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The San Pedro Sun

20 community members trained in First Aid
A group of twenty participants from San Pedro are now properly trained in basic first aid. The training took place on Tuesday, August 28th at the Fido's Courtyard and was organized by the San Pedro Branch of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and facilitated by the Belize Red Cross. The one day training was primarily for preschool teachers but had one member from a local commercial airline in attendance as well. According to the local NEMO Coordinator in San Pedro, Jeromey Timrose Augustine, the training was organized following a request by the teachers. "We received a request to coordinate the training in an effort to have teachers versed in community first aid so that they can be better able to deal with emergencies at their school," explained Augustine. Teachers from all preschools in Ambergris Caye were invited to be a part of the training. The training was led by Winnie Parchue and Christbert Berry of the Belize Red Cross society. Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, First Aid Coordinator for the Belize Red Cross Winnie Parchue explained that, "The community first aid training is part of the disaster risk response project that is currently being implemented in the San Pedro Town area. This training will help teachers develop ways to deal with a medical emergency at school." The participants received training on how to deal with scenarios such as unconsciousness, performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking, controlling bleeding and how to deal with broken bones.

Ambergris Today

Tres Pescados Slam Fishing Tournament Raises $14,000 for Bonefish Tarpon Trust in Belize
2012 Tres Pescados Slam Tournament Wrap-Up: On August 23, 2012, 42 anglers and guides descended upon San Pedro, Belize for the 4th Annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament presented by El Pescador and Simms Fishing Products. The venue was beachfront and the Holiday Hotel served as the backdrop for this year's three-day competition. Over the past few years this event has turned into Central America's premier fly-fishing tournament. In the professional division 15 teams were pitted against each other and were competing for more than $8,000 in cash and prizes.

Grid Earth Project Returns to Bring More Lights to San Pedro
Ambergris Caye Directory Dining Out:Mambo Restaurant 0 inShare digg Email Sharebar News Icon August 29, 2012 - 00:00 Grid Earth Project Returns to Bring More Lights to San Pedro Audrey Cochran of Grid Earth Project distibutes solar lamps in San Mateo Area The Grid Earth Project, a US-based charity, returned to San Mateo recently to distribute solar powered LED lamps donated by the NW Rotary Club of Austin, Texas. The project visited San Mateo previously and distributed solar lamps to the children in San Mateo, however, the need was so overwhelming that the Grid Earth Project vowed to return to San Mateo with twice as many lamps. It is the mission of the Grid Earth Project to save lives, and improve health, educational and economic opportunities for those less fortunate. Millions of people die worldwide each year as a result of kerosene lamps, open flames and other alternate sources of household light. The Grid Earth Project replaces these with solar powered LED lamps.

Pre-School Teachers Brush Up on First Aid Training
Parents of preschoolers on the island will be more than happy to know that the teachers of their children received some First Aid training on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. The training came in part by the Belize Rural South District Emergency Coordinator and was facilitated by the Belize Red Cross. Sixteen pre-school teachers received proper training at Fido's Courtyard on Basic First Aid by instructors Winnie Parchue and Christbert Berry of the Belize Red Cross. As teachers head back to classes next week, they now go back more prepared to handle medical emergencies that should arise at school.

Ambergris Today's Kitty Rescue
I have to give much props to Saga Humane Society for their quick response during a kitty emergency I just recently had. Get this! Midway through my drive to meet up with friends I heard the cry of a kitten coming from within the vehicle. To my surprise a very skinny and weak little kitten was trapped underneath my car somewhere within the chassis and moving parts of the steering mechanism. Luckily the kitten was not crushed to death. But it took about half an hour of coaxing to finally retrieve the startled animal. Many thanks to Argeni Santoya (bartender at Wayo's Beachside Beernet), Coconut Leo (who happened to be nearby), Gerry and my friend Erin de Santiago (who provided these pictures) who all helped me. Another generous lady who was sitting at the bar also offered to bathe the cat and give it some food.

Misc Belizean Sources

ERI Staff Receiving Training
The staff from the Environmental Research Institute has been doing a lot of training internationally. Last month, ERI Botanist German Lopez was in El Salvador where he received 1-week field training in the establishment of Permanent Sample Plots within agroforestry systems. This month, Ivanna Waight and Nicole Weatherburne went to Panama to take a GIS and Remote Sensing course. ""It was a remarkable course! I really appreciated that both theory and practical sessions were incorporated into the course. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge gained to my work at the ERI."

Western Regional Hospital is Mother-Baby Friendly
The Western Regional Hospital got certified as Mother-Baby Friendly, and they had a great turnout for the ceremony. "A very nice Mother-Baby Friendly Certification Ceremony at the western Regional Hospital was held this morning. There were moms talking about the benefits of breast feeding, nurses, Minister of Health, Representative from unicef & many other people. They shared jingles that they came up with during their training (about 96 % of the staff - clinical & non-clinical were trained: 170+ persons). Awards were issued as well as pins to the audience. They also explained the significance of the pin. Can you guess what it is?"

SIRH Hosts Taiwanese Vice President
The VP of Taiwan had an exquisite lunch at the SIRH with Sir Colville Young and the MoFA during his visit to Cayo. "Vice President Wu was greeted by the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In reflection of esteemed welcome to Vice President Wu, the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young requested a luncheon in his honor at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. In preparation for the welcome of such prestigious dignitaries the San Ignacio Resort Hotel once again launched its 'Operation Protocol.'"

Channel 7

Woman Allegedly Knocked Down And Drove over Her Baby's Daddy
Since 2010, there have been two cases of women killing their boyfriends or husbands - and tonight there is another: a woman accused of killing her baby's daddy. 29 year-old Lyndon Morrison was knocked down and killed last night - and all sources say it's his baby's mother who did it. At the time, he was on a motorbike with his new girlfriend - and she was seriously injured. 7News has been following the story, and even though the families didn't want to talk, here's what we found out today: Daniel Ortiz Reporting From this angle, the red car on your screen looks as though it's just parked waiting for the owner to get in and leave. But police say that this vehicle was used as a weapon to kill 29 year-old Lyndon Morrison, and injure his current girlfriend Sochyl Sosa. And the woman who police say intentionally knocked them down is none other than Morrison ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his child, 26 year-old Calaney Flowers. The vehicle looks as though it is in excellent condition, but closer inspection shows telling signs of the violent accident which happened last night.

Prison Authorities Say John Chessman Wanted To Break Out
John Chessman was remanded to prison on August 13, accused of pulling the trigger in the remorseless murder of shopkeeper Jian Tao Yang. It is not Chessman's first time in prison: the 22 year old has spent long periods of his short life in custody awaiting trail for three different murder raps - all of which he beat. So he's had enough of jail and now, prison authorities believe he tried to escape from the Supermax area on Sunday night. The CEO of the Prison Earl Jones today confirmed that three prison officers have been released for suspected involvement in a plot to allow Chessman's escape. Jones only told us it was negligence on their part and didn't go into details, but 7news has learned that on Sunday night, a prison guard who came unto duty discovered that the door to Chessman's cell was not properly locked. The officers were tasked to ensure that they locked the door for the cell and that was not done. Prison authorities have concluded that three officers were deliberately negligence in leaving the cell open so that Chessman could escape on Sunday night.

What's The Real Cost Of Fuel Imported Into Belize?
PUMA energy recently came into Belize to replace Esso as the country's monopoly importer of fuels. And tonight it is under scrutiny because pump prices are the highest they have ever been - almost thirteen dollars a gallon for premium gas in the city - and that's because Government reduced its tax take by 25 cents! If not, it would have been $13.22 per gallon for premium in the city and almost 13.50 in Punta Gorda. Wow! So how did we get to this astronomically high price? Indeed, world fuel prices are high - but 7news has been digging down into the numbers - and it seems that PUMA energy may be biting off a little more than it should. The current shipment of fuel was shipped on August 21st. and according to the Platt's index, on that day the US Gulf Coast Price for a gallon of premium $3.2925 US dollars. But then PUMA puts a standard premium or offshore margin unto that price - which brings what's known as the FOB Price to approximately 3.55 US dollars per gallon. But that's a premium of almost 28 cents US per gallon! Those we spoke to say that margin should be there, but it should only be about 9 cents US per gallon. We asked PUMA for comment and they only told us that, quote, "we kindly urge you to connect with the Ministry of Finance of Belize before running a new story based on the information..."

Coast Guard Grabs Over A Mil In Cocaine
Tonight, the coast Guard has confirmed that there was a major million dollar cocaine find made on the Southern seas. According to the Ministry of National Security, at around 9 o'clock this morning, a Coast Guard vessel patrolling the Turneffe area found a bale of cocaine, wrapped in a crocus sack, which washed up onto the beach. The officers took possession of it and transported it to the Coast Guard Headquarters, where it was discovered that the bail contained 35 packages, all to a total weight of 47.45 Kilograms - or 104.5 pounds - of cocaine, which was confirmed by the forensics department. This has an estimated street value of more than a million Belize dollars. The drugs are now in the custody of the police department, and it is expected that it will be destroyed at the earliest convenience.

Teenager Stabbed In Cayo Fight
Tonight, a sixteen-year-old minor is hospitalized at the KHMH - after he was stabbed in his home early this morning. The incident happened in Santa Elena Town - a little before one this morning. Roni Banos was at home with his family - when a young man identified to them as Francis Neal arrived at his house to look for his baby mother- who was there spending the night. According to family members, Neal got in altercation with the young woman and while Banos and his brother tried to defend the woman, that was when Neal pulled out a knife and stabbed the 16 year old once to the right side of his chest. He then fled the scene - while Banos had to be rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital and later transported to the KHMH. We found out about his condition today: Ramon Banos - Father "I was downstairs with them. We were all together but I then went to bed. I understand that this guy came into my yard because his girlfriend was there. I understand that he was trying to take away the baby from the girl. So, my two sons were there, and I think that they were trying to defend and avoid. They were trying to help the young lady. That's what I understand because I wasn't at the scene. But I heard a lot of shouting, and that's when I jumped out of my bed. I shouted at the guy, and when I came out, he was already running. They told me that my son got stabbed, so I didn't follow him. I went to go tend to my son. I put him in a truck, and we rushed him to the San Ignacio hospital."

A Harvest Of Hope For City Kids Living In Squalor
A group called the Belize Camping Experience has been working on a fascinating project called the Harvest For Kids. So far, one thousand and fifty seven Belize City kids have been involved in summer camps and now they are preparing for a major harvesting events. Organizer Alexander Perez says it's a way to broaden the perspectives of city children. His organization asks farmers for land, machinery and labour while he provides seed, fertilizer and chemicals. So far they have gotten 40 acres near Belmopan and twenty acres in Orange Walk for the children to get involved in. He tells us that the experience has been transformative: Alexander Perez - Director, Belize Camping Experience "The question was, can we study to be farmers? Can I study to drive a machine, or fix one like that? I said that you do have that opportunity. The career is there, but in Belize City, it has never been heard of, young people being farmers. That has been key to know that these children are now dreaming to be farmers, the 20 kids who are now experiencing planting, seeding, and harvesting. They are now saying that they want to live out in the districts. They don't want to their family to grow up in this neighborhood, or live on the swamp. They can actually plant on good grounds if they live in the outside. Now, 20 kids have been experiencing going in the fields, on the day of the planting, the day we put fertilizer, and just a week ago, when we took the kids to pull corn from the plants, right into the pot, and eat it right on the farm. Jules, you should have seen the face of the kids. Some of them couldn't believe it, that you literally can cultivate if you plant."

Mas Camp Madness 2012
The Carnival is set for Saturday September eighth - and that means that right now the various Carnival Camps are in high gear, finalizing elaborate costumes and cultivating that wild spirit to unleash it on the streets when the big day comes around. Last night Monica Bodden visited a few of those camps and here's her report: Monica Bodden Reporting With carnival only 10 days away - The carnival fever continues as these bands finish up the last minute touches on their costumes and strengthen their dancing techniques. Our first stop last night was at the Sunshine Masqueraders Mas Camp where 46 revelers - all energized - gave us a peek at what we can expect on Carnival day. Marilyn Young - Band Leader, Sunshine Masqueradors "We are portraying the Mayan Heritage. We're doing their culture. Our costumes - the king and queen - will be Moon God, and Rain God."

UNICEF Sponsors Registration For Disadvantaged Children
UNICEF and The Vital Statistics Unit are teaming up in a drive to achieve universal birth registration of the most disadvantaged children in Belize. Simply put, the idea is to mobilize communities to register children who slip through the cracks and never get registered. The programme targets unregistered children under the age of 18 with the goal of achieving universal birth registration in Belize by 2015. Today the Belize City programme was launched and UNICEF"s country representative explained how you can participate: Christine Norton - UNICEF Representative "Belize have on average, some 7,000 children being born every year. Yet, still, when you look at the registration, really not 7,000 children are appearing to be registered. And they are not having a social security card, or an identity card. As my colleagues already mentioned, the importance of this is precisely that every child born in Belize has an identity, a recognized identity in Belize, a name, and a chance to have a nationality. The point is that today, we're in Southside, and I think that we have a great opportunity to close the gap in Southside. So, everybody who's listening to this, please come out, if you know that you're in a situation where you have incomplete registration, where you have a desire to register children born in Belize, because that is the important - all children born in Belize should be registered. We have even registered some adults because we realize that some people fell through the cracks. We'll help you. So do come, we have 5 centers. Sammuel Haynes is 1, Youth for the Future, the YMCA, - you can also go to the main Vital Statistics Office, which is on Gabourel Lane. We have Clara Muhammad Muslim School."

Mystery Boat Was In a Trans-Atlantic Race
On Friday we told you about a weird looking vessel that had washed up on the beach at northern Ambergris. We didn't know quite what to make of it, but tonight there is an answer. The San Pedro Sun reports that the vessel is named Lydia Rose and was being used in the Ocean Pedal Challenge by a team which was attempting to pedal across the Atlantic. However, on day four of their challenge, the crew began experiencing bad weather conditions at sea and had to be rescued via helicopter abandoning the vessel.

Channel 5

35 parcels of cocaine, 1.8 million fished in sea near Turneffe
Close to two million Belize dollars worth of cocaine was found this morning in the area of the Turneffe Atoll. The drugs were taken in by the Belize Coast Guard for processing at their headquarters. Interestingly, the bale carried the markings, PZ, which is the same as those on three parcels of cocaine found last [...]

Driven to murder; ex drives over baby daddy and his girlfriend
An Atlantic bank employee is in police custody tonight. She is being detained for killing twenty-nine year old Lyndon Morrison, the father of her child. Calaney Flowers is likely to be charged with Morrison's murder. She allegedly followed him and his girlfriend, Sochyl Sosa on Tuesday night and drove her car into them in the [...]

Santa Elena resident, 16 years, stabbed to the chest
A sixteen year old Santa Elena resident is under observation at the K.H.M.H. after he was stabbed to the chest early this morning at his house. Roni Ba�os was in his yard on Tuesday night socializing with relatives when he was injured. It happened at around twelve-thirty a.m. when he intervened in to stop a [...]

Principal Willacey won’t face charges
Norman Willacey, the former Pastor of the Belmopan Baptist Church, will not face any charges before the courts for carrying on a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old student. When the scandal broke, over a week ago, Willacey, a high ranking member of the Belize Baptist Association, had to resign. Speculation about whether Willacey [...]

Pan Caribbean partnership's Study on HIV/Aids
The number of new infections of persons affected with HIV/AIDS has been on the decrease, but for those affected, stigma and discrimination remain the number one hurdle. A conference is taking place on this sensitive issue and the results of a survey show that police and the church are the major perpetrators. Another finding is [...]

PG man; accident or murder victim?
The investigation continues into the death of eighteen year old Santiago Bol. On Monday, we told you how the body of the PG resident was discovered on the road in that southern district. Initial investigations into Bol's death had the markings of foul play, as Inspector Ernel Dominguez told us in an interview on Tuesday. [...]

Belizean companies will be allowed in gold panning area
Friends for Conservation and Development has been at the front lines against gold panning in the Chiquibul by Guatemalan nationals. When the illegal activities were first reported, there was a huge hue and cry because about three hundred Guatemalans were operating well within the national park. In an update to that story, the Department of [...]

Mesoamerican Territorial Information System handed over to Belize
Since 2010, government leaders of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic have been meeting and working on the Mesoamerican Territorial Information System (SMIT). It's a tool that was created to allow countries in the region to share territorial information on risks, preparation and response to natural [...]

Bacchanal, mas camps in full swing for Carnival Season
The September celebrations are fast approaching, the hottest ticket for the season has got to be the carnival. Mas camps got underway on Tuesday night to give the judges an opportunity to view the colorful and intricate costumes that have been under preparation for months; it all leads to the grand road march on September [...]

The Belize Camping Experience
Over a thousand Belize City kids participated in summer activities by an organization called the Belize Camping Experience. The camps finished last week, but the coordinators do follow up visits with the participants throughout the year to offer mentoring and whatever assistance they may need in school. Like many summer programs, the Belize Camping Experience [...]

Superstar performances at the Bliss
Channel Five is in search of the Next Superstar! Every Tuesday night, a pool of talent in all genres of the creative arts from across the country converge at the Bliss, bringing to you show-stopping presentations in dance, singing and drama. When Group A took the stage on Tuesday night, two were eliminated and there [...]


Southern Area Representatives Return From Working Visit in Texas
Area Representatives of the Toledo and Stann Creek Districts have completed a recent working visit to Houston Texas. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love FM "During the visit Toledo West Representative Hon. Osca...

Another Shooting in the City
A shooting incident last night left one man injured. According to police reports, they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital last night where they saw Omar Martinez suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his left ankle. The incident occurred around 9:45 last night. ...


Bond holders say they want more info from Barrow administration
Members of the super bond renegotiation team say they remain confident that an amicable resolution of Belize's call for better payment terms on the nation's foreign debt will be forthcoming soon. But a report today by Reuters News Agency puts the Belizean officials on the spot, accusing the government of not releasing enough information for bond holders to be able to make informed decisions. According to the Reuters reports, the bond holders are saying that no meaningful talks can take place about renegotiating the super bond until the government of Belize comes up with more information. Although Belizean officials are confident of a negotiated solution, no time table for a new deal has been set. And a statement issued today by the committee formed to represent bond holders, makes it clear that the government of Belize has not provided requested information in order for bond holders to understand why Belize failed to make the August twentieth coupon payment and the Prime Minister maintaining that Belize could not afford to service the debt. It its statement, the bond holders committee described the missed coupon payment by the Barrow administration as unnecessarily provocative and furthermore putting up restructuring options without any discussion. Mike Gerard, who is the managing director of the advisory committee BroadSpan, is quoted as saying, quote: "We � need to receive from the (government) the information necessary to complete our analysis before meaningful discussions can take place," end of quote. The Reuters News agency report ends by saying that bondholders said they wanted to agree on a new debt sustainability analysis with Belize, noting that the International Monetary Fund's 2011 report on the country's finances had not flagged a looming payment problem.

Accused man beats drug trafficking charges
Thirty-six year old Mark Sacasa, charged with drug trafficking for 51 point seven pounds of cannabis, was freed of the charge today when Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith dismissed it because the arresting officer detective constable Palacio, did not follow procedure in the chain of custody of the cannabis. The incident occurred on December 7, 2011. The police intercepted a brown car that was coming from the direction of Belmopan at a checkpoint in Hattieville. When they searched the trunk of the car they found a sack that had the word, "El Quetzal" on it that contained the cannabis. Sacasa, the driver of the car, was arrested and charged. The case for the prosecution fell apart when Palacio testified that he handed the cannabis over to the Anti Drug Unit exhibit keeper and he gave a statement on December 7, 2011 that on December 8, 2011 he took samples of the cannabis and gave them to the National Forensic Laboratory and handed the samples to the national exhibit keeper. There was a gap in the chain of custody, so the sack of cannabis and the samples were not admitted as exhibits. As a result the charge was dismissed. Sacasa was represented by attorney Arthur Saldivar. Sergeant Dennis Miles represented the prosecution.

Policeman chopped in the chest
An off-duty policeman was chopped in the chest during an altercation in San Pedro town on Saturday night. The victim has been identified as police constable Alfonso Guerra. According to police reports, PC Guerra was performing special duties at an establishment on Sea Grape Drive in San Pedro town, when he observed two men fighting. One of the men, identified as twenty four year old Francisco Dominguez was reportedly armed with a machete, and when PB Guerra intervened to try and defuse the situation, Dominguez reportedly took a swing at the officer with his machete. While PB Guerra was able to avoid the first wing of the machete, a second swing by Dominguez found its mark on the left side of PC Guerra's chest. The official police report says that when PC Guerra fell to the ground, the machete wielding Dominguez reportedly stood over him and was apparently about to chop him again when it is reported that a bystander stoned him with a bottle hitting him to his head. Dominguez then fled the scene. Police investigation continues.

Belize City man shot in the ankle
A shooting incident last night left one man injured. According to police reports, they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital last night where they saw Omar Martinez suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his left ankle. The incident occurred around 9:45 last night. Martinez was at his house with his common-law wife and a friend when a dark complexioned male person approached them from the nearby bushes and fired six shots in their direction injuring Martinez on his ankle. Martinez was transported to the K.H.M.H where he was treated and released. Police continue to investigate the incident.

National AIDS Commission targets discrimination
Stigma and discrimination are buzz words often times used to dissuade people from judging or displaying scorn at certain groups of persons or individuals simply for their lifestyles or illnesses from which they may be suffering. But tonight and for the next two years, stigma and discrimination will be anything but buzz words to the National AIDS Commission. In fact, they are what the Commission wants to completely stomp out of people's vocabulary and behavioural mode. The National AIDS Commission will focus for the next two years on reducing the level of stigma and discrimination among people to a zero degree status. At a launching ceremony tonight at the Belize Biltmore Plaza, the Commission will unveil its plan which is entitled, "Getting to Zero 2012-2014". It will come as part of a conference with relevant parties who deal with people suffering from HIV and AIDS. Executive Director of the National AIDS Commission Secretariat, Doctor Martin Cuellar, say that while the Commission would like to see everybody disassociates him or herself with being judgmental or condescending upon people with HIV and AIDS, there is also the legal aspect of that issue, but getting the population to understand that it does not pay to discriminate is important. Cuellar says that the conference will reveal some surprising details over a recent study conducted on the issue of stigma and discrimination. Tonight's launching and conference begins at seven o'clock at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel.

All public hospitals now baby friendly
The Ministry of Health this week announced that Belize has now completed the cycle of upgrading public hospitals to the Mother and Baby Friendly status. It is an international ten-step initiative promoted by the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF. Belize started on its quest to meet the international requirements in 2008 with the declaration of the Karl Heusner Memorial, Corozal Community and Northern Regional hospitals as certified Mother and Baby Friendly facilities. Nurse Ann Matute is the senior public health nurse under the maternal and child health unit of the Ministry of Health. According to an official release from the Ministry of Health, the certification ceremonies will be held on Wednesday morning at the Western Regional in Belmopan in the afternoon at the San Ignacio Community Hospital. The Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative is a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund to encourage and recognize hospitals that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding.

South area representatives back from the USA
Area Representatives of the Toledo and Stann Creek Districts have completed a recent working visit to Houston Texas. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


Government redefines the word "spouse" in most Liberal definition ever
We almost missed it, but the Opposition's senators informed the church senator only a few minutes before today's Se...

Will decriminalization of Marijuana reduce Police and Court work?
A committee has been commissioned with the responsibility of galvanizing the general consensus of the Belize societ...

VOICE advocates for Universal pension for older persons
VOICE is an organization that advocates for the rights of older persons in our society. The organization was offici...

Belize Bond Investor meeting produces no results
Investors holding Belize bonds met in Washington, D.C., last week Friday with officials from the International Mone...

Moodys' Investors Service further downgrades Belize's financial ratings
In related news Moody's Investors Service has lowered Belize's local currency bond and deposit ceilings to B2 from ...

Teenage cancer victim dies leaving family with whopping health bills
The case of cancer victim 19 year-old Shayna Lightfoot had been in the news for a couple of weeks. Lightfoot was re...

Belize Gas prices spike upward
Back in May there was noticeable drop in the price of premium fuel. On Sunday night however fuel prices took a big ...

Will Miss Belmopan get to compete in National Queen of the Bay?
We broached the issue of Ms. Belmopan - Queen of the Bay 2012 - 2013 last night. Jasmine Arce is scheduled to repre...

Night ambush lands a Belize City man in the hospital
Police visited the K.H.M.H. last night where they saw Omar Martinez suffering from a gunshot wound to his left ank...

Two houses in Belize City burn to the ground
Two houses in Belize City burn to the ground. Jaslyn Godoy of #40 Iguana Street reported that at 11:30am on Saturda...

Police shoot man stealing steel in the leg
On Saturday morning (August 25) Police responded to a theft in progress on Marine Parade. Police on patrol responde...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Photo of the Week: GO SLOW on Caye Caulker!!
A couple of our island's Taxi Drivers take a break from their busy schedule!! What a fine day it is to relax and just simply GO SLOW!!

Liberty Tours offering sailing trips from Caye Caulker!
Liberty Tours is a locally owned and operated tour shop in Caye Caulker. Mr. Edwardo Arceo is a well-known business person on the island. Liberty Tours office is located in the heart of Caye Caulker right next to the famous Roses Grill and Bar. Our office hours are from Monday to Sunday 7am-7pm. We offer Sailing tours that will make a memorable experience. Our Sailing trips are unique and adventurous. Liberty tours offers a variety of tours to suite your vacation budget. We do Sailing trips to the different islands around our jewel Belize. Either it's three nights or a one night camping on the island. Our Sunset Cruise is breath taking, you enjoy the magnificent sunset as you sail away! Liberty tours also offers Fishing Sailing trips as well, which is quite an adventure. All our tours are done with two professional and well-experienced tour guides. They are always eager and happy to make your trip an unforgettable one!

New Caye Caulker R. C. School building ready for school year!
Caye Caulker is never short of having great news for the Community and the newest development on the island was having a much needed additional school building at CCRCS. This past Sunday, August 25, 2012, the two spanking new school buildings were blessed by Auxiliary Bishop of Belize City and Belmopan, Christopher Glancy, who also officiated Sunday's Mass at Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Church, well attended by members of the community. The new classrooms will house two Std. 1 classes, very much needed for the school so as to avoid the overcrowding of classrooms. Members of the Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Committee also contributed much needed desks, chairs and fans to the two classrooms just in time for the new school year. Matthew Badillo was present to hand over the furniture and fans, which were bought from the proceeds of this year's Lobster Fest, another successful fete for Caye Caulker in 2012. He continued to pledge his Committee's assistance to projects that require much needed assistance in the future including Caye Caulker R.C. School. Mrs. Beatrice Chan, Principal of CCRCS was very thankful and humbled to receive the much needed furniture on behalf of the school and thanked Bishop Glancy for his presence and his blessing on the 2 new classrooms. Fathers of students took out time to volunteer their services to paint the school building with the vibrant blue and bone colors.


September in Belize is THE Best: There is Still Time!
I have written about why I think you should be here for Independence Day, September 21st, in Belize before. But I think visiting Belize in September is a decision your won't regret. I know that it is tough. The kids are easing back into school, the weather is still summery so maybe you aren't longing for a tropical location complete with white beach, hammock and pina colada YET. But there are really lots of amazing reasons to visit San Pedro and the whole country of Belize in September. It's my favorite month. So let me see if I can talk you into a last minute trip. Airfares and Lodging Prices are historically at the lowest of the year: I just check prices for the third week of September. $580 round-trip from the NYC area. $536 from Calgary, Canada. Everyone has their own search engine, I'm a big fan of Just can't hurt to just check... Here is the view on your flight over to Ambergris Caye. (Flight over Caye Caulker on Tropic Air.) All hotels in Belize will have "low season" rates. If you don't see them on your favorite hotel's website, send them an email. I bet you can even get a great deal on renting a golf cart...again, just ask. Your excursions won't be crowded There are so many great trips to take when you visit the island. Snorkeling to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, diving (of course), sailing to our sister island, Caye Caulker, cave tubing on the mainland. Don't worry that you will be jockeying for a spot on a crowded catamaran or getting kicked in the face by some rookie snorkeler at Shark Ray Alley, September is the month to get great deals and feel like excursions were sent out just for you.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Classic Articl
e This is a classic review of ATM. Great for the pictures, of which new ones are few and far between now, and the story, which has a well written postscript about how the experience wouldn't be the same anywhere else. Pacz gets an honorable mention, as do Patrick Warrior and Carlos Panti. "In other, more 'developed' countries, a comfortable dry tunnel would no doubt have been blasted through from the 'show caves' to the Visitors Centre and they'd be putting a thousand visitors a day through here along roped walkways to look at what remained of the artifacts after the museums had taken their cut. Of course, that would make the visit more comfortable and accessible but you'd miss out on a wonderful life enhancing adventure and the sense of awe and mystery that touched us would feel somewhat 'canned' if you felt it at all."

60 Scholarships Get Funded
Feelgood story of the week! The BNE Charitable Trust has teamed up with Restore Belize, and provided $400,000 towards scholarships to high school. Thanks! "But there's some good news; sixty students are getting a shot at a secondary education through a partnership of Restore Belize and the B.N.E. Charitable Trust. The students will be a part of the 'I am Belize' Scholarship Program and by extension will get internship and mentorship opportunities. Last week, B.N.E. Trust handed over a four hundred thousand dollar cheque for investment in the students' education, beginning this academic year."

International Sources

Lidar archaeology shines a light on hidden sites
If you think archaeologists spend all the time with trowel in hand in a muddy ditch then it's time to think again. More and more are using sophisticated aircraft-mounted lasers, and it is opening up a new age of discovery. For the best part of 25 years, archaeologists Arlen and Diane Chase slogged through the thick undergrowth in the west of Belize in search of an ancient city whose details had been lost to the passage of time and the decay of the jungle. The going was tough, often requiring a machete to clear a path through the dense vines and creepers that blocked their way. Over time, their perseverance paid off as their hand-drawn maps began to reveal long-forgotten parts of the massive Mayan city of Caracol. But the more the pair found, the more they realized the extent of what remained uncovered. It would take several lifetimes, they figured, to reveal the true extent of Caracol. Then, in 2008, they got talking to a biologist colleague at the University of Central Florida where they worked. For years, he had been using airborne laser sensors known as Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) to map and study forests and other vegetation. He suggested they give it a go.

Pair's pedalo washes up in Belize
AN OCEAN pedalo that was abandoned at sea by a Whitehaven duo part way into a cross-Atlantic challenge has been found washed up on a tropical beach on the Caribbean country of Belize. Friends Kieran Sweeney and Callum McDonald were forced to abandon their pedalo - the Lydia Rose - when they were winched to safety by a helicopter after running into difficulties 300 miles into the 3,000-mile planned journey from Gran Canaria to Barbados in February. Now, more than six months later, the pedalo has been discovered off the coast of Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize - over 4,000 miles away from where it was abandoned. The local newspaper, The San Pedro Sun, reports the anti-drugs unit of the Belize Police Department was initially called amid suspicions that the craft had been used to transport narcotics.

Belize opposition supports renegotiation of superbonds
The main opposition People's United Party (PUP) says it backs the decision of the Dean Barrow government to seek to renegotiate the restructuring of its US$544 million superbond with investors. "We have not been briefed by the government on this matter. They (government) have not shared with us any official information. You know but having said that, our position we believe, as a responsible opposition is to act in good faith on this issue," said PUP leader Francis Fonseca. "We believe it is an absolutely critical issue for Belize's development and Belize's future. "So our position is very clear, we want the bond renegotiation exercise to succeed and whatever we can do as an opposition to assist we are prepared to do," he added. A delegation headed by Ambassador Mark Espat has already visited Washington for talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the issue and Governor of the Central Bank, Glen Ysaguirre said the first face to face meeting with the bondholders is expected to be convened next month and a definitive offer should be on the table by the middle or ending of September. Belize is currently trying to renegotiate its foreign debts with creditors and has offered them a three-pronged payment plan, which involves an extension of the payment period on the super bond well beyond the 2029 maturity date. The Barrow administration said that the Step-Up Bond due 2029 contains a collective action clause that permits the holders of 75 per cent of the bonds either to amend the terms or approve a complete exchange of that bond for a new instrument or instruments. "The Government is currently disinclined to close a restructuring transaction unless that 75 per cent threshold has been reached."

Belize starts mapping exercise to improve citizen security
A mapping exercise has been launched by the government of Belize as part of a coordinated strategy to address security issues through foreign cooperation according to an official press release issued today. Being mapped-out during the exercise are ongoing programs and planned initiatives that the Government of Belize intends to undertake in the short, medium and long term. The mapping-exercise comes out of a meeting of the Donor Coordinating Group on Citizen Security conducted last Thursday, August 23, at the US Embassy Conference Room in Belmopan, that meeting being a follow-up to a previous high-level meeting that was held on July 13 at the NEMO Conference Room in Belmopan. Last Thursday's meeting was attended by Chief Executive Officers in coordinating ministries, namely Audrey Wallace, Office of the Prime Minister; George Lovell, Ministry of National Security; Yvonne Hyde, Ministry of Economic Development; Alexis Rosado, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Judith Alpuche, Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. Priority areas identified for foreign co-operation are Democratic Governance and Citizen Security; Economic Development and Citizen Prosperity; and Human Development.

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