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The San Pedro Sun

Belize placed in the Top Ten at Miss World Top Model Show
Miss World is one of the World's biggest beauty pageant whose motto is "beauty with a purpose". Top Model is the biggest event leading up to the Miss World pageant and the top ten finalist from that event will have there spot light at Miss World pageant as they will be called by country on live television� For the first time ever BELIZE has placed in the top 10 in this or any event at the Miss World Pageant where Miss Chantae Guy left 110 delgates sitting as she walk the runway to receive recognition for her country. Please show your support to Belize by going online and like, comment and share Miss World Belize Page as this will help her in the multi media segment of the competition� as she continues to work hard to represent Belize as a true ambassador.

Ambergris Today

Mayor Keeps Promise of Humane Capturing of Stray Dogs
After receiving quite an amount of negative feedback from a sector of the community and abroad for the inhumane process in which the stray dogs were being killed with strychnine poison, San Pedro Mayor, Daniel Guerrero, took the advice of the local Saga Humane Society to capture and get rid of problematic stray dogs in a more humane way. Mayor Guerrero is more than likely the first mayor to go along with this new process as most communities around the country still use dog poisoning as a method to control the stray dog population. In an effort to prevent further poisoning, Saga took the initiative and promised the San Pedro Town Council that they would capture at least 20 dogs each week and after last night's efforts, the new program looks very promising; 24 stray dogs were captured.

Belize Makes Top Ten at Miss World Top Model Show
Miss Belize World, Chantae Guy, is on a fast track to a possible semi-final or final spot at the Miss World Pageant that will be held on Saturday, August 18, 2012. On Sunday, August 12, she made the Top 10 list in the Miss World Top Model Show, one of the biggest and final competitions before the Miss World Pageant. The Miss World Top Model Show was a catwalk night for the contestants as the 46 Top Model semi-finalists strutted their stuff on the catwalk in front of the judges fashioning the best of Graham Black's collection for 'Erdos 1436'. The ten finalists were announced in no particular order and the winner will be announced during the 2012 Miss World live finale.

Sell-A-Ton At The Lion's Den
Clean out your closets!

In Search for Turtle Nests in North Ambergris Caye
On Friday, July 27, 2012, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve invited me to experience their annual turtle nest scouting at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve and National Park. Marine Biologist, Kirah Forman and her team guided me to every nesting ground which they had tagged for inspection. I was shown the step by step strategies in finding and tagging a turtle nest. I learned that noting down data on how many eggs were hatched inside each nest is very important, as it helps compare data from previous years. During the scouting, I was excited to have come across a nest that had hatchling in them. The experience was amazing and definitely unforgettable. I hope that you feel the same way after viewing my video blog.

Misc Belizean Sources

CSI Belize, Crocodile Adventures
Come Join CSI Belize, "Crocodile Scientific Investigators"! Join our expert croc team on an educational crocodile research expedition aboard the "Swamp Thing," a comfortable twenty foot Carolina skiff. Cruise through mangrove habitat into the night and search for crocodiles, birds, and other nocturnal wildlife. Watch while expert Biologists try to capture saltwater crocodiles for tag and release. No special attire is needed for this two hour, lagoon, boat trip. This tour is operated by the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of Belize's critical wetland habitats and protected species, specifically Crocodilians, through scientific research and education to preserve wildlife for future generations.

SELL A TON at the Lion's Den, Aug, 18th
Sell whatever you want at the Lion's Den in San Pedro!

Channel 7

11 Year Old Girl Shot Up In Her House
When we go to sleep at night - it's with the expectation that our families will be safe inside our homes. But, an intensifying gang rivalry in the Supal Street area - has residents there on edge around the clock - after the sanctuary of a family's home was invaded by gunshots early on Saturday morning. Two sleeping residents aged 18 and 11 were shot - and the younger victim, an 11 year old - who should be getting ready to enter standard six next month, is instead fighting for her life tonight at the KHMH. Monica Bodden has the story:.. Monica Bodden reporting It was on the lower bunk of this bunk bed that 11 year old Carlene Pinto and her 18 year old brother Tyrone Pinto were sleeping -when they were shot. Their other sibling lay on the top bunk. We counted at least 6 bullet holes near the wall beside the bed. Holes only inches away from where the children's heads were resting as they slept on that morning. When we got a view from the outside of the house - we counted 12 bullet holes. It is a family's worst nightmare - waking up to the sound of gunshots - too many to keep count of. Early Saturday morning around 4:53 Arlene Banner was at home with her common-law-husband and their 8 children - The family was all asleep when they heard a barrage of gunshots ring out. Little did they know, their wooden bungalow house on Benbow Street was under fire.

Two Charged For Gratuitous Murder Of Defenceless Grocer
On Friday, we told you about the robbery turned murder at the E-Buy Supermarket in Ladyville on Thursday, August 9 - and showed you how the gunmen had already robbed the store and had the proprietor squatting on the ground when they shot him in the back of his head. Well tonight, the men believed to be the ones seen on the security camera video are behind bars after they were taken to court today. They are 22 year-old John Chessman Jr. and 18 year-old Dillon "Moo Moo" Clarke, a resident of Ladyville. They were taken before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and arraigned for the murder of Peixan Tan, known to his customers as Kenny. Due to the nature of the offences, Senior Magistrate Frazer did not accept any plea from them, and they were remanded to prison until September 20.

Woman Dies After Brawl Spills Into Her Home
A woman died in her home in Cristo Rey Village after a machete brawl spilled into her residence. But, it wasn't the machete that killed 68 year old Cecilia Botes - it's the shock of having a the brawl erupt into her house! It happened on Saturday night at around 9:00 when four men got into a machete fight at a Chinese store. Two of the men 42 year old Wadencio and 22 year old Luis Che ran to the Botes house because she is their grandmother. Police press officer Fitzroy Yearwood explained that when the aggressor stormed into the house - Botes became very ill:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "It is reported that on Saturday 11th August, 2012, 10:25pm Corozal police visited the community hospital where they saw the lifeless body of Cecilia Botes, 68 years old domestic of Cristo Rey Village. Initial investigations into the cause of her death revealed that at 9:10pm Luis Che, Wadencio Che and Manuel Hernandez and some other male persons from that village were involved in an altercation in front of a Chinese shop. One of these men Luis Che ran into Ms. Botes home to seek refuge where Manuel Hernandez kick in her door and as a result of the commotion Ms. Botes told both men that she was not feeling well. Ms. Botes was rushed to the Corozal hospital where she was pronounce dead on arrival."

Gold-Seeking Guatemalans Continue With Incursions
Today two Guatemalans who were caught panning for gold in the Chiquibul - were taken to San Ignacio Magistrate's Court - and tomorrow another ten will be arraigned. That's the new policy to deal with Guatemalans who are swarming to the Ceibo Chico Creek and adjacent areas to pan for gold. A joint patrol found the first two panning for gold in the Upper Ceibo Chico creek, five miles inside Belize. They are 45 year old Crisanto Augustin Choc and 19 year old Santiago Choc of 19 years from the village of El Naran(h)on. It's a grueling 14 hour trek - and that is using a tractor - from where they were found to San Ignacio town. And when they got to the Millonario junction - which is about three quarter way in, the two detainees tried to escape, but they were re-captured. And then yesterday, the joint patrol came upon another ten persons. These ones were in the Rio Blanco creek which is just over 4 miles inside Belizean territory. All of the men - working in three different groups - are from Monte Los Olivos - a border village in Guatemala. They were also brought in on the arduous journey to San Ignacio. They arrived this morning and are being held pending charges of illegal entry, entering into a park without authorization, defacing a natural area, and gold panning. They also had a small amount of marijuana so they will be charged for drug trafficking as well.

Special Medical Mission To Save Newborn With Birth Defect
Tonight, a newborn baby girl is on her way to Virginia all the way from Belize. Hannah Castillo was born with a life threatening birth defect five days ago - and in short order, the World Pediatric project set up a lifesaving mission to get her to a specialist in the United States. 7news was there when she left the hospital this morning:.. Jules Vasquez reporting One week old Hannah Castillo was carted out of the hospital this morning - for the first leg of what will be a long journey for the newborn. As she posed with her family for a photo this morning - while they tried their best to keep up appearances, as you can tell from the distressed look on her mother's face, all is not well with this newborn. Anna cannot eat because of a congenital defect - called esophageal atresia. Milagro Garel, World Pediatric Project "It's an incomplete esophagus." Jules Vasquez "How does this affect the child?" Milagro Garel, World Pediatric Project "The child can't eat - can't swallow her own saliva because like it stops here and there is no connection to the stomach."

Elderly Man Knocked Down, Driver Charged For Drunk Driving
Those who travel or exercise along the Northern Highway early at morning will be familiar with the Liang Sheng Heng, a spritely 69 year old who is always seen fast walking for exercise. But on Saturday morning around 6:30, he was knocked down and killed on the road. He was walking on the shoulder of the highway when Marie Moody knocked him down with a Kia Sorrento. Sheng Heng suffered serious head and body injuries and died on the spot. The Sorrento continued to careen out of control and hit another oncoming vehicle. Police have served the driver with a notice of intended prosecution. The press officer told us more today:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "Yes she has been served with a notice of intended persecution and have receive urine and blood samples from her which will determine whether she was driving under the influence over the prescribed limit. I can tell you that today we might have charges filed against her."

Broke Belize Times Scraps Physical Edition, Now Online Only
Last week, we told you about the 5 employees at the Belize Times who were terminated, two of them, after decades of service. So with five gone, only 2 remain - and the announcement today is that the country's longest established paper will no longer be published in print, it will only be available online. That's the news, but the sensation has been about the veteran staffers who were fired. Our newscast featured them as they vented their frustration because they believe that they were not duly compensated for their years of service. Well today, the PUP Party Leader responded to their comments. In a press release, Hon. Francis Fonseca says that when he assumed leadership of the party, he commissioned a full review of the financial model that the Belize Times Newspaper was using. That review came back and it showed that the model and structure of newspaper was, quote, "outdated, wasteful and unsustainable". According to Fonseca, the newspaper was operated at a loss for several years and represented a financial liability.

Superbond 2.0: Creditors Committee Makes Slight Saber Rattle
The Government of Belize's proposals for Superbond 2.0 continue to get hammered by analysts, and now bondholders - in the form a Creditors Committee - are voicing their dissatisfaction. A press release from Broadspan Capital - which has been organizing a Creditors' Committee quotes Committee Co-Chair AJ Mediratta as saying that quote "Bondholders have more questions than answers at this point." If Mediratta's name has a faraway but familiar ring - it should, he's been in our news before. In the good old days of capitalism run amok, he was a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns who helped Belize float two of the bonds and secure two insured loans - all amounting to about 340 million dollars of the 547 million in burdensome debt that had to be wrapped into the Superbond. Well, now, he's back, and working the other end of the table where Mediratta's committee says government has not released material information necessary to evaluate the country's debt sustainability.

John Saldivar Government Ride Broken Into
Two big names are in the news - and that is because they were the victims of theft. First, Police Minister John Saldivar's government issued Toyota Prado was broken into on Saturday night. Saldivar parked in front of the Ex-Servicemen's league on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize city and sometime between 6:30 and 10:15, a thief smashed the passenger side window and snatched a purse. Inside the bag were two passports, for Darlene Saldivar and John Saldivar Jr. Also stolen was a bunch of keys, documents for Darlene Saldivar such as driver's license, social security card, voters identification card and one hundred and fifty dollars in cash. Police have not recovered any of the items. Same for Said F. Musa, the son of Rt. Hon. Said W. Musa. His home in Vista Del Mar was burglarized while he was on vacation between July 19th. and August 6th. The thief got in through a burglar bared window and stole his Glock 380 pistol as well as an assortment of electronic items. Police are looking for the gardener, known to them as Julio - in connection with the burglary.

Rachel Is Back Home, Hungry For Craboo + A New Direction
Over the past two decades or so, Rachel Huesner has been one of the most prolific public artists in Belize exhibiting regularly and producing copious artistic output. And even thought she has relocated to Trinidad and Tobago - where she is a full time artist and teacher - Rachel keeps coming back home - to get back to her roots, and maybe even eat a few bags of craboo, which she can't get in T and T. It may sound like a weird anecdote, but it's true, she misses craboo so much she even painted a vendor from memory. Rachel today told us that she is constantly looking for something new - even if it means painting with coffee! That's right coffee. Here's what she told us about her new show at the Image Factory, called Precious Moments:.. Rachel Huesner "It's been almost 25 years I've been painting. I think about having an exhibition every year - earlier it was maybe 2-3 shows a year. Each shows is about 20 paintings - for the past 25 years, do the math. So after painting for so many years it's like what next?"

Sweet Sailing Practice
The Belize Sailing Association is currently conducting training for young sailors from the age of 9 to 14. They have collaborated with an INTERNATIONAL organization called the International Optimist Dinghy Association. This organization sent one of their representatives, Jorge Santiago, an internationally renowned coach from Puerto Rico, to conduct the training. Today, they were preparing for a sailing race which will be held this Saturday, and 7News stopped in to see how the training was going. Here's what the participants told us: Daniel Ortiz "Tell us what this instructor has been doing with the sailors in Belize?" John Oliver, Member, Belize Sailing Association "We bought these boats and he has taught us how to set them up specifically for racing; how to put the tension in the sails, how to put the foot straps, all kind of little adjustments to make it better and easier and faster to sail." Daniel Ortiz "How long is this training going to take place?" John Oliver, Member, Belize Sailing Association "It was Saturday and Sunday of last week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week, then he takes a day off. He is going on a tour around the city and the countryside and then Saturday we are having the Buttonwood Bay regatta here and it would be right on this very spot."

Chantae Guy Impresses At Miss World
The Miss world pageant will be held this coming Saturday in Mongolia, and Belizean Candidate Chantae Guy has done well in one of the preliminary events. It's called top model, and from a field of 46, 20 year old Belizean Chantae Guy was selected as one of the top ten Top Model Finalists. The winner will be announced during the 2012 Miss World on Saturday. Her supporters in Belize are asking you to go online at to vote for her in the People's Choice Award.

Channel 5

11 year old girl shot multiple times while sleeping; brother also injured
An eleven year old girl is fighting for her life in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The vicious cycle of violence continued on Saturday morning but instead of the streets, the gunman went with bloody vengeance to a family home. According to the police, the child and her brother were shot while asleep in bed. [...]

Honduran national shot in Belize City
There was another shooting incident over the weekend which left a Honduran national injured.� Shortly before eleven o'clock on Saturday night, twenty-nine year old Lindy Aranda, a mason, was riding his bicycle on Fabers Road along with several friends when he was accosted by a lone gunman who fired a single shot at him.� According [...]

Vehicle careens and kills businessman in accident
Saturday morning was also deadly on the highway. A Belize City businessman, Liang Sheng Heng was killed in a traffic accident. Heng was walking on the Northern Highway when an SUV travelling in the same direction lost control hit Heng and killed him on the spot. And according to reports, after knocking down Heng, the [...]

Woman dies after violent fight reaches inside her home
A fight between relatives in the village of Cristo Rey in Corozal District has left an elderly woman dead and a man fighting for his life after he was chopped in the head. Sixty-eight year old Cecilia Botes was inside her home on Saturday night when someone knocked down her door. Botes, who suffered from [...]

3 charged for murder of Trial Farm villager
Three Orange Walk men have been charged in connection with Ricardo Elmer Blanco's death. After he failed to return home on August third, the following day Blanco's nude body was discovered about three hundred yards off the Northern Highway, a mile and half away from Trial Farm. According to police, Blanco was discovered with a [...]

Suspects detained for E-Buy robbery/homicide
A Ladyville businessman was fatally shot during a late evening robbery at E-Buy Supermarket last Thursday August ninth.� Two armed assailants entered the store shortly after five p.m. and demanded money from the owner, thirty-one year old Peixian Tan. He complied and handed over the day's proceeds from the cash register, but as the robbers [...]

Neighbor's machete attack fueled by jealousy?
Another chopping incident occurred over the weekend in the Corozal District; this time in San Roman Village. Ocias Cobarruvias was walking home along with his son and a friend, when his neighbor attacked him with a machete. Police say, Julio Vega allegedly pulled a machete from off his bicycle and started hitting him repeatedly to [...]

Oppenheimer says proposed terms significantly worse for bondholders
The feedback on the bond restructuring continues to be far from welcoming. According to a recent report by Carl Ross for Oppenheimer issued on August tenth, 2012, "The the proposed terms were significantly worse than most people expected, with a major lengthening of maturities and a drastic cut in coupon levels." Ross estimate that the [...]

Committee of Bondholders express disappointment with negations
There is breaking news room regarding the bond. The Coordinating Committee of Bondholders formed to address matters relating to the potential restructuring of Belize's U.S. Dollar Bonds Due 2029.� They have expressed disappointment and concern over the Government of Belize's recently published indicative restructuring scenarios. The press release by the coordinating committee of bondholders says [...]

Belize Times decline; former workers want Musa to "show me the money"
The government has a tough task of restructuring the Superbond to the international bondholders and on the home front, the Opposition People's United Party also faces a tough time keeping its party organ, the Belize Times functional. A press release from Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca says the newspaper has been operating at a loss for [...]

Illegal gold miners busted miles in the Chiquibul National Park
The first arrests for illegal gold mining in the Chiquibul National Park were made over the weekend during patrols by the Joint Forces Unit based at the Ceibo Chico Conservation Post. The team, which included personnel from the B.D.F., Police and Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), first detained two Guatemalan nationals from El Naranjon [...]

Proper solutions needed to end Guatemalan incursions in Belize
The first phase of the initiative was to inform the Guatemalans that they were illegally panning for gold on Belizean territory. But Manzanero says that since they are moving in to make arrests, it is clear that the warning has not deterred the illegally activity. It is believed that there is still a large number [...]

CSEC: more students, more passes; but core percentages decline
The cramming for high school examinations have long been forgotten and those students are enjoying their summer holidays while preparing to enter sixth form. Before classes begin, there is still unfinished business with their former high schools that they must attend to. Results are in for the CXC Examinations and Belize's over-all scores indicate a [...]

CAPE examinations: more females take exam and results are steady
Also released today were the results of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). One hundred and twenty sixth form students signed up to sit subjects. Fifty-one percent of them were female and forty one percent were male. Vargas, who is also the Local Registrar for the Examination, told News Five that CAPE's candidate entries decreased [...]

Home of Said Musa Jr. burglarized
Said Musa Junior, son of the former Prime Minister, lost over six thousand, two hundred dollars in items when his house was burglarized between mid July and August sixth. The twenty-eight year businessman of Vista Del Mar reported to police on Friday that the thief or thieves removed a burglar bar from a window on [...]

How safe are we? Minister of National Security's vehicle broken into
He's the head honcho of local law enforcement, but even the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar Senior, has been targeted by criminals. His vehicle was burglarized, while it was parked in Belize City on Saturday night. A handbag, containing personal documents belonging to Saldivar's wife and son, was stolen from inside the Toyota Prado. [...]

Exhibit showcases the art of Rachel Heusner
Rachel Heusner is a Belizean who lives in Trinidad and Tobago; but her love for Belize and her passion for painting soon infused to create works of art. With a wide collection that dates way back to the mid 1980's, Heusner paints to tell stories. Over the last two decades, she travelled across the Caribbean [...]

James Adderley with the weekend sports update
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The Belize Defense Force went into Game II of the Champion of Champions Cup inside the MCC Grounds yesterday with a commanding lead after pummeling West Lake 6-1 to open this 2 Game championship series. The 1st hint of goal comes when Tyron Pandy [...]


Three Men Charged For The Murder OF Ricardo Blanco
This morning three men from the Orange Walk District were charged for the murder of 35 year old Ricardo Elmer Blanco at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court. Eleven days after Blanco's death, police were able to charge 21 year old construction worker Manuel Toloza and 20 year old mechanic Feliciano Briceno, both of Trail Farm Village for murder while 25 year old Julio Castillo, a taxi driver also of Trail Farm Village, was charged for abetment to commit murder. Reports to CTV3 News are that police suspect Castillo facilitated the use of his white Toyota Camry to transport Blanco. All three men were remanded to the Belize Central Prison until their next court date set for September 12th. Viewers might recall that on August 4th, police found Blanco's nude body lying face up in some bushes about a quarter mile into a feeder road off the Northern Highway. Based on the bruises observed on the victim's body and the piece of cloth that was found around his neck, police believe Blanco was badly beaten and then strangled to death with his underwear. Blanco was last seen alive on Thursday August 2nd drinking in front of Diamond Store located in the Village of Trail Farm where he became involved in a fight with a group of men.

68 Year Old Drops Dead After Witnessing Attack
A brawl in the village of Cristo Rey on Saturday night has led to the death of a 68 year old woman. Cecilia Botes did not die as a result of an injury; in fact, her death has nothing to do with murder. The woman dropped dead after a man, armed with a machete, barged into her home looking for two other men. It appears that Botes, who suffered from high blood pressure, could not withstand the commotion and passed away while being transported to the Corozal Community Hospital. Today CTV3 News spoke to Botes' grieving husband who told us his wife would still be alive if 28 year old Manuel Hernandez would not have barged into their home. On Saturday night 28 year old Manuel Hernandez, 22 year old Luis Che, his father, 42 year old Wadencio Che, and another individual only known as "Chivo" were drinking in front of Tommy's Store when a fight broke out between Luis Che, Wadencio Che and Hernandez. Reports are the brawl was over a beer.

Hard Work Pays Off
Two months ago Courts Belize Limited launched their Nominate Your Teacher Award competition to recognize the exemplary work of educators. Belizeans countywide were asked to submit a 150 word essay outlining the work of the nominee and what type of teacher he or she is. Here in Orange Walk Courts received a number of submissions but at the end of the day only one teacher was able to win the $2,000 worth in appliances and furniture. Cesar Ramirez- Branch Manager Courts O/W "This is the first that this particular promotion is being done but you always hear from Courts that we are doing new week promotions throughout the year that we are being operating." "When exactly did this promotion started?" Cesar Ramirez- Branch Manager Courts O/W "Well, it went on for two months and ended on June 15th so that is when we put a halt on all the letters that we are coming in cause we had quite a few letters coming in and we had to sit down and make a selection of which one was the best and the one that I have here, am going to read a little passage for you to see why this person was selected, it says here; He is a disciplined and hardworking teacher who approaches his task conscientiously and with a high level of maturity." The teacher described in the essay and the winner of the Nominate Your Teacher Award is no other than Otilio Munoz, President of the Belize National Teachers Union Orange Walk Branch and treasurer of the Orange Walk District Education Council.

Indian National Has his Day In Court
He was a person of interest in the death of James Swan Jr. who was gunned down on Sunday August 5th while standing in front of Deng's Supermarket located in the heart of Corozal Town and tonight 38 year old Ajay Bajaj, an Indian National of 7th Avenue Corozal, has been charged for possession of controlled drugs and drug trafficking. On Thursday August 9th police personnel executed a search warrant at Bajaj's residence. Upon sighting officers Bajaj immediately handed over a zip lock plastic bag containing 3.1 grams of suspected cannabis. A search of Bajaj's bedroom led police to the discovery of another zip lock plastic bag also containing suspected cannabis. As a result Bajaj was formally arrested and charged for possession of controlled drugs and drug trafficking.

Jealousy Leads To Injury
Another chopping incident was also recorded in the north this time in Village of San Roman. At around 8:30 Saturday night Ocias Cobarrubias Sr., a 34 year old mechanic from the village, was walking home along with his 8 year old son, Ocias Cobarrubias Jr and Herson Garcia when he was attacked by one Julio Vega. Here is what we found out. At around 8:30 Saturday night, 34 year old Ocias Cobarrubias Sr., his 8 year old son Ocias Cobarrubias jr. and Herson Garcia were heading back home when they were attacked by Julio Vega. Ocias Cobarrubias, Chopping Victim "Venimos caminando y el cuate salió montando con su bicicleta y cuando estaba pasando enfrente de mi jalo su machete y se vino enzima de mi y empezó a plan�ame pero yo no levante mis manos porque pens� que si lo levantaba me los iba a cortar y yo me fui sobre de �l y el empezó a recular, a recular sobre de su bike y en eso yo agarre su bicicleta y empec� a defenderme con la bicicleta y el cuate no me dejaba de dar y dar y dar, y el tenia como un trauma y vio que yo ya lo iba a tumbar con su bicicleta y fue haya cuando el entonces me dio con el filo pero yo quit�ndome me dio un montón de golpes." According to Cobarrubias Sr, it is not the first time that he is attacked by Vega who happens to be his neighbour.

Sacred Maya Smoking Shell Launched At The BHOC
Belizean Author Manuel Novelo entered the world of literacy publication when he first published his book, Sacred Maya Smoking Shell in the U.S. and then here in Belize. The book has proven to be a hit among readers who anxiously wait around for new publications especially those that speak about ancient history. A few weeks ago the novel was launched in Belize City and Corozal and on Friday night it was launched here in Orange Walk at the Banquitas House of Culture. Here is how the night went. Carmelita Perez- Reporting Sacred Maya Smoking Shell takes readers back in time to when the Maya lived in Belize. Apart from unfolding ancient history, Author Manuel Novelo also captures the emotions of the reader by bringing a love story to life. In the presence of a number of Orange Walkenos, the eminent author launched his book at the Banquitas House of Culture on Friday night. But during the launching Novelo did not go deep into his book rather, he spoke about the ancient Maya Civilization in order for book lovers to better understand the novel.

Buscando Una Estrella Infantil Week Two
As the weeks go by the Buscando Un Estrella Infantil Karaoke Competition attracts more attention and audience. Without a doubt the competition has become the number one watched show in the north exposing the many talents that children possess. This week the second round of the competition kicked off at the Gala Lounge with 8 participants after Estrella Diaz and Danny Pena were eliminated. Once again the audience and viewers at home were left in awe with each and every presentation. Here are the highlights of the second round of the competition. On Sunday two more participants will be eliminated from the competition and only six will move on to the next round. So remember, if you would like keep your favorite singer in the competition, then send your text message to 2588. To vote for Samsung Pop, send the number 1 to 2588, to vote for Fernanda Ayuso text the number 2 to 2588, to vote for Ayana Rudon text the number 3 to 2588, to vote for Yadeli Novelo text the number 4 to 2588, to vote for Byron Munoz text the number 5 to 2588, to vote for Mcbride Pop text the number 6 to 2588, to vote for Joselyn Eck text the number 7 to 2588 and to vote for Shanika Bull text the number 8 to 2588. All text messages are 50 cents inclusive of GST. Remember that to vote, simply text the number of your favorite contestant to 2588, using Smart phones only. Voting ends at midnight on Friday.


Summer camp underway in Teakettle
Over a hundred young people are involved in a two week summer camp taking place in Tea Kettle Village. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Jaguar killed in Corozal
The Belize Forestry Department has commenced an investigation of the killing of a jaguar in the Corozal district. These pictures emailed to our News Centre show the young male jaguar after it had been killed, reportedly near Caledonia village and brought into the community. The incident is reported to have happened last weekend; but it was not until late this week that word of the killing surfaced. Love News understands that the animal was killed somewhere in the vicinity of Caledonia and San Pablo villages. Under Belize's laws, it is illegal to hunt or capture jaguars, which are listed as an endangered species. The Forestry Department today dispatched an officer to Caledonia village to investigate the killing of the animal. We will continue to monitor the story and bring you developments as they occur.

Murder in ladyville
A Lady-ville businessman was shot and killed yesterday evening. A short while ago we spoke with Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of national Security Raphael Martinez about the incident.

Charge for false documents
Love News understands that the Mello's case was transferred to Belmopan because that is where he allegedly committed the illegal acts when he applied for permanent residence. And even though is not Mello's substantive attorney, Marshalleck is of the view that the charges will not stick. The case goes before the Belmopan Magistrate's Court on August twentieth. Karol Mello has been in police detention since July eleventh.


Bike ride to Boom Creek Village and Moho River
While staying at Hickatee Cottages southwest of Punta Gorda, Belize, we decided to grab a couple of the complimentary beach cruiser bikes and explore the unpaved road westward to Boom Creek Village and the Moho River one afternoon. The Hickatee "fleet" Ready to hit the road! Almost zero traffic other than a couple of bikes going the other way made for a really fun ride. Love these empty roads! We stopped to check out birds many times along the way to the village, so the five-mile ride ended up taking around an hour and a half. Birding along the way Beautiful scenery along the way The traditional Maya village of Boom Creek has no electricity and just a few Maya huts. There are no stores, restaurants, or any other form of commercialism. The only building we saw other than personal dwellings was a church, or at least what appeared to be one, since there were two crosses on the outside. Looks like the roof needs a bit of work, though.

Loving the view
What a 'Happy Monday' as Le Roi would say. And it is a very happy Monday for me I am sitting on the veranda up north watching boats go by while I work - it does not get much better than this. I am testing out blogging on my Toshiba tablet. The first two pics were taken with it - not bad for a tablet and they came up high res [others were taken with my Cannon powershot s5is] While I am finding it pretty easy to blog on my tablet in spite of not having a portable mouse, I was finding it a bit slow especially since my ADD was kicking in as a result of too much iced coffee and not enough breakfast. I decided to go hijack Cowboys computer and finish this up fast so I can go eat my leftover coleslaw, barbecue ribs, an American breakfast with fry jacks at the pool bar and back to my view.

The Water Taxi and Bus from San Pedro, Belize to Cancun...CANCUN BABY!
I'd been to Cancun a few times in my 20s and had never fallen in love. Packed with drunken gringos, annoying kids, food chain restaurants and a total lack of all things was great if you could get a long weekend there for $200 but for anymore? I always picked somewhere else. BUT...I have learned to appreciate Cancun for all it is. It can be super cheesy and it can be awesome. There are some very valid reasons millions visit this resort city...the prices...the beach (GORGEOUS)...the modern conveniences (particularly stunning to me after living in Belize for 6 years)...the prices! When a Mexican tourism board picked an empty island in the remote Yucatan to turn into a resort area in 1970, they did good. They did seriously great. (There were only 3 people living here at the time...3 caretakers for a coconut plantation!!!!) And when a friend had a timeshare we could borrow...a timeshare with two huge bedrooms, a full kitchen and a beachfront balcony? I was all in. I'm learning to absolutely love Cancun. For all the beautiful... The cheap (6 limes for less than 20 cents USD???)... And the cringingly tacky (ick, these are baby shirts)... But before I get to all of that, let me tell you how I arrived in Cancun. How I travelled from San Pedro, Belize to Cancun in a day. We woke up early to catch the 8am San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi to Chetumal. You need to be there by 7:30am to buy your ticket ($85bzd for locals/residents and $130bzd for all others, roundtrip). The management at SPBE is super nice and they have a great rate. I always use these guys. There is a relatively new cafe, Lick's, right on the beach by the dock that is perfect to wait in (and keep an eye to see when immigration arrives to stamp your passport). We only had some drinks but we watched people get stuffed fry jacks, coffees and johnny cakes QUICKLY.

David Meerman Scott's Belize Masterclass Levels the Field
Marketing guru David Meerman Scott is well known on the world lecture circuit for taking the global view, but his upcoming "Marketing Masterclass" in the tiny country of Belize shows how the local use of new media is levelling the playing field between the poorest and the richest nations. Larry Waight, marketing administrator for the Lodge at Chaa Creek, said that the August 23rd seminar proves that you don't need a large budget to make a big splash in today's marketing environment. "This visit and the Masterclass shows how dramatically new media and social networking has changed the face of communications and global marketing. Just a few years ago, Belize would not be attracting speakers of Mr Meerman Scott's calibre. We simply wouldn't have had the budget or the reach to attract the attention of people like him. "However, with the emphasis on creative content marketing and better ways of engaging customers, smaller entities such as ourselves can stand out and attract attention. It's a very exciting time to be marketing as the emphasis is on more on creatively communicating rather than just selling," he said.

BNYCF Chess for Beginners at GPC
The Belize National Youth Chess Foundation is doing a chess class for beginners at the George Price Centre this week. It's targeted at kids between the ages of 4 and 7. The link goes to pictures of BELPO visiting the last chess camp. "Corozal did their camps , OW too, W Cayo did theirs, Stann creek is getting ready with their camps, Toledo is finishing one more week soon, and east cayo will have camp for 4-7 year old ones next week- aug 13-17th- great chess summer. Coaches need time for a break!"

Caye attractions of Caye Caulker!
Increasingly we are finding that Caye Caulker is finding itself toping the ratings tables for popularity in various media publications or websites around the world - but can you put your finger on the button as to what makes the island so special?? One can definitely not pin-point its success to one particular restaurant, hotel, bar or even snorkel or dive operator as we are but a small piece in the jigsaw puzzle that creates the bigger picture. Our success lies in our island's unique charm and beauty and for that everyday we are grateful!! Sandy streets - where else in the world can you stroll up the main high street, blown in the breeze, with the most magnificent view of the reef. Our sandy streets give us that laid back and 'un-touched' feeling that you have gone back 50 years or so in time to a small fishing village in Belize and nowhere else in the world is quite the same. Along with the sandy streets come the lack of motorized transportation - most walk barefoot or use bicycles and even electric golf carts are chosen above engines - nothing moves too fast on this island!!

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (11 August 2012)
Straight Line 100.00 Each (9 Balls) 64 �37 �19 �42 �18 �57 �32 �65 �13� Y 125.00 Each (11 Balls) 64 �37 �19 �42 �18 �57 �32 �65 �13 �12 �49� Inside World 1000.00 Each (16 Balls) 64 �37 �19 �42 �18 �57 �32 �65 �13 �12 �49 �29 �27 �61 �44 �59� Letter X 750.00 Each (23 Balls) 64 �37 �19 �42 �18 �57 �32 �65 �13 �12 �49 �29 �27 �61 �44 �59 �10 53 �54 �58 �25 �17 �4�

The 5 E's For Successful Blogging in Belize
I have noticed a new trend in Belize and it has nothing to do with sinful crimes and annoying child molesters - it is called blogging my friends. Bloggers from all parts of Belize are writing about Belize and exposing Belize to the whole world in a way that you have never been seen before. Some are writing about the wonders of Belize; some speak about the Belizean food. How is this benefiting Belize you might ask. Well to put in simple words, blogging has dramatically assisted in the development of our country anyway you take it. You think McAfee just picked up his bags one day and headed to Belize? No, he did the smart thing first, which is reading about Belize online as much as possible and then decided to come to Belize. Well, blogs gave him the information he needed - that is the power of blogging. Since the introduction of blogs we can finally write good things about Belize and ignore the bad things. Blogging has spread so fast that the majority of online users are using the technology without even knowing. A status update on Facebook can be categorized as blogging, even a tweet. The headache about blogging is that there are millions and countless of blogs online that speak exactly about the same thing that it is so hard to rank highly on the most popular search engines. This means that you will probably not get the exposure you seek for you content and blogs. Everybody competes for ranking in search engines and well it is not all about content anymore -- it is about creativity.

International Sources

Use sunscreens that don't harm our beautiful coral reefs.
Coral reefs, often called "rainforests of the sea", are delicate ecosystems that are affected by the slightest change in chemical balance and water temperature. Many swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers are unaware that the chemical sunscreens they use may be killing coral reefs. Researchers estimate that 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers annually in oceans worldwide, and that up to 10 percent of coral reefs are threatened by sunscreen-induced bleaching.* Chemical Sunscreens contain synthetic chemicals which absorb UV rays thereby absorbing radiation. The following ingredients are found in common chemical sunscreens and have been linked to coral bleaching: paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and a camphor derivative. Pledge to use nano-free, mineral sunscreens that don't contain these ingredients to not only protect your health, but also the ocean's ecosystem as well. Protecting your skin from the sun is important, so please consider the following mineral alternatives this summer:

Interpol Issues Wanted Notice for 'Whale Wars' Star
Interpol has issued an international wanted notice for conservationist and "Whale Wars" TV star Paul Watson, days after he skipped bail in Germany as Costa Rica tried to have him extradited. Watson was arrested at Germany's Frankfurt airport on May 13 on an arrest warrant issued by Costa Rica, which accuses him of endangering a fishing vessel off the coast of Guatemala in 2002. He posted roughly $302,000 bail and was ordered to remain in Germany as it considered Costa Rica's extradition request, but he stopped reporting to authorities on July 22, a German court said. Watson left Germany and forfeited his bail, according to his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which isn't revealing his location.

Google Doubles Down On Local, Buys Frommer's To Add To Zagat
Google has purchased Frommer's, the travel guide brand started by writer Arthur Frommer back in 1957, from its parent publishing company Wiley, both Google and Wiley confirmed on Monday. Aside from a great global brand name and some 300 travel guide titles to cities and places around the globe, the deal gives Google more ammunition in its quest to turn its now year-old social network, Google Plus, into the premiere resource for users to find all types of local businesses, landmarks and deals. Google, after all,purchased the famed restaurant and business rating company Zagat in September 2011 for the sum of $151 million, then launched a new section of Google Plus, "Local," in May 2012 using Zagat's rating 30-point rating system. On Monday, Google said it would be combining the newly acquired Frommer's brand with Zagat, and presumably, Google Plus as well. The information came on the heels of an article in The Wall Street Journal which first reported on the deal.

Belize Tries to Lower Debt, in Talks With Investors
The Belize government is trying to restructure its "superbond" to make it easier for the debt-laden government to pay the bond back. But investors aren't too happy about the terms, and the 2029 government bond's yield has soared. The proposed new bond would discount the superbond's value and reduce its coupon rate, according to a note posted on the Central Bank of Belize's website on Aug. 8. This new bond would carry the same amount of risk, but investors would be compensated less for that risk. "The proposal was worse than investors expected," said Boris Segura, analyst with Nomura Securities. In March and April, the Belize government claimed the bond restructuring would be market-friendly, but "it is not looking that way at all," he said. Ultimately, the government is supposed to come up with a deal that 75% of bondholders agree to before they can proceed with the restructuring. But at the moment this is looking tenuous. In response to the news, the existing 2029 bond's yield has soared 10.3 percentage points, to 30.2%. On Monday, the bond was trading as low as 32 cents on the dollar, a sharp drop from the 50 cents it was trading at before the proposal was made public. The restructuring of the US$543.8 million in outstanding debt could have devastating consequences on the country's long-term economic health if it spooks investors.

Cayo and Bullet Tree in Pictures
A budding photographer recently came through Cayo, and captured some great shots from around the area. Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Caracol, the Saturday market, the Parrot Nest, and downtown are all in there, along with many other Cayo spots. "Once upon a time I went to Belize and Mexico for a month with my family. I saw a ton of Mayan ruins, 26 new species of birds, got horrible food poisoning and became extremely tan. It was awesome... We hired a friendly guide and spent the next two days traveling through the mountains and jungles to see Mayan ruins. We encountered the worst roads I had ever seen in my life (worse than Costa Rica) and met all sorts of interesting people. The first day we visited a relatively unknown Mayan site named 'El Pilar' which was not excavated and allowed us to see what ruins look like while still mostly underground. Following that we went to an unpronounceable site called Xunantunich and wandered around the city of San Ignacio afterward. On the second day we spent three hours driving to a place known as Caracol. On the way back we stopped and swam in a gorgeous mountain stream surrounded by pine trees. It looked almost like Oregon."

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