Market Day in Belmopan is a great place for steals and deals. Well this Friday (AUG 31) there will be an added feature for shoppers. Cultural Regional Institution of Belize (CRIB) will be hosting its first in a series of Diverse Cultural Activities set to take place every end of month at the Belmopan Market Day. It is a part of a five month program of activities and it kicks off this Friday. Luis Peraza Sr. President of CRIB shares more

Luis Peraza Sr. President of CRIB
What we propose to do is to have C.R.I.B. promote culture not only in Belmopan� but in all the country of Belize. We have notice that it's going to be the first of its class that is going to be held because many years ago we have had this intention idea but so far we didn't have the opportunity but now with the help and support of City Council and most of all with the help of God we will carry through this program and activity. I believe that multi-cultural includes everyone, everybody who desires to participate most essentially is the fact that culture does not have political barrier, religion barrier, ethnic barrier it's for everyone to enjoy. However it means that from the beginning we need to have discipline and respect one for another especially when it comes to presentation.

�Noemi Flores one of the directors of CRIB spoke about the artists scheduled to perform at this Friday's Market Day activities

Noemi Flores
This is going to be a multi-cultural activity that is going to take place the last Friday of this month and it will include solo singers, mariachis, it will include local artist like Mr. Ismael Chakcon "El Bukis" Ms Radiance Thompson and myself Noemi Flores and we're inviting people so that they could register in the following activities that is going to take place here in Belmopan of Cultural Regional Institution of Belize including Mayas, Mestizo, Ketchi or any other ethnic groups that would be interested in participating also.

�Manuel Lizarraga, Executive Director - CRIB explains that the idea is to make market day a fun and festive experience but that the vision is bigger than just a cultural activity�

Manuel Lizarraga, Executive Director - CRIB
�We hope that we can liven up the market days make it "more fun to be" so to speak by promoting diverse culture which included dance, music, arts and craft, poems and everything to do with culture. Hopefully we can also attract Belizean tourist and Foreign tourist to keep coming to Belmopan and spending their money and we can overall generate awareness of Arts and Culture throughout the country and brining� hence more more eco-tourism and more development. We want to upgrade it much so that it's more effective than the Tourist Village. I think this is the beginning of what you would term a Cultural Market Complex in which we have diverse cultures from all over the country at one spot.

CRIB's aim is to promote culture, arts and education in the community and work towards stimulating the investment climate through eco-tourism.