A Marketing Summit for business owners and entrepreneurs will be held in Belize City on August 23rd at the Princess Hotel. According to the Executive Director of the Belize Tourism Industry Association Efren Perez, the full day summit will be looking at three different marketing areas that could easily be incorporated in the business ambience.

Efren Perez- Executive Director Belize Tourism Industry Association

“Its content marketing its website, videos and photography, content on its website and it is also being talking about the social networking on how you are can improve on social networking, twitter, Facebook, blog sites and also looking at real time marketing and public relations, how it is that we can be more aggressive to capture the market that we want for our businesses, there are going to be three panel discussions and each panel will consist of about seven people that are very successful at what they are been doing and in each one of these three areas would be sharing ideas with us as to the best practices and what it is that they’ve been successful at. We are having our presenter who is an International author of eight bestselling books on Newsweek and we also have International panelist, the vice-president of international media from BBK also who has worked with huge companies like Sam’s Club and so it is an event tht you are going to get a lot of knowledge out of.”

The workshop has one main objective, to improve and broaden the business horizon for business owners and those looking to venture in the business sector.

Efren Perez- Executive Director Belize Tourism Industry Association

“The main objective is to get companies and businesses to improve in the quality and standards of services that we offer and trying to get out there and trying to be a little more aggressive and pro-active at the same time in the different aspects of marketing and public relations that we do using and mediums that are very cheap and very reliable, that everybody uses like social networks and websites, in this day and age almost everybody has a smart phone and everybody has an IPod, there wireless available almost everywhere now and companies are offering internet services on these mobile phones too and so it is very easy to log on to a Facebook page and check out the different updates of the different companies and in trying to secure that added good business that we need. I think that for anybody who attends, if it is a huge business, if it is a small entrepreneur, if it is a small business or a little restaurant it should improve because you are looking at thing that are outside of the box, you are thinking of things that would generate that for you and at the end of the day it is not just attending the workshop, leaving and saying ok that was good, but it actually going back and saying that was good and you know what I will put it into action and I will start to do certain things and I will make sure that it works the way it should for me.”

For more information on the summit feel free to contact the Belize Tourism Industry Association at telephone number 227-1144. Forms to attend the summit are also available at the Tourism Centre located at the Orange Walk Central Park. Registration fee is $100.00.