The injured manatee on the Belize Coast Guard truck, ready to be transported to Sarteneja. She arrived safely Friday night and is in a large pool being monitored by the Manatee Rehabilitation Centre team. — with Jamal Galves.

Two injured manatees were found in the Vista del Mar area of Belize City. Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) and the Sea to Shore Alliance worked together to remove the injured manatees and move them to the Manatee Rehabilitation Facility in Sarteneja where they are receiving treatment.

The team found that one manatee was seriously injured with chop wounds across its back (possibly caused by a boat engine propeller), has a possible broken rib and injuries to the lung cavity. The fin of the second manatee was caught in a mass of monofilament line which had caused serious lacerations and cuts all the way down to the bone. Proper medical attention was given to both mammals by Dr. Jane Crawford from the Animal Medical Center and they are now on the way to recovery.

Report compiled from the Ambergris Today and CZMAI