The 2012 sea turtle nesting season is well underway and the marine biologist of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and staff of Bacalar Chico Reserve are working hard in monitoring the beaches up north and taking down data for this season. A special discovery was made this week on the northernmost part of the island; the very first Hawksbill turtle nest for the season was found by the team.

On Friday, July 27, 2012, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve invited me to experience their annual turtle nest scouting at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve and National Park. Marine Biologist, Kirah Forman and her team guided me to every nesting ground which they had tagged for inspection.

I was shown the step by step strategies in finding and tagging a turtle nest. I learned that noting down data on how many eggs were hatched inside each nest is very important, as it helps compare data from previous years. During the scouting, I was excited to have come across a nest that had hatchling in them. The experience was amazing and definitely unforgettable. I hope that you feel the same way after viewing my video blog.

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