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July 30 - Aug. 6, 2012

The features that will influence weather conditions across Belize this week will be the approach and passage of a weak tropical wave on Wednesday morning (Figure 3 below), and a second tropical wave reaching Belize by Friday morning (Figure 4 below). This second tropical wave will be the remnants of the very active easterly wave or perturbation that will be traversing the eastern and central Caribbean this week. Meanwhile, an upper level low in the southern Gulf of Mexico will provide support for scattered thunderstorms over Belize on Saturday and Sunday. Another well defined tropical disturbance is forecast to move across the Lesser Antilles on Saturday evening (see Figure 6 below). This system is projected to move towards Hispaniola and weaken.

Daytime heating will add to the instability associated with the tropical waves on Tuesday and later on Friday, resulting in renewed outbreaks thunderstorms over central inland areas and the coast, especially. Otherwise, the weather during the next seven days will be a mix of sunshine and localized, brief showers.

Daily rainfall accumulations will range from 0.25-0.75 of-an-inch in the northern and central coast on Monday and Tuesday. Elsewhere, rainfall totals will be 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch. Daily rainfall accumulation will be a minimum on Wednesday and Thursday, but we can see an increase on Friday through until Monday, when daily totals will range from 0.50-1.00 inch especially in the hilly areas and some parts of the central and northern coastal zone. Other areas will be getting daily accumulations of 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch during this period.

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The San Pedro Sun

Noche Tropical at Ramon’s Village Resort
The island is gearing up for the highly anticipated annual Costa Maya Festival. With all the delegates for the La Riena de la Costa Maya Pageant on the island, everyone is eager to get a glimpse of them ahead of the big stage appearance scheduled for Thursday August 1st. On Saturday July 28th, islanders had the opportunity to meet, greet and socialize with all delegates at their first big public appearance at Noche Tropical hosted by Ramon’s Village Resort. The main purpose of the event was to officially introduce the delegates to the community along with the official sashing ceremony for all eight contestants of the pageant. Noche Tropical took place under the stars at the beach side just in front of Ramon’s Village Resort. Tiki torches, colorful lighting, lively music, the rhythm of the Garifuna drums and a cool sea breeze all made the right combination for a Tropical Noche indeed! As an annual sponsor from its Sea and Air Festival days, and the delegate hosts since the start of the pageant, Ramon’s Village Resort staff was happy to organize the event for the second consecutive year. This year’s delegates are Miss Guatemala – Alessandra Manzur Franco, Miss Mexico – Natalia Villanueva, Miss Nicaragua – Ivey Jellisa Alvarez Hunter, Miss Costa Rica – Mariela Aparicio, Miss Belize – Karen Jasmine Middleton, Miss Panama – Karen Elena Jordan Beitia, Miss Honduras – Esthefany Maolyth Pińeda Perez and Miss El Salvador – Nathaly Jazmin Mena. The delegates each introduced themselves by name and explained that they were happy to be in Belize as beauty ambassadors to their country. After they each introduced themselves they were sashed.

ACES – Croc Chronicles
Early this July three international pre-vet students trained alongside ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary to learn crocodile biology, behaviour, and scientific data collection techniques, including safe crocodile handling, sexing, tagging, and release. Olivier Mathiaud, Viviane Heily, both from Nantes, France, and Chelsea Canon, a student from New Mexico State University, USA, came to Belize through The Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic’s internship program, which was established to support the activities of the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network, its members and wildlife work for the Government of Belize. During the week-long internship with ACES on Ambergris Caye, Belmopan’s OpenLearningTV, Channel 17, came to film their experience with ACES crocodile conservation efforts. The team filmed the capture, tag and release of a large male American crocodile being tagged as part of ACES ongoing population survey. They also got to experience the reward of saving a threatened species when Ronald assisted ACES animal behaviorist Vince with the release of a crocodile rescued last month that had been hooked by a local fisherman. “We removed the hook from the croc’s leg and kept it for a short while in a secure holding pen to be sure it healed properly. The reward of our volunteer work is in knowing that we are helping to preserve a species, that has been around for millions of years, for the children of Belize,” stated ACES biologist Cherie. The show will air sometime this August and can also be viewed on Central Cable Vision, Channel 18.

Boat capsizes of north Ambergris Caye
The name of the vessel is Don Juan, a Mexican vessel that had just departed San Pedro town travelling northbound.

Ambergris Today

PADI Certifies 34 Junior Open Water Divers in San Pedro
PADI in collaboration with the San Pedro Tour Guide Association and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve gave 34 local kids the opportunity to explore the underwater world and learn of its wonders. Children were presented with their manuals and introduced to their dive instructors. For ten days they had to study and carry out dives with their instructors. On Thursday, July 26, 2012, the students were taken as a group to do their last dive to one of the many dive sites here on the island. The group was taken to Tuffy Channel courtesy of Hugh Parkey’s Belize Dive Connection and Ramon’s Village. After their last dive a graduation ceremony was held on Friday, July 27, 2012, at the San Pedro High School where students were presented with their certificates of completion of the course.

Costa Maya Pageant Delegates Hosted in Tropical Night
Ramon’s Village Resort, the official resort and sponsor of the Costa Maya Pageant, hosted a fantastic evening of fun, fashion and island entertainment during Noche Tropical, Saturday, July 28, 2012, where it hosted the eight contestants of the Costa Maya Pageant who have arrived in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The competition started way before pageant night as the eight delegates from the Mundo Maya countries were judged for their cultural costumes which they presented during the evening. The best cultural costume will be awarded to one lovely lady on pageant night where the second part of the cultural presentation will take place. On pageant night the contestants will display a second cultural costume, a more carnival and extravagant one. Points on pageant night will be added to those given during Noche Tropical (the best cultural costume judging is judge separately from pageant night competition and does not influence in any way in the selection of Miss Costa Maya). Noche Tropical at Ramon’s Village was just a preview of what the audience at Costa Maya, pageant night, Thursday, August 2, 2012 will experience. During the evening the contestants were officially presented with their sash and modeled clothing of pageant sponsor Moondancer boutique and with makeup prepared by Alejandra Gomez, a local up and coming cosmetologist and makeup artist of San Pedro).

Costa Maya Pageant Beauties Enjoy Adventures in Belize
The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival commences on Thursday, August 2, 2012, but pageant week starts a seven days ahead the festival with the arrival of the eight delegates who kick start a whirlwind of activates leading up to competition night. This year the delegates arrived on Thursday, July 26, 2012, and were whisked away to San Ignacio, Cayo, where they were hosted by the San Ignacio Resort with a welcome dinner with the proprietors, friends and Rebecca Stirm, Belize’s rising fashion designer who had two of the girls model one of her dresses.

Are You an Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? Number 17
YOUK KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIMER SANPEDRANO IF In your days you could only buy nightly raffles from some women and children and on Sundays you bought Panama instead of lottery. YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIMER SANPEDRANO IF In your youthful days you had heard that marijuana was smoked by the bad boys at Yabrough area or Majestic Alley but you never got to see a stick of weed yourself here in San Pedro. YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIMER SANPEDRANO IF Early in the morning you had to rush to the public toilets before your friends made a line at the latrine. All boys and men used these communal/public latrines which were located over the lagoon at the end of each street that led to the lagoon- that is Black Coral Street, Buccaneer Street, Ambergris Street, Pelican Street, and Caribeńa Street.

Flashback: Beauties of Sea and Air Festival
The Costa Maya International Festival actually had its origin as The San Pedro International Sea and Air Festival. It was the brainchild of a few Sanpedranos along with members of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, particularly Bruce and Victoria Collins. The early days of the festival had the participation of Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador- the Mundo Maya countries. Yes, the festival was all about music, artists, culture, food galore and ties of friendship among the participating countries. Noche Mexicana offered Mexican beer, folklore, and food and so were the other nights dedicated to each country (five nights of festival- Tuesday to Saturday) That is how the Salvadoran pupusas came to San Pedro. And yes, there was also the selection of Miss Sea & Air Festival Queen. In this flashback, right at Fido’s Beach, beautiful Patty Arceo, on the far right, took the title and the crown as Miss Sea and Year Festival.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIP Tables for Costa Maya
We are excited to say we will once again be providing a VIP Section courtesy of SAGA Humane Society. We will offer 10 VIP Tables each night, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Attached is our flier promoting the fundraising event. If you would all be so kind, please blast our 2nd Annual Costa Maya SAGA Fundraiser in your media! We are all excited to be asked by the Costa Maya Committee to be doing this again! With the recent strain of the unfortunate current events that have occurred within our local animal community, SAGA needs the support more than ever. Help us in supporting all aspect of the animal population on Ambergris Caye.

Costa Maya Contestants Visit Cahal Pech
The Costa Maya contestants also visitied Cahal Pech while they were in Cayo. Dorian Nunez from the Ambergris Today was on hand to capture the ladies as they posed on the Mayan ruins. Great work, Dorian!

Costa Maya Delegates Visit Iguana Hatchery
The contestants for La Reina de la Costa Maya visited the Green Iguana Conservation Project at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel while they were visiting Cayo. Looks like they had a great time, and they surely gave the iguanas some love. Miss Honduras released one into the wild! When wast the last time you saw pageant contestants covered with iguanas? "The International Costa Maya Festival has officially began with the arrival of the Reina de la Costa Maya Delegates. The eight beauties from el Mundo Maya, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize have been having fun since their arrival in our beautiful country. They first headed to San Ignacio, Cayo and were hosted by the San Ignacio Resort where they had a welcome dinner by the hotel’s proprietors and got to meet Rebecca Stirm, a rising Belizean fashion designer who had two of the girls model one of her dresses. The following day, they were given a tour to the Iguana Project, an initiative by the San Ignacio Resort to help protect Green Iguanas in Belize. The delegates had fun interacting with the reptiles and took many photos to take memories back home. Miss Honduras even got to release one to the wild as a Birthday present by The San Ignacio Hotel."

Belize is Best Dressed in Opening Ceremonies
Belize made the top 10 list for being best dressed at the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. The article starts with the top 10 worst dressed countries, and is pretty funny. "The contrasting piping on the blazer sets this jacket off. The tie, the jacket, the pants and the shoes are all a great combination. I could do without the hat."

4ft crocodile captured in the back of Caye Caulker!
It is not a common sight to see a 4ft crocodile being carried on somebodies back through the streets of Caye Caulker but yesterday many of us did!! Onlookers were amazed that the croc was so big and yet seemingly so docile in the arms of Ricardo Alcala (Piojo). Ricardo captured him on Saturday night after he found it terrorizing his dog behind his house. He has encountered many crocodiles (both samller and larger) in this same area and captured them all. Once caught he tapes up their mouth and (rightly or wrongly) keeps the reptiles a few days and then sets them free, back in to the seas but away this time from residential properties where they can do harm and come to harm. Whether he is right or wrong to keep the crocodile, that is not up for debate – what we are at least happy about is that the croc ends up back where he belongs as for so many of these creatures in Belize, they end up as food or even somebodies purse!!

VIDEO: Drinking and Sliding in Caye Caulker, Belize
Fin is a local favorite in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye (located in Belize, Central America). While taking a trip to Caye Caulker, this magic moment was captured of Fin doing what he does best. Drinking and sliding.

Channel 7

Two Toledo Constables Charged For Murder
Tonight, Police Constables Tush and Cucul attached to the Punta Gorda formation stand charged for murder - and other offences. It all arises out of a violent drunken brawl that occurred in the center of the town last night, and has left the Punta Gorda community shaken. According to reports, around 10:10 pm, Tush and Cucul - who were off duty and had been drinking - saw 47 year old Michael Valerio who they believed had stolen a bike from one of them. They chased him up a flight of stairs unto the verandah of Central Bar where they viciously beat him. They also injured the owner of the bar, Louis Braddick - who lived above the bar - and 34 year old Noel George Lopez. Valerio was viciously beaten and was left bleeding on the verandah for an hour - until police drove past with another Lopez on the way to the hospital - and were alerted to his presence. He died less than an hour later at the Punta Gorda Hospital. Today the police press officer addressed the outlandish attack that has outaged Punta Gorda:

BDF Trumpeter's Streetside Execution
BDF Trumpeter Wayne Madrill was all set to play at police Corporal Victor Lima's funeral on Saturday - but he never made it, because Madrill was executed on the street in the wee hours of Saturday morning. And now, his family is getting ready to bury the well-known music man. Today, we found out more about his street side execution:.. Jules Vasquez reporting On Sunday morning at a few minutes to three, 42 year old Wayne Madrill, a veteran member of the BDF band was found dead here on Cemetery Road lying in a pool of blood with multiple gunshot wounds to his face and head. His common law wife, Elena Montes heard the shot at home: Elena Montes - Common Law Wife of Decased "I was asleep, but not too asleep because that's what woke me, the echo of the gunshots." Jules Vasquez "How many shot did you hear?"

Stephen Flowers Murder, Cops Say Gang Related
And there was another murder in the city this weekend. It happened on Friday night - and police say it has the appearance of being gang related. 24-year-old Stephen Flowers was shot multiple times on Mahogany Street. The police press officer told us more:.. Jules Vasquez reporting On Friday night at about 9:25, 24 year old Stephen Flowers, known as Brooks and Ryan Rice Mejia were standing here in front of ISARAY Bakery, a popular hangout on Mahogany Street. Suddenly they heard a spray of bullets and Flowers was shot to the rib cage, the chest, the hand and right side while Ryan Mejia was also shot to both legs.. Riddled with gunshots, Flowers died at 11:00 pm. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "Flowers succumb to his injuries sometime around 11pm whilst undergoing treatment at the KHMH. Our initial investigation has reveal so far that Flowers and Mejia were socializing on Mahogany Street in front of a bakery when they heard several shots coming from a dark area and realize that they were hit. Both men were rushed to the KHMH. We have 4 persons detain in connection with this murder and hope to file charges soon."

Child Who House Fell On Is Critical
Last we told you about Briton (Brighton) Cordova - who was crushed beneath a house as it collapsed on him and a friend. They were playing with a pair of puppies when the lower stilts on the home gave way - killing both puppies and injuring Brighton and 7 year old Jova Griffith. Luckily, Jova's injuries were not too serious and he was treated and released. But Briton remains in a critical condition on life support. His mother told us that the boy's brain is swollen, his neck fractured; he has a collapsed right lung, injuries to his eye, stomach and face and he suffered cardiac arrest. We'll keep updating you on this very sad case.

PG: 7-year-old Accident Victim May Lose Foot
And there is another seriously injured boy in the KHMH. Kevin Wagner's condition is not nearly as serious as Brighton's but it's pretty bad. The 7 year old Punta Gorda resident was knocked down by a bus a week ago. He was knocked down and then the bus ran over his leg, mangling it completely. On Saturday his mother and aunt told us that his injuries are massive and coping with them is proving excessively difficult:.. Rosilda Wagner, mother of victim "He was going and they saw a James Bus coming and one was going and when one passed he cross the street and he never saw the next one that was coming in front of him. They say that the bus knock his head and was flung two feet from the bus and some people shouted at the bus driver that a child was there. The bus driver did not stop; the child could not pick up himself. When the bus reverses, it ran over his foot." Jules Vasquez "What is his condition now?" Rosilda Wagner, mother of victim "His foot right now is very bad, everything is torn up. He doesn't have his tendons, nothing. His foot is ground up. i hop he doesn't lose his foot because we don't want him to lose his foot."

Macy's Restaurant Closes Down
A Belize City institution, Macy's Restaurant will close its doors for the very last time tonight. After 30 years in operation, the well-loved Belizean restaurant has called it quits. Owner, Mavis Pitamba, known as Ms. May today told us that business has been especially bad for the last two years. Faithful customers begged Pitamba to remain open, but she told us that the restaurant can't run on water - so, she's closing down. Apart from die-hard patrons, Macy's has also fed some famous mouths: including Tupac Shakur, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Chill Mitchell, Brooke Shields, and former Barbadian PM, Owen Arthur. Pitamba told us she's not quite sure what she'll do next.

Home Shot Up In City
We've already told you about a number of homicides in the city - but there were also shootings, which left two men injured. Last night, just before 11, an unknown gunman fired shots at the Dawson home, located on Cemetery Road. No one was hurt, but Mavis Dawson, one of the residents at the home, told 7News that many of her family and friends were in the yard, and they could have been hit by this seemingly random shooting. Dawson, who was at work at the time, told us what her family experienced last night. Mavis Dawson "My brother was here and he just calls me and tell me that they are shooting around here, but he didn't told me that the house got caught. He says that they were out on the verandah when the shooting happened." "When I left from work to come here I see an amount of police parked here dealing with it. So far they retrieve about 4 bullets from the area." Daniel Ortiz "Bullets that hit your house?"

Olympics: Sanchez Taken Down In Seconds
Belize's judo competitor at the 2012 London Olympics flitted across the world stage almost as quickly as our tiny contingent did at the Olympic opening ceremonies. Eddermys Sanchez got a bye into the elimination round of 32 where he lasted only 19 seconds against Miklos Ungvari from Hungary. If it's any consolation, Ungvari went on to win the silver medal - meaning he only lost once. While someone must have blinked - so we did not get footage of this event - on Friday live at 3:40 am, we will have footage of Kaina Martinez in the 100 meter track and field heats.

Missionary Cleared Of Unnatural Crime Charges
35 year old Bryan Sears, the American Missionary accused of sexually molesting two teenage brothers is free of charges. In October of 2011 Sears made headline news countrywide, when the mother of 2 teenage boys of Sarteneja village in the Corozal District came forward accusing him of sodomy. Sears was arrested and charged with three counts of an unnatural crime and since then his case in the magistrate's court has been just a succession of adjournments. But now the case has ended and Sear's sex charges have been withdrawn. He was discharged and allowed to walk freely on Thursday of last week. Brian Sears - was a missionary who had been in the Sartaneja community for three years.

Shooting For Precision
In Belize City - particularly on the Southside - too many of us have had to get used to the sound of gunshots. But even the most hardened city resident from the hottest 'hood, couldn't have sustained the sound from barrage of bullets that were fired. But, it wasn't a crime, it was practice! It happened at the BDF range near Hattieville - and we have video of a most unusual type of competition. Jules Vasquez reporting How fast can a shooter lock and load, unload and reload? That's what's being measured in this annual marksmanship challenge where the BDF invites civilians from pistol clubs to see who shoots best: Lt. Col. James Requena - Acting Chief of Staff, BDF "Today marks a very important event for the BDF. It's a time for us to compare our shooting capability with shooting clubs in Belize and also it's a competition within the force to see which is the best unit. The pistol competition has been a tradition from the military. It started back in 1978 since the formation on the Belize Defence Force and the competition initially was only open to military personnel. Since 1998 we have open it up to the pistol clubs of Belize in order to test our skills and also to promote shooting as a sport in Belize."

Belize Basketball Now Has Size!
2 Belizean American basketball stars are in Belize with intentions of joining the national team. Now, our national team has recently been handicapped at the center position because of a lack of size in the talent pool. The officials at the Belize Basketball Federation are looking to change that with the addition of Noel Felix Jr. and Charles Garcia Jr., who are 6 feet, 9 inches, and 6 feet, 10 inches tall, respectively. Felix, who started his career at the California State University in Fresno, has played all over the world, including the NBA, the Israeli Premier League, and the Super Basketball League in Taiwan. Garcia played ball for Seattle University, and he then moved on to play in Turkey, and after that he went back to the US to the NBA Minor Leagues. He just recently finished playing with the Phoenix Suns in the Summer League. With all that experience, both told 7News that they want to play for the National Team to put Belizean Basketball on the map. Here's what they told us: Noel Felix Jr. "I do have the intentions of joining but also understand our goals, our federation and we want to develop our young guys as well so my job if I can is to play and win as many games as possible to pave the way for those younger guys to do their jobs as well."

Erwin And The Big Ticket
On Friday night we told you that Cayo West Representative Erwin Contreras's official ministerial vehicle had gotten a ticket for excessively dark tint. Turns out we were mistaken; Contreras did not get a ticket for his ministerial ride -the ticket was issued to a friend's vehicle - a red Mitsubishi pickup that Contreras is often known to travel in. And the reason we got mixed up is because we saw Contreras arrive at Friday's house sitting in that same tinted red pickup. He says the pickup belongs to the Benque Free Zone and is for a friend. But, according to our sources, when that friend or his driver was pulled over last week by Cayo Police for the tint violation he said the vehicle was for Contreras. Indeed, that may have just been idle name dropping - but combining that with the fact that we saw Contreras delivered to the house in the pickup - caused the mixup.

Channel 5

2 police officers charged for murder in P.G.
It was a violent weekend in the south and in the City that ended in the murder of three persons while two others were shot. In Punta Gorda tonight, police have arrested two of their own; who from all accounts went on a wild rampage on Sunday night.  Police Constables Modesto Cucul and Federico Tush [...]

B.D.F. soldier killed during early morning shooting
While two cops are to be arraigned for murder, in the city, a B.D.F. corporal lost his life in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Corporal Wayne Madrill, who was also a band member, did not make it home from a party. The corporal was on Cemetery Road when someone opened fire; he was shot [...]

Corporal Madrill will be laid to rest with an official funeral
Since Madrill joined the B.D.F. in 1991, he was a part of the B.D.F. Band. His bandmaster, colleague and friend is B.D.F. Staff Sergeant Kevin Campbell. Campbell told News Five that the slain soldier was an integral part of the unit and the band will play for Madrill this Friday at St. John’s Cathedral.   [...]

Was Flowers a victim of gang warfare?
The first person to be killed over the weekend was Steven Flowers, who was shot multiple times on the chest and rib cage in close proximity of his Mahogany Street house. Flowers was along with another person, Rayan Mejia hanging out in front of a bakery when gunshots rang out. Mejia was also shot and [...]

U.S. Citizen freed of molestation charges
The case of a U.S. National, who was accused of molesting three boys in October, 2011 made the headlines, but the case was quietly dropped in the Corozal courts last week Thursday. According to reports, the three victims refused to testify and the prosecutor had no choice but to withdraw the charges against the American [...]

Shooting victim Sutherland lucky to be alive
Back to the violence, two men were injured in separate shootings over the weekend in Belize City, but were fortunate to survive. At around eight on Sunday night, twenty-three year old Dwayne Sutherland was targeted by two young men on bicycles, who opened fire at him at a party on Lacroix Boulevard. No one else [...]

More shootings mar the weekend
So far, we have reported on three murders and one shooting. The other incident in the old capital involves the shooting of twenty-eight year old stevedore, Raymond Arnold. On Friday night, Arnold was shot a stone’s throw away from his home. He told police that he was standing on Rivero Street when an unknown gunman [...]

Charges withdrawn against cops charged with wounding
Two cops, who were accused of brutalizing a Magistrate’s Court bailiff, agreed to settle the matter out of court, resulting in criminal charges as well as a civil suit being dismissed. The officers, forty-six year old Sergeant Jose Ortiz and forty-one year old Police Constable Leonardo Yama, were charged with Wounding for an alleged attack [...]

Sandro Montejo, burglar, didn’t make bail
Twenty-two year old Sandro Montejo, a resident of Sand Hill Village, is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison after appearing in Magistrate’s Court today where he was arraigned for Burglary.  Montejo is accused of breaking into the home of Francisco Gomez between July twentieth and twenty-fourth and stealing a selection of items totaling [...]

Belizean athletes at 2012 Olympics
Turning to London 2012, a lavish celebration of the world’s many cultures and the athletic prowess of its people, officially got underway last Friday with a festival of colors during which each participating country paraded its flag at the opening of the Summer Olympic Games.  It is the biggest and most important global sporting event [...]

Summer Camp for kids living with diabetes
Summer camps are usually about sports, arts, education and the like but one started this morning with a health theme of a disease that is affecting thousands. There is no known data on the exact number of children living in this country with diabetes, but the camp is geared exclusively to this group. Over thirty [...]

National Fire Service testing its skills
Promotions are in the pipeline for a number of firefighters, but first they have to prove that they are fit to assume new responsibilities. That is why the National Fire Service is carrying out five weeks of training that will test and develop the tactical response skills of the participating officers. Of the seventeen that [...]

Sports Monday bounces with basketball and cricket
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   It was indeed an honor for us to meet 2 international basketball players of solid Belizean heritage after they touched down at the Philip Goldson International Airport this morning. Clinton Lightburn told us that these 2 players could have gotten us into the London [...]


American fugitive freed of sex charges in northern Belize
The case of American missionary Brian Sears accused of sexually molesting two teenage brothers in Sarteneja village in the Corozal district exploded on the national scene in October of 2011. Sears was arrested and charged with three counts of an unnatural crime and the case has been meandering through the Magistrate’s Court since. Today, word [...]

Shooting incidents reported in Belize City
Meanwhile, in a shooting that happened on Friday night, a stevedore was targeted on Rivero Street in the Port Loyola area. Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, told reporters how it happened. Another man is receiving treatment at the KHMH as a result of gunshot wounds he suffered on Sunday night. Yearwood gave us the [...]

Weekend violence leaves two men dead in Belize City
Blood poured once again in the streets of Belize City over the weekend. Reporter Marion Ali and Videographer Brian Castillo worked the crime beat today and bring you the details in the following report.

Policemen accused of Toledo murder
A Toledo resident is dead after he succumbed to injuries allegedly inflicted by two police officers on Sunday night. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. This afternoon both officers were charged for murder and two counts of harm to Noel Lopez and Luis Braddick of Punta Gorda.

Fallen policeman buried with full honors
Funeral services were held this past weekend for two police officers who lost their lives in the past couple of weeks. Thirty-five year old Corporal Victor Lima was laid to rest with full police honours in his hometown of Benque Viejo del Carmen on Sunday. Lima, who was assigned as a supervisor at the [...]

Officer wounded in the line of duty passes away
After having been injured while trying to protect others, Corporal Victor Lima lost his battle with life. Love Tv’s Marion Ali and Videographer Myles Gillett bring you the heart wrenching story in the following report.

Juvenile diabetics attend summer camp in Belize City
A summer camp for young people living with Diabetes is being held in Belize City. Reporter Patrick Jones and Videographer Myles Gillet visited today and bring you the following report.

SSB gives scholarships to Cayo students
Correspondent Elaine Berry tells us more about Scholarships granted in the San Ignacio, Santa Elena area.

SSB Scholarships for Toledo students
In Punta Gorda, Seven students were presented with Belize Social Security Scholarship Awards. Paul Mahung reports.

San Pedro school getting new classrooms
Placement of students in schools around the country has always been a challenge with the demands of a growing population. In San Pedro, there are at least fifty-seven students who are out of school, not for the summer holidays, but because there simply is no space for them, will now have the chance come this [...]

Scholarships for Belize City students from Social Security Board
Over ninety students from throughout the country today received full scholarships from the Social Security Board to continue their education. Ceremonies were conducted at the Board’s various district branches this morning. In Belize City, Love News’ Marion Ali spoke with the Branch Manager of the Belize City office, Turnica Middleton, who explained how the recipients [...]

GOB is borrowing from CDB to fund education sector reform
The government of Belize is borrowing two million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank. A Loan Motion was introduced to the House this morning, which explains that the purpose of the loan is to finance government’s new education sector reform initiative. According to the motion, which was introduced by Minister of Education Patrick Faber, the [...]

PUP raises concerns to House Speaker
The Opposition People’s United Party presented its full compliments of elected representatives for today’s House meeting in Belmopan. But the PUP members were not a happy group today. On Thursday the party issued a statement condemning their late notification of today’s sitting and the lack of sufficient time to submit questions to be answered on [...]

Professional development training for the National Fire Service
A two-week professional development training for fire-fighters is underway in Belize City. It has the participation of sub office supervisors from all over the country and according to chief training officer Ervin Smith the end result of the training is not only to sharpen the skills of the officers but qualify them for promotion within [...]

Four bills brought to the House for introduction
Four Bills were brought to the floor of House of Representatives today for introduction. They all dealt with financial matters and according to the Prime Minister, are part of the process to help renegotiate the super bond, by showing the nation’s creditors that government is serious about putting its fiscal house in order. The first [...]

Belizean-American basketball players want to join the Belize National Team
Two Belizean-American basketball players are back home tonight and they have their eyes set on making it to the national men’s basketball team. Twenty four year old Charles Garcia, Junior and thirty one year old Noel Felix are in peak playing form and they stopped by the RSV News Centre this evening for a courtesy [...]


Punta Gorda man’s death possibly linked to Police brutality
Two policemen have been detained for PG murder. 34 year old Noel George Lopez, visited the Punta Gorda Police Stati...

Gunshots ring out in Belize City, one dead, another injured
A hail of bullets take two men down one of them dies. CIB personnel visited the K.H.M.H. on Friday night (July 27) ...

BDF found lying in pool of blood
Police responded to a report of a shooting early Sunday morning (JULY 29) on Cemetery Road. They saw the lifeless b...

Stevedore is victim of gun violence
A Belize City man takes several bullets to the body. Raymond Arnold was standing on Rivero St. on Friday night (Jul...

Detonating the Superbond
In last week’s House Meeting the Prime Minister also made a statement directly referring to a debt restructuring ex...

Accused pedophile acquitted, boys say Police reports were untrue
Viewers may remember Brian Sears, the American missionary accused of sexually molesting three teenage boys back in ...

State funeral for Corporal Victor Lima
Police Corporal Victor Manuel Lima was laid to rest in his home town of Benque Viejo yesterday (July 29). The state...

New phone listings for Police headquarters
The Police Department has in some instances posted new numbers for the various branches for quick and easy access. ...

How Belmopan Day survived rainy weekend
Celebrators from near and afar flocked to Belmopan this past weekend to join in the festivities of the city's forty...


“Small Country, Big Heart” - Belize’s Olympic Team
“We may be a small country, but we have a big heart when it comes to looking after each other and I’m sure all of us are wishing the 2012 Olympic Team Belize all the best,” he said. The Belize London 2012 Olympics team is comprised of Kaina Martinez and Kenneth Medwood competing in Athletics and Eddermys Sanchez in Judo. They were selected from competitors in ten different sports and managed by the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association working with Belize’s national governing bodies and the Belize National Sports Council Association.

Funny to Me: Power Lifting at La Divinia Providencia
Monday, July 30, 2012 Funny to Me: Power Lifting at La Divinia Providencia I shop at one of my favorite stores La Divinia Providencia in Escalante at least four times a week. If you haven't been, you can read about my love for these guys (and their location) here if you like. They are a classic neighborhood grocery store and restaurant...super friendly and they serve some KILLER stuffed jalapenos each night. I have passed this sign inside quite a few times before. It's taped right over the frozen chicken and always catches my eye. And since I am trying to get just a little bit fitter (the stuffed jalapenos have something to do with that)...I thought I'd figure out what this was all about. Maybe I need to start dead lifting. Spinning? So five years ago. Zumba? So last week. Maybe lifting cement blocks (yes...the kind you see them lifting in prison movies, a sort of felon fitness) might be a road I should explore. This John Mader looks like he's in pretty good shape. Here is the set up on the front lawn of LDP. Two different sized barbells. And the wooden bench for bench pressing. The blue table is used most Sunday afternoon for a ROWDY game of dominoes and beer or rum drinking. Now there is an activity I can really get behind.

How to ride the bus in Belize (and really see the country)
Your journey begins around eight in the morning at the bus terminal in Belize City, which sits beside one of the city’s infamous canals—more of an open sewer, now undergoing long overdue repairs. The piles of sand and miscellaneous construction equipment are no impediment to the taxis and other vehicles that drop passengers off at the depot and the vendors hawking wares at the entrance. The big room you’ll enter seems to promise the opportunity to buy view bus schedules and purchase tickets. But, you’ll soon see that the ticket windows are dark and unused, and the boards above them are devoid of timetables. Passengers don’t linger in this space; they know better. Keep walking and you’ll find yourself at the departure gates. Don’t be fooled by the chaos. Buses leave promptly. At each gate you’ll find a conductor who can answer the only questions that really matter: “Where is this bus going?” Or, “Does this bus go to (insert destination here)?” And, “What time does it leave?”

International Sources

This Is What 350,000 Websites Look Like [Visualization]
Try to picture the internet and you invariably have a hard time. Fortunately, Ruslan Enikeev has decided to help you out by creating a map which organizes websites by popularity and similarity. The result is The Internet Map. In total, the whole map depicts 350,000 sites and two million links from 196 countries. Each site is represented by a circle, whose size depends on the amount of traffic, and the space between each one is determined by the frequency with which users jump from one to another. Enikeev explains: As one might have expected, the largest clusters are formed by national websites, i.e. sites belonging to one country. For the sake of convenience, all websites relative to a certain country carry the same color. For instance, the red zone at the top corresponds to Russian segment of the net, the yellow one on the left stands for the Chinese segment, the purple one on the right is Japanese, the large light-blue central one is the American segment, etc.

Default Concerns Make Belize’s Bonds Worst In Emerging Markets
Belize’s notes are the worst performers in emerging markets this month as the Central American nation’s budget deficit widens and concerns grow that the government will force holders of $544 million of bonds to take losses in a restructuring. Belize’s dollar bonds have fallen 2.5 percent this month, the most among 52 emerging-market countries tracked by JPMorgan Chase & Co’s EMBIG index. Brazilian and Indonesian bonds have gained 4.2 percent over the same period. Yields on Belize’s so- called superbond due in 2029 climbed 145 basis points, or 1.45 percentage point, to 20.08 percent this month as the country nears its second restructuring in five years. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who campaigned on a promise to restructure the bonds, told lawmakers in June that lowering the debt burden is “unavoidable.” The government faces an Aug. 20 payment of about $25 million and Barrow said Belize’s budget deficit will swell to 2.5 percent of gross domestic product next year from 1.1 percent this year. Investors are starting to “appreciate the difficulty” the government will have in meeting creditor demands, said Stuart Culverhouse, chief economist at Exotix Ltd. “The market has underpriced the risk until this month,” Culverhouse, who downgraded the bonds from hold to sell on July 5, said in a phone interview from London. “People are now beginning to focus on when the concessions are happening.” Officials at Belize’s Finance Ministry didn’t return calls seeking comment.

VIDEO: Discovering the Blue Hole, Belize Barrier Reef
MSNBC: Originally aired on November 17th 2008, Matt Lauer visits the famous Blue Hole of Belize Barrier Reef. Joined by Fabian Costeau.

Great review of the Best Little Zoo in the World - Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo is about 50 kilometres outside of Belize City, down the Western Highway and on the way to Belmopan and the west and south of the country. It’s a painless pit stop if you’re travelling in those directions, or an easy day trip if you’re based in Belize City or Belmopan. And, unless you’re an expert wildlife photographer with a year to spend in the country, it’s the only place that you’ll see the rarer animals of Belize (not to mention the best place to see the rest of them). All the zoo’s species are native to Belize, so you won’t see any tigers or polar bears, but you will see all of the country’s exotic wildlife, including the species that you’d never see in the wild, like the jaguar. The local nature of the occupants means the zoo is quite small (you can see it all in a couple of hours), but it does give a great introduction to the wildlife of Belize and Central America. Being in the middle of nowhere (like many places in Belize!), the zoo is surrounded by empty jungle, and its environment is the same as the land that surrounds it. Gravel trails through the forest are one of the few man-made things inside the grounds – rather than metal cages or concrete enclosures, the animals are mainly housed in open, natural-looking areas, so the place feels less like an animal prison and more like a zoological country club.