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This Week's Stories:

  • Three Remanded For Jacking Chinese Store
  • BNECT Donates Household Items To San Ignacio Police
  • Gabourel Remanded For Robbery & Grevious Harm
  • Harvest For Kids: Planting Seeds Of Hope
  • The Cayo (Police) District Is Without A Commanding Officer
  • Horticulture Training Courses
  • The Goverment Must Educate Our People On The Guatemala Issue
  • The Youngest Son Takes The Rap
  • Musa Complains, Haynes Explains
  • STAR Humor
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

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The San Pedro Sun

Violation of the Supplies Control Regulation?
It has come to the attention of the Supplies Control Unit (SCU) of the Belize Bureau of Standards that some merchants and particularly some distributors of price controlled goods such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene have been prescribing to the practice of implementing control price increase adjustments prior to the effective date announced by the Government of Belize.

Wolfe's Woofers - Pain
"Oh, quit whining, James. All you have is a little cut on your toe." "But it hurts. You don't know what real pain is." "Of course I do," the man's wife said. "I know more about pain than you ever will." "What is that supposed to mean?" "I've given birth to four of your children," she said. "They were all by natural childbirth. Believe me when I say I know more about pain than you ever will." "What about the time I got in the fight at the night club and the bouncer kicked me in the privates? That is as painful as giving birth." "I doubt it." I was sitting at a table at Estel's with Charlie and Harry Longsworth while this conversation played out at the next table between a tourist and his wife. They left and Charlie said, "I wonder if that's true."

Dr. Love - Puzzled by a best friend's opinion
Dear Doctor Love, I met an awesome guy a few weeks ago. We have had two dates and I would like for this thing to go further but at the same time, I am kind of worried. My best friend, who has been like my twin since high school, does not trust my new guy. She says that there is something about him that makes her believe he is a natural born liar. With anyone else I would just laughed something like this off, but my friend and I have been through a lot together over the years. One thing I have learned is that when it comes to people, she can read them like a book. Every time she has warned me about someone, it always turns out she is right. I don't know how she does it but she does. Believe me, she would like to see me in a good relationship and happily married like she is but she says this is not the guy and that there is definitely something wrong with him. How does that work? How is it that she can tell there is a problem and I can't?

Misc Belizean Sources

Gold mining in Belize
All gold mining in Belize is placer mining. Working the rivers, creeks and gravel beds and other sediments in the southern Belize Alps Maya mountain chain. Gold mining is done with a 4 inch portable dredge and a lot of people simply use the old method of a sluice box, or frying pan method. Two brothers, George and Alberto Boiton, from Santa Elena Town have been gold mining back there, since 1990. Some Canadians also, and there are reported upward of 300 illegal Guatemalan families, wives and children working the creeks in the area. Strangely enough, nobody from the port of Belize City, that has a lot of unemployment, has bothered to go there and mine gold. They cry a lot for government aid and welfare, but real work, sluicing sand and gravel with a frying pan seems not to be attractive to them. The gold runs off from the Ceibo Chico water drainage system. In the last 15 years the government has been issuing licenses to go back there and pan gold. The Boiton brothers have been reported in the media, to have taken out BZ 7.5 million dollars in the last six years. Of course, buyers on site, selling food and other supplies will only give you about half the world value of gold. The retail quotes and assessments are considerably higher. In 8 years the Boiton brothers reported, taking out 2,300 ounces of gold.

Cayo's St. George's Caye Events
There's a lot going on in Cayo tonight for the September Celebrations! Fireworks at midnight to celebrate the Battle of St. George's Caye Day! The SIRH has DJ Caesar. Lucky 5 is having DJ Diamond. Meluchi's has Mistah Geeh. Club Next has Cloud 9. Cappello's has a DJ too.

Grill Night and DJ Caesar at SIRH
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is having a dinner and dance to celebrate the Batlle of St. George's Caye day. Enjoy a delicious steak dinner, and then some great mixed music from DJ Caesar. Eat, dance, enjoy the midnight fireworks, and dance some more. Happy September Celebrations!

Parkfest in Belmopan
Tonight in Belmopan they will be having the 1st annual Parkfest to celebrate the Battle of St. George's Caye day. The September Celebrations are in full swing. There will be lots of live music. Taprick, Fireside Crew, Jag Camp Entertainment, and Crown One Sounds will all be there. Happy September!


Cyclist Dies On The Northern Highway
Unconfirmed reports reaching the R.S.V news center this morning say that a man lost his life in a traffic incident. It is alleged that the man was knocked down on the Northern Highway near mile 7. Love news understands that the victim was knocked down by a Saturn Car. ...

American National Sentenced For Molesting Minor In Belize
American national, Roland Flath was given a five year jail sentence on Thursday for sexually assaulting a fourteen year old girl in Belize. The sentence was handed down yesterday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by U.S. district judge J.P. Stadtmuller. According to the Associated Press, b...

American Fugitive Nabbed In Belize
The San Pedro Sun newspaper is reporting that an American national who should have been in jail in the US state of Minneapolis was captured on Thursday in San Pedro town. Forty six year old Khaffak Sahib Ansari was taken into custody after a misunderstanding with a woman caused p...

Body Retrieved From Placencia Lagoon
The body of a man was retrieved from the Lagoon on the Placencia Peninsula on Thursday afternoon. The body was identified as that of 48 year old Albert Coleman from Independence village. The body was first taken to the morgue at the Southern Regional Hospital; b...

Police Investigate House Fire In The City
There was a fire this morning at number 6436 corner Mahogany and Jasmine Streets in Belize City. It is reported that police received the call alerting them about the fire around 4:30 a.m. The fire service arrived to find a bungalow concrete structure belonging to Julian Ara...

Authorities In Search of Teenager Under Waters
The Carnival Jouvert kicked off this morning at five am in front of the San Cas Plaza and proceeded on the streets of Belize City. However, the mud parade ended in a sad note for a family who is now looking for the body of their loved one, a minor, who apparently drowned in the B...


Roland Flath Gets Five Years In Prison For Having Sexual Intercourse With A Minor In Belize
On Thursday, a federal judge in Milwaukee sentenced 72 year old U.S National Roland Flath to five years in prison for having sexual relations with a minor here in Belize. If his name rings a bell that's because back in June 2010, Flath was arrested and charged for pornography and committing an indecent crime against a minor. The charge arose after a 14 year old female from Copper Bank Village in the Corozal District, told police that Flath had been exploiting her since the age of 10. The victim told police that Flath would pay her to take pictures of her naked and in several occasions they had sexual contact. She also told Corozal Police that she continued visiting Flath's house because her family needed the money and often at times when questioned by her mother, she would say that Flath was paying her for cleaning his house. On June 16th a search of Flath's residence in the Village of Cooper Bank led police to the discovery of computers and devices containing pornographic material.

24 Years Of Offering Quality Education To Students
On September 4th 1988 Louisiana Government School opened its doors here in Orange Walk with an enrolment of 168 students, 7 teachers and one principal. That was 24 years ago and throughout those two decades the school has exceptionally excelled in more ways than one. Every year Louisiana Government School celebrates their birthday on the first Friday of the new academic year and today we paid them a little visit to see how the school was celebrating their 24th birthday. Enrique Ayuso Jr. VP Upper Division "This was one of the rapidly, growing areas of the entire town so from its first time the school open its doors it immediately filled it capacity, thereafter every year we have had to have expansions, expansions, so that right now in 2012 we are accommodating 1005 pupils." Hipolito Novelo - Reporter "I think it is one of the largest for the Orange Walk District right?" Enrique Ayuso Jr. VP Upper Division "It's quite possible yes."

U.S National Captured In San Pedro, Belize
He came to Belize on August 18th 2012 running away from U.S. Authorities and tonight wanted U.S. National Khaffak Sahib Ansari is behind bars after he was captured by San Pedro Police. According to the San Pedro Sun, on Thursday September 6th, 46 year old Khaffak Sahib Ansari was captured in San Pedro Ambergris Caye by San Pedro Police. Ansari, who was convicted in the U.S. for fraud in May of 2012, was managing a local establishment on the island when he was detained by local authorities after a woman made a report against him. Police ran a search of Ansari's name on their database and found that he should have been serving a jail sentence in the USA for charges of fraud. According to international reports, earlier this year a federal court in Minneapolis Minnesota USA convicted Ansari of fraud after he pleaded guilty of trafficking food stamps. At the time he was the owner of Stryker Avenue Market in the city of St. Paul. United States District Court Judge Paul Magnuson sentenced Ansari, to 41 months in prison on one count of food stamp fraud. In addition, the 46 year old was ordered to pay $2.4 million in restitution. As mentioned, Ansari came into Belize on August 18th, 2012 and has been living alone on Ambergris Caye where he was in the process of buy a local business. The U.S. Embassy in Belize has been notified of Ansari's arrest and arrangements are being made to have him flown to the U.S. sometime over the weekend where he will be handed over to counterparts in Minnesota.

CEMJC Celecbrates 5th Anniversary
Back in September 6th 2007, Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College opened its doors as a vocational and technical learning institution. To date, over 200 students from both the Orange Walk and Corozal District are enrolled in the different programs offered at the school. Today the junior college celebrated its 5th anniversary in grand fashion and CTV3 News was invited to take part in celebration. Here is how it went. Hipolito Novelo - Reporter CEMJC, Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, was able to open its doors with the financial assistance from the Mexican Government. According to Dean, Hugo Gonzalez, today the educational institution celebrated five years of growth and development. Hugo Gonzalez Dean "I must tell you that the Junior College has come a long way, first from its inception we started with an intake of fifty students, as I mention earlier in my discourse where practically of the two hundred students mark at this point in time and our school has been going significantly and I believe that it is all due to the hard work that our teachers, our faculty and staff put together because the concept that we take with each other is that we are not a school but we are a family. But accompanying several accomplishments, were a number of obstacles which the school was able to overcome.

Special Ed's Students Learns How To Save
Today students of Saint Peters Anglican School received a double donation awarded to them by two businesses in the Orange Walk District. In the month of August, Deodoro Chan of Fabulous Barber Shop, initiated a program he called give a dollar to a needy child. The program ran through to the first week of September and after the money was counted Chan had collected a total of $150.00 which he donated to two students from Saint Peters Anglican School. "For the entire month I collected $150.00 so I donated it to the St. Peters Primary School to students, one went to a full year payment and the other one went to half year, also the two school bags comes from the Mayor of the Orange Walk Town Council he donated four of them and I also made a giveaway back to school so am raffle on the second of September, it was two hampers along with the other two school bags that the Mayor donated." "When it comes to these kids getting this assistance, how is it that they were chosen?" Deodoro Chan- Fabulous Barber Shop "Well, the principal went through their list and it is like a mini scholarship that I mentioned before that they have to actually be passing and really needed that so they chose two students and they went through that little hassling towards that. Every kids do deserve their education and it is always good to give back in order to receive and it is very well made the point to the kids that the do need that help and I believe that all other businesses supposed to help, people do not expect anything big it is a small help and you get the blessing in return." As for students of the Special Education Unit, they received a donation for the Belize Bank Limited. This morning Leila Orellana, Customer Service Attendant at the Belize Bank, handed each student a piggy bank in order for them to start saving at a young age.


A Slow Season ride South (part 1)
This morning we decided to point our bikes southward. We usually ride north simply because it means avoiding all the bumpy cobblestone streets in town that make me wish I had never sold my full-suspension mountain bike in the US, but it gets boring always going the same way. And going south proved to be an excellent choice. We were up early and got on the road around 7:30 am, if not a bit earlier (I always forget to look at my watch since I'm on island time!) This may be the earliest we've ever ridden through town, and it was dead. I mean, there is never this little traffic! Most businesses open as usual on Sunday, but not until 8 am or later. And September is the slowest month of the year for tourism, so some businesses are taking the month off to spruce up and to give employees some time off. We loved it. When is Middle Street ever this quiet? (By the way, I had no idea Barry was snapping all these photos during our ride, although it did cross my mind to wonder why he was staying behind me the entire time!)

Medellin, Colombia, Part One: Pablo Who?
Tell people that you are flying to Medellin, Colombia and they tend to think the worst. It's not surprising. 25 years ago, Medellin was the murder capital of the world and the center of infamous Pablo Escobar's multi-billion dollar cocaine trafficking empire. Some say he was running the city and maybe even the entire country. Now... you would never know it. Never. This is a city packed with culture, insanely friendly people, greenery, flowers and more culture. Ballet, opera, jogging and biking paths, great public transit, nightly free movies, cultural centers, pedestrian walk ways, free wi-fi everywhere, beer and fruit vendors on every corner and so much public space. Even the graffiti is beautiful to me.

International Sources

Caribbean coral reefs face collapse
Caribbean coral reefs are in danger of disappearing, depriving the world of one of its most beautiful and productive ecosystems. Caribbean coral reefs - which make up one of the world's most colourful, vivid and productive ecosystems - are on the verge of collapse, with less than 10% of the reef area showing live coral cover. With so little growth left, the reefs are in danger of utter devastation unless urgent action is taken, conservationists warned. They said the drastic loss was the result of severe environmental problems, including over-exploitation, pollution from agricultural run-off and other sources, and climate change. The decline of the reefs has been rapid: in the 1970s, more than 50% showed live coral cover, compared with 8% in the newly completed survey. The scientists who carried it out warned there was no sign of the rate of coral death slowing. Coral reefs are a particularly valuable part of the marine ecosystem because they act as nurseries for younger fish, providing food sources and protection from predators until the fish have grown large enough to fend better for themselves. They are also a source of revenue from tourism and leisure.

Belizean Dollar Weakens 4.2% Against US Dollar for the Week
The Belizean Dollar, which is officially pegged to the US Dollar at 2:1, had in fact been gradually strengthening over the course of 2012. The USDBZD cross got as high as 1.88 in recent weeks. The difficulty in maintaining the peg and the wild gyrations at the right edge of the chart are the result of this news tidbit (courtesy of the Financial Post): Belize is offering bondholders 20 cents on the dollar in a debt restructuring, worse than what Argentina gave creditors following its 2001 default, according to Bank of Nova Scotia and Citigroup Inc. What is ironic is that in the face of the debt restructuring, the currency had been strengthening. Then the recent news of the low bond offer has caused some wild fluctuations and the 4.2% drop over the past week. We unfortunately don't have a Belizean equity index we're tracking. It would be interesting to also observe how stocks are performing during this tumultuous period.