As Belize becomes one of the biggest boom areas of the Caribbean, affluent visitors-and more and more celebrities-soon find themselves switching from the adventures of island-hopping to Inland Belize Adventures. Below are six inland Belize Adventures you will love.

Easy: Average Fitness level
Medium: Active Outdoor level
Difficult: Advanced Fitness level required

Horseback riding:

With hundreds of miles of riverside trails and forests to explore, traveling by horseback gives you a chance to take in your surroundings without all the effort. Take a carrot as a reward for your trusty steed. (Medium)


Experience nature at an exhilarating speed when you take an airboat tour of the wetlands. This fragile ecosystem is home to unique tropical plants, turtles and the American crocodile. (Easy)


A canoeing trip on any of Belize's picturesque rivers is a rejuvenating adventure. As you drift along clean, clear waters try to spot the noisiest animal in the Belize jungle, the howler monkey, in the trees overhead. (Easy to Medium)


Belize is home to one of the most extensive cave systems in Central America. Visitors can choose whether they want to hike, float or swim through these ancient and stunning underground spaces. (Easy to Difficult)


Get amazing views, and your adrenaline high, as you fly through the jungle canopy on a zipline. An ideal option for family fun, memories of this exciting activity will last a lifetime. (Medium to Difficult)


Enjoy extraordinary hikes in Belize including climbs to the majestic Victoria Peak, the lookout of the Thousand Foot falls, the tallest waterfall in Central America or the neighborhood Maya temple. (Easy to Difficult)