I wanted to post here hoping to hit all the available properties on the island for long term rent or possibly with an option for rent to own

We are in need of a 3BR house (would settle for 2 if the open living space is big enough and the house was kick ass).
must be DOG FRIENDLY with fenced-in yard.
We would like to be on the water, considering our budget this is probably on the lagoon side.

DO NOT WANT TO TRAVEL TOO MUCH ON THE HORRIBLE DFC ROADS but on a tiny bit of it is OK. I know they say they fix them but until whoever does the grading is shown how to CROWN THEM the fix only lasts until the first rain.

-wish list: on water, open floor plan, yard, deck, closet space, parking, bodega, high ceilings...

PLEASE CALL ME if you know of anything that might fit this bill at 634 6008
Our budget is a little flexible but would like to be in the neighborhood of $1500BZ......THANK YOU!!!

Noele McLain
Go Yoga, travelling to you and with you.
501 670 6008