Over Girl Who Assaulted Cop

19 year old Silvia Teul was arrested by San Pedro Police after she allegedly tried to choke a Woman Special Constable inside the San Pedro Police Station.

According to the San Pedro Sun, the incident reportedly occurred around 3 on Saturday morning when Teul went to check up on her friend Lorena Montes who had been in a nightclub brawl.

Police say that Teul appeared intoxicated and was asked to leave the station - which is when she allegedly cursed the police officer. Woman Special Constable Lisa Castillo, decided to arrest Teul which is when she allegedly charged the constable and gripped her around the neck.

Police charged Teul for assaulting a police officer, use of indecent words, common assault and resisting lawful arrest.

Due to the seriousness of the offence, a Senior Justice of the Peace decided to remand her until Teul could appear before a Magistrate. And that's where it gets dicey: The San Pedro Sun reports that despite the order given by the J.P., Commissioner of Police David Henderson ordered that Teul be granted police bail.

San Pedro's Officer in Charge ASP Viennie Robinson refused and held her ground. Teul was eventually taken to court before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez late this evening where charges were read to her.

We called the Commissioner of police for comment and he said that he will not get into a back and forth with anybody and the police will do what they are required to do by the law. Before we could ask any follow up questions, he hung up the phone.

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