I was enjoying a couple of days up north at Grand Caribe this past weekend and got a pleasant surprise while walking the beach with Cowboy Doug on Friday afternoon – Coconut Leo. If you know me well you know my all time favorite drink besides iced coffee is fresh coconut water – if I could have it on tap I would. As soon as we spotted him in the tree I asked Cowboy if he had any spare gallon containers so we could support the local Belize economy.

Coconut Leo charges $10 a gallon, if you see him on the beach I highly recommend picking up a gallon or two, one for now and freeze one for later. Jose jr one of the resort staff was helping Coconut Leo as he cleaned the coconut trees and making sure that no one was injured by falling coconuts. Guests at Grand Caribe Resort got a big kick out of watching Leo do his coconut tree climbing acrobatics and enjoyed tasting pure coconut water right out of the coconut.

Coconut water is a source electrolytes and many nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, folate and a number of B vitamins. B-1 found in coconut water. Vitamin B-1 converts blood sugar into energy, which helps improve endurance and fatigue. Vitamin B-6 increases the serotonin levels in your brain, which helps regulate your mood. Read more about Natural Properties & Health Benefits of Coconut Water on one of my favorite health websites – Livestrong.

Coconut tip – Freeze fresh coconut water in ice cube trays to add to your tropical drinks, as the ice melts it gives a delicious flavor to your drink instead of watering it down.

Coconut water recipe – Add coconut water to your rum punch for a nice flavor. For parties I make it in a 1 gallon water container and usually throw in some pineapple juice, coconut rum, Caribbean rum and fruit squash as well. Cowboy and I added it to our white rum and cranberry for a nice change.

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