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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Taxi Driver Injured in Accident
An early night accident on Wednesday, August 15th in the San Juan area has left one person injured. The San Pedro Sun was called and upon arrival at the scene, the San Juan Roundabout - a severely damaged taxi was discovered in the middle of the street, blocking all access. According to bystanders, the taxi bearing license plate SP D-0187 was on its was southbound when an individual across the street from Richie's Supermarket hailed for a ride. The taxi driver tried to make a three point turn and this was when the accident occurred. Claudia Handal was at her nearby hot dog stand when the incident occurred. "He stopped and was going to pick up Luis Romero from the hardware store. He turned and drove up and had to reverse to be able to make the complete turn. He was coming very, very slowly and then all of a sudden, he just went "wush" full speed back into the building!"

PSU "not happy" with temporary freeze of public service allowances
Members of the Public Service Union (PSU) working in San Pedro Town are not happy with the decision taken by the Ministry of Public Service and Election and Boundaries to freeze allowances for the month of September. The announcement was made on July 16th via an internal memorandum issued by the Chief Executive Officer Marian McNab. The freeze in allowances will affect rent (housing), hardship and vehicle allowances granted to public officers who work outside of their original place of employment. According to the circular memorandum, the ministry along with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development will undertake a general review of all allowances currently received by public officers. "Allowances have proliferated overtime, some of which are no longer pertinent to the purpose for which they were initially approved. This has resulted in exorbitant costs to the government," stated the memo. But in order to facilitate the review process, all allowances will be frozen in the month of September, pending submission from the Head of Finance of each Ministries and Departments. Information must include the name of public officer, allowance received and the purpose/justification timeframe for the allowance.

Stray dog roundup has begun on the island
The San Pedro Saga Humane Society along with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) began their stray dog roundup on Sunday night, August 12th. A team comprised of Saga personnel, a representative from the SPTC, along with media representatives congregated at the Saga office around 6PM to start the roundup. At the end of the night, around 10:30PM, some 19 strays had been picked up from all over town, from public areas such as streets, alleys and parks. Saga's Bill Milstead thought the roundup was very successful, but could have been even more effective. "The Council provided us with a F650 truck and an employee (driver) and we loaded the truck with crates. We went to about five different neighborhoods, picked up about a total of 19 dogs which were then taken to Fort Dog. The first exercise went very smoothly. We did not have any police presence or anybody from the Health Department though. While I'm not sure that that was really necessary, I would have preferred it. The reasons I say this are several. Number one, we didn't encounter any controversies on Sunday night but if we had, it would have been nice to have a police officer there. And as far as having a representative from the health department, it would have been nice to have them there to observe and see that we did do things professionally. That we did not enter any private areas while seeking dogs."

Oceana sponsors Belize City Council Summer Program trip to Goff's Caye
On Saturday 11 August 2012, 40 children, ages 9 through 15, along with 5 adults enjoyed a full day of sand, sea, sun and learning under Oceana's first-timer reef visit program. The day's trip to Goff's Caye, which included a snorkel on the reef was in support of the Belize City Council's Summer Program 'Shaping young minds for a better Belize tomorrow'. According to Dr. Allan Gonzalez, Councilor for Public Health and Afterschool Programs, the summer program "is to support the aspirational development of marginalized children through greater understanding and appreciation of Belize's wider environment." The Goff's Caye experience was unforgettable. Thirty of the children had never been to Goff's Caye and an equal majority had never snorkeled before. After dipping his goggles below water for the first time, one child shouted out in excitement and amazement, "Sir! Sir! Fishes! Fishes! There are fishes DOWN HERE!" Others were awed by the sight of Brain Corals. "Words can't describe the heartfelt emotions you get when you see children so alive with amazement," shared Mr. Dough Sigh, Community Outreach Officer for the Belize City Council.

National AIDS Commission Committee inducted in San Pedro
The National AIDS Commission (NAC) Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Island Committee was formally inducted during a luncheon ceremony held at El Divino Restaurant on Thursday, August 2nd. The purpose of the luncheon was twofold. Primarily as a show of gratitude to the various businesses and organizations that have come onboard in allowing staff members to form a part of the Island Committee. The second purpose of the luncheon was to induct and present the new Committee members. Notable attendees included: Dr. Jose Victor Perera, United States Agency for International Development(USAID) Central America Capacity Project; Mrs. Kathy Esquivel, Chairperson for the National AIDS Commission; Mrs. Adelle Catzim-Sanchez, Country Manager for USAID PASCA; Members of the San Pedro Town Council, Caye Caulker Village Council, San Pedro police formation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Belize Red Cross, San Pedro Lion's Club and The San Pedro Sun along with Committee Members.

Ambergris Today

Young Girl Escapes Being Crushed by Out of Control Taxi
A young teenager and a hot dog vendor are lucky to be alive or having avoided serious injury after a taxi driver slammed his car into the wall of a supermarket and nearly crashing into them early Wednesday evening, August 15, 2012 at around 8:20p.m. The taxi slammed full speed into the corner wall of Richie's Supermarket, located at the round-about on Pescador Drive and with much luck on their side, a young teenager and a lady who operate a hot dog stand in front of the supermarket, narrowly escaped the full impact that occurred just a couple feet from them. According to the teenager girl, the taxi driver started to reverse from across the street in front of San Pedro Hardware and suddenly increased its velocity and headed almost straight for them. The impact was so hard that it totally dented the rear of the vehicle and destroyed two plastic chairs next to the hot dog stand. Luckily no one was seated on them; the girl reported her two laptops damaged, which were set on one of the chairs.

Summer Camp Activity at Goff's Caye, Belizean Children Enjoy
Prior to Saturday's Goff's Caye trip the children had visited the Old Belize Museum and Beach, Bacab Eco- Park, The Belize Zoo and the Prison. Mr. Singh noted that the program is geared towards nurturing the children to become positive, productive Belizeans by removing them from the usual high risk environments in which they reside and showing them the true beauty, bounty and possibilities which Belize has to offer them. On the return trip the children shared their disbelief and gratitude to Oceana for sponsoring such an event for them; many stating that it is the, 'Best experience they have ever had.'

Belize Times Cancels Print Edition Citing Hard Times
One of Belize's longest established newspaper, The Belize Times, will no longer be published in print; it will only be available online. But that's not the only changes for the Belize Times, five out of their seven employees were terminated; two of them after having decades of service to the company. Veteran staffers were not happy with the decision and feel that they were not duly compensated for the many years they faithfully served the newspaper. The People's United Party Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca responded to their comments in an official press release stating that the firings were justifiable. According the Belize City media, Fonseca stated "Ten days ago I made the difficult but unavoidable decision to release five members of the Belize Times staff and family." The PUP statement says that the decision to fire the workers, while a difficult exercise, was unavoidable given the state of the nation's economy and the fact that the Belize Times had been operating under an outdated, wasteful and unsustainable business model.

Rowan To Walk Across San Pedro for the Visually Impaired
He climbed the Vicoria Peak, Belize's second highest mountain with the height of 3, 675 feet in just two days and walked across Belize from the Benque Viejo Border to Belize City a 92 mile walk in five days and now he plans to walk across La Isla Bonita! Fourteen year old, Rowan Garel knows no boundaries when it comes to raising funds for the visually impaired of Belize. During his walk across Belize, Rowan managed to raise a total of $74,000, but was a bit short of his goal which was $100,000. With this second walk, A Walk Across San Pedro, Rowan hopes to be able to reach their goal. On Saturday, August 25, 2012, come on out to support Rowan and the blind children of Belize! The walk will start near Pelican Reef Resort (South Ambergris Caye) at 9a.m. and end at the Boca Del Rio Bridge. Get those tennis shoes ready and let's walk for a good cause and remember to donate and support Rowan and the blind children of Belize! See you there!

Misc Belizean Sources

Ranger for a Day
Calling all naturalists, eco-tourists and adventurers! If you are looking for an unparalleled experience of the Belizean jungle alongside a local Mayan ranger, then consider joining Ya'axch� Conservation Trust's Ranger for a Day patrol, you will join an official Ya'axch� patrol of the 15,000-acre Golden Stream Corridor Preserve (GSCP). This unique experience will give you the opportunity to play an important role in the protection of this vital forest corridor. As an honorary ranger, you will contribute to the daily wildlife logs; record key species of mammals and birds along the riverside trail and learn how our rangers detect signs of hunting. You will hone your own detective skills as you learn to identify jaguar, puma and tapir tracks, identify the unique call of the Montezumas oropendola and spot hummingbirds, toucans and curasow. Golden Stream during dry season. | Photo: Erik Hammar. Your boots will get muddy and you should prepare to get sweaty but after a morning of adventure, you are invited to enjoy a refreshing dip in the Golden Stream River, the lifeblood of the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve.

Bullet Tree Falls Environmental Committee
The Bullet Tree Falls Environmental Committee is very active in the Cayo community. They are planning another river cleanup for the Mopan river. "Official Adoption - Adopción oficial (Gnostisismo Cristiano Universal Primitivo de Belize)"

Channel 7

92nd Murder For The Year
There has been another murder - this one in Orange Walk Town. By our count, it is the ninety second (92nd.) murder for the year - and like so many that have come before it, this one is inexplicable. As Monica Bodden found out, a cattle truck driver from Toledo was killed as he slept in his broken down vehicle. Here's her story: Monica Bodden Reporting It was inside this cattle truck - that 33 year old truck driver Fernando Quib was shot three times while asleep. The incident happened in this quiet residential area on Nargusta Street in Orange Walk Town. Neighbors say, they heard when the 3 gunshots rang out around 2:45 this morning - but no one saw anything.

Tyrone Meighan Alleges Brutality
The Meighan brothers of Banak Street - their names are in the news with great regularity; Tyrone and Ellis seem too often be in trouble with police - and that's when they aren't under threat from organized gangs. Indeed, even though they are only teenagers, the brothers have been in and out of Family and Magistrate's Courts from as young as 13 years old. But with all that bad rep, they have also had to learn to deal with sustained police harassment and intimidation. Well, the family of Tyrone Meighan is complaining to the media that constant police presence has stepped up to police brutality - and, they say, threats of an execution. Tyrone Meighan's mother, Shelly, spoke to 7News this morning and she told us that police officers went up to the prison and beat her son while he was in the cell. Here's how she described what it's like when even the law enforcers are allegedly issuing threats against her entire family.

BDF Soldier: Allegedly Drinking, w/ Weapon, In Uniform Assaults Woman
Tonight, 23 year-old BDF soldier Darwin Hernandez is in detention pending investigation for an incident where he allegedly assaulted a civilian while in his uniform and while carrying his force-assigned weapon. Sherlette Lamb, a resident of Belize reported that at around 7:30 last night, she was socializing at the Riverside Patio, and she got into an argument with Hernandez - who had allegedly been drinking there with another soldier. Lamb claims that he punched her in the left side of the neck and face which caused it to swell. Hernandez allegedly went as far as to take away an M-16 from a fellow Soldier he was partying with, pointed it at Lamb, and issued a death threat against her. Lamb said that she feared for her life and ran into a bathroom.

A Gateway To Lake-I
Not ten years ago - Holy Emmanuel Street - which is behind the government complex building in Belize City - was at the far Southwestern end of the city. Well now, Holy Emmanuel is only the road to the far end - west of Holy Emmanuel, you've got the Gungulung Extension which pushes up against Chetumal Street South - the landing area for the new Belama bridge. And that road is now fully paved - with a double coat chip and seal which cost two hundred thousand dollars. It's an initiative of the Area Representative Mark King paid for by the City Council - which, to its credit, has gone very light on self-promotion - even after concrete paving close to twenty streets. But Mayor Darrell Bradley's path crossed with that of a career politician, Mark King today - so it was lights, camera, action on Holy Emmanuel Street today where King explained that the new street is a gateway to Lake - I.

Can "Peace" Be A Verb?
And while we were on La Croix we had to ask Area Rep King about La Croix Boulevard. He's the Minister of State with responsibility for the Gang Truce - and since May, gang war has flared up in the area - resulting in at least five persons shot on La Croix Boulevard. Today when we asked him what this means for the Gang Truce, and he was, like, "which Gang Truce." King told us that instead of truce, he wants to make the word peace into a verb: Jules Vasquez "This La Croix, which annexes Holy Emmanuel, has been the scene of at least 5 shootings since May, and I know that there is a lot of gang rivalry in this area. Is there anything that you can do, or that you have been doing to diffuse the tension in this area." Hon. Mark King - Lake Independence Area Representative "Jules, one of the reasons - and I must say why I haven't been giving gangs much attention - is because I am a different type of representative when it comes to that ministry and gangs. As a matter of fact, the word gang truce shortly in a press conference will disappear. It will become peace in process. And let me tell you why. We must not give the criminals of this country - or those people who want to do bad in this country - any media frontage, at all. It paints a bad picture on our country, and what the media says about us."

The Mayor's Plan For More Paved Streets
And if he's going to be Minister of "Peacing" - then will Darrell Bradley be the Mayor of Concreting? In five months in office - his council has quietly paved close to twenty streets - most of them with concrete. Today he explained that in advance of the launch of the Municipal Bond, he hopes to finish paving a few other much trafficked streets: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "We've moved into Daily Street; we've already completed Daily Street. Now, we're on Craig Street, which comes from Daily Street unto Barrack; then we'll move on to Barrack Road. The BWS indicated to us that they will complete those works by next week Wednesday, and as soon as they finish, our contractor will go on that. They're also doing works along Hyde's Lane, and so Hyde's Lane will be cemented, and when they finish Barrack, we'll move on to Freetown Road. We'll then do Mapp Street, and Douglas Jone Street, and we'll then do North Front Street. The idea is that we want to do the whole downtown grade, so that when drivers drive in the downtown area, they get a perfect drive on fully cemented streets."

Belize City: "Long On Heart, But (Not) Short On Paint"
And apart from a major street paving campaign - the mayor is also hoping to spruce up the city with a paint job. He outlined the effort: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "Something that we're going to unleash right now is that we're working with Restore Belize, and we will be painting all the houses along Orange Street, Albert Street, and Regent Street. And we want to be able to finish this before the ending of September. But when we make these things public, it's only with the objective of trying to get more people involved."

Okeke Wants Thumb Bumps
But even with the paving and painting, one city resident wants more. Former Mayoral Candidate Stephen Okeke says he wants a speed reducer called thumb-bumps placed on the northern highway between Belize City and the Haulover Bridge. Okeke lives at mile three and a half not far from where Liang Sheng Cheng was knocked down and killed on Saturday morning. In fact, to make his point, the always dramatic Okeke held the press conference exactly in front of the drain where Cheng's dead body lay. He says thumb bumps are a cheap and relatively un-intrusive way to get speeding drivers to slow down: Steven Okeke - Wants Thumb Bumps Installed "With these thumb bumps - they're called thumb bumps - you can drive over this at 30-40 miles per hour, but anything above that, it will shake the vehicle and help you to slow down. But it will not slow traffic. And these thumb bumps are - like what you find here - could be made from metal. It's not so much as to cause a lot of discomfort or inconvenience, but what is a driver's inconvenience, when compared to the loss of life of a loved-one. I believe strongly that between the Haulover bridge, and the flag monument, there should be at least 4 bump spots because once you cross the Haulover now, you're in a residential neighborhood. These thumb bumps solves the problem. What I'm saying is that we can get this done within a month. We don't have to wait for one more fatality to do that, and you don't have that need to break up the streets to do reconstruction. This can actually be driven into the street, drilled and secured."

Convicted Sex Offender Accused Again
53 year-old Patrick Payne, a resident of Ladyville village is at prison tonight after he was accused of indecent assault against a 16 year-old female minor. The victim reported to police that on August 13, while she was asleep, she felt someone fondling her. She woke up and allegedly caught Payne in the act. Police arrested Payne, charged him with aggravated assault of an indecent nature, and took him before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith today. Due to the strength of the submissions from the prosecutor, Payne was remanded to prison until September 18, his next court date. It is important to note that 2004, Payne was convicted of a similar offence, and according to the prosecutor, the circumstances were very near identical to this new allegation. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for that conviction.

Oprescu To Mello: Get Out Now!
Robertino Oprescu - if you follow the news closely - you'll probably remember his name from 2004 when the Romanian was accused of using fake company names to swindle big money from the KHMH. Well he was found not guilty in 2006 - but instead of being set free, he was sent back to jail on the strength of an expulsion order signed by then Immigration Minister Ralph Fonseca. If it sounds familiar - it should - that's more or less what happened with Slovakian Karol Mello last week. And this morning Oprescu sent us an email with advice for his fellow Eastern European. He says, quote: "Leave Belize while you can." Oprescu included a self portrait in the picture - carrying a nine millimeter gun in a holster on his side.

BTL's Scholarships
2012 makes it 21 years since BTL first began its scholarship program, and today the company held a ceremony to award 29 new recipients. It's a full 4-year scholarship for the 27 new high school students and 2-year scholarship for the 2 sixth form awardees. The awardees were formally announced at the ceremony, and 7News was there to see all 29 of them accept the gift of a scholarship that costs anywhere for $1,000 to $3,000 per year. Here's what the representatives of the company and the awardees told us: Anjali Vasquez - Public Relations Manager, BTL "We actually had a really wonderful ceremony, where we actually acknowledge 30 high school and sixth form scholarship recipients. And what they get is a full scholarship. So, for those getting it for highschool, they get all 4 years paid for, tuition and books. We also offer mentoring if they need it - tutoring if they need it. We pretty much get very involved in the education process, as far as they are concerned. We started in April where we sent out the call for applications. So, we sent out countrywide to all the schools. We put it online - these scholarships application - and then, we get them come in. Toward the end of June, we had something like 400 scholarship applications which we had to sift through. And even though we asked for certain things, sometimes they're sent incomplete, but it doesn't stop there. We will literally call back the parent or the student, and tell them that they missed this particular piece of paper, and if they could send it in. We really want to give them a fair chance. And after that, we sift through again. We have a committee that looks at these scholarships, and say that they would like to interview these particulary 75-100 students. This year, we actually interviewed a hundred kids."

Reading The Riot Act At Transport
Anyone who travels on public transport regularly will probably have a laundry list of complaints about crowded buses, mechanical failures, interminable waits at bus stations, drunks on the bus...all sorts of unpleasant stuff. But, the Ministry of Transport wants to implement a strict new regime - and they're doing so with the issuance of new Road Service Permits. Fact is, most bus operators have not had regular Road Service Permits for at least over a year. Well now those are being re-issued - but with the promise of strict enforcement. We'll wait and see on that one - but the first step in the right direction was made today when a meeting was held between the Ministry and the Operators. The CEO laid down the law: There are 37 conditions for a road service permit - and the 36 bus operators have to sign unto all 37 conditions before their new Road Service Permits are issued. He outlined some of those conditions at the meeting, which was held at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan: Hon. Edmund Castro - Minister of State, Transport

Channel 5

Standard and Poors downgrades Belize
There will be a special sitting of the House of Representatives on Thursday, August twenty-third. The press release sent from the Capital did not state the reason for the special sitting but the day would no doubt be focused on the Superbond. The next coupon payment of forty-six million dollars is due on Monday, and [...]

Gang Truce now Peace in Progress?
The super bond may be on the mind of those who are interested in the economy, but human bondage, the type that enslaves and ties the minds of our youths with hand guns, is a grave concern for the rest of the country. And in Belize City, areas like La Croix Boulevard in the Lake [...]

Trucker killed in Orange Walk
One district that is in need of peace is Orange Walk. In less than two weeks, a second person has been brutally killed in the local community. A thirty-three year old man that frequents the north transporting cattle to the south was the target of gun violence in the Louisiana Area of the town. He [...]

Roaring Creek Villager dodges 3 bullets
A Roaring Creek man is lucky to be alive and without injury after three shots were fired at him. Twenty-one year old Jermaine Welcome told police that on Friday night he was riding his bike in the Another World Area in the village when a dark complexion man with a black mask started to follow [...]

Woman says B.D.F. punched her and pointed gun
A Belize Defence Soldier is in police detention following an assault on a Belize City woman. Sherlette Lamb told police that on Tuesday night she was socializing at the Riverside Patio when she got into an argument with a man. Lamb reported that during the confrontation, the man punched her to the left side of [...]

Crooked Tree Fishermen against fishing regulations
It's one of the oldest villages in the country and it's had its share of land disputes, but the latest controversy is Crooked Tree is in the water. Fishing has long been one of the main income earners in the village, but fishermen are now complaining because of restrictions on their use of the lagoon. [...]

Belize Audubon says it's only enforcing law
Kenneth Bruce, one of the village fishermen, says his main concern is losing his nets and he just wants them back. But according to the Protected Areas Manager in charge of the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Dominique Lizama, Bruce's nets were removed because he had them in a restricted area of the lagoon. Lizama explains [...]

Willow's Bank cooks soul food in fire hearth
The second Willows Bank Fire Hearth Festival is coming up this weekend. It was started in 2011 by a group of residents from the village who wanted to revive the traditional way of cooking and introduce it to the younger generation. The main feature of the event is a fire hearth cooking competition, but coordinator, [...]

Manatees are continuous victims of boat accidents
Village life is teeming with activity, as you've heard the Crooked Tree Villagers are concerned about fishing, and the Willow's Bank group are preparing for their festival. But in Ladyville Village, there was an environmental concern today. Several manatees were sighted near the Oar House and Bar located in Vista Del Mar. That prompted the [...]

Businessman's plan to curb road accidents
In some parts of the world, including Belize, manatees are an endangered species. The sea cow as it is also referred is a perpetual victim of hit and run incidents as they are normally killed by boat propellers. As environmentalists are putting signs in areas frequented by the mammal to reduce accidents, people are also [...]

Gungulung Street upgraded
For the past couple months, several Belize City streets have been getting much needed upgrades. A twenty million dollar bond facility by the Belize City Council has been developed to ensure that at least fifty percent of streets within the former Capital receive either hot mix or concrete. Since the start of the project, fifteen [...]

Romanian national not looking back on Belize
Our newsroom received an email from a man named Robertino Daniel Oprescu. He says that he is a Romanian citizen and he was allegedly illegally imprisoned by the Belize government. Oprescu said that he was fingered as the mastermind of a fraud at the K.H.M.H. He goes further to say that he believes that the [...]

Scholarships awarded to students
Corporate responsibility and sponsorship is normally heralded this time of year. Recently the Belize Bank gave twenty-five high school scholarships along with a promise of mentorship by the bank employees to students in each district. This afternoon Telemedia continued with its scholarship program which started way back in 1991.   Isani Cayetano, Reporting Thirty primary [...]

You are the Next Superstar!
The third episode of Be the Next Superstar was postponed last week due to the threat of Hurricane Ernesto. But on Tuesday night, the engines were in full swing as the first knock out round for the show got underway. Three participants from Group A fought for a spot in the show and at the [...]


Miss World Belize Makes Her Country Proud
Social Miss World Belize Chantae Guy is turning heads in China where she is preparing for the Miss World 2012 Pageant scheduled to take place this Saturday in Mongolia. Guy is among the 118 participants that will be competing for the prestigious crown of Miss World and so far she has been doing extremely well and making Belize proud. The 20 year old took part in five preliminary events over the past few weeks including a top model competition. Out of the 118 beauty queens, 45 were selected for the competition and tonight we are proud to say that Guy was placed among the top ten. The ten participants took part in a top notch fashion show for 1346 Cashmere which is one of the best cashmere brands in China and the world. Being placed in the top ten also won Guy a photo shoot with Vogue Magazine, one of the most prestigious magazines in the world. The photo shoot will be featured in the next issue. The winner of the top model competition will be announced during the Miss World Pageant. Also forming part of the competition is a multi media award which can assist each of the participants to move on to the finals. Here at home Belizeans can assist Guy to enter the multimedia award competition by visiting the Miss World Belize web page. To assist Chantae in winning the People's Choice Award visit You can vote one time per day.

Punta Gorda Resident Becomes Orange Walk's 8th Murdered Victim
Two weeks ago blood flowed in Orange Walk Town as 35 year old Ricardo Blanco was brutally murdered. Eleven days after Blanco's death police formally charged 21 year old construction worker Manuel Toloza and 20 year old mechanic Feliciano Briceno for murder while 25 year old Julio Castillo, a taxi driver of Trial Farm, was charged for abetment to commit murder. Tonight Orange Walk Police have another murder to solve. Early this morning, a man was killed while sleeping inside a cargo truck with Belize City License plate A2029. In the click of a second 33 year old Fernando Quib from the community of San Vicente in Punta Gorda became sugar city's 8th murdered victim. Quib arrived in Orange Walk yesterday evening. His destination was the community of Shipyard where he was scheduled to purchase several heads of cattle. With the truck experiencing mechanical problems Quib was unable to continue his journey and instead took the vehicle to the mechanic shop where he decided to spend the night since the truck was to be fixed until today. At that time no one knew that death was lurking in the dark. Hipolito Novelo Reports. Residents of Banak Street claim to have heard the sound of three gunshots around 3:00 this morning but when they peeped out of their windows they saw nothing out of the ordinary and went back to bed. Little did they know that what they heard were indeed gunshots, shots that killed 33 year old Fernando Quib a resident of San Vicente in Punta Gorda. By the wake of dawn what truly transpired earlier in the area came to light, Quib had been brutally murdered while sleeping inside this truck used to transport cattle.

31 Year Old Female Goes Missing
A woman from the Orange Walk District has gone missing and tonight her family is asking for the public's assistance in order to locate her. Zudianita Carrillo, a 31 year old mentally challenged patient of the Louisiana Area, left home early yesterday morning en route to the Fort Cairns Market Plaza and since then has not returned home. According to Maria Lucia Carrillo, her sister was last seen around 6:30pm yesterday in the company of Ernesto Garcia. Zudianita Carrillo is of fair complexion, about 5 feet in height and weighs about 100 pounds. She was last see wearing a blue jeans pant with a striped blouse and a pair of yellow slippers. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the 31 year old is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Low Loan Rates Offered At First Caribbean Bank
Last night we told you about the grand opening of First Caribbean International Bank here in Orange Walk Town and the wide range of services that the bank is offering to customers at superior quality. One of those services that the bank is offering is loans at low interest rates. In these hard economical times that is good news. According to the bank's sale specialist, Anibal Padron, First Caribbean International Bank, can be considered as the financial partner, suited for its customers. Anibal Padron, Sales Specialist, CIBC "Wherever you are a customer we try to find the product that best suits you and work together with the customer so that you meet your obligations comfortably and you can meet other obligations outside of the bank as well without being under financial strain." Hipolito Novelo - Reporter "So what would be some of the types of loans that the bank provides?" Anibal Padron, Sales Specialist, CIBC "We have a large range of loans that we offer for example we have our residential mortgages, we have vacation loans, medical loans, if you want to purchase a new vehicle, we have credit cards as well which the Visa Card which can be used internationally, we have students loans, if you have a child that will be studying abroad we can also facilitate those types of loans,"

Post Mortem Examination Certifies 64 Year Old Died Of A Heart Attack
Cecilia Botes, a 64 year old resident of Cristo Rey Village in the Corozal District, dropped dead on Saturday August 11th after 28 year old Manuel Hernandez barged into her home brandishing a machete. A post mortem examination conducted on the body of the deceased certified that she died of massive heart thrombosis due to a mild myocardial infarction, in other words a heart attack. Around 9:00 on Saturday night Botes was at home lying in her hammock when Hernandez, who had just been involved in fight with 42 year old Wadencio Che and his 22 year old son Luis Che, barged into the residence looking for the two men. The entire scenario apparently raised Botes' blood pressure and she died moments later while being transported to the Corozal Community Hospital. Hernandez, who happens to be Botes' nephew, was immediately detained by police. This afternoon when we contacted Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation Gualberto Garcia, to inquire if any charges will be levied against Hernandez, we were informed that the files are being complied and will be forwarded to the Department of Public Prosecutions for advice. Of note is that during the altercation, 42 year old Wadencio Che received a cut wound to his left eyebrow while Luis Che, who is recuperating at the Northern Regional Hospital, received a large cut wound to his right upper left shoulder. Manuel Hernandez was injured to the mouth. We understand that the fight began over a bottle of beer.

National Service Day Declared In Honour Of Father Of The Nation
RT Hon George Cadle Price has been famously dubbed as the "Father of the Nation" and will always be remembered as such. He was one of the most important instruments in obtaining Belize's Independence. Belize's first Prime Minister passed away on September 19th at the age of 92. In order to commemorate the life, work, dedication and service of the late Rt. Hon. George Price, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development has declared September 19th as "National Service Day". The day will be set for Belizeans to carry out community service projects in order to make a positive change through hard work and service. The People's United Party has also resolved to press the government to declare the 15th of January a national holiday to mark the birth of a true Belizean patriot, a leader who loved his country unconditionally and above all things, the man who led our nation to independence and dedicated his entire life to the betterment of all Belizeans.

San Joaquin Fiesta Kicks Off Tomorrow
Tomorrow will mark the beginning of one of the north's biggest festivity as the San Joaquin Fiesta comes alive in the Corozal District. It will be the 46th annual San Joaquin Fiesta and for all those who enjoy a Spanish style fiesta, then San Joaquin Village will be the perfect place to be this Thursday, August 16th to Sunday, August 19th as the celebration sets the weekend a blaze. The Fiesta is in celebration of the village's patron saint: San Joaquin. The festivity commences tomorrow with a Novena and a mass at the San Joaquin Catholic Church, after which, cultural presentations and mechanical rides will put everyone in the festive mood. On Friday August 17th the official opening ceremonies will take place at the San Joaquin Park. Saturday night, the park will play venue to a variety of cultural presentations highlighting the cultures of Northern Belize. Later on visitors will be treated with the energetic music of the mighty Gilharry 7 Band and on Sunday night Supa G and Gilharry 7 will both take to the stage as they close out the weekend festivities. For more information on San Joaquin Fiesta, contact Marceli Tzul, Chairperson of the San Joaquin Village Council via phone at 602-0415.

507 Manatees Habitat Belize
From a bird's-eye view aboard small planes, researchers have been able to spot a record 507 manatees this year, confirming Belize's status as the world's most important country for the endangered species. An article posted on, indicates that researchers in Belize have been working in strengthening efforts to protect one of the most iconic and threatened animals in the world's oceans: the Antillean manatee. In order to better assess how many and where the manatees are located in Belizean waters, Belize's leading marine research organizations and conservation groups took to the skies to scan the crystalline waters of Belize for the marine mammals. They were able to locate over 500 manatees. According to the article, a team from the Oceanic Society, a non-profit conservation organization partnered with LightHawk, a volunteer-based environmental aviation organization, to conduct aerial surveys of the remote Turneffe Atoll. The results of the aerial survey were then combined with surveys of the mainland coast led by Nicole Auil Gomez of Belize's Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute in order to arrive at the total amount of manatees found in the jewel. The surveys help scientists learn the manatees' travel patterns and habitat use in Belize, which can be used to guide boat traffic routes to reduce collisions with manatees, as well as other management issues.


Belize won't meet super bond payment
The government of Belize will not make the next coupon payment on the nation's foreign debt, commonly known as the super bond. The announcement was made today via a press release by the Ministry of Finance. As we have reported previously, the first coupon payment on the stepped up interest payment plan is for forty four million dollars and becomes payable on Monday of next week. In today's statement, the Minister of Finance, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says, quote: the step-up bond alone represents approximately one half of Belize's total recorded public indebtedness. The annual interest rate on this bond stepped up earlier this year to eight point five percent. We simply cannot afford this coupon payment given the financial shortfall and other challenges we face," end of quote. The official statement ends by saying that it is the hope of the government of Belie that, quote: we can move quickly toward a sensible restructuring of the instrument," end of quote. While the first public reaction to the news on social media is an expression of concern for Belize's economy, one observer we spoke with believes that the announced super bond default has no implications outside of the process of renegotiating the super bond. The thinking, according to the observer, is that the government cannot mislead the bond holders into thinking that it can make the step up coupon payment, thereby falsely holding out expectation that it will continue to scrape together scare funds to meet these burdensome payments. The super bond interest payment is due on Monday of next week, but there is a thirty day grace period, and it is during this window of opportunity that negotiators of the super bond are hoping that the creditors will realize that the government of Belize is serious about the restructuring exercise and getting more favorable terms. The government of Belize last week released its offer to bond holders, indicating that it is willing to repay the debt; but at a much lower rate and over a much longer period of time. Bond holders have so far not been welcoming of the government's offer, and a prediction on Monday of a so-called "threat of a credit event" has now come to pass. Analysts with the US-based Citigroup are predicting a protracted negotiation process and described the government's offer last week as a threat of a credit event rather than a willingness to negotiate. The Opposition People's United Party this evening issued a brief statement on the bond coupon default. The statement says that the PUP views the decision with grace concerns. Furthermore, it says, the Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca was neither consulted with nor informed of this very critical decision, which the PUP says has very serious implications for Belize's economy and development. The PUP statement goes on to say that during the 2012-2013 Budget debate the Prime Minister led the Nation was led to believe that the government had budgeted for this payment and would be honoring the August 20 payment. The PUP statement ends by calling on Prime Minister Dean Barrow who is also the Minister of Finance to immediately address and inform the Nation on the specific reasons for the decision to default on the coupon payment and to outline the consequences and implications expected to follow. The opposition party says it remains hopeful that the Super Bond restructuring exercise currently underway is successful.

Teenager murdered near his home on Benbow Street
Benbow Street seems to be fast becoming the old capital's most popular war zone. Just one night after the shooting of an eleven year old girl and her 18 year old brother while they slept in their beds, there was a murder not far from the area. It happened just off Fairweather Street on Kutt Avenue as the victim was shot in the back as he was returning from buying food. Here's Love TV's Marion Ali with that story. Kirk Hemmans did not attend high school, and according to his grandmother, hung out in the area with fellow youths.

Carline Pinto making fast recovery
On Monday Love News brought you the news of eleven year old Carline Pinto who was shot four times as she slept in her bed in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Today we bring you the update on the spirited little girl who is looking forward to celebrating her twelfth birthday in September. Today, her mother, Arleen Banner, told Love News that her little girl is not only looking forward to making a full recovery, but also to returning to school, where she will advance to standard six. Her return to classes, however, may be a little delayed for obvious reasons. So far, no one has been arrested for the Saturday morning shooting of the brother and sister duo.

Man injured in shooting incident on Lacroix Boulevard
A shooting incident on Monday night in Belize City has left a man hospitalized, while police are looking for the gunman. The victim has been identified as nineteen year old Randy August. Police say that around seven forty five last night, August and a friend were riding on separate bicycles just off Lacroix Boulevard around seven forty five last night, when gunshots rang out. August was hit twice in the right side of the chest and forearm. The friend who was with August was not injured. Police describe the alleged gunman as being of dark complexion and say they are looking for one person in connection with the attempted murder of Randy August.

Taxi driver is the victim of armed robbery
A Belize City taxi driver has reported being the victim of an armed robbery on Monday afternoon. The broad daylight incident happened around one thirty on Monday afternoon on Mahogany Street Extension. Twenty nine year old Allain Garcia reported to police that he was walking toward his house when he was accosted by two men, one of whom he identified as George Matthews, and the other only as Gill. Garcia says that as the men approached him, the one known only as Gill took out a firearm from his pants waist and handed it to Matthews. According to police, Matthews reportedly got off his bicycle, and held Garcia by the shirt, pointed a black handgun to the left side of his neck and demanded his properties. Fearing for his life Garcia reportedly handed over three hundred and fifty dollars in cash after which both men made good their escape in the direction of Lacroix Boulevard. Police are now looking for two suspects in connection with the incident.

Teen burglar caught in the act in Placencia village
A burglar was caught in the act on the Placencia Peninsula early this morning. According to reports, police went to a hotel in the village around twelve fifteen this morning where, with the help of the home owner, they were able to apprehend the thief. As it turns out, the alleged burglar is a sixteen year old boy from Mafredi village in the Toledo district. Inspector Mark Flowers is the officer in charge of the Placencia police. Inspector Flowers says that with the low season in the tourism industry now underway , more people will be in search of employment and often dins themselves in desperate situation. Inspector Flowers believes that the continued cooperation of the community with the police will greatly assist the entire Placencia Peninsula in keeping down crime in the village. As a part of the community outreach a meeting will take place tomorrow afternoon at the Siene Bight Community Centre. During tomorrow's meeting, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer will be the guest speaker to inform and educate the people about their rights as well as the powers and authority of the police and special constables.

Teen girl allegedly sexually assaulted by grown man
Another underage girl has reported being the victim of a sexual assault by a grown man. The girl, a thirteen year old student of Belize City is telling police that in the month of April this year, she visited a friend's house in the Belama Phase Four area of Belize City. During the visit, the girl said that she and the friend engaged in sexual intercourse. Police say that a medical examination has since certified that the little girl has been carnally known. Police are now looking for the man for questioning and possibly charges in connection with this report.

Boat passengers charged for drug possession
A number of persons travelling in a passenger boat with drugs on board were detained yesterday in Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story.

Driver charged in connection with weekend road traffic accident
Police formally arrested and charged twenty five year old Shoshana Marie Moody for the offences of Manslaughter by negligence, Caused Death by Careless Conduct, drove motor vehcle without due care and attention, drove motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit and failed to keep as close as possible to the right hand side of the road. This was in connection to the incident which occurred on the morning of Saturday 11th. Sixty nine year old businessman, Liang Sheng Chen was walking on the extreme left hand shoulder off the Northern Highway from the Direction of Belize City towards Halouver Bridge, when a Kia Sorento, driven by Moody, travelling in the same direction, lost control and hit him. The impact caused Chen serious head and body injuries killing him on the spot. The vehicle continued to careen out of control hitting a Hyundai minivan driven at the time by Jose Reyes. A post mortem examination was conducted on the body of Liang Sheng Chen by Dr. Mario Estadabran, who certified the cause of death to be "Trauma Shock and massive organs damages and traumatism due to Road Traffic Accident".

Teenager charged for allegedly shooting another teen
Nineteen year old Joshua Gallego, a laborer of Raccoon Street Extension who allegedly shot nineteen year old Jermaine Flowers, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared in court today. Gallego was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken from him because the offences are indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. He was remanded into custody until September 25. The incident occurred around 2:40 p.m. on Sunday, August 12. Flowers reported to the police that he was riding his bicycle on Raccoon Street Extension and when he reached Pelican street Extension he was approached by Gallego who took out a firearm and fired three shots at him. Flowers was shot in his right arm and a bullet grazed the upper left side of his rib cage.

Road traffic accident in Esperanza village
A traffic accident on the Western Highway yesterday, resulted in two men injured. Correspondent Elaine Berry reports.

Ariel Rosado scholarship fund awards first scholarship
In July, the Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation awarded full high school scholarships to eight needy and deserving primary school students. Now the Foundation has selected another scholar as the recipient of the Ariel Rosado Galen University Scholarship. The lucky recipient is Kimberley Searle, a graduate of Saint John's College Sixth Form. Love News spoke with Dr. Alvaro Rosado, the father of the late cyclist, who explained how the scholarship winner was selected. Altogether the two-year scholarship is worth about thirty thousand dollars.

Culture policy consultation comes to Belize City
NICH will be hosting a National Cultural Policy Consultation at the House Culture on Regent Street. Communications officer at NICH, Shari Williams filled us in with the details on tomorrow's event. Once again the Consultation takes place at the House of Culture, tomorrow at 5 pm.

Karate camp closes
The annual camp of the Belize Shotokan Karate Association was held at the weekend in the Belize district. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Controversy precedes Miss Earth pageant
The Miss Earth Belize Pageant will take place this Saturday night at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. But this year's pageant is preceded by a number of allegations by the reigning Miss Earth, Kiasha Bevans. Bevans said not only was she not allowed to carry out her duties, she did not receive the promised prizes. Coordinator Darlene Campbell told Love News, Bevans allegations are simply vindictive. She said Bevans did not live up to her duties. Campbell said contrary to Bevan's allegations she has gone out of her way to ensure that the candidates in the pageant are well taken care of. Campbell said despite the baseless allegations, the pageant will proceed as scheduled on Saturday.


US Embassy in Belize comments on John Zabaneh Drug Kingpin Designation
Based on our interview with Zabaneh and the release Plus news had some questions for the U.S. Embassy. Plus news sp...

Maya King Farm employees say Future is uncertain
During our visit to Mayan King we got a firsthand look at the community and its operations. Mayan King employs appr...

John Zabaneh speaks with PlusTV about US Drug Kingpin Designation
black listed by the U.S. Department-Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). According to OFAC three Bel...

Little boy commits big man crime
A potentially nasty situation was successfully diffused early this morning (Aug 1...

A Belize City taxi-man is robbed at gunpoint
Allain Garcia reported that on Monday afternoon (August 13) he was wa...

Miss World Belize Shantae Guy is Top Model Finalist
MS WORLD PICS Shantae Guy has emerged as a force of nature in the Miss World Beauty Pageant. Miss World is one of t...

Belize Times newspaper undergoes major downsizing
The PUP has issued a release stating that its operations at the Belize Times newspaper has been operating at a loss...

Bajaj, shot while with James Swann, now charged with drug Trafficking
Ajay Bajaj of Corozal Town was one of the persons targeted in a shooting which happened one week ago, in front of D...

More Guatemalans found panning for Gold in Belize National park
A Police Constable attached to the Special Patrol Unit reported that on August 10, was conducting foot patrol in th...

Chinese Storekeeper in Ladyville murdered, two arrested
Last week Thursday (Aug 9) Ladyville Police responded to a robbery in progress, after 5pm, at E-Buy Supermarket Lo...

Two Female School students report separate Carnal Knowledge incidents
a 14-year old female student of San Ignacio Town accompanied by her mother reported that three months ago on May 4,...

Chinese businessman knocked down, woman driver charged
A traffic accident has claimed the life of a 69-year old Chinese businessman. Investigations reveal that LIANG SHEN...

Early morning gunshots hit kids sleeping in bed
Belize City Police are investigating a shooting that has left two persons injured. Police arrived at #32A Benbow St...

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Elderly woman dies of Heart failure after witnessing brawl
Last Saturday night (August 11) Corozal Police visited the Community Hospital where they saw the lifeless body of 6...

Three Men on Bikes shot separately in Belize City; one dead
Three separate shooting incidents occured in the City etween last saturday and monday night. They all involve vict...

Thief breaks into Minister of National Security's vehicle
John SALDIVAR, Minister of National Security reported that sometime between the hours of 6:30pm and 10:15pm on Satu...

Man shot near Ladyville Police Station
Ladyville Police On August 3, around 11:45pm, responded to a shooting on Poinsettia Street which is about six house...

Two charged for Drug Trafficking of Crack Cocaine
On August 12 Police conducted a house search at #4 Simon Lamb Street, the residence of Steven Frazer. The search le...


The Best Travel Apps to Use On the Go
You're hungry, exploring Belize, and you need to find a restaurant before you start snapping at your travel companions. What do you do? If your phone runs apps, you can be calling a taxi to the nearest hot spot while your paper-bound companions are still looking around for brochures. Travel apps can help you find tourist destinations, local cultural events, and the best places to eat in Belize without wasting time looking through your guidebook or trying to speak the local language to ask a stranger. Now, you don't need to sort through thousands of useless or overpriced travel apps to find the best ones. Here are the best travel apps to use while you're on the go. 1. Belize Travel Guide 2. TripAdvisor 3. FlightTrack Pro 4. Lonely Planet City Guides and Ebooks

Touring Marie Sharp's Factory
'A Lesson in Heat!' Marie Sharp's got a great review, and what a title they chose for it. Everyone loves Marie Sharp's, but the author really had a 'crush' on her habanero sauces, and got to meet Marie herself! "'Marie Sharp?' I wondered to myself. 'There's really a Marie Sharp? It's not some fictional character made up by a corporation to sell hot sauce?' Marie Sharp's hot sauce had been on every table I'd encountered since arriving in Belize four days prior. I'd sprinkled it over my eggs, into a hot bowl of shrimp soup and timidly to the side of our chicken when I first encountered the 'fiery hot' variety. With a presence like that, I expected big business. I never expected to meet the woman responsible for concocting the hot sauce recipes that have become Belize's national condiment." Check out Marie Sharp's website at:

Happy Birthday Jerry and Maday
We are celebrating two birthdays this week - Captain Jerry and one of our gorgeous office ladies, Maday! Jerry actually celebrated his 29th birthday on the last overnight tour - lucky passengers - as he chose to be on the seas (as that is his favorite place to be) and Maday's birthday 28th birthday is today and she is at home with her friends and family! Jerry, the Captain of Entertainment at Malik's birthday.Maday was Zahara's 'hair doctor' during her bout of head lice! Captain Jerry is one of the original crew members at Raggamuffin as he can actually boast that he was sailing with Captain Jimmy, long before Raggamuffin even became a reality - a true member of the Ragga family!!! Jerry is a true favorite of both passengers, crew and office staff due to his highly infectious cheery personality - in fact, Jerry won our crew 'Personality of the Year' which was voted on by all our staff as their choice of their favorite person to work with - well done Jerry! But we have to make a big shout out for Maday as today is her birthday! Maday has been with us for almost a year and in that time she has become very much an integral part of the office team - her sweet, selfless and humble nature easy for everybody to absolutely love! A big shout out to these two wonderful crew members - may they both have many more blessed birthdays to come - we love you both!!!

International Sources

Belize defaulting on debt payment ...Opposition wants explanation
Belize's main opposition People's United Party (PUP) is calling on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to immediately address the nation on the implications of his administration's decision to default on its external debt payment due on August 20. PUP said that Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca was neither consulted nor informed of "this very critical decision which has very serious implications for Belize's economy and development". A statement from Barrow's office on Tuesday said that the next interest payment of US$46 million on Belize's accumulated US$544 million foreign debt, referred to as the "super bond", is due on August 20. The payment would have been the country's first under the interest payment plan on the US dollar Step Up Bonds due in 2029. The government said the reason for the non-payment is that the stepped up payments represent almost one half of the country's total public indebtedness under the new stepped up 8.5 per cent rate. "We simply cannot afford this coupon payment given the financing shortfalls and other challenges we face," Barrow said, adding that his administration wants to "move quickly toward a sensible restructuring of the instrument". Belize is currently trying to renegotiate its foreign debts with creditors and has offered them a three-pronged payment plan, which involves an extension of the payment period on the super bond well beyond the 2029 maturity date. Grace period The PUP said the coupon payment also has a 30-day grace period that ends on September 19 after which there could be a default on the coupon payment.

S&P Cuts Belize's Rating on Expected Missed Payment
Standard & Poor's lowered its sovereign-credit rating on Belize further into junk territory, after the country's government said it won't make its coming coupon payment on its bonds due 2029. S&P downgraded the Central American country's rating to double-C from triple-C-minus. The outlook is negative, reflecting prospects the firm could lower the ratings to selective default if Belize's government misses its payment as announced or if it proposes a debt exchange to investors.

Beauty Pageant Minute: Miss World 2012 Top Model Fashion Show--The Top Ten, Photos + Video!
The 62nd edition of the Miss World beauty pageant is happening in Ordos Inner Mongolia China. This is the biggest international beauty pageant in the world, particularly because of the fact that 116 contestants will be vying for the coveted beauty title (Miss Universe, for example "only" has 80'ish contestants at best). The televised final contest is occurring THIS Saturday August 18th. If you are in the good ol' US of A, it will be shown LIVE on E! Entertainment on Saturday MORNING at 8-10 a.m. Make sure to DVR it in case you're not apt to be up that early on a Saturday. Here are the Top 10 Top Models of Miss World 2012: Miss Belize Chantae Chanice Guy

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