Tonight, Police Constables Tush and Cucul attached to the Punta Gorda formation stand charged for murder - and other offences. It all arises out of a violent drunken brawl that occurred in the center of the town last night, and has left the Punta Gorda community shaken.

According to reports, around 10:10 pm, Tush and Cucul - who were off duty and had been drinking - saw 47 year old Michael Valerio who they believed had stolen a bike from one of them.

They chased him up a flight of stairs unto the verandah of Central Bar where they viciously beat him. They also injured the owner of the bar, Louis Braddick - who lived above the bar - and 34 year old Noel George Lopez.

Valerio was viciously beaten and was left bleeding on the verandah for an hour - until police drove past with another Lopez on the way to the hospital - and were alerted to his presence. He died less than an hour later at the Punta Gorda Hospital.

Today the police press officer addressed the outlandish attack that has outaged Punta Gorda:

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer
"A commissioner of the Supreme Court informed the police that there was one Michael Valerio who was seen suffering cut wounds to the head, body and left side of the face. This person was transported by police to the Punta Gorda Hospital where around 12am today this person succumb to his injuries."

"Police have since detained the two off duty officers and it is being allege that they were under the influence of alcohol. We have one other person who is receiving treatment. He is saying that they were both beaten by police; this person is Noel George Lopez."

Tush and Cucul were charged this evening for murder - and they also face charges for injuring the bar owner and Noel Lopez. Reports suggest that they were not in uniform - in that they didn't have on the khaki shirt and blue trousers known as number one dress, but they may have had on the black pants from what is known as Battle Dress uniforms.

Valerio was beaten to a pulp; he had cut wounds to the head, body and the left side of his face.

The two officers are expected to be arraigned tomorrow.

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