Lord Michael Ashcroft wants Justice Sam Awich removed from the Court of Appeal - after he only just got there. Ashcroft and other Alliance functionaries have signed unto an unprecedented letter to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission asking that body to remove him for misbehavior and/or inability. Ashcroft and his employee Dean Boyce say they have been prejudiced by what they call Awich's behavior. The constitution does make provisions for the removal of a judge - which would have to be referred to the Belize Advisory Council. It's only happened once before in the case of Justice George Meerabux.

Ashcroft is asking the Belize advisory Council to investigate the question of Awich's removal. The 12 page letter dated July 17th makes the case that controversy and objections surrounded Awich's appointment - including objections by the Bar Association AND the Leader Of The Opposition.

The leads Ashcroft in his letter to conclude that the appointment was unlawful and should be investigated by the Belize Advisory Council.

The letter goes on at length to make the case for misconduct - and concludes that Awich is wholly unsuited to be a member of the Court Of Appeal.

It's a very heavy - and like we said - unprecedented matter - to accuse a high court judge of misbehavior.

The burden to consider the credence of the claims first falls to the Chief Justice who is the chair of the Judicial and Legal Services commission. We could not determine if it when that body will meet to consider it, but we will follow it closely.

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