And while the Coast Guard and BDF are getting major money from the US - the towns of Benque Viejo, San Ignacio and Punta Gorda are receiving some major funds for street improvement through a World Bank and GOB project.

It's called the Belize Municipal Development Project and today the street project was launched - where else? - but in Benque Viejo the stomping grounds of the Minister of Economic Development Erwin Contreras. He explained how the funds will be used.

Hon. Erwin Contreras
"Today a new chapter is being recorded once again in the history of our town. A soon officially launch a 2,2 million dollars project that will improve our street network in the municipalities of Benque Viejo, Punta Gorda, San Ignacio and Santa Elena under the Belize Municipal Development Project better known as BMTP."

"This package represents one of the greatest components of the infrastructure aspect of the BMDP. As Mr. Cano stated the project is a thirty million dollars government project which aims to provide and infrastructure in our major district towns."

"So far 7.7 million dollars have been committed for projects either being implemented or are in the pipeline under the program. As part of the package, Church Street and Burns Street will be pave in Benque Viejo and other streets will be paved in San Ignacio and Santa Elena while Robert Pennel and Pampana Streets will also be paved in Punta Gorda. The World Bank/BMDP project is on high gear and moving full speed ahead on the road to achieve full development for Benque Viejo and all our main municipalities."

The scope of work includes the realignment of street side drains, building concrete curbs, resurfacing with Hot Mix or chip and seal, street markings and signage.

Bids are being assessed for major street rehabilitation for the municipalities of Belmopan, Corozal and Orange Walk where $2.5 million will be spent.

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