Gets Off Attempted Murder Charge
Last week Friday, the trial for 23 Year-old Mark Gordon, the man who was charged with attempted murder for the double stabbing of the couple, 25-year-old Miriam Pierre and 25-year-old Jermaine Chen, ended pre-maturely after he gave an incoherent statement from the dock in his defence. In the trial which started last week, the court saw signs that Gordon may be suffering from some form of mental illness. As a result, the jury had to decide whether or not they believed if he was mentally competent enough to stand trial. Before they deliberated, they heard testimony from the Psychiatrist, Dr. Claudia Cayetano. According to Cayetano, she assessed and treated Gordon in 2006, 3 years before the offences were committed. Cayetano told the court that Gordon suffers from a psychotic disorder, and that he is sometimes not in touch with reality. Cayetano did add that if he took his medication regularly, he would be able to stand trial. With that the Jury deliberated and gave the verdict that he should stand trial because they believe that he was mentally fit. As a result, Crown Counsel Trienna Young, who represented the prosecution, called the 2 victims to testify against Gordon. Chen told the court that at around 6 a.m. on July 13, 2009, he left the bathroom area of his apartment, located at #20 Dolphin Street, when Gordon attacked him with a kitchen knife.

Employee Turned Accused Wants Restitution From ICB
Back in March of 2010, it made the news when the former cashier for Insurance Corporation of Belize, Abisai Canul, was criminally charged with 2 counts of theft for over 10 thousand dollars. According to police, the financial controller for ICB reported that Canul was terminated in January of 2010, and he was ordered to turn in all company funds, but they discovered that $10,220 dollars was missing. Canul was implicated as the one who stole the money, and as a result, he was charged with theft. Well, last week, which made it 2 years and 4 months since those charges were brought against him, he was acquitted when ICB brought several witnesses, but none of them could provide anything which pointed to Canul as the culprit. Today, Canul received his official letter from the Magistrate's Court which certified that he cleared of all charges. However, He told 7News today that the damage to his character cannot be undone, and as a result, he will bring a defamation lawsuit against ICB for the 2 years of distress that the accusation caused him. Here's what he told us about the case and about his intentions to sue.

UB Student President Rejects End Of fee Subsidy
Last week we told you about the ministry of Education's Plan to cease subsidizing UB students by paying for a 150 dollar increase in fees which was instituted 6 years ago but never passed on to students. Today the President of the University's student body told us that as part of the youth movement called Nation builders - they are asking the government to reconsider:.. Hope Amadi, Student Government President - UB "We are asking that - this time around when the minimum wage or cost of living is high is not a time when the government should be raising school fees." Marion Ali, Reporter "So you are making a preposition to government?" Hope Amadi "It's not like a preposition, it's like a father/child discussion; when your father makes decision you want to ask your father to reconsider. We from the University of Belize are asking the government to reconsider on their proposal of raising school fees come January because at this present time we cannot handle it."

Will You Buy the Citco Bond?
The much battered Belize City is looking much better than it has in decades - and that's because the recently elected city Council has shown that it means business by concrete paving 14 city streets in four months. And they want to do much more, but they've already spent over a million dollars on those streets - and so are looking to launch Belize's first every municipal bond to finance it. The bond hopes to generate 20 million dollars - and today the formal public effort to get your support - and your dollars was launched at city hall. Here's the story: Jules Vasquez reporting The pitch for the City bond is based on the city's performance this far - cementing 14 streets in just four and a half months: Mayor Darrell Bradley "We really mean to be aggressive in terms of street construction but eventually we will run out of money. The City cannot fund this from our internal operations and the only way that we can fund this is through a bond program or some other initiative that will allow us to amortize these payments and pay them off over a period of time." And the lure of the 20 million dollar city bond is that many, many more streets would be fixed:

The Real Crooks Report
His Crooks report was to have revolutionised or at least reformed the Police Department - but it didn't happen in any tangible way. And while the Crooks report gathers dust on some disused shelf at Headquarters, the man himself Harold Crooks is lucky to have dodged jail time in Jamaica. According to the Jamaica Observer, the former commandant of the Island Special Constabulary Force, was convicted earlier this month of having sexual relations with a 16 year old girl. According to the Observer, In court on Friday he was given a suspended sentence on sex charges and was immediately tasked by the court to spread the word that little girls are not to be abused or in any way disadvantaged. The newspaper adds that the 72 year old former commandant was sentenced to two years' imprisonment on two counts of indecent assault when he appeared in the Home Circuit Court, but the sentence was suspended for three years. The prosecution alleged that Crooks had sex with a teenage girl in 2009 and assaulted her a month before she turned 16. He denied the allegations, stating instead that they had sex but only after the girl turned 16 - the age of consent.

Man Charged For Armed Robbery At Restaurant
On Friday we told you about the frightening armed robbery attempt at Senor Coconut Restaurant, on Eve Street. Well, today, the man who police caught was taken to the Magistrate's Court. According to police, the cashier reported that she was in the restaurant along with her niece, her sister and one of the waitresses when 2 men walked to the counter and pretended to be customers. While they were being served, one of the men pulled out a black handgun and put it to the head of one of the occupants. They then robbed the woman with the gun to her head of her cell phone. They attempted to leave, but a concerned citizen got involved, pulled his own firearm, and shot at one of the assailants. He was then able to help police detain the man. The officers were also able to detain the assailant while he still had the firearm on him. That man who police caught is 20 year-old Ernest Billary, a laborer of Hibiscus Street. He was taken before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where he was arraigned on charges of robbery, possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of unlicensed ammunition, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Police Say Shootings Are Random Act Of Craziness
You'll notice in the news tonight there were no reports of shootings or murder in the city - and we're all grateful for that. But, since last week Wednesday, reports have been coming to us consistently about shots being fired in several neighborhoods - even on the northside in the vicinity of Baymen Avenue. Police say that indeed they have gotten those reports - but nothing can come out of them:... Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We do receive phone calls of shots being fired or shots being heard and when police actually make checks there are no official complainants and that is why you wouldn't see it reflected in my daily release. We are not saying that these incidents did not occur but in most cases there is no virtual complainant." Jules Vasquez "Is there a rivalry that is escalating or its just random acts of craziness?" Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood "I would say its random acts of craziness; in that situation on Supal Street the persons that were fired at were not males and these persons refuse to give an official report."

Int'l Darts Tourney Starts
For all those dart enthusiasts in Belize, the 19th annual Caribbean Cup and the 6th America's Cup are being held in the city. It is the first time Belize is hosting the competition and a large number of players from across the globe are in the country competing. The tournament opened on Saturday and today the 6th America's Cup competition came to an end. We found out more about it from the Dart Czar Malcolm Spicer:.. Malcolm Spicer, President World Darts Federation (America's Region) "These are the finals now. We had all the knockouts and individual rounds last night. We have the finals todays of the Americas Cup and right now we have Trinidad playing Canada and we have Bahamas playing USA and the winners of those two will go into the finals this afternoon which will be up here on the stage and then we have the individuals knockout tournaments; the men and ladies singles taking place today as well. In those the ladies are USA and Canada. The men's - we have one Bahamas man and the rest is USA and Canada, they got very strong teams." "Later on today we have the finals of all the Americas Cup. Tomorrow night we have registration of teams and then starting on Wednesday we have a full schedule from 9 in the morning to probably 6 or 7 in the evening where all the countries play each other - it's a big round and so it goes on all week long both team events and individual events."

From Children's home To London Town: Belizean Carried Olympic Torch
24 year old Belizean born Joel Hodgson - who went from the Children's Home to an adopted family in England - got his moment in the spotlight over the weekend when he carried the Olympic torch in London. Hodgson who was born in Belize and adopted by Scottish parents - revealed his inspirational life story in May of this year to the Media in Britain -and his story went universal. After moving to Scotland with his two sisters - all from the Children's Home - he ended up homeless in London, sleeping on the stairs of the police station there. And then he got a job at a London magazine - and when his story got out, he was nominated and selected to carry the torch. Yesterday, his amazing journey climaxed, when he carried the Olympic flame through Newham as the torch began the final leg of its journey around Britain. It was indeed a life changing experience for young Hodgson's who told interviewers it was the proudest moment of his life.

Channel 5

Police Association says it will resist being disbanded
The Belize Police Association has taken to the airwaves to ventilate their grievances with the senior command of the force. They are taking issue with the sudden transfer of a number of officers which is being resisted by the association because of the undue haste in the way it is being undertaken. The officers were [...]

Ministry of National Security to take disciplinary action against association leaders
According to Arzu and Lorenzo, the ComPol has threatened to cancel the B.P.A. office and equipment as well as revoke the secondment of the president. They also complained that they are being called to sudden meetings in Belmopan, and that the commissioner of police is not responding to their formal correspondences.   Cpl. Eldon Arzu, [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley speaks on municipal bond for infrastructural upgrades
The City Council is inviting the business community to invest in a twenty million dollar bond. According to the Mayor Darrell Bradley, City Hall doesn’t have the money to spend on infrastructure so he is floating the bond to finance work on fifteen streets in the Old Capital. This morning the Mayor gave details about [...]

Friend of Raheem Smith is charged for his murder
Eighteen year old Paul Steven Martinez of Berry Street has been charged for the murder of his friend, eighteen year old Raheem Smith. No plea was taken from Martinez, who appeared unrepresented in court today. On Thursday of last week, it was reported that Smith was in the company of Martinez and a group of [...]

5 year old needs urethral surgery that his family can’t afford
A five year old boy from the west, who was hit by a vehicle six months ago is in urgent need of surgery. He is down to thirty pounds and his mother says that the internal damage caused by the accident is being complicated by diabetes. Damion Flowers is at home until his family can [...]

72 year old retiree attacked in his home by 6 armed men
A well known retiree was assaulted on his property at mile twenty on the old northern highway. On Sunday morning, seventy-two year old Hipolito Castillo was held up by six armed, masked men who blindfolded and tied him up. The men ransacked Castillo’s property and made off with cash and other items.   Insp. Fitzroy [...]

Suspected robber charged for hold-up at Senor Coconuts
Just after two on Friday, Senor Coconuts, which is approximately two blocks away from the Queen Street Police Station was targeted by armed robbers. The traumatized cashier, thirty-nine year old Veronica Tillett, told News Five that the robbers entered the establishment posing as customers and asked for the menu. After ordering something to drink, one [...]

San Ignacio resident in critical condition following stabbing incident
A San Ignacio resident is tonight in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following an attempt on his life just before dawn on Sunday. According to twenty-nine year old Gilroy Nicholas Junior, he was on the verandah at his home in the Shawville Area of the Western Town [...]

Police continue to investigate highway accident that killed 3 persons
Three people lost their lives in an early morning accident on Friday. Shortly before three, around mile eleven and a quarter, two badly damaged white vehicles were left strewn across the highway after a collision. Three persons died in one of the vehicles; Police Constable Dion Makin Jr., who was driving, Ashley Williams, and Edwin [...]

Victim of Crocodile attack wakes up from induced coma
A Crooked Tree man is slowly recovering at the K.H.M.H. after he was attacked by a crocodile, believed to be up to fourteen feet in length. It happened last week in the Crooked Tree Lagoon, which Devin Swasey is familiar with since he earns his living from spear fishing. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.   [...]

Visiting basketball teams go up against Belizean youths at Bird’s Isle
Two visiting teams from the Oaks Hills High School from Indiana have taken over Birds Isle for the next few days where the buzz is all about basketball. The teams are partnering with the Belize Basketball Federation and CSI Ministries in a summer programme to teach basketball skills to youths. On the first day of [...]

House of Shotokan takes its karate skills to Guatemala City
The House of Shotokan Karate Academy has already beaten Mexico in karate and over the weekend they headed, for the first time, to Guatemala City. Five Belizean athletes were among three hundred that competed in karate and mixed martial arts categories of the El Gran Jaguar International Competition. In the mixed martial arts, Jameel Smith [...]

International Darts Tournament and much more in Sports Monday
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. The Belize City Football Championship is back in full swing so yesterday, we took in the big time matchup between City Boys and FC Belize. Let’s do this. After a rather extended feeling out process, Lorenzo Diaz tries to get FC Belize on to the [...]


Unconfirmed reports reaching Love News are that the Police commissioner has revoked the powers and privileges of the Police Association. In our effort to verify we were told that members of the association are still meeting with the police high command and that after these meetings bot...

The Ministry of Education's budget cut for scholarships by half a million dollars has resulted in a cut in special assistance given to students attending the University of Belize. This means that all new students will, as of January 2013, have to pay 150-dollars more in regis...

The Police Department held its usual Monday morning press conference today at its Raccoon Street Conference Room at which it shared the latest on incidents that happened over the weekend. There were no major shootings to report or murders. In fact, the most serio...

Two vehicles collided on the Western Highway this morning in Hattieville village. According to reports, the crash involved a west-bound pickup truck, driven by Burrel Boom resident Jarvis Castellanos and an SUV heading in the opposite direction and being driven by Belmopan busine...

The Peoples National Party in Punta Gorda closed its annual summer camp at the weekend. Paul Mahung Reports. PAUL MAHUNG, Reporter “The People’s National Party Youth Summer Camp ended at the weekend in Punta Gorda. The one week camp was ...

The two hundredth anniversary celebration of St. John’s Cathedral located on Regent Street in Belize City, came to an end yesterday. To close off the celebrations a service was held yesterday in which special guest Bishop Laish Boyd from the Bahamas shared a special message...


Decriminalize it? The people weigh in
Last week Monday the nation was hit with a press release from the Government of Belize’s Ministry of National Secur...

Infrastructural development in Belize City
This afternoon at the conference room at Belize City Hall, Mayor Darell Bradley held a press conference on the rece...

Corozal woman found hanging from a rope in her home
Corozal Police discover the body of a woman hanging from a beam in her house. On Saturday (July 21) just before 7pm...

Elderly man blind-folded, tied up in raid
Hipolito Castillo, a 72year old retiree of mile 20 on the old Northern Highway reported that on Sunday July 22, abo...

Senor Coconut robbed, bandit shot
An employee of Senor Coconut Restaurant is held up and robbed at gunpoint. Veronica Tillett, a cashier at the resta...

Teen, 18, charged with stabbing death
Last Thursday 18 year-old Raheem Smith, was fatally stabbed in an altercation on George Street, over a punctured bi...

Heavy rains cause several road mishaps
Recent heavy showers have created hazardous driving conditions and have prompted numerous road mishaps. The first m...

Arraigned for kidnapping and attempted rape of wife
27year old Emil Popper is the guy wearing the long black jeans and brown shirt in the footage being shown. Popper w...

Miss World Belize reaches unprecedented milestone in competition
Miss World Belize has reached an unprecedented milestone in the 2012 Miss World competition. 20 year old Chaetae Gu...

Cop targeted by gunmen
Police Constable ELVIN NAH presently attached to the ADU, reported that on July 15, around 6:30pm he was on officia...

Pedestrian robbed of over $900 in cash
ANDREW REYNOLDS, a 52 year old resident of Sandhill Village reported about 2:15pm on Friday (July 20) he was walkin...

National Garifuna Council board meeting
The National Garifuna Council (NGC) held their board meeting on Saturday July 21 at the Pablo Lambey building in Da...

NICH seeks assistance to foster National Cultural Policy
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) have commenced countrywide consultations to develop a National...


The Road Less Travelled: A Walk Into Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, Ambergris Caye
San Pedro can feel like a very small town at times. And if you live in (or around town) it's often easy to forget that Ambergris Caye is actually 25 miles long and the town? It's really just a small fraction of that. The caye actually extends all the way up to Mexico (and is only separated from the Yucatan Peninsula by a narrow canal dug by the Mayans hundreds and hundreds of years ago). At the northern end of the island is Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, a 11,000+ acre region protected in 1996 by the government of Belize and later named a UNESCO world heritage site due to its unique characteristics. The area is incredibly bio-diverse ranging from salt marshes to "beach forests" and an area where the barrier reef actually touches the shore. Bacalar Chico also contains the largest lagoon on our island, Laguna de Cantena. It's an important sea turtle nesting ground. And all six types of cats in Belize have been spotted here (including jaguars and pumas). All in all a very cool and remote place. I'm glad it is being protected. This map is a bit crap but you get the point. (Town is all the way at the bottom where it says "San Pedro" and Bacalar Chico starts near the top in the Basil Jones area - about 13 miles north of town - and encompasses the whole top of the island. The pink line represents the reef.) We took a walk on the ocean side at the very beginning of the reserve. Just by the welcome sign (show above) is Sueno del Mar. The ride up here by boat is maybe 30-40 minutes from town.

While a 6:30AM camp-wide bell ringing should have most kids moaning and groaning in their beds, many of this year’s eco-campers informed me today that they were already up with the sounds of the birds and were eager to get started on the first full day of their camp experience. All days of camp focus on a distinctive theme, and today we looked at biodiversity and conservation. This centered around four very cool activities for the campers: creating a jungle journal, going bird watching, exploring the Natural History Centre Museum, and visiting the hilltop butterfly farm. After a delicious breakfast, the eco-campers began to collect leaves, plants, and many other interesting natural things they could use to create a unique cover for their jungle journal. These journals were not merely for presentation value as campers immediately began using them to write down contact information for their new friends, thoughts on the camp so far, and enlightening facts that they learned throughout the day, during their other fun experiences. The first of these activities was a bird watching tour of the Chaa Creek Resort. Belize is known as a bird watcher’s paradise, with tourists coming from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of some of the rare and striking birds who call this country home. Led by naturalists, David (from the Creatures of the Night hike) and Alan, the kids were given a pair of binoculars to share with a partner and the four eco teams split into two groups to go off exploring. Before leaving the Macal River Camp the eco-campers got to see and hear a beautiful toucan up in the trees. Things only got better as we were treated with an amazing selection of birds.

Ragga King returns looking good!
All boats need an enormous amount of tender loving care but particularly wooden boats. Our three wooden boats (Ragga King, Ragga Prince and Ragga Gal) get re-painted twice a year – one of those times the paint job requires pulling the entire boat out of the water to dry and renovate old and rotten planks or seating, applying a resin to the boat to make them ‘water tight’ and then finally the re-painting. This is the time of the year that the boats are one by one are hauled up out of the water and when each one is finished, it is like a beautiful work of art!! Ragga Prince (our green sailboat) always takes the longest as she is the oldest of our wooden boats and drying her tends to take much longer. She was pulled up at the end of May and Ragga King commenced her work two weeks ago. Over the past two weeks King required a number of planks replaced, the seating, the stairs and even the cock-pit have all been renovated. She has also a 35 gallon gas tank added inside her to increase the amount of space we have during the overnights. The November overhaul is merely just painting the inside of the boats as within the next few months, the boats will need it!! And for all those asking – yes of course we have thought that fibre-glassing the boats would minimise the enormous work and costs that the wood boats require – however, these are traditional Belizean built boats and that is the way our passengers like them!!

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Belize the Beautiful
Randomness of the day. There are pictures from all over Cayo, and Belize, in this article. Saturday market, Xunantunich, Martha's, and the Green Iguana Conservation Project. "As much as it is everything in the last post, Belize is also one of the most breathtaking places I've ever experienced."

My Big Fat Belizean, Singaporean Bank Account
Earlier this month, I decided to see how hard it would be to set up my own offshore bank account. I figured it would be pretty difficult, because I’m not rich and don’t have a team of tax lawyers to oversee my money and because the E.U. and U.S. governments have been cracking down on tax havens by imposing stricter tax-sharing requirements. So I proceeded with some caution. First, I Googled “company registration tax haven” and randomly picked three firms that set up accounts in offshore jurisdictions. Then I called each and explained that I was hoping to minimize my tax exposure and didn’t want anyone to know anything about my finances. Each company quickly noted that I should consult a lawyer to make sure that I wasn’t breaking the law. Then they calmly explained how to create an account that, it seemed to me, was unlikely to be discovered by the I.R.S. or any other authority. I ended up working with A&P Intertrust, a Canadian company that I chose largely because I liked its Web site the best. (The other two companies’ sites appeared stuck in a late-’90s style with lots of flashing boxes.) A&P works with the governments of Panama, the British Virgin Islands and Belize. (Other companies that I contacted prefer the Seychelles, Cyprus or the Cayman Islands, where Mitt Romney has been reported to have money.) I decided to start my shell company in Belize because it would be exempt from all Belizean taxes and, as A&P’s site explained, “information about beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and officers is not filed with the Belize government and not available to the public.” And I’ve been to Belize and like the place.