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El Pescador Fishing Report, Week of August 19th - August 25th , 2012
WHAT GUESTS WERE CATCHING: BONEFISH: Lots of bonefish as usual - Mary landed her first ever bonefish as did Billy. Mary was fishing with Capt. Luis while Billy was out with Capt. Vince. Everyone caught bonefish each day. The biggest just around 4 pounds. PERMIT: On Monday, his first day out, long time guest Adam M. landed a permit warming up for the tournament with Capt. Emir. Tony, his teammate got one to eat but didn't get it in. Repeat guest Dave D. warmed up for the tourney with Capt. Carlos on Wednesday and landed a permit - his first permit here at EP! Victor Landed a good 12-pound permit with Capt Kechu. For tournament points, Team Reel Women fishing out of EP landed a permit on their first day out. Congrats to team Reel Women (our own Lori-Ann and Diane) who fished with Capt, Tomas. Team Yellowdog also fished out of EP as well, Ian and Keith fished hard but could not repeat their second place finish of last year but finished strong on Saturday with a permit to the boat...

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The San Pedro Sun

Blue Reefers are the 2012 Tres Pescados Grand Slam winners
The fourth annual Tres Pescados tournament took place with great success over the weekend. The three days of sun and bluer skies provided perfect weather for the yearly anticipated tournament. With a grand prize of $4,000BZ on the line, anglers hailing from near and far headed out to sea daily, some as early as 4:30AM! The objective of the game was to capture the most "Grand Slams", i.e.: All three fish -Bone fish, Tarpon and Permit. Competition commenced early Thursday morning with 15 boats and some 36 anglers signed up for the tournament. Teams went out daily and brought photos of their catch of the day. Points were tallied and added daily, eventually leading up to the award ceremony on Saturday night, August 25th. Caprice Bar and Grill saw some 50 or more fishermen along with their family members and friends gathered for the cocktail dinner party followed by the award ceremony. In third place with zero slams but the most points and taking home Bze$1,500 was Team Pesca with 1150 points. In second place, capturing one grand slam over the three days was Team Fly Treks, which took home Bze$2,500. And the grand prize winners, capturing two slams over the three days, and winning Bze$4,000 were, the Blue Reefers.

Belize to host historic, high-level CRFM/OSPESCA Meeting
Belize will host a historic, high-level ministerial meeting which will see as many as 25 countries from two regional fisheries organizations-tasked to promote cooperation and policy coordination in addressing transboundary fisheries matters-converge at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City, from Monday, September 3 to Tuesday, September 4, 2012, as they chart a comprehensive course for future collaborative action. The joint meeting will bring together 17 CARICOM member and associated member states of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), and 7 members of the Organization for Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Central American Isthmus (OSPESCA), joined by the Dominican Republic as an associate member. "The similar mandates and objectives of both organizations highlight the potential benefits of sharing scientific knowledge and experiences related to research, resource management, and policy coordination in fisheries and aquaculture development," CRFM organizers said. They added that, "Strengthening collaboration between these two regional fisheries organizations would improve conservation, management and sustainable development of the shared living marine resources of the Caribbean Sea."

Ambergris Today

Pre-School Teacher Brush Up on First Aid Training
Parents of preschoolers on the island will be more than happy to know that the teacher of their children received some First Aid training on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. The training came in part by the Belize Rural South District Emergency Coordinator and was facilitated by the Belize Red Cross. Sixteen pre-school teachers received proper training at Fido's Courtyard on Basic First Aid by instructors Winnie Parchue and Christbert Berry of the Belize Red Cross. As teachers head back to classes next week, they now go back more prepared to handle medical emergencies that should arise at school.

Two Manatees Rescued in Belize
Just a couple weeks ago a report by the Oceanic Society and the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) indicated that Belize has the most numbers of endangered Antillean manatees in the world. Belizeans were very happy with the reports as the manatee has always been an iconic symbol of the country's rich marine life. And Belizeans have always been protective of manatees because of their gentle nature and more so because of their endangered status. Just last week this love for the magnificent marine creature was displayed as a group of volunteers managed to save two injured manatees from possible death. With the help of volunteers from residents at the Vista del Mar area in Belize City/Ladyville, the CZMAI and the Sea to Shore Alliance were able to remove two injured manatees from the area and transport them to the Manatee Rehabilitation Facility in Sarteneja where they are currently being treated.

Solar Energy Project Introduced to Belize
On Friday, August 17, 2012, the University of Belize was handed over a multi-million dollar project for introduction of clean energy by a solar electricity generation system. The facility is located at the Belmopan campus of the University of Belize and was funded was funded under the grant aid for environment and climate change program by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Completion of the project took about a year and $10Mil Bze and it represents a world of new possibilities for Belize and its environment, as the country takes hold of clean energy generation. UB President, Carey Frazer, explained at the inaugural ceremony that the facility will also be important to carry out research for the development of other green technologies.

San Pedro Police Officer Assaulted with Machete
Police reports indicated that on Saturday, August 25, 2012, Police Constable Alfonso Guerra, 30yrs, was involved in a chopping incident that occurred in the vicinity of Marina's Store on Sea Grape Drive. San Pedro Police reported visiting Marina's Store at about 10:30p.m. on the said date where they saw PC Guerra suffering from a chop wound across the left side of this chest. Initial investigation revealed that PC Guerra was working special duty at the establishment when Francisco Dominguez, 24 year old laborer of Coconut Drive, armed with a machete, approached another male person known to him only as Kalahka. Both men then engaged in a struggle and when PC Guerra intervened to diffuse the situation, Dominguez used the machete and swung at him.

Coconut Fresh, No Sugar Added
There is nothing that can beat the refreshing taste and hydrating qualities of fresh coconut water on a hot and steamy day on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Look who we caught up with by the beach - the famous Coconut Leo! He was just finishing up filling a gallon with fresh coconut water that he collected by climbing up the trees himself. It is impressive to see this master of coconut tree climbing collect all the coconuts and open the nut without any tools (no machete needed); it all done by hand! Ambergris Today is now enjoying some delicious, sweet coconut water - no sugar added - courtesy of Coconut Leo. The gallon of coconut water goes for $10Bze.

San Pedro's DJ Polo Weds
Congratulations to Apolonio Reyes who got married to Seli Reyes on August 11, 2012 in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. DJ Polo is a well known radio personalety on the island who hosts various segments on Reef Radio and Reef Tv including a children's program. Congratulations to DJ Polo and Seli!

Misc Belizean Sources

Can and should Belize benefit from developing its natural resources, turning the perception of poor resource management and use of economic proceeds - the resource curse- into the blessings it deserves? The answer is yes. Alaska, Botswana, Chile and Norway, to cite notable examples, are blessed with oil and gas, diamonds and copper. These States are great models of achievement in successfully coping with the effects of sudden wealth derived from a single resource that became major economic drivers and income generators in their respective economies. This paper is an effort to stimulate new thinking by Belizeans that challenge conventional ideas and policies which may seem sensible on paper and on maps, but which do not serve their intended purposes. The unmitigated and escalating incidents of deforestation, of forest degradation, agricultural encroachments in protected areas, and illegal exploitation of Belize's natural resources in the Maya Mountains and adjacent border regions, glaringly illustrates this inadequacy, to cite one critical area of concern. The authors therefore seek to contribute to creative thinking in a non-polarizing way on the issue of what is termed development for preservation-the protection and sustainable management of Belize's natural resources in a way that preserves their many bounties for the benefit of future generations of Belizeans.

Telenova's 2nd Anniversary Concert
Telenova is having a huge anniversary concert and dance in Benque at the Cancha Marshalleck this Saturday. DJ Caesar will be mixing, and there will be plenty of local entertainment. Happy anniversary, Telenova! "Telenova channel 20 celebrates its 2nd anniversary BIGTIME! Come and enjoy a night of extreme fun! first the night kicks off with performances by our very own Belizean Artists: RVM Records, The Lab y Pura Sangre, Ralfy el Phantom, Chinomanstyle, and Blueprint Music. Followed by a banging Dance with DJ Cesar sounds! September 1st!! Cancha Marshalleck!! Doors open at 9PM. YOU CANNOT MISS IT! "

Cayo Welcome Center's Design Plans
The Cayo Welcome Center's ultimate look is really majestic. Downtown's facelift will be great for everyone, and it will be safer too. "The project Site for the new Cayo Welcome Center was chosen as a core area within the community with good pedestrian and vehicular links to the surrounding town and beyond. Already in use as a public park this prominent location is currently under utilized and has a lot of potential for future development. Positioned between Burns Avenue and the New Market area, if dealt with properly the site is ideally situated to help ease congestion and restore vitality to the historic town center. Parts of Burns Avenue will also be include within the scope of the project as the section from the junction with Savannah street down to St. Andrew's Anglican Church will be renovated in conjunction with the work to Coronation Park."

Cayo Welcome Center Nearing Completion
The Cayo Welcome Center is really close to being finished. All the buildings have their walls and roofs completed. They've finishing the bus entry, which will be right across from the market. Is that a toucan statue?

Queen of the West Video
Pandy captured a funny skit from the talent part of the the Queen of the West pageant. Great way to kick off the September Celebrations. Way to go, Pandy! Congratulations to Marcia Moody, and good luck at the Queen of the Bay!

VIDEO: Boil Up Sauce
I made this recipe as a separate video that the Boil Up meal because we will use this sauce in the future for other dishes. Many Belizean recipes are interchangeable, with many dishes being the base to build another dish.

Channel 7

Is Puma Playing The Margins With Premium Vs. Diesel?
Last night we told you about the astronomical pump price for fuel: in Belize City it is almost thirteen dollars a gallon for premium! And if you think that's bad try buying a gallon in Punta Gorda where the price is thirteen dollars and twenty cents per gallon! Regular isn't far behind at almost twelve dollars per gallon in the city and twelve - nineteen in PG. Diesel, though, is stuck at 10.17 per gallon. Don't get us wrong, we aren't complaining, but those with knowledge of the sector, point out to us that it is unusual that for the past two increases in pump price, Diesel has remained untouched. Our investigations today tell us that may have something to do with the fact that Belize Natural Energy is now importing Diesel fuel. It's not huge quantities, but it is enough to factor into the market - because BNE is offering cheaper diesel to large consumers - particularly in the south. And so, insiders say, it may be that PUMA is keeping the price of diesel low to remain competitive - and making up for its loss at that end, by inflating the price of regular and premium fuel.

Man Gets Off Trafficking 50 Pounds Weed On His Birthday
36 year-old Mark Sacasa got a birthday gift today when he was acquitted of a major drug trafficking charge. Police had arrested him with 51.3 pounds of marijuana but they dropped the ball in the trial.? According to the detective constable from the ADU, who was in charge of the case, he and another police officer busted Sacasa at a checkpoint in Hattieville on December 7, 2011 at around 5:30 p.m. According to the officer, they found the drugs in the trunk of a vehicle which he as driving. Sacasa's trial began in the court room of the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith last week Wednesday. The arresting officer made his first mistake when his written statement, which was dated December 7, mentioned steps taken on the following day. Sacasa's attorney, Arthur Saldivar, questioned the validity of the statement because the officer was writing of events which happened in the future. As a result, the statement was not admitted into evidence.

Mello Now Taking GOB To Court
Last week we told you about Karol Mello, the reputed international gangster, who was freed of all charges when he appeared in the Belmopan Magistrate's Court. We also told you about his intention to sue the Government of Belize so that he could get back his legal status as a permanent resident, which was withdrawn when the Ministry of Immigration tried to get him expelled from the country. Well today, the first hearing for that case was held before Justice Oswell Legall. The matter is still in its case management phase, and as a result, Justice Legall only set down September 17 as the date for it to start. Mello was not present court, and only his wife, Zuzana, attended on his behalf.

Bondholders Want More Info; GOB Says They Are Stalling
More information, that's what a group of Belize Bondholders say they want. The Miami-based Coordinator Committee which says it represents the owners of more than half of the Belize bonds issued a release today saying quote, "The evaluation process has been impacted by delays on the part of the GOB in providing key information requested by the Committee." As we understand it this is information having to do with BEL and BTL - the compensation for which has been added to the overall debt profile. And until they get what they call full disclosure , the Coordinator Committee says it will rely on the IMF Article Four report published last December, as, quote, "the definitive active financial analysis for Belize." But a representative of the debt restructuring team told us today that it is not a matter of non-disclosure, but instead it is posturing and a stalling tactic - so that Belize will be pushed to the default deadline which is September 19th. This prospect of default would cause some alarm in most capitals, but in Belmopan, we're told that in the 30 days - government's resolve will only strengthen.

Police Charged Cpl. Lima's Killer (Again)
Last week Friday, 7News told you about the Police Department's response to Plues Street incident, in which they refuted any claims of brutality saying that in the wake of Corporal Victor Lima's death in the line of duty, they will crack down on criminals with weapons. Well, the man who is accused of killing Corporal Lima will finally face the actual charge in court. As we reported, 30 year-old Delford Slusher was originally arraigned on charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and grievous harm. These charges were laid hours before Lima succumbed to his injuries at the KHMH. Today, Slusher was brought back to court, and his charges were upgraded from attempted murder to murder. Chief Magistrate Smith remanded him to prison until October 9. As we reported, at around 10:00 p.m. on July 24 Corporal Lima was responding along with several other officers to a home invasion in Hattieville.

Accused Killer Andrewin Gets More Charges
Another man who is seeing additional charges brought against him is 20 year-old Tevin Andrewin, who police say was the man who shot 19 year-old Myrick Gladden to death just after midnight on June 24. As we reported, Gladden, his 27 year-old girlfriend, Shyiana Allen, and his 24 year-old friend, Richard Wade, were walking on Administrative Drive. When they arrived in front of the CB Hyde Building, they were allegedly approached by 20 year-old Tevin Andrewin, who pulled out firearm and fired several shots at the group. Gladden was hit in twice to the chest, once to the right side of his shoulder and left side of his back. His girlfriend, Allen, also suffered a gunshot injury to her left calf. As a result, police charged Andrewin was arraigned 2 months ago on the single charge of murder in relation to Gladden's death. Well, it seems that police are taking into consideration that Allen was also shot because Andrewin was taken back to Magistrate's Court today, and he was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and wounding.

Western Gas Owner Speaks On Butane Blaze
The Butane Fire that had the entire city in a state of suspended panic last week Thursday is old news by now - but there are still lessons to be learned form this important fire and questions to be answered. Lessons because a fire at a butane depot is an absolute worst scenario and it is the first we have had in the city in decades. And questions because - by numerous accounts - the performance of the Western Gas employees when the fire started was not acceptable. Today we got to discuss both the lessons and the questions with the owner of the business Mike Reyes. Here's what he told Jules Vasquez:... Mike Reyes, Western Gas "Fortunately we have an excellent - a superb fire department and I guess they got tested maybe for the very first time at this level but they did an exceptional job which created whatever could have been a catastrophe to have been minor." Jules Vasquez reporting Mike Reyes, has a lot to be thankful for. He's the owner of Western Gas at mile four and a half on the Western Highway and today he showed us what went wrong last week Thursday at his depot. Reyes was out of the country when he got the call that there was a fire: Mike Reyes, Western Gas "What happen when I got the call of course my first impression was thinking safety. When I heard the call the first thing I told my uncle who was the one in charge here 'please make sure the main valves are cut or completely shut off.'"

GSU Under Review (Again)
As we reported last week, The Gang Suppression Unit is under investigation again after last week Tuesday's allegation that they roughed up as many as 20 young men from Crooked Tree Village. Yesterday, the police press officer said the COMPOL will have a good talk with the GSU:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "A team of investigators from our Professional Standard Branch visited that area last week where they recorded several statements and hopefully by the end of this week they will release the outcome of the investigation. I know that the minister of national security and the commissioner of police along with other senior officers and other outside parties will meet with the members of GSU this week to actually discuss justifiable force and harm with them." The Commander of the GSU Marco Vidal had been on leave, and returned yesterday.

Another City Shooting - No One Hurt
There was another shooting in the city last night - and again, it happened at the edge of the Lake Independence neighborhood. At 9:45 last night, 27 year old Omar Martinez of mile two and a half on the western Highway was with two friends when an unknown man came out of the bushes and fired six shots at them. Martinez was hit in the left ankle. Fortunately, his injuries were minor and he was treated and released form the KHMH.

Jamaica & St. Vincent Want To Say "Bye-Bye Betty!"
Belize is about to celebrate its 31st anniversary of Independence but The Queen OF England is still our Head Of State and the figurehead on our currency. It doesn't cause too much concern locally, but in Jamaica and St Vincent they've just about had enough of the Queen as their head of state. This was recently verbalized at a Conference held in Jamaica at the 50/50 conference. Our colleague from CEEN TV in Jamaica Kalilah Enriquez reports:.. The 50/50 Conference was held in Kingston and Sponsored by the University Of the West Indies.

Conference On HIV Stigma
The National Aids Commission is holding a Conference on Stigma and Discrimination in Belize this evening at the Belize Biltmore Plaza. It started at 7:00 and the conference intends to share perspectives on regional and local HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Belize. Executive Director of the National Aids Commission Doctor Martin Cuellar also mentioned that some of the latest HIV and aids data will be released at the conference. Martin Cuellar, Director of the National Aids Commission "The national response including all of our partner agencies and our support and technical partners including in this case PASCA from the USAID agencies are frivoling one of our most important elements of national strategic plan for the next 5 years which is for us to prioritize and coordinate the work that we are doing in stigma or against stigma and discrimination as it relates and as it impacts HIV and so in that light we've organized stigma and discrimination conference focusing on - again set against the backdrop of HIV."

More Triplets At KHMH
In January of this year we reported on a set of triplets born at the KHMH. Well, TONIGHT, another set of triplets making the news. On Friday a 16 year old mother when delivered three little boys - weighing between 3-5 pounds each. Because the mother is a minor - and the case is complicated we couldn't speak to her, nor could we photograph the newborns, but we did get pictures of them - and the full story. Voice of: Grandmother "I am proud grandmother for the babies. The babies will be handed over to me, I don't know when and I don't know the time but I thank God that they are healthy. I thank God that the doctors and nurses did a great job for my grandbabies and I am a very proud grandmother." "This is the second set of triplets in the family because my mom had triplets of 39 years old, she died already. I am a mother who has twins too and my niece have twins also. I feel so glad because it keeps in the family, God bless the family."

World Grain Crisis Sense Chicken Prices Up
The global drought has driven up poultry prices all over the world - including Belize. Last week, the price of chicken went up 10 cents a pound on the wholesale price making it two dollars and forty cents per pound - while at the retail level, prices vary. Orlando Habet of the Belize Poultry Association told us that fortunately Belize produces enough corn to feed its chickens - so the corn shortage does not affect us. But the protein source for poultry is still soymeal and prices for that have been driven up due to the grain shortage and the transport is also going up due to fuel prices. Habet tells us that last week, he attended a meeting of regional producers and prices are up all across Central America - highest in Costa Rica, lowest in Nicaragua.

Channel 5

Bus owners gear up for transport dispute
The gears are shifting in the Transport Ministry and once again, there seems to be issues regarding permits given for prime runs in the West to a preferred company, West Line. West Line is once again in a tug of war with the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative (BBOC) over runs. The Transport Ministry could not [...]

Cops say 16 year old machete death was self defense
Last week Belmopan was also the scene of a confrontation, but instead of conversation there was violence. On August twenty-third, tragedy struck a family in the Salvapan Area when Yamani Aguirre, also known as Yasmani Mejia, died after he was stabbed once to the chest with a machete by nineteen year old Jesus Enriquez Flores. [...]

Bondholders want to evaluate more information
Failure, by the Government of Belize, to meet a forty-six million dollar coupon which was due last Monday, as part of the Superbond payment, has been a hot button issue since mid-August. In the wake of a subsequent downgrade in Belize's credit ratings, as well as the recent departure of the Debt Review Team for [...]

P.U.P. contacted by bondholders
The Superbond restructuring is being widely discussed, both locally and internationally, but for the Opposition the talk is about their dissatisfaction over a lack of communication from government. P.U.P. leader, Francis Fonseca, feels that as parliamentarians, the elected members of the Opposition should be involved or at least be kept updated on the process. While [...]

P.U.P. hopes for successful bond renegotiation
Fonseca also spoke on the risks associated with government's approach to the debt restructuring, but says the Opposition is hoping for successful negotiations and a sustainable solution for Belize.   Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "Certainly, after the thirty day period I think it is open to the bondholders to move in a completely [...]

Should G.O.B. increase taxes to pay for the Superbond?
Tonight's question is: Should G.O.B. increase taxes to pay for the super bond? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected].

Capital City enforces quality of life crimes
The Police Department launched its Quality of Life Program to warn the public that offenses such as public drinking, loitering, and littering are against the law. Persons can be ticketed and fines levied for these offenses-some up to five hundred dollars. Since June twelfth the campaign has been in full swing in the Capital as [...]

Aids Commission conference on HIV stigma and discrimination
Quality of life is not only the concern of the Police Department; the National Aids Commission also bears the burden to improve the lives of HIV affected people who are also part of the country's workforce. The commission is set to stage a one day conference on HIV stigma and discrimination, funded by USAID on [...]

Teen's successful delivery of triplets at the K.H.M.H.
While the commission is about to release its statistics, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital sent out a press release today reminding the public about one of its most cherished records, that is the birth record of course. Since January 2012 K.H.M.H. has recorded nine hundred and eighty-five births. Of those, there were twelve sets of [...]

Registering births of people who aren't in the system
And though we are informed that the birth and names of the boys will soon be recorded by the Vital Statistics Unit, strangely enough many parents fail to register their children into the system. That is why UNICEF recently teamed up with the Vital Statistics Unit to open temporary centers in Toledo, Stann Creek and [...]

Cancer victim returned home for birthday and last goodbye
While the previous stories were about welcoming newborns into the world, the following item is about the untimely passing of a teen. Just two weeks ago, Era Lightfoot came to our studios to plead for financial assistance because her nineteen year old daughter, Shayna, who was being kept at a Merida Hospital until they could [...]

Green tropics given the green light
Green Tropics is a Guatemalan company that intends to build a sugar factory, along with a refinery and cane fields complemented with an energy generation facility. But while its Environmental Impact Assessment was being reviewed, the company dug a canal approximately fifty feet wide and four miles long through a protected biological corridor. A stop [...]

Shot inside his home, no suspects
A shooting incident near mile two and a half on the Western Highway in Belize City shortly before ten o'clock on Monday night has left one man recovering from a gunshot wound to the left ankle. According to Omar Martinez, he was at home with his common-law wife Sherlene Kerr and friend Shawn Muschamp when [...]

Gospel Concert for positive influence on youths
Earlier in the newscast you heard from one senior officer's solution to serious crime is to be vigilant also of minor offenses. The following group believes you also need to be vigilant about what we listen to. This coming Saturday night in Ladyville, Belizean gospel singers will be performing lively and positive music. The concert [...]

Superstar's Group A prepare for the center stage
Another round of song, dance and drama will take the stage in an hour at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. It's another showing of Be the Next Superstar where three performers from Group A will compete in the knock out round for a spot among the remaining nine performances to woo the judges [...]


Southern Area Representatives Return From Working Visit in Texas
Area Representatives of the Toledo and Stann Creek Districts have completed a recent working visit to Houston Texas. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love FM "During the visit Toledo West Representative Hon. Osca...

Another Shooting in the City
A shooting incident last night left one man injured. According to police reports, they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital last night where they saw Omar Martinez suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his left ankle. The incident occurred around 9:45 last night. ...

Police Constable Chopped In The Chest
An off-duty policeman was chopped in the chest during an altercation in San Pedro town on Saturday night. The victim has been identified as police constable Alfonso Guerra. According to police reports, PC Guerra was performing special duties at an establishment on Sea Grape...

Police Fouls Up Case - Accused Drug Trafficker Freed
Thirty-six year old Mark Sacasa, charged with drug trafficking for 51 point seven pounds of cannabis, was freed of the charge today when Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith dismissed it because the arresting officer detective constable Palacio, did not follow procedure in the chain of cu...

International Media Says Belize Has Not Submitted All Details to Bond Holders
Members of the super bond renegotiation team say they remain confident that an amicable resolution of Belize's call for better payment terms on the nation's foreign debt will be forthcoming soon. But a report today by Reuters News Agency puts the Belizean officials on...


Chukka-Belize wins tourism award
Chukka Belize has won a prestigious award from Princess Cruises. Country Manager for Chukka in Belize Valerie Woods told us more about the award.

Teenager givers birth to triplets
When a newborn comes home, everyone in the family is usually elated with the new arrival and the joys of having a new addition to the family. Tonight, one family in the village of Lucky Strike in the Belize District have three times that joy as they welcome three new members of their family. Last Friday, a teen from that village became the mother of triplets at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The newborns, who have been in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, went home today. On hand to receive them was their grandmother, who asked to that her identity and that of her daughter's be kept private for social reasons. But the newborns will not go home empty-handed. They left with goodies from Santiago Castillo Limited, whose Marketing Manager, Aisha Trapp Rudon, was on hand to deliver the first batch of gifts courtesy San Cas Limited. But while the family from Lucky Strike will be occupied feeding and nursing the little ones, the team who successfully delivered the triplets was tasked to ensure that they make it into the world safely. They were headed by Chief Obstetrician, Doctor Jose Guerra. San Cas has pledged to supply the triplets with gifts for the remainder of this year. However, if you would like to assist the young mother care for her three babies you can reach her family at 205 5572. The babies' mother has been in Lucky Strike since undergoing C-Section to remove them. This is the second time for 2012 that triplets have been born at the KHMH.

Belizean softballers doing well in Guatemala
Belize's national high school softball team continues to blaze its way through the ongoing regional college games, also known as CODICADER. [VO STARTS HERE] The games started on Monday in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and according to reports from the Games, team Belize behind the stellar pitching of Ashley Lucas has been giving a good account of itself. According to the national secondary school sports association coordinator Deon Sutherland, Belize's latest success came this morning, when Team Belize defeat host country Guatemala by the score of 4 runs for Belize and 1 run for Guatemala. The winning pitcher was Ashley Lucas. Belize had previously defeated El Salvador by a score of 15-1. According to Sutherland, with the young ladies defeating both Guatemala and El Salvador, and with only Nicaragua left to face Ashley Lucas and company, Team Belize is assured of coming back to the jewel with nothing less than a silver medal.

Friday night murder in Belize City
On Friday night, blood marked the streets once again, as a young man was abruptly cut off from his life when he was shot to death in Belize City. Reporter Marion Ali and videographer Brian Castillo bring you the details of this incident in the following report.


Three 1-0 games in Week 1 of Premier League tournament
Week 1 of the Premier League of Belize tournament included 2 Saturday night games and 4 on Sunday afternoon, and there were no "big scores", as this one promises to be a most hotly contested tournament indeed. Numbers don't lie, and of the 12 goals scored in the 6 games played, only 1 goal came in 1st half. On Saturday night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, visiting F.C. Belize got a late goal from Leon "Chow" Cadle (87 min) to clinch the 1-nil victory over home standing Belmopan Bandits. Meanwhile, farther west at the Norman Broaster Stadium it was another visitor, Verdes FC coming away with a 2-0 win over home squad San Ignacio United. Julio Ayala (71 min) and Emmanuel Martinez (90 + 2 min) did the damage for Verdes. On Sunday in Orange Walk at the San Felipe Football Field, San Pedro Seadogs made the long journey worthwhile as they grabbed a 3-1 win over the home team, FC San Felipe Barcelona. Francisco Noralez (7 min), Everette Genus (63 min) and Jesse Smith (75 min) shook the net for San Pedro; while Eliazar Itza (54 min) got the sole tally for San Felipe.

Bad news at a bad time for 200 Belizeans!
"I am disappointed � things are hard � the timing is wrong!" - single mother who has just been fired "� meanwhile, they have the Gang Truce working, giving them money to buy more guns, more bullets to kill each other, while we single mothers are struggling�" - another terminated mother Two hundred employees of the Southside Rejuvenation Project (SRP) began losing their jobs as of last Friday, August 24, in the "back to school season" for single mothers and other breadwinners, and the fate of hundreds of others is in limbo this week. Minister of State for Human Development, Poverty Alleviation and Social Transformation, Mark King, cut a solitary figure on Friday morning at the NCFC Conference Room on Cleghorn Street, where he delivered the bad news for workers in the SRP, a one-year project begun three years ago as an urgent response to bad social conditions on Belize City's Southside. "Effective August 10, 2012, the 2.29 million dollars allocated to these programs has been exhausted and the wages for the week of August 13 was paid through supplemental funds. Therefore, effective today, Friday, August 24, we will be scaling back with 200 members from the Southside Rejuvenation Project. These persons will be paid full salaries and severance, which should last them through to October, where we will then exhaust our energies to find projects for them to have a more robust employment. These programs will continue to scale back with the remaining members until another program can be reasonably afforded or funded," King announced.

6 arrested in connection with Paula's Store armed robbery
A composite patrol of police and BDF soldiers operating out of the Mesop Substation on Dean Street has captured four men and two guns, including the highly prohibited 357 Magnum revolver, along with the loot from the robbery of Paula's Store on Cemetery Road on Thursday, August 23. Paula Chen, of a Cemetery Road address, told police that around 2:20 p.m. on Thursday, August 23, whilst at her business place, Paula's Store, serving a customer, three men who were armed with firearms entered her store. One of the armed thieves walked towards her, pointed the gun at her face and demanded money. He then went behind her counter, opened her cash register and stole an undisclosed amount of cash, while the other robbers proceeded to rob the customers in the store of their personal belongings. Police say that Aaron Bailey, 23, a cabinetmaker of Racoon Street; Inmar Welch, 21, a fisherman of King Street; Jeffrey McDougal, 22, a construction worker of Plues Street; and Jarreth Gault, 27, a musician of Euphrates Avenue, are allegedly the men who entered Paula's Store and robbed her and her customers at gunpoint. The four men were captured while hiding in a house on Plues Street. In the house police also found Teresita Vivas, 24, and her mother, Carol Vivas, 47. Police said that the women were in the house at the time of the search when the men and the firearms and ammunitions were found.

Excruciating pump prices took effect Sunday
The price of regular and premium gasoline shot up at midnight last night. Regular gas has increased by 88 cents on the gallon, from $11.07 cents to $11.95, while premium gasoline has increased by 94 cents per gallon, from $12.03 to $12.97. These are Belize City prices, and the district prices are higher due to transportation costs. The increase has no doubt pushed pump prices past $13 in Punta Gorda. The price of kerosene and diesel, for the meantime, remained unchanged. Industry sources say that the last price change took effect on July 31, 2012.

BAGA news - Mexicana Masters Tournament in Cozumel
The Belize Amateur Golf Association hosted its Mexicana Masters Tournament in Cozumel, Mexico. It was a great weekend with lots of golf and fun for all the players and families. The results are: Friday's Stableford: 1st - Duane Arnold, 2nd - Lucas Hunt, 3rd - Michael Marot. Saturday's Stroke Play: 1st - Lucas Hunt, 2nd - Andy Hunt, 3rd - Robert Lee. Sunday's Scramble: 1st - Duane Arnold/Steve Hack, 2nd - Paul Martin/Steve Maestre. 3 Day Champion: 1st - Duane Arnold, 2nd - Andy Hunt, 3rd - Michael Marot. Best Shots of the Tournament - Michael Marot and Paul Martin. Worst Shots of the Tournament - Paul Martin/Steve Maestre, Hank Weiss. Highest Score on a hole - Slavek Machacka (12), Mickey Thornton(10). Biggest Choke - Alan Graham. Best Comeback - John Sansone. Sandbagger - Steve Hack. 3 Day Tournament Donkey - Sam Mathias. It was a big success, and we look forward to our next tournament at Roaring River Golf Course on Sept 15.

EDITORIAL: Wired to fail
In considering the sensational news story of last Friday night in which Mark King, Minister of State with responsibility for the Gang Truce, announced that his ministry was releasing 200 of the over 800 workers it employs, we have to go back exactly one year ago. A year ago Friday, August 26, 2011, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) went "berserk" on George Street, which one of the most notorious gangs on Belize City's Southside calls home. It appeared that GSU had brutally beaten practically every man and woman on the block. The television images were absolutely stunning. The George Street members promised payback. It was just days before the start of our traditional September celebrations; this one was marking our country's 30th Independence anniversary, and the air was tense, filled with retaliatory talks of grenade droppings. Our September celebrations appeared on life support. The Prime Minister, away on a trip to St. Kitts to see the new president of the Caribbean Court of Justice officially installed, cut his travels short to attend hastily convened meetings with practically all the major Belize City gangs on Friday and Sunday, September 2 and 4. Social anthropologist Herbert Gayle, who had just recently done a study on crime in Belize, was flown in for the mediation sessions. Three meetings lasted almost 7 hours, and on Sunday evening, September 4, Barrow guardedly announced that a truce had been hammered out between the warring sides. There would be a short testing period, and once the truce held, the government would make jobs available for the gangs "to do a little infrastructure" in the various neighborhoods.


Physics of the Quest
At the end of the movie the end of Eat Love Pray Liz Gilbert [Julia Roberts] talks about physics of the quest in her following lines: 'In the end, I've come to believe in something I call "The Physics of the Quest." A force in nature governed by laws as real as the laws of gravity. The rule of Quest Physics goes something like this: If you're brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your house to bitter, old resentments, and set out on a truth-seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared, most of all, to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you.' Tacoboy often jokes that the movie is a chick flick and it is in a way but it is much more if you are open to it. It is about designing your future, enjoying your present moment and letting go things in the past that weigh you down, among other things. We are both in process of consciously working on that right now and it feels really good. I just wish the balance would come a little sooner for me as I am still feeling like my plate is too full. Thinking it might be time to look the movie up on netflix for some visual reminders. Living on this island I have definitely learned, what ever the future holds we have to do the best we can with the information we have at the time and try to keep from being overwhelmed by it all. I find it helps to practice being in the right place at the right time both mentally and physically which is easier said than done some days.

Walking South to North: Pictures All Over Town (Really)
Yesterday, I had plenty of meetings to attend (most seem to be linking up with friends at an assortment of bar but HEY! In San Pedro, I classify that as an "official meeting". Plus, it was hot tea and soda waters all day.) The most important was dropping off my friend Jamie at Tropic Air for her return flight to the states. She has been visiting for seven weeks now and we've had some extremely good times this summer. But you guys have heard all about my summer. So let me talk about my walk-about yesterday. Right here at my home, Royal Palms, the palmetto tree is blooming. I have also seen these flowers for sale at a few veggie stands. Apparently they are eaten like vegetables. One local told me "you can eat them with eggs". Eggs and flowers? Does anyone have information on this plant? I'm intrigued... I walked through Grand Colony. They always have a very pretty garden. (And YES! these were my "errands".) I like how many of the royal palms have orchids hanging from them. This is the only one that was blooming. Not the most gorgeous flower but an interesting one...

International Sources

Belize bondholders say no talks without more information
Belize bondholders said on Tuesday no meaningful talks can take place about renegotiating the country's $550 million superbond until the government comes up with more information. The Central American nation has said it is confident of successful negotiations but not committed to a timeline. It has until Sept. 19 to make a missed coupon payment to investors or formally default on the debt. The committee formed to represent bondholders said in a statement that the government had been "unnecessarily provocative" in missing the payment and putting up restructuring options without any discussion. It had asked for more information to understand Belize's statement that it could not afford to service the debt. "We ... need to receive from the (government) the information necessary to complete our analysis before meaningful discussions can take place," said Mike Gerrard, managing director at BroadSpan, which is advising the committee. Bondholders said they wanted to agree on a new debt sustainability analysis with Belize, noting that the International Monetary Fund's 2011 report on the country's finances had not flagged a looming payment problem.

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