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The San Pedro Sun

SPTC to implement No wake Zone and declare no swimming area
In May of 2012, the Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero announced that the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) would be installing no wake zone signs in various parts around Ambergris Caye. In addition, the council was also working on the logistics to declare the Boca del Rio area, from the bridge foot running reef-ward to the end of the channel where it meets the sea, a no swimming area. The two initiatives were in an effort to avoid major accidents where human lives could be lost. Now that it has been close to four months since the announcement was made there has yet to be signage or the enforcement of the designated "No Wake Zone" and "No Swimming" areas of concern. That's because the signs are still being done. According to Mayor Guerrero, there has been some delay in creating the signs but he hopes that they will be ready by the end of September. Once the signs are ready, the onus to erect the signs will be on the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association (SPTGA). When the signs are erected, the SPTC, SPTGA and the Belize Coast Guard will be working to ensure that boat captains adhere to the signs.

Manatees in Peril in Ladyville
On August 15, a large manatee was reported in a canal at Vista del Mar, described as being entangled in a net. The Belize Marine Mammal Stranding Network response team, led by Jamal Galves and Nicole Auil Gomez, located the animal and determined that the long white line across the manatee's back was not a net, but a large boat engine wound. The manatee was monitored for a week. The mammal was rescued by the team on August 24th as she appeared thin and the canal's vegetation deemed unsuitable. Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute staff and many volunteers, including BATSUB soldiers, successfully lifted the 10-foot female using Sea to Shore Alliance's specialized capture boat and gear. She was examined by Dr. Jane Crawford of Animal Medical Centre who determined it had a lung infection likely caused from a possible fractured rib - a result of the boat strike.

Experts Assess Future of Renewable Energy in Central America
The Worldwatch Institute and the INCAE Business School's Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) co-hosted two workshops on "The Way Forward for Renewable Energy in Central America" in Managua, Nicaragua and Alajuela, Costa Rica on August 30th and September 3rd. The participative dialogues promoted the exchange of ideas and experiences among a select group of experts from regional institutions, civil society organizations, energy sector companies, and government agencies. The workshops focused on the role of renewable energy technologies in broadening access to modern energy services and achieving regional development. The Central American countries of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama rely heavily on large hydropower, imported petroleum, and traditional biomass for their energy supply. This dependence on conventional energy sources has had wide-ranging and adverse social, environmental, and economic impacts, hampering sustained and sustainable development in the region. Energy needs, particularly of marginalized and low-income communities, have not been sufficiently met. Although Central American governments have embraced various policies to promote renewable energy-and recent trends in geothermal, wind, and solar energy have been encouraging-the region still faces many challenges in advancing renewables to their full potential.

Ministry of Health Launches Food Borne Disease Study
The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC) - Trinidad and Tobago is pleased to announce the launch of the "Burden of Illness Study" - a research study on Food Borne Diseases in Belize to be officially launched on Thursday September 6th, 2012 at the Belize Biltmore Plaza, Belize City. Food Bourne infections are major causes of illness and death worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2005, 1.5 million people died worldwide from diarrheal diseases attributed to food borne diseases. A separate study showed that at least 70% of the diarrheal diseases are food borne. Research has also provided evidence that these cases are not often reported.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk and Water Taxi Terminal - Street Closure
The public is hereby informed that construction work for the San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk and Water taxi Terminal has commenced. Beginning August 27, 2012, and until further notice, the stretch of road along the lagoon side will be closed to vehicular access from the intersection with Caribena Street running south to the intersection with Pelican Street. Access will only be permitted for residents of the street and pedestrians requiring direct access to the properties and establishments in the area. Our apologies for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and support in our ongoing partnership to uplift and revitalize this area of San Pedro Town. Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Sustainable Tourism Program Office, 168 Newtown Barracks, Belize City (tel 223-2654) The San Pedro Town Council (tel 226-2198) or the site office, at the Old Football Field. The Sunset Board walk and Water Taxi terminal is being executed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Belize Tourism Board under component 1, Sustainable Tourism Program.

Behind the Scenes Miss Belize Continente Americano Photo Shoot
Chantae Chanice Guy was the first Belize delegate to make it to the Top 10 of any Miss World preliminary competition when she made the Top Model Top 10. Will she also make history at Miss Continente Americano? Chantae Chanice Guy of Belmopan, Cayo will represent Belize at Miss Continente Americano in Guayaquil, Ecuador during September, 2012. As she prepares to represent Belize at her second international pageant, Chantae worked with Jose Luis Zapata Photography to build her portfolio and get some professional pictures taken for official use.

Misc Belizean Sources

"Long Live Belize" Music Video
Roxana Alcoser sings 'Long Live Belize' on the Hawkesworth Bridge. The Super Furia Band provided the music, and the Pandy Show did the video. What a way to get into the September Celebrations mood. Thanks, Pandy.

First Weekend in September pictures
This weekend is sure to be the biggest this year for Cayo. Last weekend was just the start. From Burns for the Full Moon Concert and Mr. Greedy's to Rumors for a dance, it was a great weekend. Here are some pictures from it.

"Sounds of Freedom" at UB
Today morning, the University of Belize will be having Carolyn Cooper present "Sounds of Freedom" as part of the September Celebrations. The presentation will talk about Reggae and Dancehall music in Caribbean identities. Everyone is invited to attend. "The University of Belize in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, Open Campus, Belize will host a presentation by Professor Carolyn Cooper of Jamaica entitled: "Sounds of Freedom: Reggae and Dancehall Music in Decolonization and the Formation of Caribbean Identities" on Thursday September 6 at 9:30 am at the Jaguar Auditorium, Central Campus, Belmopan. This presentation is part ofthe 2012 September Celebrations in Belize."

The Story of Resistance in Belize
Today at 9:30am, the Benque House of Culture will have the opening of the exhibition entitled "The Story of Resistance in Belize." Everyone is invited to this cultural event, done to coincide with the September Celebrations. It starts at 9:30am. "Seeking to enhance your knowledge on our Belizean History? There is much to look forward to as the "Story of Resistance of Belize" will be launched on September 6th, on the 11th Anniversary Celebration of your House of Culture. Exhibition compiled by our sister Department, The Institute of Social & Cultural Research: ISCR"

Channel 7

Petrocaribe Fuel Coming, But Don't Expect Lower Pump Prices
Tonight, this ship - an oil tanker - called the Miramis is on its way to Belize with fuel from Venezuela's national oil company PDVSA. The fuel is coming as part of the long dormant Petrocaribe agreement, which has recently been resurrected by the Barrow Administration. The tanker arrives on Saturday afternoon - and signals the beginning of a new fuel regime in Belize. But - the bad news is - don't expect it to bring lower prices at the pump. First, Venezuela has to sell all Petrocaribe partners fuel at world prices - so that it does not undermine its own international oil sales. The break is that government gets favorable terms to pay back for the fuel products - meaning it doesn't have to pay back all 100% of the cost immediately. Between 40 and 50% of the fuel bill can be paid back over 20 years at low interest rates - so that in the interim government can use the money for development programmes. And while that is still being worked out - the fuel regime has changed - while to some extent still remaining the same. Government is working with PUMA Energy to land, and store the fuel - so some elements of their price buildup will remain.

NICH Says: Chukka "No Problem Mon"
NICH and the Ministry of Culture has responded to FECTAB's fiery press conference earlier this week. As we showed you, multiple Belizean tour operators came out raging at the Jamaican owned company for a rappelling structure that the company installed near one of the routes used by cave tubing guests. Well this evening NICH issued a statement on the dispute, basically coming out squarely in defence of Chukka. The release explains that NICH met with FECTAB last week to quote, "provide clear evidence that the construction of the rappelling platform follows strict international standards for these types of facilities in public parks...It also meets with all standards established for International Amusement Parks and Attractions in the U.S." end quote. The statement concludes by saying that NICH and the Ministry Of Tourism and Culture will quote, "continue to protect and develop our cultural heritage in a responsible and sustainable manner." FECTAB has vowed to use all legal means nationally and internationally to ensure compliance with what they say is the law.

The Punk Jungle Needs Back Its Standpipe
The residents of the area known as the Pink Jungle off Pickstock street in Belize City have been in an uproar since Friday when their standpipe was disconnected. For many in this depressed area, who cannot afford to connect to the water main - the standpipe is their only means of potable water - and now that they've been without it for 120 hours, their lives have become very uncomfortable. We spoke to two residents today about the importance of the stand-pipe and the pain of its absence: Resident "Well, the current state is that some of the children don't even have water to bathe to go to school. We can't wash, cook, wash the dishes, or flush the toilet." Resident "I went to the hospital last night because I felt so bad. I can't drink my pills. I couldn't play my boledo because I was at hospital." Reporter "Since Friday you all have not had any water, how have you all survived?" Resident "We have to buy water from the people who do have water, from the neighbor. My aunt just begged the neighbor for a cup of water to drink her pills."

More Baby-Mama-Drama Leaves A Man's House Torched
Last week - it made headlines in every media outlet when a man was knocked down and killed by his baby's mother. Well tonight there's more baby-mama-drama to report on - though thankfully, it is not as serious. A woman is under investigation for setting fire to the home of her baby's father in Ladyville. Monica Bodden found out how it happened. Monica Bodden Reporting The fire happened here in Ladyville - almost in front of the Fire Station - at this small family residential community. Kevin Burgess - the owner of the wooden bungalow house was across the street at the gas station at the time. A little after 10 last night, Burgess Mother say she saw his baby mama entered the yard and went behind his house. Shortly after, another family recalled seeing her leave. That was when they notice the small wooden structure completely engulfed in flames. The fire spread rapidly destroying everything in just minutes.

Mayor Says He Wants "DJ Tambran" Gone From Commercial Center
DJ Tambran - his music store at the foot of the swing bridge is a fixture of downtown Belize City - always blasting out the most current tunes. But after 14 years at the bottom of the Commercial Center - the City Council wants him gone! There are two - and possibly three - sides to this story. But we'll start with Tambran's. He's been closed for the past few weeks - because he doesn't have electricity - and he says it's all a part of the city council's plot to get him out of there for political reasons because he ran for the PUP in the last municipal elections: Lennox DJ Tambran Young - Claims Unfair Treatment From City Hall "Jules, well, this week will make 3 weeks that I don't have any electricity. What happens is that my business has to operate with electricity because I sell CD's and DVD's. This is a music store. What happened here is that about 2 months ago, we had problems with my meter. I personally feel that I'm being sabotage because out of everybody on this building, only I don't have electricity. And the way I look at it is that the technicians for the City Council, and the electrician came over. They told me that they found a line that has been burnt, and they will replace. It told them no problem.

A Last Dash For Freedom By Guilty Man
This morning, Downtown Albert Street was up in excitement when 19 year-old Said Pike, who was just convicted of firearm offences, fled court before the sitting magistrate could hand him his sentence. It was major news back in November of 2010, when police recovered 2 loaded firearms from inside a pair of rubber boots that was in an apartment room at #56 Regent Street. The officers said that they discovered that the left boot which concealed a silver and black Sig Sauer 9mm pistol with 12 live rounds of ammunition, while the right foot concealed a black CZ 9mm pistol with 7 live rounds of ammunition. As a result, the police arrested all persons who were present, and those who were associated with the room, which included, Pike, Marlon Budran, his common-law wife Bridget White, the recently-deceased Clifton Flores, and Kareem Heusner. They were all charged with 2 counts of keeping an unlicensed firearm and 2 counts of keeping unlicensed ammunition.

Oil rig Imported To Drill In Northwestern Belize
A huge oil rig has landed in Belize - and is being transported in 60 containers to Blue Creek in Northwestern Belize where drilling is expected to start in October. It is a concession area owned by Big Creek Energy, which has partnered with New World Oil and Gas for a major, multi-million dollar drilling venture. It's particularly expensive because they have to drill about eight thousand feet down to find the oil field that they hope is there. They've already done seismic testing and now, it's drilling time. We found out more today from Alistair King, the Managing Director of Blue Creek Energy and Ernesto Vasquez of the newly formed BelizE PetrOleum Association: Ernesto Vasquez - Belize Petroleum Association "They have finally concluded that we've found an area where we think that there is oil in the ground. And after they do that, of course, they have to report to Government, and say, 'Well, we want to go to the next phase.' And the next phase is to drill the hole and look for the oil. So, that's where we are now, and arriving Belize, as we speak, is the oil rig, which is a huge - it's a huge tower - and you've seen pictures of it, I'm sure - where they are going to drill this hole into the ground."

Catholic Security Guard Gets Off Gun Charge
33 year-old Oscar Aguilar, a security guard for the Roman Catholic Diocese, was acquitted of firearms offences today in the Magistrate's Court. According to police, just before 5 a.m. on August 14, 2010, they were on patrol, and when they passed the Roman Catholic Church on North Front Street. They saw Aguilar and another man standing on the street side, and Aguilar had an object resembling a firearm, which he was waving. The officers stopped the vehicle, discovered that it was a .22 pistol, and they also found 3 live rounds of ammunition in his back pocket. They charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. The trial started a few months ago, and in his defense, Aguilar testified that he was on duty, and was talking to his friend, Carmelo Choc. Choc reportedly told Aguilar that he heard something fall when a vehicle passed by. Choc went to see what it was, and he retrieved the firearm, and passed it to Aguilar.

Historic Fisheries Declaration From Belize
The historic joint meeting of Fisheries Associations of Central American and the Caribbean has concluded with a landmark declaration. The four page, nine-point declaration calls for integrated management and sustainable use of the living marine resources of the Caribbean sea. They have given priority to addressing management of trans-boundary species such as spiny lobster and the management of other shared fishery resources such as the Queen Conch. It is signed by the Ministers or Chiefs of Delegations from 18 countries...

When Flavour Meets Culture
Last night we told you about the exhibit launched by the folks who brought you the Flavors of Belize Cookbook. Well, now they have put together a pictorial representation of Belizean Food - and it looks good enough´┐Ż.to eat! Janelle Chanona went to the opening last night and she has this report: Janelle Chanona, Reporting September is all about national pride: our national heritage-national pastimes-and national dishes. Yasser Musa, Director, Image Factory Belize "Food is everything." That's why for the month of September, the Image Factory will be hosting a pictorial presentation dedicated to Belizean food. Yasser Musa - Director, Image Factory Belize "As a people who live culture, we see food as the ordinary. But what has been captured now is that it has been elevated to a kind of artistic prominence, with the photography, compositioning of the food. So, I think that this is a real breakthrough using something that we take for granted, and elevating it to a very high visual status."

Channel 5

City Hall's eviction has it in a mix with DJ Tambran
He's a popular disc jockey and a businessman; DJ Tambran's name resonates in many quarters throughout the Old Capital. His small business has been located at the Commercial Center for fourteen years but now the current council has reportedly cut his lights and is threatening to throw him out. The DJ ran under the blue [...]

Natives are restless in Pickstock Jungle without water
The Jungle is an impoverished Pickstock Street community that has been without water for days. Most of the residents depend on free water from a pipe stand that was blocked on Friday by the Belize Water Services Limited. It is creating havoc for the families especially since the children are now back in school. We [...]

Diana's Fruit Shop burnt to the ground
The owner of a small business returned to it early this morning to find it had been destroyed by fire. Some time on Tuesday night, Diana's Fruit shop on Central American Boulevard went up in flames. Juana Sarmienta says she lost produce, appliances and the structure. She believes someone broke into it and then set [...]

Caves Branch rappelling platform is much ado about nothing
The construction of a rappelling platform atop Cave Three at Nohoch Che'en has been a hot-button issue among tourism stakeholders since it was first discovered that work was being done on the face of the adjoining hill. On Monday, the Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize held a press conference during which it strongly [...]

Economic Indicator: unemployment levels at record high
In economic indicators tonight, the unemployment level is at a record high; the joblessness is highest among women and youths. In households across the country there is less or no income, which means no purchasing power, and less money in circulation. To add to the woes of the unemployed, the cost of living keeps going [...]

How Carnival has evolved
It started back in 1975 Belize and has morphed into the single hottest ticket in the national September celebrations. Belize's carnival is a fusion of culture, color and creativity in which young and old, men and women are willing participants. Its birth is traced to the tenth of September celebrations which were thought to be [...]

Pickstock group of a hundred children may not be in Carnival
Still on the carnival, the Pickstock Mas Band takes a hundred kids every year in the Carnival. But with only a few days left before the road march on September eighth, the Pickstock group has been unable to get all the sponsorship it needs. Gareth Gill, the Leader of Pickstock told News Five what they [...]

C-NET+ robbed; HIV support group a victim
Just before three this afternoon, the office of Collaborative Network of People Living with HIV in Belize (C-NET) located behind the PASMO Building on Princess Margaret Drive was the target of robbers. Two men, one armed with a gun, accosted Assistant, Rick Campos, while the other proceeded to swipe two laptops, a radio and cash [...]

Criminal tries escape artist as his new career
Three men, who were charged for unlicensed firearms and ammunition back in 2010, were convicted today and sentenced to four years in prison, but one had other plans. After being found guilty, twenty year old Said Pike escaped from the court with prosecutor, Corporal Noel Muschamp in pursuit. The chase went past Brodies, up Albert [...]

Busted before, alleged drug traffickers denied bail
While three were convicted of firearm offences, four persons, including a sixteen year old minor, were also in court today for Drug Trafficking. Twenty-year old Shaquan Almendarez, forty-seven year old Clinton Martin, thirty-eight year old Marvin Staine and the minor were arrested on Tuesday morning on Electric Avenue. Police officers on mobile patrol searched the [...]

Sounds of Freedom; Reggae and Dancehall Culture in the Caribbean
A recognized professor and lecturer of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Kingston Jamaica is in Belize for two distinguished lectures. Professor Carolyn Cooper is an expert in Reggae and Dancehall studies, as well as in the use of Creole/Jamaican Patois. The author of several publications, Professor Cooper will be sharing her [...]

What is the equation to transform craft for international appeal?
Professor Cooper also met with local artists and musicians in a workshop at the House of Culture. Central among the discussions are the topics of marketing and the content of Belizean music. While reggae and dancehall are popular across the world and have permeated local music scenes, Professor Cooper says that Belizeans must experiment with [...]

Men in uniform; are they drinking on the job?
We don't have a "picture of the day" segment on the newscast but if we ever did, this photo of Immigration Officers would certainly make it as an all time favorite. The picture taken weeks ago shows four Immigration Officers in uniform sitting on the beach slugging back a few beers. the caption read, "I [...]

Earthquake hits Costa Rica
Alarms bells went off this morning when word spread that a tsunami warning was in effect for Belize and the rest of the Caribbean following a seven point six magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica. Well, it turned out to be a false alarm sent out erroneously by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and according to [...]

Service Day is a Service Day, not a Holiday
Leading up to the celebrations, and as a point of clarification, the National Celebrations Committee says that September nineteenth which has been designated as National Service Day, is NOT a public and bank holiday so cancel or postpone plans if you had intended to take the day off. National Service Day is an initiative under [...]

Super Furia is back for Independence
Popular Sugar City musical outfit the Super Furia Band, is back with new music just in time to capitalize on the September Celebrations madness. With a slew of patriotic songs already garnering frequent spins on the airwaves, the established collective has joined the fray with a new release called Long Live Belize. Lead vocalist Roxanna [...]


Dangriga Woman Raped In Her Home
A woman from Dangriga was reportedly raped while at home. The thirty-five year old domestic reported that at around two on Monday afternoon she was at her house sleeping when two men entered and covered her face with a cloth. She added that one of the assailants raped her.&...

Bureau of Standards Investigates Over Pricing of Fuel
The Bureau of Standards has received a complaint that a gas station on the Northern Highway overcharged a customer by selling gas at new increased prices before the prices took effect. Love News has learned that the customer provided a receipt which shows that the purchase was ma...

Chinese Businessman Robbed in Corozal
A business in Corozal Town was held up and robbed at gunpoint on Saturday. The proprietor of Lisa's Store on Fifth Avenue, Weiquin Zhu, told police that he closed his business at around one that morning and went into his living quarters along with his wife and his baby daug...


Trio accused of Cayo armed robbery
Three persons were detained in connection to a robbery in the Cayo District. Correspondent Elaine Berry reports.

Corozal teen murdered
Corozal Police are investigating a shooting incident that claimed the life of a 20 year old resident of Fifth Avenue in Corozal Town. Arturo Cantun has the details . The father of the Humberto Gonzalez believes the death of his son is related to an altercation he had on Friday night with another man at a local establishment.

Renovated Town Hall in Punta Gorda
Keys to the newly refurbished Punta Gorda Town Hall and administration building were officially handed over yesterday in Punta Gorda.

Service station accused of price gouging
The Bureau of Standards has received a complaint that a gas station on the Northern Highway overcharged a customer by selling gas at new increased prices before the prices took effect. Love News has learned that the customer provided a receipt which shows that the purchase was made two Fridays ago, but instead of the price being eleven ninety five a gallon for premium gas, the gas station was already charging the new price of twelve ninety eight a gallon, which took effect the following Monday. According to a compliance officer at the Bureau, if their investigation proves the customer to be right, then the gas station committed an offense under the Supplies Control Act, Chapter 293 of the Laws of Belize, and stands liable for penalties to be handed down. The Bureau of Standards encourages the public to use its hotline number: 0800 283 5587 to report any suspicious of blatantly erroneous price or measuring scale for weighing goods. That number again is: 0800 283 5587 and can be used on weekdays from eight in the morning to five in the evening.

Galen University students to study the sugar industry
A number of University students have been taking a close look at the sugar industry. Arturo Cantun reports.

Cultural food exhibit opens in Belize City
Two months ago the cookbook entitled, "Flavours of Belize" was launched featuring major dishes of Belize. Tonight, the Image Factory Art Foundation on North Front Street in Belize City will again introduce the piece as more than just a cookbook. Publisher of the keepsake, Tanya McNab, says she wanted to offer people a deeper insight into what the cookbook truly is - that is a piece of Belize's culture - through a cultural food exhibit. The second introduction of "Flavours of Belize" takes place at the Image Factory starting at seven tonight and will be on display throughout September.


HFLE PAGE LISTINGS and brief descriptions of issues
The issues raised from the review were categorized according to: Age Appropriateness, Cultural Relevancy, Parental...

HFLE MANUAL links here... Comments Received regarding HFLE MANUAL

Comments Received regarding HFLE MANUAL
Here are comments that Rise and Shine Viewers are making regarding the HFLE Manual produced and destributed by Peac...


Fire FTP
There have been many debates about technology in Belize and Belize internet. Although we have had our share of problems, overall I am ok with speed we get. This morning I had to use Fire ftp and load about 10 - 15 low res pictures to get them to a different website and it only took me 1 min download time. I can live with that and I know it would have been longer if they were high res. Dr Al sent me a world internet speed comparison one day when he was giving me the gears about how slow we have it here. I would have posted it but I cannot seem to find it, Al if you are out there please resend link so I can add it to this post. We did not even make the Which country has the world's fastest internet? info graphic on mashable.

Actun Halal & Actun Chapat Review
Actun Chapat and Actun Halal get great reviews. This well written article has some great pictures, and you can get a good feel for Chapat. The Trek Stop in Succotz, along with its butterfly farm, gets a good mention. "We left Actun Halal behind and headed deeper into the jungle along an ancient Maya causeway toward Actun Chapat, an extensive cave or - perhaps more accurately - cave system with underground lakes, Maya artifacts, and miles yet to be discovered. It was hard to take photos because the moisture in the air obscured the formations if I used a flash; I used my small tripod and took mostly available light photos. Some of the chambers are massive but I wasn't able to document that with a camera."

Tico - the 'Jew fish slayer'!!
Tico Raquena is now infamous for his deadly spearfishing skills with the giants of the sea - the Jew Fish and today confirmed this once again. Tico went out fishing with a number of islanders yesterday (Tuesday) and due to the wonderfully calm weather, they went out to the blue - outside the reef! As a fishing expedition in one boat, it seems obvious that not all the men on the boat can fish with rods - therefore Tico armed himself with his weapon of choice (his speargun). Goliath of the Ocean Although you can see from the pictures that this was quite a sizeable fish and very few fisherman can ever claim a catch of this size, this is not an isolated incident for Tico. Only a year ago he turned up at the Split with two Jew fish, both the same size as the one that he caught today - his partner in this escapade being his 14 year old son - Karl Raquena!!!! Although much can be said about Tico's prowess on the speargun, a huge factor to the success of catching this fish is the teamwork necessary for those in the boat, to haul onboard this Goliath of the ocean! A big hand has to be given to Emmanuel Rodriguez (Tol) and Emilio Novelo who completed the task!! Tico yesterday made fun of his spectators and sized up his catch by holding Raggamuffin Junior - Malik against the fish - much to Malik's terror!! The fish has already been filleted and each and every part will go to supporting a number of island families in the months of September and October where business is very much slower!! Thank you Tico and Crew!!

International Sources

Canadian Author, Beatrice Sunnunqil returns from Belize Expedition and Publishes Book of Rare Medicinal Plants
This incredible tale recounts in vivid detail how that trip to Central America turned into a harrowing existence in the remote jungles of Belize. Sunnunqil (her shamanic name, meaning "butterfly" or "sweet flower") existed for six years under mentorship of Don Marco, one of the last remaining descendants of a 2000 year-old shamanic lineage - and one of the most feared shaman in Central America. During many expeditions into the jungle, Beatrice sketched and documented more than 130 plants, many of them, until now, previously unidentified by Western science. Village Lane Press has published Beatrice Sunnunqil's second book, The Black Feather Expedition Field Notes - Rare Medicinal Plants from the Rain Forests of Belize, a compelling account taken from Sunnunqil's thorough and detailed journals compiled while on her many fascinating and often dangerous expeditions deep into the jungles of Belize.

New Regional Fisheries Collaboration between CRFM-OSPESCA Solidified
Over 60 high-level delegates from 19 countries spanning the Central American and Caribbean regions concluded a milestone meeting in Belize on Tuesday evening with a comprehensive roadmap for collective action in tackling their biggest obstacles in fisheries and aquaculture. According to Milton Haughton, CRFM Executive Director, "the long term objective of the of the partnership between the CRFM and OPSESCA is to secure a brighter and more prosperous future for our fishing communities that rely on the marine resources for their livelihoods, and ensuring that the fish stocks are able, through prudent management, to make enhanced contribution to the social and economic development of our countries now and in the future." The event was the first joint meeting to bring together as many countries to discuss the plight of their shared marine resources and the uphill battle in fighting illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, which knows no borders. One major outcome of the cross-regional meeting was the signing of the Belize Declaration on Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and the Central America Fisheries and Aquaculture Organisation (Spanish acronym OSPESCA) Cooperation for Sustainable Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture Resources. The CRFM and OSPESCA are the regional agents for the harmonisation of fisheries management and development efforts across 24 states. "We are delighted to partnership in ensuring that countries around the Caribbean and indeed the Central and South American region have seen the wisdom of getting together and pooling resources in order to protect what we consider to be a very important part of our countries' very existence," said V. Alfred Gray, chair of the CRFM's Ministerial Council, and Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government of the Bahamas.

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