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She lived up two hills, on suddenly flat ground that seemed to be carved horizontally into a mountain. The sun rose through two mountain peaks, shining its golden rays down on the houses below. For many hours in the day, sunshine caressed the area, inviting the chickens, pigs, horses and cows to meander the entire area. Shining white laundry hung amidst bright pops of color, grandmothers sat outdoors shelling beans, picking through peanuts, feeding the animals, or embroidering beautiful pillowcases and tablecloths. Mothers worked the small patch of farm behind their homes, children ran half naked behind the lanky dogs, aiming for their tails. Fathers saddled their workhorses, digging their heels in their flanks and setting them at a fast clip-clop pace to the surrounding mountains where their farms grew crops of vegetables and fruit. Sometimes, they would carry a gun across their back, and in the late afternoons, a booming sound would echo forever, running sound across the nearly circular patch of mountains that ringed the village.

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YWCA holds camp for young people
And speaking of the YWCA and its many programs, the organization is currently hosting its annual summer camp which keeps the young ones busy during their vacation break from School. Administrator for the YWCA, Lisa Coleman told Love News just what the enthusiastic children are spending their time on. There is one program however, which Coleman says that the YWCA wants to keep for the longer run since it has been very successful during this summer camp.

YWC gets help from Uncle Sam
The YWCA has for many years focused on training women to make successful persons out of them. The organization however has taken an interest in helping young men achieve a better life. Consequently the YWCA’s Enterprise Creation and Extracurricular Development Project was launched yesterday morning at the YWCA headquarters on St. Thomas Street. The project is made possible by a grant from the United States Embassy, funded by the Central American Regional Security Initiative CARSI. At the launching ceremony, President of YWCA, Sheree Smiling-Craig spoke of the achievements of her organization. Guest Speaker, U.S. Ambassador to Belize, Vinai Thummalapally said that the American Embassy has a long history of collaborating with the YWCA. The gratitude for the donation was also shared by Deborah Arnold currently enrolled and has completed one year in the H.E.L.P Program and Steve Geynair who recently signed up for the Barber program. Thummalapally presented the two hundred thousand dollars cheque to Craig during the ceremonies this morning. The Vote of thanks was shared by YWCA board member Ann-Marie Williams and notably present were the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize Mario Velasquez and woman of the year 2012 awardee Rita Coleman.

The saga of St. Peter’s School continues in San Pedro town
On yesterday’s Evening News Broadcast we told you about a St. Peter’s School in San Pedro Town, which was forced to close down after fifteen years of operations. Love Tv’s Marion Ali continues to follow up on the story and together with Videographer Brian Castillo, brings you a follow up in the following report.

House of Representatives to meet in Belmopan
The House of Representatives will meet in Belmopan on Friday. The majority of the items on the agenda have to do with finances and include the introduction of Bills to amend the Customs and Excise Duties Act to adjust the rates of customs duties on certain items consequent upon the removal of licensing requirements and quantitative restrictions on such items. The Prime Minister will also be introducing a bill to amend the Domestic and Financial Institutions Act which is designed to strengthen the supervisory powers of the Central Bank and enhance its regulatory independence. According to the Order papers for tomorrow’s house meeting, the amendment to the Domestic and Financial Institutions Act effectively repeal the Banks and Financial Institutions Act and go on to address the deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the domestic banking sector. It will also provide for the appointment of a statutory administrator of a licensee in appropriate cases to protect the interests of depositors, creditors and shareholders. Also on the agenda for tomorrow’s House meeting is the introduction of a Bill to amend the International Banking Act, Chapter 267 of the Laws of Belize, to clarify the provisions relating to exemption from stamp duty of documents executed by an international bank in connection with international banking business. Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, Junior will also take legislation to the floor of the House, seeking to amend the Hotels and Tourist Accommodation Act. The idea is to repeal the accommodation tax and to replace it with general sales tax. Friday’s House of Representatives meeting starts at ten o’clock in the morning at the National Assembly Building in Belmopan. The day’s proceedings will be broadcast live, right here on Love FM.

Distressed Sea Turtle rescued in Hol Chan reserve
A juvenile Green Sea Turtle was rescued in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve this week and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. According to reports reaching the RSV News Centre, the sea turtle was found on Tuesday afternoon, completely covered by what appears to be petroleum tar. The source of the tar is not known at this time; but the contaminated sea turtle is currently undergoing rehabilitation in San Pedro town. Kera Foreman is a biologist with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. As noted before, the contaminated sea turtle is a juvenile, and research shows that the endangered species can live for as long as eight years in the wild.


Poker run with a happy ending and shipping help request
Since tacoboy was doing last night’s poker run that was my Saturday option for a date night. I could not believe how packed it was when I turned up at Roadkill bar, this was the biggest one yet with 52 poker players. I was not too hopeful after my first card 7 clubs and definitely thinking no one was going to be calling fix for me winning. At Average Joe’s and Lola’s Pub I got 2 aces, my luck was improving for sure and in more ways than one. I ended up sitting with Cindy chatting in in her cart outside of Lola’s and decided to ride with her and Andy to Wayo’s instead of with Paul, Eric and Denise. Turns out they got a flat tire on the way and had to leave the cart by Ritchie’s supermarket. Thankfully my Gringo burger was still there on our way back to Pedro’s Pizza. Unfortunately at the end of the night when the flop was drawn my aces did not do me any good. 2 people did get a happy ending though, for the first time ever it was a split pot. Even though I did not win the pot, I figured there was no reason I could not make my own happy ending so I consoled myself with a large thin crust white pizza with green pepper and bacon. When I was out for my walk today Danyelle invited me into AJ’s for a lemonade, I found that it s actually ended up being a 3 way split in the end. Danyelle and Mike decided to make a side bet with their friends half way through the poker run. They agreed that if either couple won they would split the winnings and their friends won.

With only two full days of camp remaining, our theme today emphasized Chaa Creek’s goals, actions, and vision for the future – responsible tourism and sustainability. Before heading to the conference center for a presentation from Chaa Creek Owner and Founder, Lucy Fleming, our Eco Camp Director, Jacqueline Britt, gave the campers a talk about Mennonite sustainable living. Living in Barton Creek, Jacqueline is neighbors with many of whom we would consider to be “old world” Mennonites, and brought in some of their clothing, handiwork, and food to show us. Not only did this provide a fascinating look at one of many cultural groups living in Belize, it also gave the children a chance to revisit some of the important concepts they have learned with regards to the 3 R’s. The Mennonites are quite possibly the most eco-friendly group in the whole country, and the kids saw how they reduced, reused, and recycled things like clothes and jars. To top it off, the eco-campers got to try some of their delicious (or extremely sour for the some of the group) preserved fruit and vegetables Jacqueline brought in! Today’s other main activity was a visit to our unofficial classroom up at the resort to learn more about how we can be more responsible in our tourism practices. Lucy explained to us that tourism already accounts for 25% of Belize’s Gross Domestic Product and directly employs one quarter of the population. As the fastest growing industry in Belize, we have an obligation to ensure that we are practicing the most eco-friendly techniques and mentality in this field. Ecotourism revolves around many important aspects and Chaa Creek ensures that strict guidelines are met in their award winning tourism model. One of the most noticeable of these is that there has been a very minimal impact on the natural surroundings during the construction of both the Macal River Camp and Chaa Creek Resort.

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