Amandala Letter to the Editor...

Dear Sir,

Methinks that our present government's biggest challenge and priority is to pave as many streets as quickly as possible. When streets are not paved, they are so dusty that they pose a serious health threat to the public at large and the computers of businesses that uphold our economy. Everyone knows that heat and dust are computers' worst enemies.

In Orange Walk, one of the busiest street/roads is the San Antonio/Blue Creek/Lamanai Road. We are proud that the road is being upgraded, but here in town, from its beginning at the junction with Queen Victoria Avenue to its ending at Albert Burns Farm (formerly Dr. George Rancho), only about two little pieces of pavement remain.

This street/road houses many important business houses which are definitely suffering under the extreme dust the heavy traffic produces. One of the worst pieces is directly in front of the Cane Farmers Association Building, and incredibly, the Public Works compound and German Vega & Sons are also there.

The other bad piece is at the crossroads with Fonseca and Smithsonian Streets. The BEL office, Cuello's Store and Aquarius Purified Water are directly affected by the incredible amount of dust raised here.

At Cuello's Store, many of our employees miss work because of respiratory problems and our computer problems slow down our speed of business and raise our cost of maintenance.

One thing we cannot be slowed down for is tax payment day, Social Security, GST and business tax.

I have mentioned the problem to Hon. Gaspar Vega, and he is of the mind that it is the Orange Walk Town Council's responsibility. I heard Hon. John Brice´┐Żo raise the issue at the budget debate, so I wonder who is right.

Any which way, the people of Orange Walk suffer.

Romel Cuello