Crime Stoppers has been operating in Belize for some years now but are now moving swiftly on an aggressive media campaign on Ambergris Caye. The surge in crime on the tourism dependent island is asking neighborhood watch groups, the business sector, law enforcement agencies and the media to partner and educate local residents to utilize Crime Stoppers to give tips/information about any crime while remaining anonymous. The campaign will be in the form of television, radio and newspapers, placement of banners and signs and even including visits to schools and other interested target groups.

While Crime Stoppers is not taking the responsibility of the local police to investigate crime, it serves as a vehicle for tippers to give information to a total professional entity. Once Crime Stoppers collect the information from the tipper, the same information collected is then passed on to the local police, and in many cases, the information helps to solve crimes. The call to Crime Stoppers Belize at the 0-800-922-TIPS (8477) toll free line is answered by professionals, at the Crime Stoppers Miami Dade call center in USA. The system is set up in such a way that the calls are untraceable, making it impossible to know the identity of caller. The trained operators, who in many instances are detectives, at the call center will ask the caller specific questions. The information collected by the operator is then passed on to investigators in Belize so as to make arrests. The caller will also be given a fake name or a code number and will asked to make follow up calls to find out if the information led to an arrest of the offender. Once an arrest is made and the person is charged by Police in Belize, the tipper with the use of the fake name or code number will be able to collect a reward for the information given to Crime Stoppers. Through the same hotline, the tipper will be able to make arrangements for collecting their reward by selecting any of the nominated payment locations set up in Belize. The payment is also made anonymously without the need for the caller to reveal their identity and with the use of their fake name or code number.

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