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  • Howe Gets Two Months For Beating Father-In-Law
  • No Helmet, No License, No Insurance... BOOM!!! Bullets! Ten Of Them
  • "These Are The Facts" Writes Samuel August
  • Street Project Launched In The Nation's Capital
  • Decriminalization of The Use Of Marijuana
  • Seven Member Belize Delegation Attends Football Workshop in Guatemala
  • John Lawrence Remand Again On Another Robbery Charge
  • Obesity In Children
  • A Memorial In Mexico City For Victims Of Drug Violence
  • Letters to the Editor
    • Policemen MUST Record Statements
    • That Sleeping/Gambling Policeman
    • Let Us Keep Our Environment Clean
  • Fatigue
  • Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney To Announce Running Mate Paul Ryan
  • Jamaica's Usain Bolt Wins 200m And Makes Olympic Athletics History
  • STAR Humor
  • Editorial: The Jasmine Alert - The Smart Girl And The Not So Smart Woman
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Public Notices

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The San Pedro Sun

SAGA Humane Society reminds dog owners to contain your dogs
With the public outcry following the recent San Pedro Town Council dog eradication sweep on La Isla, which many saw as inhumane and uncalled for, SAGA Humane Society is in the process of working alongside the Town Council to formulate a more humane response to the "stray dog" problem plaguing the community. The previous eradication had become necessary due to the numerous strays and unattended pets that traversed the town, overturning garbage cans, defecating in public places and generally being a nuisance, and even harmful to residents. Despite the outrage at the manner in which the previous eradication took place, it seems as though many pet owners continue to be negligent in securing their pets. By not ensuring their pets are contained in a fenced yard or in some other manner, the problem with strays and unattended dogs continues. As such, SAGA Humane Society is taking the opportunity to issue a warning as well as educate the general public on the importance of protecting one's pets. The San Pedro community is informed that roundups of loose dogs will soon begin. Once the dogs are contained, SAGA will hold them for a maximum of three full days. Owners wishing to reclaim their pets will have the opportunity to do so at SAGA on Tuesdays from 9AM to 12PM or 1PM to 5PM, or on Wednesdays from 1PM to 5PM. Owners are warned that there WILL be a fee to pay to retrieve one's pet. Owners will also have a choice to have their pet spayed or neutered at a discounted cost.

Dr. Love: Keeping in touch with Family
Dear Doctor Love, Because I have lived here in the Caribbean for several years now, I rely on the phone to stay in contact with my parents. It is very important for them to know how I am doing. I make it a point to call them at least once a week. Sometimes, when something important happens I call two or three times because I know they look forward to the calls. My parents have been very disappointed because my fianc´┐Ż does not call them very often. As a matter of fact, she hardly ever calls them directly. She used to call them when I asked her to but now she says it is just too much for her to handle. Instead, she sometimes talks to them after I have called them. She says has a family of her own that she has to call all of the time and she would prefer that I handle the stuff of my family and she can handle hers. I don't talk to her family very often but they are fine with that. Mine needs a little more support, especially since their health is not too good right now. My mother, especially, feels like she needs to be close to her future daughter-in-law.

Misc Belizean Sources

A day in San Ignacio Town
Perched on the hills of the Maya Mountain overlooking the charming town of San Ignacio is the San Ignacio Hotel Resort. A small boutique resort with all the amenities of a five star hotel and also their service is second to none. From the minute you arrive at the resort you will be pampered by their knowledgeable and friendly staff. After checked in I was escorted to my room and what a room it was. A spacious room with Belizean paintings on the walls and a balcony over looking the seventeen acre of rainforest; it is part of the hotel property and home of the green iguanas. After I had settled in my room I went to verandah where I met my friend, Mariam, the resort owner and manager, and two travel buddies who had traveled with me to San Ignacio so that we get updated with what is happening in and around Cayo. The first couple of hours we spent it admiring the beauty of the resort over some cocktails and snacks. The Buffalo wings were my favorite. While sitting on the verandah we saw a few birds jumping from tree to tree and we even got to see two toucans eating berries from a huge tree that stands majestically by the edge of the swimming pool. Not sure if the little frog doing its gymnastics on the one inch wide iron railing was hired by Mariam to entertain us or was just our luck to see this little creature leap from end to end of the railing and every time landing perfectly. When the sun started to set we went to visit Mr. Godman Ellis, a man who contributed so much to the development of the tourism industry, and now at eighty-two lives with his family down the road from the San Ignacio Hotel.


US Government Blacklists Three Belizeans
For the past couple of days, Love News has been reporting on the blacklisting of three Belizeans and their business holdings by the United States government for their alleged involvement with Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel. Using its Kingpin Act, the United States Treasury is...

Home Invasion in Cayo District
A St. Matthew's Village family was terrorized during a home invasion early this morning. According to one of the victims, she was in bed along with her husband and two children when she was awakened by a loud noise. Upon making checks they saw three men who had used t...

Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Rape and Robbery
Twenty-six year old Leroy Gomez has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. At the end of July Gomez was found guilty of rape and robbery. Justice Adolph Lucas sentenced Gomez to 15 years for each charge however the sentences will run concurrently. The incident occurred...

Four Found Guilty of Money Laundering
Last Friday a jury of seven women and two men deliberated for about two and a half hours before it found Michael Coye, Melonie Coye, Atlee Matute and Dietrich Kingston guilty of money laundering for $1.5 million. On Wednesday the four were back in court in front of Chief Justice ...

Discussion on the proposal to remove the criminal penalties for the possession of a small Amount of Marijuana in Belize Continues
The discussion on the proposal to remove the criminal penalties for the possession of a small amount of Marijuana in Belize continues. And today the Committee set up by government to evaluate the feasibility of the decriminalization announced another extension of the deadline for...

Data Shows Increase in Tourist Arrivals
The comparative figures for the first six months of the last three years show impressive overnight tourist arrivals for Belize. From twenty one thousand, three hundred and twenty eight arrivals in 2010, the figures for this year show that three hundred and thirty seven more visit...

Friday, August 10: Police News
A misunderstanding between an employee and a manager resulted in one man on the run and the other hospitalized. On Monday morning Police visited the Independence Polyclinic where they saw 47-year-old Aurelio Menjivar suffering from several cut wounds. Reports are that Menji...


Jaguar Hunted, Killed And Skinned In Caledonia
At the beginning of the New Year we brought you the story of a female jaguar that was trapped in Petville here in Orange Walk. Francisco Magana contacted the Forestry Department and personnel from the Belize Zoo informing them about his catch. Veterinarian Sheila Schmeling traveled all the way to Orange Walk to examine the feline, which based on her expertise, was in good health. That same day the jaguar was tranquilized, transported to the Belize Zoo and enrolled in the jaguar rehabilitation program. The feline was named Naranja and so far is doing well. But not all jaguars have the same faith. Some are hunted by poachers, killed and skinned for their pelt which is very valuable. And that's exactly what happened this past Sunday. According to reports, a group of men were out hunting in the outskirts of Caledonia Village when they came across a male jaguar. Reportedly, the animal was shot in the back of the head and transported back to the village where it was skinned. Its hide was peeled off in order to be sold. Because, jaguars are endangered and protected in Belize, serious concerns have been raised. The jaguar is protected in the Wildlife Act which makes it illegal to hunt them down. It has been estimated that 400-600 jaguars inhabit Belize.

Taiwan Government Donates $40,000 For September Celebrations
This year Belizeans will celebrate the jewels 31st Independence under the theme "Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal Celebrating Belize". As we speak many are the activities that are being organized for the 10th and 21st of September. But these activities cost money and in order to alleviate the pockets of the September Celebrations Commission, His Excellency David K. Ku, Ambassador to Belize from the Republic of China Taiwan, donated BZ$40,000 to the September Celebrations Commission. The generous donation was received by the Co-Chairperson of the commission, Diane Haylock. In his address, Ambassador Wu expressed that he is honored to be part of Belize's 31st anniversary celebrations and the 214th anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye. According to Haylock, the money will be used to enhance various cultural activities on the calendar of events.

No Case File, No Case Against Omar Vallejo
On Thursday February 9th, 25 year old Aurelia Blanco and her four year old daughter, Luzelly Tun, were knocked down in San Andres Village in the Corozal District by a gold Ford Explorer allegedly travelling under high speed. Blanco died on the spot while her daughter suffered head and body injuries. Corozal Police detained the two men travelling in the vehicle who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol. One of the men Omar Vallejo was charged for manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without due care and attention and driving under the influence of alcohol. Vallejo was offered bail which he met and on Tuesday his case was once again before the Corozal Magistrates Court. Here is what transpired. On February 9th 2012, 31 year old Javier Tun lost his 25 year old wife Aurelia Blanco. Blanco and her four year old daughter Luzelly Tun, were knocked down by a gold ford explorer driven at the time by Omar Vallejo from the Village of Pathackan. On February 13th, Vallejo was charged for manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without due care and attention and driving under the influence of alcohol. The following morning Vallejo was offered bail to the sum of $8,000 which he met. On Tuesday August 7th the case was once again before the Corozal Magistrates Court. But this time Magistrate Clive Lino struck out the case since no case file was presented by the prosecution. For Javier Tun the decision came as a shock.

Sacred Smoking Shell Launched A The BHOC
His book was first published in early June and as we speak, author Manuel Novelo is launching Sacred Maya Smoking Shell, at the Banquitas House of Culture. The launch was set for 7:00pm. Wanting to know more about tonight's activity, we visited the house of culture and spoke to Assistant Coordinator Cindy Rivero. Cindy Rivero, Assistant Coordinator "Mr. Manuel will be showing a power point presentation related to the book he will be explaining a lot of things about the Maya civilization and as well apart from that we are going to be, the audience will have an opportunity to ask him questions related to the book and any questions Mr. Manuel will be answering them in detail and after that we will be having the book signing whereby they can purchase their book for $25 here at the Banquitas." Hipolito Novelo - Reporter "Is Mr. Novelo expected to read an excerpt of his book?" Cindy Rivero, Assistant Coordinator "Yes he is and we want to invite everyone to come and if you are not able to make it you can always come to the Banquitas House of Culture and purchase your book here as well, only a small contribution is asked and other than that you are welcome to come."

More Negativity On GOB'S Bond Restructuring
Last night we told you how the Government of Belize plans to restructure the $547 million so-called super bond with three proposals entitled the Indicative Restructuring Scenarios. GOB had to move quickly because its next payment is 11 days when a payment of $57 million with 8% interest is expected to be made. But the government's proposal, as anticipated, is not making bond holders happy. In fact, according to, "Citigroup analysts describe Belize's announcement as a "threat of a credit event rather than a willingness to negotiate". It goes on to say that it won't be surprising if the government does not pay the 8.5% rate. Option one in the Indicative Restructuring Scenarios extends the superbond payment 50 years from now, to 2062 with a two percent interest rate and 15 years grace period. The second option extends the bond to 2042 with no grace period but with a 45% discount on the principal interest. The third option extends the bond's payment to 2042 with a 45% discount on the principal but with a 5 year grace period along with a 5.3% interest rate.

Free Medical Services Offered To Orange Walkenos
Today a group of volunteers from California USA stationed their equipments at Chapels School where they offered free medical services to Orange Walkenos. We stopped by the school this afternoon where we found residents taking advantage of the services offered. The Missionary group, which hails from the Baptist Church in California, travelled to Belize in order to assist Belizeans in more ways than one. Earlier in the week the group was in Belmopan and today they were offering free medical checkups at Chapels School. Charles Kim, Coordinator "He will be checking the blood pressure and the blood sugar level and if anybody has any kind of health problems that he can be able to offer some help so we buy a lot of vitamins and paid medications. We are typically seeing people with a high blood pressure so he is offering them with health advisors to keep their blood pressure lower. This is a very beautiful country only that it is hot and humid but we are getting used to it." According to Coordinator of the group, Charles Kim, so far they have seen over 100 patients who also took the opportunity to get their eyes checked.

Karol Mello Behind Bars After He Was Freed and Re-arrested
The case against Karol Mello, the alleged Slovakian mobster who reportedly absconded to Belize in 2010 to evade trial for murder, was back in court today and for a few minutes, Mello was a free man. On Wednesday July 11th Mello was detained by authorities in San Pedro where he has been living for the past two years with his wife and baby boy as a result of accusations that he may have been involved in the death of a woman and a child in Slovakia and two gang leaders in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Mello was immediately transported to Belmopan where arrangements were being made for him to be extradited to the Slovak Republic. But on July 17th his Attorney Godfrey Smith, rushed to the Supreme Court to prevent his expulsion to Slovakia arguing that his client was being held unlawfully since he has not been charged for any of the crimes he purportedly committed. Justice Oswell Legall granted an injunction to stop his expulsion, at least until his case was heard. Mello, who holds a permanent residency, was back in court on July 31st for the habeas corpus application to be heard. The matter; however, was adjourned for today July 12th after government's Attorney, senior crown counsel Magali Perdomo, informed Justice Legall that she was not prepared to go forward with the application. After listening to arguments from both sides, Justice Legal ruled that the expulsion order, signed by Minister of Immigration Honorable Godwin Hulse, was "procedurally flawed." The statement that proved pivotal was based on the Minister of Immigration Hon. Godwin Hulse's interview given to 7News in which he indicated that even though the Slovak Republic has no Extradition Treaty with Belize, Mello should, quote unquote "Face the music".


Frank Palacio Spotlight
You never know where tweeting a link to someone will get you. In this case it ended up with a spotlight interview with Belizean writer Frank Palacio after he emailed to thank me for helping promote his book. 1. Three things/places you would recommend people see do or eat when they travel to Belize. People should take a guided tour of Belize city and look at the historic, British Colonial Buildings, The princess Casino/fort George area of Belize is beautiful. People should go bird watching (check with the Belize Audubon Society for the best locations) and take the tour of the caves via inner tube. My fave Belizean cuisine include the Conch soup which comes with fries , seafood, and Garifuna cuisine. 2. My claim to fame is falling in love with Facebook and so I wrote a book, poem, prayer, and a joke all about Facebook and they are all available on Youtube. Here is an excerpt from my poem, "Ode to Facebook: Mad Facebook Love." Facebook, what does it do? Who needs it ? Some use it a great deal, others only a bit What's the big deal? Well, It all depends It's like chatting with a neighbor over a fence At first the users were few, only they had a clue Now I know it's better even than beef stew I was much too busy and much too grounded Now I know it makes your education more rounded Myspace was replaced by those with taste So we all joined Facebook with great haste Hi Five went shall we say bye bye or Bye Five! abuzz and a twitter Facebook made us feel alive

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