For the 2012 London Olympics, Belizeans will be able to enjoy culturally relevant, professionally packaged Caribbean flavored programming without a North American bias.

Channel 7, the longest established television station in Belize, has teamed up with International Media Content (IMC), a Caribbean corporation, to exclusively provide Belizeans with coverage that provides a global view of the games, while giving special emphasis to Caribbean athletes.

There will be more than 396 hours of television coverage between the games' commencement on July 27th and the closing on August 12th. For this coverage, IMC has sold rights to 18 broadcasters across the region, including Channel 7 in Belize.

The coverage begins on Friday morning at 7:30 AM - and that day's programming culminates at 2:00 pm when the opening ceremony airs live from London with Caribbean commentators.

The programming package will include six main programme slots (Daybreak, Daytime, Crunch Time, Olympics Extra, London 180 & Las' Lap) providing Channel 7's viewers with up-to-date information and coverage of the events, expert analysis and insightful features. The event coverage - whether track-side, pool-side or in the field - will be coloured by expert analysis from a team of seasoned sports broadcasters and former Olympians. Viewers will get a front row seat for the events, and hear from the Caribbean's Olympic stars as they cross the finish line in record time.

The coverage will be unprecedented in its scope, its span, its packaging, its relevance and its breadth - and Channel 7's viewers are in for a treat.

For Inquiries Contact: Jules Vasquez, 610-2825, [email protected]