Daphne and I are building on AC right now and will be spending some real time there in a couple of years. We're amatuer musicians and wonder if there is any muic scene there. We've seen a few people playing at some of the resorts.

We play trad Irish, English, Scottish, some bluegrass, and folk. Daphne plays fiddle and mandolin. I back her up on guitar and banjo, play some mandolin and am learning some fiddle. I play baroque flute when I get the chance.

We'd be interested in people playing any of that, or some simple chamber music.

Anything like that happen on AC?

P.S. We also play the Asian game of Go. We're in the 1-3 kyu range, depending on the day and number of beers or glasses of wine.

We'll be down this January starting on the 19th for two weeks, to get the house ready.