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#444928 - 08/21/12 07:18 AM Belize’s September Celebrations 2012  
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Calendar of Events

This September, Belize celebrates 31 years of Independence and the 214th anniversary of The Battle of St. George’s Caye. The official calendar of events is out… are you ready to celebrate?

[Linked Image]

#445031 - 08/23/12 06:43 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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2012 September Celebrations Calendar

And so, the park will be ready for September ninth - but not before that - meaning that a few of the events which are usually staged there will now be moved to other locations.

The September Celebrations Calendar was released yesterday and it features all of the usual official events such as the official launch of the Celebrations on September second at St. George's Caye.

But the fun begins before that - with the National Patriotic and Carnival Song Competition on this Saturday, August 25th at the MCC Grounds.

Co-Chair of the Celebrations Commission Dianne Haylock outlined some of the more festive events for us:..

Dianne Haylock, Co-Chair of the Celebrations Commission
"The first activity really is the national song competition which takes place this coming Saturday at the MCC Grounds; that is the national patriotic and carnival song competition. People have made their submissions in the patriotic category as well as the carnival category. That includes juniors and seniors. So that takes place at 7 this Saturday 25th August at MCC Grounds."

"The first of September also at the MCC Grounds is the carnival king and queen competition. Carnival is on the 8th September at the usual time at 1pm starting from Yabra going all the way up to BTL Park."

"I'd like to share with people the theme of this year's celebration which is "Many faces, many dreams, one goal celebrating Belize." I think that is what we as a people and as a country represent."

You can review the electronic version of the September Celebrations Calendar

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#445080 - 08/24/12 07:45 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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What's On The Menu For September Celebrations

This year Belize will celebrate 31 years of Independence and its 214th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye. The wide range of events that will occur throughout the country will be celebrated under the theme, “Many faces, Many dreams- One Goal- Celebrating Belize.” On Monday, the September Calendar of events was released by the September Celebrations Committee. For the Corozal District, 36 events have been outlined. Activities kicked off on August 18th with the Queen of the Bay Pageant Motorcade and Presentations of Candidates. On August 25th, the Queen of the Bay Pageant will be held at the Andres Campos Civic Centre at 7:00pm. Corozal list of events culminates on September 21st with a free Jump up at the Coronation Park.

In Orange Walk 26 events have been line up for the September celebrations beginning on September 5th with a talent night at the Fort Cairn’s Market Plaza starting at 7:00pm. Celebrations for September 10th will take place at the Central Park starting 3:00pm. Orange Walk will also see a drum fete on September 13th, a Battle of the Bands on September 18th and of course the Independence Day Celebrations on September 21st.

Across the country, September 19th has been reserved as National Service Day, a day to celebrate the life of Belize’s First Prime Minister Rt. Honorable George Cadle Price. You can download the entire September Celebrations Calendar at

One of the events in the September Celebrations Calendar is the National Song Competition which is slated to take place at the MMC Grounds in Belize City on Saturday August 25th. Nineteen local artists from across the country have submitted their songs to the September Celebrations Committee. Three songs are competing in the Junior Division, ten songs in the Patriotic Division and six songs have been submitted in the Carnival Division. From Corozal Town, Salus Magana submitted his song entitled “Belizean Carnival”, in the Carnival Division. Here is a snippet of how it sounds.

Also from the Corozal District, Morelia Pop, from the village of Ranchito, submitted her song entitled “Tranquil Heaven”, in the Junior Division. You may know her two younger brothers, McBribe Pop and Samsung Pop who are both competing in the Buscando Una Estrella Infantil Karaoke Competition organized by Centaur. Well, Moreila Pop is also making a name for herself.

If those songs put you in the September Spirit then give them your vote by logging on to The contestants will perform their songs at the finals on Saturday with a live band.


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#445143 - 08/25/12 07:41 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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FULL September Celebrations Schedule
The September Celebrations are right around the corner. Here's the link to the schedule for all activities at this point. Cayo, Benque, and Belmopan have quite a few events scheduled. The Queen of the West pageant starts it all off tomorrow night at the Novelo's Convention Center.

#445320 - 08/28/12 06:55 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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Nello Player Wins Patriotic Song Contest

Every year, the September Celebrations Season begins with the National Song Competition, where Belizean performers and composers vie for the prizes and the prestige.

On Saturday, this year's competition was held at MCC Grounds - a change in venue because the Memorial Park is still not ready - and it was broadcast live on this station.

But, for those of you who might have missed it, we caught up today with Nello Player, one of the winners, and he told us about the message behind his patriotic song.

Here's what he told us:

Nello Player, Artist
"The song is called "Celebrating Belize" and it's just as the songs says, it's our 31st year of Independence and we are celebrating our anniversary. We are celebrating Belize come September time, this is the season for celebration and I wrote the song with that in mind - there is always an element to the songs that I put out in September. We have an obligation as artists to reach out to our past."

"I met a teacher yesterday and she told me that she loves the songs but none of the kids knew what I was talking about. So this is a good opportunity for them to inquire about certain things they hear in the song to the teachers."

"It's a great feeling to come in first. Who doesn't want to come in first in a competition? I feel good about coming in first and I am grateful to all the people who were rallying for my victory - to all the supporters and to everybody who was behind me throughout this competition."

"Last year the difference in song - last year I wrote a song that was called "How can I leave" - pretty much touching on the topic; Belize is so great, Belize is our home and even further for those abroad just to remember home. This is celebrating Belize and so its recognizing our achievements and being a little more positive in the song saying that we should be more together as a people and celebrate our country and be proud of our country."

Nello Player was the winner of the Patriotic Song category. Second place was the late Leroy "Bass" Castillo, with his song "This is Belize", and third place was Patrick McPherson, with his piece, "A Song That We Sing".

In the Carnival Song Category, Sharon Martinez won with her song, "Freedom". Second Place was the artist, TR, with his song, "Raise the Flag", and third place was Mr. Program with his song, "Everybody Dance".

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#445324 - 08/28/12 07:04 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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Winners of national song competition announced

Song competition results

The MCC grounds in Belize City came alive on Saturday night as the venue for the National Song competition. Nineteen performers in the Junior Patriotic, Senior Patriotic and Senior Carnival song Categories all showcased their talents onstage to the public and the judges ,James Sanker, Kenny Gladden, Jenniffer Lovell, Richard Moody and Colville Young Jr. At the end of the night only one person emerged as the winner in each category. Here are the highlights of Saturday night’s event.

Tabulators for the competition were Shaheida Vega and Marcia Rodgriguez. The Winner for the Junior Patriotic song walked away with one thousand five hundred dollars, the Senior Patriotic song winner took home four thousand dollars and for the Carnival song, the winner also took home four thousand dollars. All prizes for the night amounted to over twenty five thousand dollars.


#445332 - 08/28/12 07:38 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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VIDEO: 2012 Belize National Song Competition

The Belize National Song Competiton is one of the events that kick off the September Celebrations in Belize and this year, 2012, Belize is Celebrating is 31st Anniversary of Independence from Britain. The Musicians and Artists write their own songs and compete in patriotic and carnival categories Despite the change of venue this year, the people came out in droves to support their favorite musicians and artists. This video is only a sampling of the music that the winning artists performed.

This is not a professional video with color and sound editing. Its a video to share what's happening in Belize for those who call it HOME!

#445505 - 08/30/12 07:10 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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Mas Camp Madness 2012

The Carnival is set for Saturday September eighth - and that means that right now the various Carnival Camps are in high gear, finalizing elaborate costumes and cultivating that wild spirit to unleash it on the streets when the big day comes around.

Last night Monica Bodden visited a few of those camps and here's her report:

Monica Bodden Reporting

With carnival only 10 days away - The carnival fever continues as these bands finish up the last minute touches on their costumes and strengthen their dancing techniques.

Our first stop last night was at the Sunshine Masqueraders Mas Camp where 46 revelers - all energized - gave us a peek at what we can expect on Carnival day.

Marilyn Young - Band Leader, Sunshine Masqueradors
"We are portraying the Mayan Heritage. We're doing their culture. Our costumes - the king and queen - will be Moon God, and Rain God."

Monica Bodden
"Tell us why you guys chose that team."

Marilyn Young
"Well, we usually find things that are pertaining to Belize because they always say that whenever you do something, you do it for your country. The Mayas were here before Christ, and they are saying that this is the year of the Maya because they predict that this year the world should have ended. So, we're still doing something on the Maya."

Monica Bodden
"How members do you have in the band this year?"

Marilyn Young
"Right now, we have 46 members."

Monica Bodden
"Are you guys taking more, or is this it for you?"

Marilyn Young
"Yes, we have space for more because the capacity is 75, but when we go and ask parent, they are willing for the children to join. The finance isn't there though. If I would have gotten the support from some of the other business places, I wouldn't mind making the costumes and making allowing the children to come because all the parents are focusing on school. That is very important because we have to educate our kids."

Monica Bodden
"Speaking about finance, how has that been going for the band?"

Marilyn Young
"Finances have been very bad. I could call 3 names that supported me this year and last year, Benny's, Belize Bank, and Simon Quan. Those are the 3 that came out for me."

Their theme this year is Pirates of the Caribbean - and according to Oceana Soca Mocha - they are ready to bring color, energy and charisma come carnival day.

Pauline Bradley - Band Leader, Oceana Soca Moca
"This year, we are Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Kraken and Pirates Gold. We have 4 sections this year with 200 members. The first Tia Delma, the voodoo priestest or the Calypso. Group #2 are the pirates, King Davey Jones. Group #3 is Queen Sarina, the mermaid, and the 4th section is King Kraken. First of all, Oceana is our main sponsor. And our 2nd sponsor, who we have really have to give respect to is Joseph Taylor. He gave us materials when it came to the steel and other materials like that to make the king and queen costumes. We didn't get sponsors from any other companies. My sister worked really hard, and she also put her money into it. She is the owner of the band, Audrey Bradley."

Monica Bodden
"Now, are you guys ready for the King and Queen competition this Saturday?"

Pauline Bradley
"Yes, today, we are on our 4th costume right, and we're finishing it. By Saturday, we'll be completely finished."

Monica Bodden
"And your members, do you think that your members are ready to put on a show for the Belizean people?"

Pauline Bradley
"I think that when it comes to Oceana Soca Moca, we're always ready."

Our last stop last night was at the Eternity Mas Camp - where there band is catering for a hundred and twenty revelers. And from the little we saw last night, these dancers are more than ready to bring that heat in the street.

Tara Williams - Band Leader, Eternity Mas Camp
"In this carnival, we're portraying the Belize Public Service."

Monica Bodden
"Now, why Belize Public Service?"

Tara Williams
"Well, we decided that we wanted to give back or show what it is about, and give thanks to them. They are the ones who protect us, and when we're sick, we have to go to the hospital to deal with the nurses. When anything happens, you have the call the police. We need them, so we wanted to showcase all of that."

Monica Bodden
"Tell me a little about the costumes."

Tara Williams
"This year, we're doing 4 different sections. Our 1st section is the DigiCell section because we wanted to show the relationship between the Public Service and the Phone Service. You need that phone service to get to your public services. Our second Section is the police. The 3rd section is the nurses, and the last section we have is the BDF."

Monica continues her camp visits tonight - and we'll have more MAS CAMP MADNESS in tomorrow's newscast...

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#445589 - 08/31/12 07:42 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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Mayor, Meet the Queens

The Queen of the Bay Pageant stands alone as the most enduring beauty contest in the country. It dates back to 1946 and is a staple of the September Calendar.

The pageant is on Saturday and this week the contestants have been making the media and official rounds ot create hype for the big event.

Today, they had an official visit at City Hall, where they socialized with Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley and his Councilors. There are 11 contestants who are offering themselves to be this year's Queen of the Bay. Because of the number of young ladies who offered themselves, the elders of the pageant committee had to add 3 more ceremonial houses for remaining contestants to represent. The pageant will be held at the Bird's Isle at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

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#445590 - 08/31/12 07:59 AM Re: Belize’s September Celebrations 2012 [Re: Marty]  
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The Mas Camp Contagion

Carnival preparations are at a fever pitch all this week - as revelers are getting their outfits and their dance moves just right for the big day.

But the big day starts form this week when judges go into the Mas Camps to see what's happening.

That continued last night in three camps and Monica Bodden was there - here's her report:..

Monica Bodden reporting
It is contagious and spreading rapidly - and so far it seems like there isn't a cure for the Carnival Fever.

That was quite visible here at Belizean Jewel Mas Camp where it was all high level energy for these revelers who gyrated to some of the most popular soca songs in front of a crowd of spectators.

Sharon Wade - Belizean Jewels
"Our team this year is "many colors, many faces, one nation: Belize.""

Monica Bodden
"Why was that theme chosen?"

Sharon Wade - Belizean Jewels
"The theme was chosen simply because carnival is all about colors and its full of different races, different faces and Belize is one nation."

Monica Bodden
"Now tell us a little bit about the costumes?"

Sharon Wade - Belizean Jewels
"For the first costume which is many colors - its 4 different colors. The many faces is blue and black but with different faces and one nation Belize is the red, white and blue."

Monica Bodden
"Is this a new band?"

Sharon Wade - Belizean Jewels
"Yes it is a new band and it's our first year. It will be likely continued in years to come."

Our next stop was at Jump Street Posse - where Band Leader Marina Welcome showed us her display of vibrant, colorful costumes and gave us a synopsis of her Theme Magic City.

Marine Welcome - Band Leader
"The theme this year is major city because we are going to send the kids crazy."

Monica Bodden
"Tell me how did you guys chose that theme?"

Marine Welcome - Band Leader
"I have my 2 grandbabies that love cartoons. You know last year I said I was going to have carnival this year, so they came in my bed and left the TV on cartoons and I got up part of the night and the cartoons was on and that's where I made my decision that I would do something for this kids this year."

Monica Bodden
"Now "Magic City." Tell me a little bit about these costumes; I could only imagine that's its going to be something grand."

Marine Welcome - Band Leader
"Definitely, our first section is Cinderella, you see Cinderella castle; you see the coach, will be driven by the coachman because that's the coach that takes Cinderella to the ball where she met her handsome prince and got married and live into that beautiful castle. Our second section is Sleeping Beauty. We have Agatha, the witch that spins the wheel and sleeping beauty prick her finger and she went into that deep sleep for 100 years. So, she is her bed for that deep sleep where she met her handsome prince and he awoke her with one kiss and they got married and they go to a grand ball."

"The third section is Walt Disney; we will have Mickey Mouse and all the Disneyland characters that I know the kids will enjoy. I started from February - the hardest one was the castle - that's the one that took me the longest because I had to do every little detail so that it can look like a castle - that was the hardest one."

"The others I did like in 3 weeks because I design my own costume. I have Ms. Pamela and Ms. Diane that came aboard and they will do the little sequence and things for me because at time everybody helps."

"I have a wonderful at work that is there for me always; if I need a little hour or so to go and do something they give it to me. They are right there for me and right now we are having some money difficulties - we are short like of $3,000.00. If anybody can contact me at 602-3352 - any donation you give help and trust me you will not regret it when Jump Street Posse steps out there on carnival day and Saturday night."

And our last stop was at the Mahogany Masqueraders camp.

The once junior band is now competing in the senior category this year. Band Leader - Nadia Avila - told us why the change and also confidently boasted about her revelers - who she says are all pumped and ready for the carnival road march 2012.

Nadia Avila - Band Leader
"Our theme for this year is "Celebrating the history of carnival""

Monica Bodden
"Tell us Nadia, how you guys actually came up with that theme?"

Nadia Avila - Band Leader
"A lot of research and a lot of thinking. What happen seeing I had a junior band for so many years - I always try to stay positive in whatever I do and focus on us as people on a whole."

"The first section here is the ancestry section; these colors signify the struggle that we went through. What happen in the late 1700s we were able to take part in carnival. But after 40 years we gain emancipation and we ended up being able to perform in carnival and that's what the colors signifies - our struggling color; we gain it here with the white and the silver and the colorful section is that after all we have been through - we decided to display it beautiful colors."

"As I was finish with the junior, I took a month off and in December I started thinking about what I am going to do because there are some people having this tendency to say that I have a junior man and I have a junior mind - Once you could do a junior man it is easier for a senior band because you don't have to babysit the kids - you can go beyond. Each individual is responsible for themselves."

"I try to do themes that people will love when they come and inspect our costumes. I have positive people dancing. I ask everybody to stay outside and they do exactly what I say - that just speaks a lot about the caliber of people that is dancing with Mahogany Masqueraders. I must say thanks to you all for coming."

"I decided to go senior because my girls are all 18, 21 and 23 years old and they want to dance. They told me that if I can do junior then I must can do senior. I have 111 dancers, the criteria is 100. I am not going to do 200 nor 150, I ain't going to kill myself - each costume here is the same, no costume is inferior to another - every costume, what you see one, you'll see on all."

"There is always difficulty when it comes to finance, but I stay positive. I went to the bank and I got a loan and I have sponsorship from Benny's Home Center - they always come out and they gave me some cash - I need transportation for road march and I need transportation for king and queen. If anybody wants to assist the band, just contact me. It's the first time and I don't have the ropes of getting certain things done but if anybody could kindly assist with a truck for the day and my music it would go a long way."

"My finances are little but I am still getting there with the help of the dancers paying for the costumes. I must say thanks again."

Monica Bodden
"Do you have a number that people can reach you on?"

Nadia Avila - Band Leader
"My cell phone is 627-4013 and my house number is listed in the phone book under Nadia Avila."

Monica is at six camps tonight - and we'll have that story tomorrow.

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