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The San Pedro Sun

Naiely Puc is Miss San Pedro 2012
San Pedro has a new beauty ambassador, and she is the lovely 16-year-old Naiely Puc. The night of September 1st celebrated the "Beauty of today reflecting the Maya splendor of yesterday", and the theme was evident throughout the night. The stage at Central Park was built to look like a Maya ruin, complete with jaguar in repose, the background reflected the starry night, and the pièce de r�sistance, a moveable stage piece - a great rendition of the Maya calendar, Haab'. Masters of Ceremonies were the affable Eiden Salazar Jr. and Wilema Gonzalez, and they introduced the four contestants as they came onstage accompanied by Miss San Pedro 2011-2012, Yakarelis Hernandez. Naiely Puc, Darcie Zepeda, Ashley Rhaburnand and Adriana Haylock took to the stage with their opening dance, after which they introduced themselves to the audience. After their quick performance onstage, they exited to change into their costumes. During the interim, San Pedro Dance Academy performed two dance numbers, and they were followed by Bailando Culturas of Orange Walk Town. Mad Skillz dance group performed some contemporary dance interpretations, and capping off the break with a soulful rendition of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" sung by Elina Palma. The Miss San Pedro 2012 pageant featured big and bold costumes, and in keeping with the Maya theme, each contestant came out decked in colorful and feathered pieces that reflected a Maya god or goddess. The girls each described their outfit, its relevance to the Maya culture, and their interpretation. The audience was certainly appreciative of the blues, golds, fiery oranges and bronze that filled the stage with splendor. It was a quick changing session for the girls backstage once more, while Yakarelis delighted the audience with a fun dance interpretation. She was followed by the San Pedro Dance Academy girls, Mad Skills and an extra special treat by San Pedro's songstress Natalie Arceo. Accompanied by Josh Nu�ez, requisite 'Maya escort', each of the four contestants sashayed in their gold swimwear. Sponsored by Mata Chica Resort, the swimsuits were modeled beautifully by the young ladies, after which they quickly went backstage to change into their final outfit for the evening, the always elegant and breathtaking evening wear.

Water samples continue to show contamination in San Mateo
The residents of the San Mateo area of San Pedro Town were privileged to receive a working visit from a group of three from the Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance (SEA). The purpose of the visit was to involve the residents, especially the young people of the community in a one week camp geared at helping them to understand the importance of taking care of the water and what can be done to clean it up. One of the main goals for the non-profit group during their visit was to conduct water samples in the community. Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, group leader Mary Beth Sutton explained they conducted testing by sampling pipe water for bacteria and water that is settled in the general area. Speaking of the water test results, Sutton said that over 50 samples were taken and "It appears that most of the tap water is free of most bacteria. I do hedge a little since the test we are using is best for areas where there is a large degree of bacterial contamination. With that said, there were still several homes that had significant bacterial contamination in their tap water. I will look and see if this is a cluster of homes in a close knit area. The water in pools around the homes that was collected by many young people was universally contaminated with not only coliform bacteria but with escherichia coli and it appears that other harmful bacteria and fungi are also present."

Crime Stoppers on an aggressive media campaign in San Pedro
Crime Stoppers has been operating in Belize for some years now but are now moving swiftly on an aggressive media campaign on Ambergris Caye. The surge in crime on the tourism dependent island is asking neighborhood watch groups, the business sector, law enforcement agencies and the media to partner and educate local residents to utilize Crime Stoppers to give tips/information about any crime while remaining anonymous. The campaign will be in the form of television, radio and newspapers, placement of banners and signs and even including visits to schools and other interested target groups. While Crime Stoppers is not taking the responsibility of the local police to investigate crime, it serves as a vehicle for tippers to give information to a total professional entity. Once Crime Stoppers collect the information from the tipper, the same information collected is then passed on to the local police, and in many cases, the information helps to solve crimes. The call to Crime Stoppers Belize at the 0-800-922-TIPS (8477) toll free line is answered by professionals, at the Crime Stoppers Miami Dade call center in USA. The system is set up in such a way that the calls are untraceable, making it impossible to know the identity of caller. The trained operators, who in many instances are detectives, at the call center will ask the caller specific questions. The information collected by the operator is then passed on to investigators in Belize so as to make arrests. The caller will also be given a fake name or a code number and will asked to make follow up calls to find out if the information led to an arrest of the offender. Once an arrest is made and the person is charged by Police in Belize, the tipper with the use of the fake name or code number will be able to collect a reward for the information given to Crime Stoppers. Through the same hotline, the tipper will be able to make arrangements for collecting their reward by selecting any of the nominated payment locations set up in Belize. The payment is also made anonymously without the need for the caller to reveal their identity and with the use of their fake name or code number.

Ambergris Today

School Again! Heading Back to the Classrooms
Children bearing their brightly colored school uniforms filled the streets this morning as they headed back to school after a beautiful summer vacation here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. It's back to hitting the books, getting back to old school buddies and enjoying all the great activities at school. We surely did not see anybody complaining, even though it meant the end of summer vacations.

Over 100lbs of Cocaine Found on Turneffe Atoll
The bail was found to contain 35 parcels, of what 21 were wrapped in red tape with the markings "PZ" on them, 10 were wrapped in brown tape without any markings and 4 were wrapped in yellow tape without any markings. Each parcel was weighed individually and to a total weight of 47,480.5 grams or 104.675 pounds.

New Miss San Pedro Selected, Naiely Puc
Four young ladies was all it took to ignite this year's Miss San Pedro Pageant which took place on Saturday, August 1, 2012. Naiely Puc, Darcie Zepeda, Ashley Rhaburn and Adriana Haylock took the stage by storm and put on an impressive show of pageantry at Central Park, venue for this year's pageant. At event's end, Miss Naiely Puc, sponsored by Castillo's Hardware, was selected as Miss San Pedro 2012.

Buried Treasures In The Village of San Pedro
So here goes this true story of buried treasures. If in the darkness of the night you happen to see a small burning flame at some corner of your backyard that is a sign that there is a buried treasure at that spot. My father saw this flame one very dark night at the right corner of his lot right on the back street, now Pescador Drive. He marked the spot and told his dad about it. My grandfather instructed him that he would have to dig at that spot in the middle of the night when no one would see nor interrupt him.

Flashbacks: Family Fun At Sea In The Village Of San Pedro
In the golden years of the Village of San Pedro, children would go swimming practically every day. As soon as the school bell was rung for dismissal, children would run home, change into their swimming trunks, and head to their favorite swimming spot- the main pier, Tackle Box Area, Fido's Area, Paradise Area. Some children even went swimming into their regular school clothes. However on Saturdays and Sundays, this fun activity became a family event, especially if there were young children who had not yet learned to swim. Dozens of families would line up along the beach looking for their favorite swimming area. This activity intensified when there were friends visiting from Belize City, like during the Easter vacations. This flashback dates back to the 70's when the down trodden Bishop's house was still standing at the corner before the property was turned over to the Lions for improvements to the property. Did you know that the good Catholic Bishop Martin rented that property to the Lions for one dollar a year for 50 years?

Pic of the Week: San Pedro is Ideal for Paddleboarding
It was probably the perfect conditions for paddleboarding, the new sports that is becoming very popular here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. The sea was super calm and clear and perfect for enjoying this sport that also doubles as a great workout. Just another way to have some fun in the sun in La Isla Bonita, San Pedro.

Misc Belizean Sources

Cornerstone Concert Pictures
Cornerstone also celebrated on Burns avenue Friday night at the Full Moon Party. They busted out some dance moves to welcome September. Thanks, Cornerstone!

Telenova Concert Pictures
Telenova had their 2nd anniversary party this weekend in Benque. They had live music, and DJ Caesar. Here are some pictures from the event.

Back to School in Benque
School is back in session. The Benque House of Culture was out to get some pictures of the kids going back to their classes. Have a great year!

Summer Full Moon Concert on Burns
The SISE House of Culture had their big Summer Full Moon Concert Friday night. There was quite a bit of live music, along with an enactment of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. As Dr. Seuss would say: Tons of fun for everyone! "The San Ignacio and Santa Elena House of Culture brought the Summer Full Moon Concert to Burns Ave."

2012 Belize Youth Awards
The Belize Youth Award is a prestigious national honor bestowed upon outstanding Belizean youth between the ages of 15 and 29. It awarded for demonstrating high standards of achievement and commitment within various categories: Sports, Media, Citizenship, Arts and Culture, Mentally and Physically Challenged, Youth Ministers Entrepreneurship and Academic Excellence. Youth for the Future has the new nomination deadline set for Wednesday, September 5th. The winners will be announced on the 12th. "The deadline for nominations is September 5th. Nomination forms can be picked up at any of the Youth for the Future offices country wide. The winners will be presented with their certificate and plaque in Belize City at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts on September 12th."

School opens and unveils the 2 new classrooms
Today was the beginning of the new school year for the Caye Caulker's Roman Catholic School and all children from age 5 to 12 years old were in attendance for this very important day of the year. Everybody has a new teacher, a new classroom and maybe even some new friends added into their class from last year. For some this day was one that they eagerly awaited and for others, there were a few tears and dragging of feet to come through the school gates!! And then there are those who are attending school for the first time, these small students looking with great excitement in their eyes, a sense of achievement that they are now part of the 'big kid' ranks.

Channel 7

FECTAB Fires Up Again & Throws Charges At Chukka
Almost exactly two years ago - the name Chukka Tours was thrust into the headlines when Tom Greenwood, Yohnnie Rosado and their organization FECTAB lambasted the Jamaican company for exercising an unfair advantage in the local market. After weeks of sustained, intense animosity and bad mouthing - things died down - and for the past two years, Chukka has been quietly doing its business - emerging as the leading tour operator in a crowded local landscape. And their competitors have come to accept it - that, after all, is the nature of foreign investment. But now the locals have drawn another line in the sand - this time they say Chukka has gone too far with by erecting a rappelling platform at the Jaguar Paw site. FECTAB held a press conference today to explain what they call the perils of this planned attraction. Tom Greenwood led the charge:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This is the chunk of stone that Greenwood says he picked up at Nohoch Chen - which we know as Jaguar Paw. He told the gathering of tour guides and operators that the stone tumbled from this cliff face when Chukka was installing a platform for rappelling. Tom Greenwood "What alerted us is we got to the cave site and I heard this pneumatic drill and then when I watch the cave entrance and I looked up again - and I sat there for a while then all of a sudden - oh God!."

Chukka Says Claims Wholly Inaccurate
And so if it makes no sense - and if it puts the safety of their own guests at risk, why would Chukka do it? We tried to get the logic from Valerie Woods, the country manager for Chukka who said it would be crazy for them to put anyone's life at risk. Here are her comments:... Valerie Woods "It would be almost insane on our part to compromise our brand and compromise the business that we have with cruise and with hotels to put in place a tour that compromises the safety standards and put people at risk. We would never do such a thing." "I've heard the accusation of rocks falling I believe or boulders. The rock drill that's used is one that goes in and takes the piece of rock out - just sufficiently the size of the required width needed to put the anchoring pole for the platform. This goes into the drill - this goes into the rock and it takes the rock out and it secures the rock and therefore you unscrew it afterwards and these are pieces of rock, it secures it and so our technical personnel has to unscrew and put it in a little bucket and we carry it down. So it's boulders and rocks falling because of drilling? - it's almost an impractical, impossible thing to do using the proper equipment." Jules Vasquez "But Mr. Greenwood appeared at the press conference with a large chunk of churt." Valerie Woods "Which you saw him got the minute it fell? Of course, right?" Jules Vasquez "I don't want to think that a misrepresentation so blatant is being made." Valerie Woods "Because others haven't been made such as we do not comply to regulations. Jules, it's not even worth almost the time and energy spent. It's an inaccurate statement. So you show up at a conference with a piece of rock. I can show up this afternoon if you like with some too. Anybody can, it's an inaccurate statement."

School Warden Murdered
School started today but Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist was without its warden, Dana Augustus - and that's because she was killed on Saturday morning. Augustus is one of two women were shot in the same area on the City. Both shootings happened off Vernon Street - about half a mile apart. But the second shooting was fatal - and has the appearances of an execution. But why would anyone want to kill a 41 year old school warden and mother of seven? That's what Monica Bodden tried to find out today:.. Monica Bodden reporting 41 year old Dana Augustus was shot inside her home - here at number 19 Mayflower Street - around midnight on Friday. The mother of 7 - was inside with her 2 daughters - when she heard someone calling her name, shortly after, her home was sprayed with bullets. Some say, they heard up to 10 shots. Dana Augustus was shot 3 times. She collapsed on her kitchen floor in front of her refrigerator.

14 Year Old Male Charged For Shooting 14 Year Old Female
And while police don't have suspects for shooting those two women - they do have the men who allegedly shot a 14 year old girl on Thursday. 14 year-old Desiree Aranda, was injured by a stray bullet as she was eating dinner in her house. Well, today, the males who police believe fired the shots, were all taken to Magistrate's Court - and two of them area minors - one fo them the same age of the victim. On Saturday, police arrested and charged 18 year-old Adrian Alvarez, a 16 year-old minor, and a 14 year-old minor jointly for conspiracy to commit murder. The 16 year-old was also charged with 2 counts of attempted murder, 1 count of aggravated assault, 1 count of dangerous harm, and 1 count of use of deadly means of harm. All 3 accused were taken before Magistrate Aretha Ford where they were arraigned for the conspiracy charge. Due to the nature of the offence, Magistrate Ford could not grant them bail, and they were remanded into custody until October 10, their next court date.

GSU Charges an Entire Family
An entire family of 5 is at prison tonight, after the Gang Suppression Unit found a gun inside their home. According to the GSU, yesterday morning at 8:00 they searched a house on Raccoon Street Extension. Present at the time were residents, 26 year-old Lionel Sampson, 27 year-old Jane Ovado, 18 year-old Lodgrick Ovado, 45 year-old Evelyn Gibson, 19 year-old Lanicke Ovado, and 52 year-old Cyril Ovado. The officers searched the entire house, and they discovered a chrome and black 9 mm pistol, which was loaded with 13 live rounds of ammunition, which were found hidden underneath the flooring of a storeroom in the downstairs area of the house. As a result, the officers charged all of the occupants of the house with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition.

No Love Lost Between Lovelack and GSU
And while the GSU is, as always, parading its good work, they didn't say anything about a fruitless search in the Lake Independence area. Erlinda Lovelack is upset that the GSU, searched her house on Saturday and treated her family as though they were common criminals. Here's what she told us about the humiliation they faced - when she says no one in the family has any criminal history. Erlinda Lovelack, Upset about GSU search "5 o' clock Saturday morning while I was in my bed sleeping - I heard a noise, I thought it was my husband who got up to go to run, when I realize that he was beside me looking through the window to see who came in the yard and before anything we heard a noise at the door. It was the police they were saying 'get up and open the door or they will stomp it down.'" "My husband got up and opened the other door because this door they had already stomp it and the key fell out. We couldn't find the key. All of them came in the house and say that they have a search warrant because they got intelligent information that we have drugs and gun at our house." "Now my question to them is; do we look like anybody who has drugs or gun at our house. What kind of information can they get about people who don't have a police record, about people who work hard, who are putting their children though school? What do they want? Do they want us on the streets like the other people, so that they can class us? Is that what they want?" "When they came in they ask who all is in the house and I told them that I have my mother and my kids. They woke up everybody, bring them out. I didn't have on any clothes, only a towel. They didn't even bring a female officer. My husband and my son are the only males that live in this house. My son is 12 years old and I have a 17 year old daughter and a 15 year old daughter."

Mexican Newspaper Reports Belizean Bloodbath
There is a remarkable story coming out of a Quintana Roo newspaper in Mexico tonight. It says that a Belizean cane cutter was chopped to death by two other Belizeans in a community called Rovirosa on the Rio Hondo. The newspaper Diario Respuesta reports that early on Saturday morning Feliz Carrasco Jimenez was chopped to death by Hilario Chi and another men - who had all been drinking together. Carrasco managed to get away on a motorbike - the paper reports - but fell shortly after; his entire arm had been severed. The other men then reportedly dragged his motorcycle some distance away and set it on fire.

Let The Celebrations Begin
The September Celebrations were officially opened on Sunday at St. George's Caye. That was the settlement's former capital - and of course, the staging ground for the famous - some say infamous - Battle. But whatever historical view you take - September in Belize has taken on a life of its own - so much so that the good times merry-making and pageantry often eclipses the historical significance of the observance. And that's why at the official opening on Sunday - Chairman of Caye Caulker Johnny Watt - told the gathering to always remember history:.. Johnny Searle Jr., Chairman - St. George's Caye Comm. Council "Sometimes we get caught up in the festivities of the September celebrations and we don't take time to really think about the reason behind the celebrations." "Without the efforts of the Flowers Bank 14 and everyone else who decided to defend the settlement - there would likely not have been a Battle of St. George's Caye and without the Battle of St. George's Caye probably no Belize Independence Day and no reason for us to have our September celebrations that we always look forward to." Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. - Minister of Tourism "Indeed it was right here on this small island that 214 years ago a group of diverse people stood their grounds and fought against overwhelming odds to defend their homeland and for the right to pursue their own unique way of life."

And The Winner Is...
And while that was the ceremonial opening, those who really follow September celebrations - will know that the September Season really begins when the Queen of the Bay is selected. That happened on Saturday when The 67th Annual Queen of the Bay was held at the Birds Isle. After more than 3 hours of competition, Yadira Argueta, the representative from Stann Creek was crowned the new queen. 2nd place was Ivory Mendez, Queen of the Bay, Corozal; 3rd was Gorlee Marin, Miss Caribbean Sea, representing Flower's House. There was one more queen selected this weekend - and that was the King and Queen of Carnival. We were at that event - and will have a full recap in tomorrow night's newscast.

A Bridge Too Far?
The Belize Mexico joint commission met last week at the Princess Casino near the Belize Mexico border. According to a Mexican newspaper, they discussed the new bridge that will connect the two countries. The Mexican newspaper reports that the bridge is ready but cannot be used because the roadwords on the Belize side are not yet finished. The new international bridge called is called "Chactemal". The Mexican paper reports that the outflow of Belizeans to Quintana Roo is an average of 1.3 million a year while about 250 000 -700 thousands Mexicans cross annually into Belize, mostly the free zone.

Channel 5

Tour companies archeological war
There is controversy brewing in the tourism industry tonight. It has to do with the construction of a rappelling platform at cave three at Caves Branch. And it's FECTAB versus Chukka Belize Limited, the Jamaican based company with whom FECTAB was at war two years ago. At a highly charged press conference, FECTAB President Tom [...]

Mother of 6 murdered
A school warden was killed in the comfort of her own home on Friday night in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Old Capital. It was just past midnight when forty-one year old Dana Augustus came in harm's way. Augustus, who worked at the Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, is the seventh [...]

Is Lucretia Myvette's shooting related to murder of another?
Just before the murder of Dana Augustus, another woman was shot in the city. Police believe the two incidents may be related. Lucretia Myvette was shot to the back in front of her family; however, she survived the incident.   Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer "The earlier shooting on Friday, thirty-first of August, is [...]

Orange Walk resident shot while riding his bicycle
There was also gun violence up north. An Orange Walk man was shot once to the chest while he managed to dodge several other bullets as he was riding in that northern municipality. Over the weekend James Pelayo was on his bike when five men tried to ambush him. Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood has [...]

Shooting victim in induced coma
Isaiah Williams remains hospitalized at the K.H.M.H. in an induced coma. He is the thirty-five year old who was shot four times on Thursday night as he stood outside his parents' gate on Banak Street. On Friday we spoke with Rosalie Williams, Isaiah's wife, who told us that she believed her husband, was injured because [...]

3 persons including 2 minors charged for shooting a girl
Two minors, including a fourteen year old, are among three charged for the shooting on La Croix Boulevard in which fourteen year old Desiree Aranda was shot in the back. Last Thursday evening, the trio fired several shots at two persons, but missed and hit Aranda as she sat eating in her house. The teenager [...]

Death by machete in Mexico
Across the border, a Belizean cane cutter was hacked to death allegedly by two other Belizeans in Rovirosa, along the banks of the R�o Hondo. The incident was published today in Mexico's daily newspapers. The suspects were arrested by members of Mexico's State Police. The brutal murder occurred when Felix Carrasco Jim�nez, Hilario Chi Rogelio [...]

Family in jail for illegal ammo
At around eight o’clock on Sunday morning, the GSU detained an entire family, including a pregnant woman, on Sister Terese Sparks Street after a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson pistol with thirteen live rounds of ammunition were found in a search of Lionel Sampson's house. Jane, Lodgrick, Evelyn, Lanicke and Cyril Ovado were all arrested [...]

Marijuana entrepreneur touches customer in bed?
Also in the court, a construction worker of Casuarina Street was charged with indecent assault and common assault after he allegedly made a brazen move on a woman in front of her boyfriend. It's an interesting story because twenty-four year old Kareem White reportedly visited the thirty year old victim to drop off some weed [...]

GSU finds gun and makes a cocaine bust
A nine millimeter pistol was found at around eight on Sunday night on Raccoon Street. The search took place while a house party was ongoing at the residence of Micah Lee Williams, a reputed drug peddler, according to the GSU. Nothing illegal was found in the house or yard, but in a further search on [...]

Belizean students join U.S. Youth Ambassador Program
Thirteen Belizean High School students will spend the next three weeks in the US as part of a Youth Ambassador program, sponsored by the US Department of State. The exchange program, which is implemented by Partners of the Americas, started in 2002 and is open to youths from the United States, Latin America and the [...]

The next Superstar contestants
Be the Next Superstar is live at the Bliss tonight! The change is due to bookings at the Bliss for the September celebrations, but for fans who can't wait for the excitement, Group B is energized and ready to hit the stage. When the show opens, three will face the knockout round, one will live [...]

The sequins of Carnival King & Queen winners
The MCC Grounds was ram-jammed on Saturday night for this year's King and Queen Competition for Carnival 2012. There were more than thirty vying for the title of king and queen in both senior and junior divisions. The judge's scorecard included points or presentation, portrayal and interviews. Hours later, a veteran took home the bragging [...]

Sports Monday's Lionman Edition
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We begin with the PLB matchup inside the MCC Grounds yesterday as FC Belize hosted the San Pedro Seadogs in a battle to move up the standings in Zone A. In the opening minute, Jessie Smith fires off this left foot splice that glances [...]


A Family of Eighteen Attacks Police Officers
Police have release information about Thursday night's incident in Steadfast Village during which civilians were reportedly shot by some members of the Police Department. Police say that at around seven twenty-five on that night three policemen from the Dangriga Police Form...

Woman Killed Inside Her Home
Police investigations continue into Friday night's fatal shooting of a Belize City woman. Love News understands that the victim, Dana Augustus, was reportedly inside her house on Mayflower Street shortly after ten on Friday night when she was shot dead. Information re...


Man shot in front of his mother's house
A man is fighting for his life in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot four times in front of his mother's house on Banak Street in Belize City on Thursday night. Thirty-five year old Isaiah Williams was shot by two youths who rode on separate bicycles from the direction of the Central American Boulevard shortly after nine pm. Williams' wife, Rosalie Williams, told Love News that that her husband is in an induced coma. If that were not bad enough, the shooting almost led to the family's house being destroyed by fire. Williams was reportedly alone cooking inside the kitchen at the time and had only stepped out to take a cigarette break when he was shot, as his wife shared with us. Williams told us that she has a strong suspicion that the mastermind behind the shooting was an estranged spouse to a relative of hers. She said that her husband was trying to help her relative upon her mother's request to move out of an abusive relationship and when Williams went to move the relative's belongings from the house, the man threatened him. But to add to the whole incident, after Williams was shot, his family went to the hospital, leaving open the door that neighbours had just broken open to turn off the stove. That was the time that thieves chose to enter the house and steal the family's household appliances. So far, police have no suspects for the shooting nor the theft.

Four persons shot allegedly by police
A family from Alta Vista village in the Stann Creek district is up in arms today, after the shooting of three of their loved ones, allegedly by a policeman. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports. This morning, Love News spoke with the sister of three of the wounded Castella�os brothers. Lucrecia Castella�os told Love News that she believes her brothers were targeted by the police and that it is not the first time the police have used excessive force against them. Lucrecia Castella�os told Love News that since the shooting, the police have been preventing the family from seeing their hospitalized loved ones. Love News requested a comment from the Police Press Officer about last night's shooting in Alta Vista village; but up to news time, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood has not responded to our call for information.

Teenage girl injured by gunshot in her house
Three men have been detained by police following the shooting of a teenage girl last night. The fourteen year old girl, a high school student, had just gotten home from classes on Thursday evening and was reportedly around her table eating when she was shot in the back. Police reports say the incident was the result of a shooting at the corner of Park Street and La Croix Boulevard. Police say that three men on separate bicycles were at the location around five thirty yesterday evening, when one of the men fired four shots in the direction of a couple who was in the area. Neither of the couple was injured; but the bullets penetrated the walls of the little girl's house on Cumberbatch Street and hit her in the lower back. The fourteen year old girl was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Ten year old girl found dead
Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a ten year old girl of San Lazaro Village in the Orange Walk District. Sometime around ten o'clock yesterday morning neighbours noticed 10-year-old Rosalie Talles hanging from a rope which was tied to a tree. They rushed to child's assistance and cut the rope from around her neck and tried to revive her but it was a futile effort. The child's body was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The family is left with a number of questions since Rosalie is described as a happy and friendly child.

Telethon in aid of injured boy
A radio-thon is being organized to assist the Cordova family if Marcus Canul area Orange Walk town. Back on July 26, the family house, which rested in stumps, collapsed over two of the family's children. The two children were trapped underneath the house until neighbors managed to get them out and transport them to the NRH for medical attention. Jorge Chuc is a neighbor and recounts what happened that terrible Thursday morning on San Martin St. Orange Walk town. The two children trapped under the house were ten year old Briton Cordova and seven year old Jouvan Griffith. Griffith managed to recuperate with time but Briton received severe head injuries and had to be put on life support. Two weeks ago doctors at the KHMH told the family there is nothing else they can do for the ten year old boy as his diagnosis is grim. He was later transferred to the NRH in Orange Walk town and now the family is raising fund to take the little boy for medical attention abroad. The family hopes to raise 20 thousand dollars. The radio-thon will starts tomorrow morning at 9 and run until 3pm. It will be aired live on Estereo Amor and local radio Universal FM. There will also be a bar-b-que sale.

Housing expo in Western Pines
If you've been contemplating buying a new house then tomorrow will be the day to take the opportunity to come one step closer as the Western Pines Housing Expo is being held. The community is located at mile 8 � on the Western Highway and is a part of the greater community called Western Paradise and immediately behind Sunset Park. Sales and Marketing Director for CP Buildings and Western Pines, Pauline Romero, filled us in on the details. The expo is free and it will take place from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Public transportation is available at the old Novelo's Bus terminal for those who don't have their own transportation.


Unions get their wish; negotiations begin with Ministers
The three unions - Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), Public Service Union (PSU) and Association of Public Serv...


A Trip to St. George's Caye, Part One: Dignitaries, Sailing and San Pedro's Proudest Mom
Yesterday I joined the San Pedro Sailing Club for a trip to very historic St. George's Caye, Belize. The team was sailing in the Battle of St. George's Caye Regatta against kids from all over the country. (I spotted Consejo, the brand new Placencia team and Corozal.) I have so much to say about my day visiting Belize's first capital (and SO many pictures, I snapped an overwhelming 293) so let me give you a little preview... I met the proudest mother in San Pedro...and maybe even the whole country of Belize right now... Her daughter won the Miss San Pedro 2012 competition on Saturday night and her son took first place in yesterday's regatta. How cool is that? Go Marfa! But let's back up a bit... The team and their supporters started out early for the 45 minute boat trip to St. George's Caye. There were a few heavy clouds looming but after a few a.m. sprinkles, we had a glorious day. The caye is situated relatively close to Belize City and has been used as a vacation getaway for well-to-do Belizeans for centuries. There is one resort on the island, I'd guess about 40 private homes and no stores, restaurants or bars. The small island (just over a mile long) was the first colonial settlement in Belize, the largest colonial town in Belize in the 17th and 18th centuries and our first official capital city.

Monday Morning
For those of you who work from home you know it how easy it is to get sucked in. With no commute I pretty much walk out our bedroom door and I am at the office. Tacoboy has decided he is changing that up by taking his morning coffee on the veranda, reading and sometimes going for a swim before he hits the office [guest bedroom] I on the other hand am having a hard time keeping my brain turned off enough to do that. Especially this week as I have too much on my on my plate, 2 magazine articles for Belize News Exchange with pics due Friday and shooting pictures for Sport Diver Magazine to go with the Belize Tips I submitted. With all that rolling around in my head I decided it was important to to go slow this morning and a perfect option was get lost catching up on a few Belize blogs with my morning coffee. There are lots of good ones out there but today 4 was my time limit - Belize it or not�Bear & Em in Belize! Letters to my friends by Carrie Tripodi, Tia Chocolate by Mary Gonzalez, San Pedro Scoop by Rebecca Coutant and Taking Belize by Debra Milstead.

Fun Activities Not To Miss When Visiting Belize
Belize, as tiny as it may be, is so varied in terrain and activities that you can spend weeks there and never tire of all the fun activities there is to do! Either you are traveling alone, along friends or with family, here are seven fun activities not to miss when visiting Belize: Snorkeling, Diving, Kayaking, Biking, Golf Carts, Hiking and caving, Wildlife viewing

International Sources

Central American and Caribbean countries design plan for responsible fishing
A group of delegates from the Organization of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector of Central America (Ospesca) and of the Community of Caribbean States (Caricom), meeting in Belize will intend to design a plan to protect marine resources. "The purpose of the meeting, which will be held for the first time, is to create an action plan for responsible fisheries throughout the Caribbean, since Central America has already designed models for governance, but it is necessary to extend them to the entire Caribbean Sea," Ospesca director, Mario Gonzalez, told AFP. The resources of the Caribbean Sea "know no borders" and are affected by the impact of climate change, overfishing and illegal fishing, Gonz�lez explained. It is, therefore, necessary to "agree and implement" a plan to "ensure sustainability of marine products over time." At the meeting, the representatives from Central America will try to provide expertise to the Caribbean as to the aquaculture field, generating huge profits. The meeting will be attended by Ospesca technical commission delegates and those from the 17 countries forming part of the Regional Mechanism of Fisheries in the Caribbean (CRFM). For Tuesday the attendance of the ministers of both regions responsible for the fisheries area in their respective nations is expected, Gonz�lez stated. The idea is to "reach a commitment" by signing a memorandum of understanding between CRFM and Ospesca.

Belize Field Study Gives Students Hands-on Conservation Experience
Jennifer Souther wanted to learn about a different part of the world from something other than a textbook. So she applied for a passport and this summer found herself in a van with nine other Mason students, traveling the dusty roads of Belize for an experience that changed her life. "I learned more in one week than I ever thought imaginable," says Souther, a senior majoring in integrative studies with a concentration in elementary education. This was the first time the course, NCLC 498/BIOL 440 Rainforest Conservation in Belize, was offered through the Center for Field Studies. New Century College professor Sylvia Vitazkova led the field course. Students toured the country of Belize in late May to learn about conservation, rainforests, and animal biodiversity. For Souther, the trip brought alive all her senses. "Everything looks, sounds, smells, and feels different from it does in Virginia," she says. From hearing the Howler monkeys call at night-"like something out of a horror movie"-to adapting to the extreme heat, Souther says she will never forget her experience. "If you think the sky looks amazing at night when you're in the country in the U.S., then the night sky in Belize would blow you away."
The Blue Ventures Manatee and Bird project is a great way to learn more about the diverse wildlife in Northern Belize whilst contributing to valuable research. The programme gives you the amazing ...

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