During our visit to Mayan King we got a firsthand look at the community and its operations. Mayan King employs approximately eight hundred persons (850) people who provide by extension for an additional two thousand plus dependents. The community has sleeping facilities for families, single persons, and workers. There's a shopping area, a restaurant, church and pharmacy just to name a few. The majority of persons who are employed by Mayan King live onsite as they have to be up early tending to the banana and oranges. Plus news got an opportunity to speak with some of the Mayan King workers.

Banana worker- Mayan King Farm
I came here 29 years ago and I have my kids 18 and 20 years old. and I educate all of them through this money I get here... all of them [have] gone to UB . They got their Bachelors and two of them got their Masters in the US. Well this is the first time it [has] happened... me and the whole staff feel it very hard because it never happen in 29 years since I work here. Those people need the money; they are asking what happen? They [have] the kids that they need to buy milk for at the shop that they need to pay and they need to buy boots for the kids to prepare for school and they cant prepare because they don't have no money.

The workers should have been paid from Tuesday August 7th but due to the pressure being place on the company and the Banks demands on Zabaneh their pay was delayed.

Banana worker- Mayan King Farm
Well I feel sad because we raise our children working for Mayan King. Mr. Zabaneh is a good man and he really helps us when we need the help. The job always here and anytime we need something from Mr. Johnny, Mr. Johnny is always for us. So I feel sad and discouraged because I ask the Government what will we do if Mayan King close down? We depend [on] Mayan King village.

The payroll for Mayan King is approximately half a million dollars, monthly. We spoke with one of the office personnel who expressed that the last thing they need is to lay off workers.

Banana worker- Mayan King Farm
Well at this time it is very important to me because I am the only bread winner in my family and presently I have my daughter sick. Without my job it will be very difficult for me to look after her. It comes to it that we might have to cut back on our employees due to the current problem that we are facing. For certain, I would want to see the best for Mayan King because we have many workers from all over Central America; also our own Belizean people and right now things are already hard. Imagine without work what would happen to the economy down south.

Mayan King is one of Belize's largest exporters' of Banana and Citrus.