The Fugitive's Handbook: How To Get A Birth Certificate, Passport & Driver's License in Two Days Flat!

Does this look like anyone named Wilhelm Dick? That's a Mennonite name - and the man in this passport is of Middle Eastern descent. He is Rafic Mohammad Labbon Allabou - who has been named as an alleged Hezzbollah operative, but he has a passport and a driver's license from Belize with the name Wilhelm Dick.

So, how do you get a birth certificate, a passport and a driver's license in two days? Rafic Labbon could write the book on that because that's what he did between August 29 and August 31st in Belize City and Belmopan.

He - or his agent - started at the vital stats unit on august 29th where - no doubt with inside collusion - they got the birth certificate for Wilhelm Dick, born in Shipyard in February of 1976 - and who died in April of 1976.

The real Wilhelm only lived two months - but his birth certificate endured - waiting for someone with an inside knowledge of the system to exploit it.

That's where Rafic Labbon or his agent came in. They got the birth certificate and then got the signature of a Justice of the Peace, allegedly be Juliana Arana - whose house coincidentally burned down over the weekend. She today told us that she cannot recall anything about that particular application.

Labbon - or his agent - then went with that to the Immigration Office in Belize City on the 29th. August, paid the expedited fee and got this passport the next day.

But it wasn't that easy. To get a first-time passport - an applicant needs to have two pieces of photo identification - Labbon had none. The desk clerk rejected him - but according to police, he then went to speak with the supervisor -Gilroy Guzman - who approved it - and the passport application went through - a Mennonite name for a Lebanese man.

Guzman has reportedly refused to be questioned by police without the presence of his attorney.

After that, Labbon or his agent went to Belmopan and purportedly got a driver's license which seems to be from the City Council. That is dated August 31st - less than two weeks ago. The number on the front of the license is actually the number already assigned to another person - and the number on the back - is an out of series number - meaning it is a twelve thousand series number but the licenses are currently in the eleven thousand series. Nonetheless, it purports to be issued from the Belmopan City Council.

And to make it all worse, the passport application has disappeared completely from the system - as has the application for the birth certificate.

So that's how he got all his documents in two days - collusion, corruption and confusion at every level.

From there Labbon left the country to Mexico through the northern border on September first, using his Belizean passport. From there he travelled to Merida where he met up with the notorious Yasser Safa and former Belize City mechanic George Abdallah Elters - who are both Belizeans legally in Mexico.

Labbon was the target of the special police operation in Merida on September tenth and has been sent back to the United States on a parole violation. Safa - who has a habit of turning up in suspect situations - has been released - along with his family. He claims that he as just helping a fellow Lebanese, but information to us suggests that Safa was in Belize recently - around the same time that Labbon's papers were being processed.

And while Safa has loudly professed his innocence in other media, we note that he has a very checkered past - including being busted in Panama with cocaine in 2007 and then turning back up in Belize shortly after - which is when he changed his name to Taysir Saad.

He was known in Belize for being involved in various suspect businesses - most notably the moving of vehicles brought in from Guatemala.

So tonight, the whole terrorist angle is almost an afterthought - what is at issue here is the porous nature of Belize's identity system - how one man - possibly a terrorist - or his agent - could have so easily tricked the system and obtained a manifestly bogus ID in such a short time.

We'll keep following the story...

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