Country Foods cooperative is growing in production. ALL is sold on the local market. Nothing is exported yet. Eggs represent 71% of this Spanish Lookout Cooperative. 18% of their business is in RK beans. Rice represents the other 11%. 80% of their beans are RK beans. They also produce and market cranberry, and smaller red beans, with black eyed peas. There is nobody in Belize producing LENTILS yet, my favorite bean and the one we always buy, but it is imported. The cooperative rice is packed in 20, 50 and 100 pound bags. They distribute locally about 800,000 lbs of rice per year. About 1 million pounds of beans are sold each year locally.

Country Foods is going to become more mechanized. Instead of labor intensive candeling and sorting for size with eggs, they have ordered a machine from Brazil, that will do the job. Country Foods Cooperative market about 7 to 8000 eggs a month. The new system when operational will use plastic egg containers. Laying hens are good for 16 to 19 months, when they are culled and sold off. The current trend is export to Guatemala, as buyers come in and bid on them.