Belizean artist Jamal Smith - whose stage name is "Jah" is in Belize for the September celebrations to promote his latest album entitled "I Heart BZE."

Smith, who now lives in Los Angeles California, began his musical career 10 years ago by fusing a wide range of genres, including bruk down, soca and punta. Now he's here for the 11th Annual Soundfest and told us what he wants to do for the Belizean audience.

Jah, artist
"Right now the hit song is ABC. Basically reminisce about when I was in infant 2 and I had a crush on my teacher Ms. Jones. I know that everybody who went to school had to have a little crush on at least one teacher. I did and I just wanted to do something that pretty much everybody can relate to and I also Belize version of ABC is different from American version of ABC because of the teacher, teacher don't lash me. That's makes Belizean ABC unique. I don't know if they still do that. Do they lash children now?"

"I am here for sound fest on Friday at the Bird's Isle. I am here to have some fun and just enjoy the place that I love the most, Belize."

Of course, he's just one artist in a star studded lineup for the sound fest which will be held at Birds Isle on Friday night.

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