Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) advises customers to make preparations and take the necessary precautions as Tropical Storm Ernesto approaches Belize. The Company provides the following safety tips:

· Ensure to have batteries for your radio so you can listen to hurricane advisories.

· If someone in your home is dependent on medical equipment requiring electricity, arrange for an alternative power source before severe weather strikes.

· Turn off the main circuit breaker and all appliances when leaving home, during a power outage or if the water level rises near or above outlets.

· Make sure you have candles, lamps and battery operated lights for emergency lighting.

· Do not walk into any area or water that may be connected to an electrical source.

· Keep away from fallen power lines. Assume all wires on the ground are electrically charged. This includes cable TV feeds.

· Do not go to any of BEL’s power stations or substations.

In the event there is loss of power supply due to damages caused by the approaching storm, the Company will dispatch crews to conduct power restoration works as soon as the “All Clear” is given and it is safe to do so.

BEL encourages customers to report damages to the power system by calling 0-800-BEL-CARE or 0-800-235-2273. If there are damages to the power system, customers are advised to be prepared for related power outages.