My name is John Taussig with Backcountry Medical Guides- a non profit group of healthcare providers that teaches Wilderness, Marine, and Remote Emergency Medicine. We are doing a 5 day Maritime Medicine course aboard a catamaran with Belize Sailing Adventures at the beginning of November to certify their captains and crew in CPR and Marine First Aid, provide medical consulting, defibrillators (AEDS), and Medical kits for their catamaran fleet. After the course, we are hosting CPR/ 1st Aid and additional, as-needed programs in the area at low cost to help mitigate our costs as a non profit. November 7-11, 2012

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� Our crew for this trip will be ER doctor- Mike Wallace, Nurse- Kate Taussig, and myself- a long time paramedic. If you guide, sail, tour, dive, snorkel, or promote adventure tourism, this would be a great class for you and your crew. We would love to see you guys.

Course descriptions below.


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American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR (3.5 hours, 2 year certification)
THE healthcare standard for CPR. This course is designed to make participants proficient with the skills of CPR AND comfortable with the psychological factors that typically inhibit rescuers. We've taught this course hundreds of times to thousands of participants.� Approved for USCG Captains license requirements.

American Heart Association First Aid (3.5 hours, 2 year certification)
A basic few of the complete topic range in emergency medicine. Rescue principals, medical, traumatic, and environmental injuries explained and practiced. Fulfills USCG Captain's license requirements for 1st Aid.

Wilderness First Aid/CPR (2-4 days, 16 hours, 2 year certifications)
Instructors choice from our short course series. This course is designed for outdoor enthusiast and guides. Students expand upon conventional first aid by exploring environmental topics such as drowning, snakebites, heat and cold illnesses, search and rescue, improvised techniques, and more. Much of this course focuses on practical skills and scenario based training.

Maritime Medicine/CPR (8, 16, and 24 hour formats- 2 year certification)
Many don't realize how purely wilderness life at sea is. Whether you live work or play at sea, this course is a must for the reliable seaman. In addition to the material included in the above courses, topics include seasickness, evacuation, helicopter rescue, international travel, life raft precautions, and more.

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