A budding photographer recently came through Cayo, and captured some great shots from around the area. Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Caracol, the Saturday market, the Parrot Nest, and downtown are all in there, along with many other Cayo spots.

"Once upon a time I went to Belize and Mexico for a month with my family. I saw a ton of Mayan ruins, 26 new species of birds, got horrible food poisoning and became extremely tan.

It was awesome... We hired a friendly guide and spent the next two days traveling through the mountains and jungles to see Mayan ruins. We encountered the worst roads I had ever seen in my life (worse than Costa Rica) and met all sorts of interesting people. The first day we visited a relatively unknown Mayan site named 'El Pilar' which was not excavated and allowed us to see what ruins look like while still mostly underground.

Following that we went to an unpronounceable site called Xunantunich and wandered around the city of San Ignacio afterward. On the second day we spent three hours driving to a place known as Caracol. On the way back we stopped and swam in a gorgeous mountain stream surrounded by pine trees. It looked almost like Oregon."

CLICK here for the rest of the story, and a WHOLE BUNCH of great photos......