Causes Admin. Paralysis

The Lands Department is recovering from a major computer breakdown - and it's caused a near administrative paralysis and much perverse speculation. According to CEO Beverly Castillo, the problem started two weeks ago - on the third of August when the computer system was backing up and had a massive breakdown.

It left the computer system corrupted - and thousands of files had to be restored.

What's concerning folks right now is that the financial portion of the records has not been restored - leaving some to fear that the record of their tax and other payments may have been irretrievably lost.

CEO Castillo says you shouldn't worry; they do have those records in the cash book - and are systematically restoring it. But, it's a tedious process and she says it will still be another two weeks before it is fully restored.

The financial records that are currently not on the system are from May 2011 to August third, 2012. Also down is the AMS system, which is used to track land records and processes - but Castillo assures us there is no loss of data as regards land tenure.

And while that is the official explanation - in this culture there's always suspicion of any deviation from the norm with land dealings at the officials level - and the breakdown has triggered anxiety in members of the public who are concerned that their records have been lost.

Again, CEO Castillo says that by September, those worries should have been cast aside.

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