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The San Pedro Sun

Saga Humane Society receives new cattery
Resident cats at Saga Humane Society who are awaiting adoption can now enjoy the comfort of a brand new outdoor Cattery thanks to the kind donation of cat lover and San Pedro resident, Mark Maggiotto. With the upcoming new addition to his personal family, Mark felt forced to surrender his beloved cats. Knowing the present living conditions of the homeless cats at Saga were limited to indoor cages, Maggiotto could not see his beloved pets in such conditions so he decided to create a haven for all cats at the society. Prior to the donation, cats at the facility were confined to cages throughout the day and night, with limited freedom to move around until adoption. The new facility provides the cats with ample space to scamper around, scratch poles and to be free during the course of the day. Potential adoptive owners can socialize with the cat of choice inside the cattery where their health is showcased as they playfully jump around.

San Pedro boys win Orange Walk Volleyball Tournament!
Travelling weekly to compete in the Orange Walk Volleyball Tournament certainly paid off for the San Pedro Volleyball team this past weekend. Armando Escalon, Guillermo Rivero, Eric Santizo, and Ricky Luna formed the team representing San Pedro in the four by four league. In a game of best out of five, Team San Pedro won the first three sets and captured the coveted championship trophy. The boys faced Orange Walk Bad News II in their final, deciding match. From the beginning of the hotly contested game, played at the Complex Building in Orange Walk Town on September 1st, team San Pedro was set on bringing home the victory. From the onset of the game, the boys were impressive, taking the lead with 25-12 in the first set. Their opponents came back strong in the second set, but were unable to topple the San Pedro boys, who took the lead once more with a close score of 25-22.

“Indiana Jonesing” The Caves Of Belize
There is once again much excitement surrounding Belize. We are very pleased to report that our beautiful gem has been featured in the August issue of the Caribbean Travel + Life magazine. This magazine is a trusted source for travellers to learn about Caribbean news and get destination tips. The stories are based on first hand experiences from the writers. The magazine is published nine times a year and is the official consumer publication of the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Caribbean Hotel Association. “This article will create great exposure for the country. It will attract the travellers who are adventure seekers, which is definitely a target group of ours. We welcome all opportunities to invite a variety of tourists to experience the different wonders the country has to offer,” commented Hon. Manuel Heredia.

Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal – Celebrating Belize!
Celebration time in Belize comes again in the month of September and every year brings a new and different experience. And just as it is every year, the country brings the many faces of beautiful Belize together to display our colors, culture, history, music and with one goal; to celebrate Belize. September is the month that we celebrate the glory of our ancestors the Baymen, as well as highlight the struggle towards Belize’s independence. This year, Belize celebrates 214 years since the battle at old Saint George’s Caye and it has been 31 years since Belize obtained political independence. Despite our origin, for all in Belizeans, it is always a great reason to celebrate! During the month of September, the blue, white and red colors of our flag decorate our streets, homes and town. To officially kick off the celebration, as is becoming a custom, the official opening of the Patriotic Celebration is done at St George’s Caye, where the battle to protect Belize was actually held. It is always a treat for Belizeans to visit the place where our ancestors fought and defended the settlement of British Honduras and the main town of Belize. This year, to relive the glorious moment, The Pantempers Steel Band fills the air with patriotic music, setting the tone to launch the celebration from the historic caye.

Misc Belizean Sources

Saga Humane Society Monthly Cook-off Fundraiser The Taste of Belize, Mexico and all of Central America!
Let’s Celebrate the Independence of Belize along with the other Latin American Countries on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. by attending our 2nd Annual Street Party hosted by El Fogon! Taste the specialties of not only Belize with a traditional dish such as Escabeche, but of all our neighboring countries. Tamales, Chile Rellenos, Sopa de Carcol, Pupusa’s, Enchilada’s, Chicken Mole, Gallo Pinto, Bollos & Yuka con Chicharon are many of the foods we enjoy here, but that originate from our neighboring countries. Are one of these above your favorite Latin American dish? Make it and Enter it!! Or enter your own favorite Latino dish and challenge the others. Come share it with us and enjoy the festivities of Independence Day and support our local humane society, SAGA, an important part of the community and our island. To enter a dish, please call Katia Marin at 610-0992 or email Katia at OR Lori Purdy at 675-5185 or email Lori at to register your entry.

Projected GOB balances and the public debt ratios under the indicative restructuring scenarios
nice charts.....

AWESOME VIDEO: Carnival 2012 (September 8, 2012)
2 hours 50 minutes, Channel 5 live coverage of CARNIVAL 2012

September Celebrations in Cayo
Happy September! The SISE Town Board, and NICH, have released fliers for the events this holiday weekend. Combine that with Double Up promotions, and you have some amazing September Celebrations for the Battle of St. George's Caye Day. They are also on the Cayo Event Calendar. Have fun!


FFB president updates on the state of football in Belize
It has been five months since the new executive of the Football Federation of Belize took office. In its initial report the new executive headed by Ruperto Vicente informed that the Federation was in a pretty bad state since there was no money to talk about, no equipment, no programs in place. Today the Federation met the press and according to President Vicente they have been making a number of steps to revive the sport in Belize.


Saga Cook Off
I know there are Many Lori Purdy fans out there on the net so I decided to include her email [see below] along with the Upcoming Saga Cook off information in both Spanish and English. Saga does a great job of helping the stray and neglected animals on Ambergris Caye. I took the following beach pictures of Molly while we were hanging out at Cholo’s for a football match. It was great afternoon people watching and playing at the beach. Molly was a Saga dog and found her happily ever after with Cindy and her other Saga friend Basil the cat.

Belize Jouvert 2012 – Making the Mud!
Jouvert in Belize is celebrated at 5am on the morning of the Carnival with massive crowds following a truck hauling gigantic speaker systems pumping out Carnival Rythms and whipping the people into a dancing fever while pasting each other with specially prepared mud by Ms. Marsha Smith. People from around the world travel to Belize to partake in Jouvert. Often not mentioned is the process of making the special mud used in the Belize Jouvert, the precursor to Belize Carnival. Ms. Marsha Smith is the only woman in Belize who knows how to specially prepare the mud and has closely gaurded her secret of making the smooth, silky and colorful mud that is used in Belize's Jouvert. Today I caught up with Ms. Marsha Smith who took us through the the process of making the special mud used in Jouvert, keeping in mind some steps were ommited to gaurd her secret. Ms. Marsha Smith's sterilized mud has been used in hotels and resorts spas for massages.

International Sources

The Weatherman Is Not a Moron
These meteorologists are dealing with a small fraction of the 2.5 quintillion bytes of information that, I.B.M. estimates, we generate each day. That’s the equivalent of the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress about three times per second. Google now accesses more than 20 billion Web pages a day; the processing speed of an iPad rivals that of last generation’s most powerful supercomputers. All that information ought to help us plan our lives and profitably predict the world’s course. In 2008, Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, wrote optimistically of the era of Big Data. So voluminous were our databases and so powerful were our computers, he claimed, that there was no longer much need for theory, or even the scientific method. At the time, it was hard to disagree.

Belize’s September Celebrations: A Cultural Explosion!
Travel and Escape has a great article on Belize's Carnival. They even give a top 5 list. Tonight in Cayo, there's a lot going on. Battle of the DJ's in Santa Elena, and a cultural night at Octavia Waight. Have a great weekend! "Belize’s Carnival is one of Latin America’s biggest celebrations of Caribbean heritage. From parades to keg contests, here are the top five events to see during the September Celebrations."

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