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The San Pedro Sun

Naiely Puc coronated Miss San Pedro 2012-2013
September 10th is a day of much significance to Belizeans locally and around the world. It commemorates a pinnacle moment in our history when settlers were faced with a decision that shaped our future as a country as well as a people. This year marked the 214th anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye and across the country activities were held in celebration. In San Pedro, the day celebrations commenced with the coronation of the new Miss San Pedro 2012-2013, Miss Naiely Puc. Thousands of students and guardians, along with teachers and principals of the various schools on the island converged at the Central Park as early as 8AM for a program scheduled to commence at 9AM. Around 11AM, the contestants were introduced to the stage for the official ceremonies. Following the national anthem, the national prayer and a speech by Mayor Danny Guerrero it was time for the Coronation. On stage were outgoing Miss San Pedro, Miss Yakarelis Hernandez, all contestants for the 2012 Miss San Pedro competition; Naiely Puc, Darcie Zepeda, Ashley Rhaburn and Adriana H

Ambergris Today

Video Pick: Belikin Beer Belizean Lifestyle Commercial
This is one GREAT commercial for Belize. Wow! Belikin Beer outdid itself with this fantastic product commercial that totally embodies all that is Belize! It shows Belize's culture, sports, work ethic, dance, spirit, natural beauty, civic pride and most importantly its beautiful people. It depicts the Belizean lifestyle with Belikin - the Beer of Belize. We LOVE this commercial spot and believe you will to. You Better Belize It!

Misc Belizean Sources

Oil follies
The topic of oil is once again prominent in our everyday discourse as hopes grow high for new oil strikes by new oil companies. There were two big stories in the news this past week about this precious and coveted Black Gold. First, there is the story of a huge oil rig that has landed; so big it will take sixty containers to haul it to its destination. That destination is northern Belize, more specifically, the Blue Creek area. Apparently, though hitherto unbeknownst to Belizeans, seismic testing has already been done and drilling of up to eight thousand feet down is about to commence. Blue Creek is a rich agricultural area inhabited mostly by Mennonite families. Should oil be discovered in Blue Creek, it would be very interesting that both oil strikes in Belize would have been on land occupied by Mennonites. Comprising a mere 3 % of the population and arriving in Belize as recent as 1958, the Mennonites seems to have been lucky enough to pick the exact areas where the oil lies to settle. Coincidence�.? The major concern for Belize should be the damage to arable land and adverse effect on the environment and health of our people that will result from testing, drilling and especially from the extracting of oil. One need only check with the people of Ecuador and Nigeria about what has happened to their respective lands. In Ecuador, thirty thousand residents had to file a lawsuit against Texaco/Chevron which they fought for twenty years before the case was finally settled. The charge was that the oil company deliberately dumped over 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater and spilled some 17 million gallons of crude oil into the rivers and onto the floor of their precious rainforest.

Caribbean Athletes' prowess
Medal count for the Caribbean... LONDON - The International Olympic Committee's anti-doping chief acknowledged that they are investigating suspicious items found in the rooms of many Caribbean athletes. The IOC had been tipped off that these items may be responsible for the disproportionately superior results of the athletes from this region. Photo evidence of the items have been passed to the chairmen of those Olympic Committees for their review, and to evaluate any further steps to be taken" the spokesman also stated.

VIDEO: Bladen Nature Reserve and the Ya'axche Conservation Trust

George Price Man of Purpose and Vision Exhibit
The SISE HoC is currently showing the George Price Man of Purpose and Vision Exhibit. They had the opening ceremony last Friday. It will run through October 12th. "This exhibition takes you on a short journey through Belize's history in search of George Price, the man behind the politician who 'by the Might of Truth and the Grace of God' led the young nation of Belize from a British colony to a strong, dynamic and independent country."

Uno Gas Station Opens
Uno is Cayo's new gas station. It's looking good. Nice paint job. "There's a new gas station in town."

Belizean Scents Hand Sanitizers
First it was Old Spice's new scent for Belize, and now Belize has a set of 3 hand sanitizers. Caribbean Sea, Mayan Mango, and Belizean Bliss are the 3 scents. You can find them on the Nexus Boutique FB page.

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (12 September 2012)
Belize Mega BingoStraight Line 100.00 Each (13 Balls) 58 �32 �42 �2 �69 �46 �10 �12 �53 �56 �11 �64 �55� Y 125.00 Each (18 Balls) 58 �32 �42 �2 �69 �46 �10 �12 �53 �56 �11 �64 �55 �49 �73 �39 �41 �20� T 150.00 Each (20 Balls) 58 �32 �42 �2 �69 �46 �10 �12 �53 �56 �11 �64 �55 �49 �73 �39 �41 �20 �15 �57� Letter X 750.00 Each (29 Balls) 58 �32 �42 �2 �69 �46 �10 �12 �53 �56 �11 �64 �55 �49 �73 �39 �41 �20 �15 �57 �52 �65 �47 �31 �43 �51 �48 �71 �21�

Channel 7

DPP Reviews The Wilhelm Dyck Situation: Was There Criminal Wrongdoing
Wilhelm Dyck - AKA Rafic Labboun - last night we told you how he tricked the system and got a Belize identity in 48 hours. Tonight there is some new information. First, he did get his driver's license from the Belmopan City Council on the strength of his brand new Belizean passport. That driver's license - as you can see here - puts his address as 20 Half Moon street and is valid until 2014. But something is still amiss because the number on the front of the license - as we understand it - had been assigned to another Belmopan resident - it is 2592 -while the number on the back is in the twelve thousand series when the council is still only issuing in the eleven thousand series. When we called the council today to inquire about the procedure to get a new license - they said those procedures were being revised. Next, police have interviewed the Immigration Supervisor at the Belize City Office who approved the passport application. He is Gilroy - not Horace - Guzman - and he spoke to police this morning at the Immigration office in the presence of his attorney Phillip Palacio. According to reports, Gilroy Guzman told police that he approved the application because he was presented with a Social Security card for Wilhelm Dyck. However, our checks showed that there is no Social Security Card legitimately issued in the name of Wilhelm Dyck. Irregular, and the CIB office has compiled a file and forwarded it to the DPP for her perusal.

Petrocaribe Fuel Will Make Regular Better, Diesel More Expensive
The first shipment of Venezuelan fuel under the resurrected Petrocaribe agreement arrived on Saturday September eighth - and by next week some of it will be finding its way into your gas tank. But, don't expect lower prices! In fact, prices on diesel and Regular fuel are expected to go up! Diesel's pump price will go up sharply - possibly by as a much as a dollar per gallon because world prices are trending up - and the current local price of 10 dollars and 17 cents per gallon has been kept artificially low due to the fact that PUMA had to compete with cheaper diesel imported by BNE. Regular is also going up - reportedly by a little over ten cents a gallon. But that's because it's a higher grade of regular fuel - which is comparable with the Magna grade fuel sold in Mexico. That means it has a higher octane rating of 87 Octane, compared to the 83 Octane fuel that currently sells as regular. The price on premium fuel may go down slightly - but we're not sure how much.

Forensic Dr Rules: Harth Gillett Killed Himself
Last night, 7News told you about 44 year-old Harth Gillett Sr. who was found with gunshot to his head inside his San Ignacio home on Tuesday Night. His girlfriend reported to police that he shot himself after their argument escalated to the point that she threatened to leave. She said that he then put the gun to the right side of his head and pulled the trigger. He died yesterday evening at around 3:05 p.m., and since then, the Gillett family has staunchly refused to accept his girlfriend's account. Their opinion was only strengthened allegedly by the attending physician who told them that based on his expertise, he thought that the entry wound was on the left side of his head. If that was true, then the suicide story would go right out the door because it would be a contradiction of the girlfriend's statement to police. Well, the post-mortem was conducted today, and Dr. Mario Estradabran, in his opinion believes that the injury was self-inflicted, meaning it was a suicide.

Senior Counsel Car Jacked In Front Of Home
He is one of the most eminent attorneys in Belize, but yesterday morning Senior Counsel Derek Courtenay was targeted for a carjacking. At 6:15 yesterday morning, Courtenay backed his 2008 Montero out of his yard at one of the upscale neighborhoods of the northside at the corner of 18th and A streets. He left the engine running and got out of the SUV to close the gate. That's when a dark skinned male - who was lurking nearby slid into the driver's seat and sped off in the vehicle towards Princess Margaret Drive. The vehicle has not been recovered. The crime is noteworthy because of Courtenay's profile and the well to do neighborhood he lives in; but also because the day before - at 6:30 am in Belmopan, the former Cabinet Secretary Jim Murphy was carjacked. In that case, his SUV was recovered.

50 Year Old Jailed For Molesting 10 Year Old
50 year-old Dennis Frazer, a laborer of Burrell Boom Village, is spending his first night of a 3 year sentence after he was convicted in Magistrate's Court of Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature this morning. The victim, a 10 year-old female testified in closed court that sometime before 11:20 a.m. on April 26, 2012, Frazer entered her home while she was in the living room. She said that she was there along with her 7 year-old sister, who Frazer immediately sent on an errand. He then approached the victim; pushed on the sofa, cover her mouth with his hand, pulled down her clothing, and fondled her. While he was exposed, and in a kneeling position in front of the child, the child's older sister walked and caught him in the act. When the sister walked in on him, he immediately pulled up his pants and left the room. The older sister also testified for the prosecution that she left the house and went to get water, and when she returned she caught Frazer assaulting her sister. When the prosecution closed their case, Frazer testified in his defence he is a married man, and that it was the child's fault. He said that the child called him inside the house to fix a chair that was broken, and when he finished, the child pulled down her pants and underwear, and exposed herself to him in a tantalizing manner.

Still No Charges For Kaylee's Killer
The case of who killed Baby Kaylee has still not come to closure tonight. The file is now before the DPP - who has not yet completed her review. With that, it is not likely that charges will be brought imminently. The investigation is complex as the post mortem revealed that the child did not drown, instead someone had suffocated her. Multiple family members on the mother's side of the family have been detained - but they have been released. Information to 7news is that finger marks were found around the 2 year old's neck, along with a busted bottom lip and the left portion of her jaw was swollen. Also we were told that the child had been sexually violated prior to her death.

Mother Claims Twins; Hospital Says Only 1 Child Born
Earlier this week, a Corozal mother made some serious allegations against the Northern Regional Hospital. 33 year old Michelle Gonzalez alleges that someone at the hospital either stole one of her twin sons of that he child died due to negligence. She believes that the hospital is covering up the death of her missing twin. Only a month before she gave birth, Gonzalez got an ultrasound which revealed a twin pregnancy where two placentas were observed. It was confirmed on a visit to Clinica Campestre in Chetumal. A press release sent out by the Ministry of Health in Belmopan it made it clear that Gonzalez was indeed diagnosed with a twin pregnancy more than once in Belize. But, the press release states, quote, "on September 4th, 2012, Gonzalez gave birth to a single male fetus under normal conditions. It was only until then that the doctors discovered that it was not a twin but a single pregnancy." She was immediately informed of this by the surgical team which included one obstetrician, two pediatricians, one anesthesiologist, one medical officer, one operating room nurse, one certified registered nurse anesthetist and one circulating nurse. She was given reassurance during her recovery in the maternity ward and was also offered counseling prior to being discharged on September 6th, 2012 because of her grief since her expectation was not met.

PM Goes To Meet Wife
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today, to bring his wife home, as she completes another round of treatment for breast cancer. The PM will return next Wednesday and Deputy Gaspar Vega will be acting as Prime Minister in the interim.

Belize Excelled At CODICADER
2012 makes it 6 years since Belize has been competing in the Central American Junior Scholastic games - or CODICADER - as it is well known. And, our high school teams performed excellently in Guatemala for the last 2 weeks. Belize brought home 2 gold medals and 1 bronze, and today, the President of the National Secondary Schools Sports Association spoke to us about the winning performances. Here's what he told us: Deon Sutherland, President, NSSSA "We have been competing now in this game for 6 years. This is our 6th year and this is the year that we have done so far our very best in terms of medals and in terms of team performance. This year we are participating in 7 disciplines; basketball - male and female, volleyball - male and female, softball - females, Athletics, football - male, baseball and table tennis." Daniel Ortiz "Can you please tell us about our most recent performance?" Deon Sutherland, President, NSSSA "The first part of the game was held in Guatemala, in Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu. We participated there in softball and tennis. In softball the females from Ladyville Technical High School won the gold medal defeating Guatemala in the last championship game and so we were victorious. Last year we got 2nd and this year we got 1st place."

Tonight's I Am Belize Profile is about Rupert Brown. He lived in Hattieville, but he attended school at Gwen Lizarraga Highschool in Belize City, where he discovered his love for basketball. Even though he had to balance the sport with the commitments to his education, here's what he had to say about the role basketball played in his life to keep him from making bad decisions:

Andrew Ortiz's Nuggets Of Inspiration
And there is inspiration tonight from another young basketball player. Andrew Ortiz - the 18 year old who we featured on the news one month ago when he left for Cleveland, Ohio - caught our attention with a speech he gave in that US City. The former Sadie Vernon student - who is now in the twelfth grade - or what we would call fourth form - had to write an acceptance speech. He told his new peers that he quote, "grew up in the hood in Belize City surrounded by drugs and guns but choose not to go down the wrong path." He continued: "Many days heading to the basketball court I was chased by (gangs), so I had to change the direction I walked every day because I would have been shot or killed, but I choose to block out all of that." His speech goes on to explain that his break came when he was recruited at his neighborhood ball court by Coach Bernie Tarr of whom he says, "Many people were staring at him because he was the first white man come in the hood like that." He adds, "I want to give a special thank you to my coach because he made my life much better here. I don�t hear gunshots here." His speech closed with this: "NEVER BLAME THE AREA YOU LIVE IN IT�S, THE WAY YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IN IT!"

Another Criterium
A criterium is a bicycle race on a circuit road course - and in Belize, September seems to be the month for them. Just last Sunday we had the Leslie's Imports Criterium - and now the C-Ray cycling club is inviting cyclists to sign up and be a part of their first September criterium. The races will be run on Coney Drive - on Sunday afternoon. There will be 4 categories - and Coordinator of the race, Kaya Cattouse told us more. Kaya Cattouse, coordinator "This Sunday the C-ray Cycling club will be having our first September circuit. It will be held in the Caribbean Shores area, it will start and finish on Coney Drive and we will be having 4 different categories; under 12 for kids, under 15 and the open category which includes elite cyclist, junior cyclist, masters and weekend warriors and category 4 and 5." "The registration will be done out there before the race. It starts at 12 and the race begins at 1." Monica Bodden "Tell us a little bit about the prizes and sponsors." Kaya Cattouse, coordinator "For the elite race we have cash prizes, we have beverages from Bowen and Bowen. We have a gift basket from RYO and we have medals for the top 10 finishers."

Channel 5

Mother of murdered child believes there is a family cover up
Eight days ago Kaylee Burgess, the two year old girl from Ladyville was found dead. Contrary to what was first reported, the child had been suffocated. There were unconfirmed reports that the toddler was sexually abused, but late this evening we are told that the post mortem did not reveal any signs of sexual molestation. [...]

Immigration Officer, person of interest in Hezbollah passport case
Within three days a suspected terrorist with alleged ties to the radical group Hezbollah was able to secure a Belizean identity. Rafik Mohammed Labboun Allaboun arrived in the country on August twenty-ninth and when he left, he had a Belizean birth certificate, a driver's license and a passport all issued in the name of Wilhelm [...]

U.S. Embassy in Mexico issued warning on Hezbollah in Chetumal and Belize
Still on the ongoing investigation, in its Wednesday edition, the Diario de Quinatana Roo reports that the US Embassy in Mexico had issued a warning about the presence of radical Islamic groups such as Hezbollah in Chetumal and Belize. It cites information from Wikileaks that as far back as 2009, Hezbollah cells were using drug [...]

Prime Minister accompanies wife for cancer treatment
Prime Minister, Dean Barrow left Belize today for Houston, he is scheduled to return on September nineteenth, the same day that a thirty day grace period for payment of the Superbond expires. Barrow is joining his wife Kim, who is completing treatment for breast cancer.

Doctor says mistakes were made; woman did not have twins
Is there a missing twin? According to the Ministry of Health and Dr. Marcelo Coyi, there is no missing twin. Dr. Coyi was one of the doctors that thirty-three year old Michel Gonzalez consulted at the clinic at the Corozal Hospital during her pregnancy. He is one of the doctors who told her she was [...]

Police say Harth's broken heart led to suicide
A post mortem has now been completed on the body of forty-four year old Harth Gillett, who died from a single gunshot to the head. The results show that Gillett had a gunshot wound to the right of his head, contrary to what his wife said on Wednesday. They believe that he was murdered, but [...]

Marsha Bood gets bail for attempted murder
Thirty-two year old Marsha Bood has several charges pending in court, but today she was released from the Central Prison on bail of four thousand dollars. Bood appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith this morning for the bail hearing on charges of Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm and Grievous Harm. The [...]

13 year old said she was raped
A thirteen year old student of Belmopan is the latest victim of sexual abuse. The minor reported to police that the incident happened at around seven p.m. on September sixth as she headed to her grandmother's house. She says that she was attacked by nineteen year old Alexander Colindres, who pushed her against the wall [...]

Ministry of Education recalls manual that had pro-gay remarks
A relentless media campaign, launched recently to raise public awareness on the debatable content of the Peace Corps Health and Family Life Manual, has prompted the Ministry of Education to withdraw the publication from primary schools across the country. The handbook, which was first introduced to pastors Luis Wade and Scott Stirm in December 2011, [...]

Kristy Dawson is missing; have you seen her?
A fourteen year old student has been missing for the past two days and her mother is asking for assistance in locating her. According the Mary Flores, her daughter, Kristy Dawson didn’t go to school on Tuesday because she was sick. She did, however, go to Flores' office at around two in the afternoon and [...]

Ken Dawg's "For the Love of the Game" CD; just in time for Independence
As the September celebrations continue, local artists are making sure there is no shortage of Belizean music. Hip-hop artist Kenroy Williams, better known as Ken Dawg just released his latest music video for the song, Only One Can Win. It's a motivational track from his album, For the Love of the Game Disc One and [...]

Volcano erupts in Guatemala
A massive volcano eruption has forced the evacuation of over thirty-three thousand residents in seventeen villages, ten miles from Antigua in neighboring Guatemala. Antigua is a main tourist center where many Belizeans visit on a regular basis. This morning, the active "Volcan de Fuego", which is over twelve thousand feet high, spewed lava nearly two [...]

Healthy Living explores cleft palate and complications
A medical team from the World Pediatric Project will be holding a clinic this weekend to treat persons with congenital disorders. Many parents will be seeking evaluation for their children on a number of deformities. Healthy Living this week sat one on one with a mother, who is attending the clinic to gain some insight [...]


Criminal Investigation Underway Following the Arrests of Three Men
Yesterday it was reported that three men, two Belizeans and an American national were caught up in an operation targeting alleged Hezbollah members over the weekend in the Mexican city of M�rida. The high profile case has engaged Mexican and Belizean law enforcement a...

Mother Questions Hospital on Her Missing Baby
The Ministry of Health today issued a press release in connection with the pregnancy case of a Corozal woman who delivered at the Northern Regional Hospital. According to the initial findings by the Ministry of Health the patient, Michel Gonzalez was diagnosed with twenty three w...

Ministry of Education Says Teachers Manual Will Be Revised
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has decided to withdraw the teachers' manual, "Education Today For A Healthy Tomorrow - Teachers' Guide: Lessons for the HFLE Curriculum." A release from the Ministry says the manual in its present form has be...

Man Remanded to Prison After Pulling Gun on Spouse
Twenty-five year old Allison Williams, a laborer of Rivero Street, who allegedly put a pistol to his common-law wife's back, was charged with aggravated assault when he appeared in court today. Williams was also charged with harm and using threatening words. He pl...

Police News
Twenty-five year old Randy Jones, a construction worker of Mopan Street, who the police reported they saw throw away a firearm, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he appeared in court today. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Chief Magistrate Ann...

Traffic Accident Claims A Life in Corozal
An early Saturday morning crash on the Northern Highway has left one man dead. The victim has been identified as seventy one year old Cecil Anthony Garbutt. According to police reports Garbutt, a resident of Ranchito village was south bound in his taxi car around one thirty...


Osmar Sabido Back In Court
This morning Orange Walk Police escorted a group of eight men to stand in front of Magistrate Merlene Moody for the crimes they have been charged for. Among the eight men was Osmar Sabido who tried ever so hard to conceal his face from our cameras. But you might remember Sabido because he was charged for the murder of then 21 year old Christie Carrasco on February 28th 2011. In court today the preliminary inquiry on the case was scheduled to commence but the police prosecution called in sick and the matter was once again adjourned, this time to October 29th, 2012. As we've detailed before, the untimely death of Carrasco occurred in the night of February 28th of last year at the couple's residence on San Lorenzo Housing Site. Information surfaced shortly which suggested that the accused, said to be obsessively jealous, planned to burn down the home with him and Carrasco inside. It is believed that his plan was foiled because Carrasco refused to go inside the house and that's when an altercation ensued between the two. By the time neighbors intervened it was too late because Christie Carrasco had already been stabbed, once in the chest and once in the abdomen. She died en route to the Northern Regional Hospital.

Case Adjourned Against Blanco's Accused Murderers
Also taken to court this morning were 20 year old Feliciano Briceno and 21 year old Manuel Toloza, the two men charged for the murder of 35 year old Ricardo Blanco. Accompanying them was 25 year old taxi driver Julio Castillo who police say abetted and aided Briceno and Toloza in committing the crime. But their case was also not heard in court today. Instead it was adjourned for October 22nd, 2012. Before leaving the court room Castillo requested that bail be granted to him. But Magistrate Moody's response to him was that in order for him to be released on bail he must apply to the Supreme Court. Viewers might recall that on August 4th police found Blanco's nude body lying face up in some bushes about a quarter mile into a feeder road off the Northern Highway. Based on the bruises observed on the victim's body and the piece of cloth that was found around his neck, police believe Blanco was badly beaten and then strangled to death with his underwear. Blanco was last seen alive on Thursday August 2nd drinking in front of Diamond Store located in the Village of Trail Farm where he became involved in a fight with a group of men. Police suspect that Castillo facilitated the use of his white Toyota Camry to transport Blanco to the area where his body was found.

Was Corozal Resident Pregnant With Twins
Thirty three year old Michelle Gonzalez is accusing personnel of the Northern Regional Hospital of either stealing or causing the death of one her twin baby boys which she says she was pregnant with. Two separate Ultrasounds, one conducted at the Northern Medical Specialty Plaza by radiologist Doctor Bosco Davila and the other conducted at Clinica Campestre in Chetumal Quintana Roo by radiologist Doctor Santiago Castillo Canto while Gonzalez was on her eight month of pregnancy, revealed an intrauterine twin pregnancy. The ultrasound report indicates that one baby boy weighed 2.2 pounds while the other weighed 2.3 pounds. As explained by Gonzalez last night, when she visited the Corozal Community Hospital on September 3rd she was informed that due to complications a c-section would be performed on her. With that, she was sent to the Northern Regional Hospital where she was admitted and prepped for surgery on September 4th. But to her surprise, instead of giving birth to two babies, doctors told her she only gave birth to one baby boy because she was never pregnant with twins. But the two ultrasounds show that Gonzalez was indeed pregnant for twins and based on that fact she and her family has come to the conclusion that someone at the NRH either stole one her baby boys or, that due to some type of negligence, the baby passed away and now the hospital is covering up the mishap.

Ministry Of Health Says Gonzales Gave Birth To One Baby Instead Of Two
And it seems that the ministry agrees with Gynecologist, Doctor Leslie Mendez. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health late this evening, Gonzalez first visited the Corozal Community Hospital on July 2nd where she was diagnosed with 23 weeks of gestational age by a medical officer. At that time one fetus was noted. On her subsequent visit on August 15th, 2012, the patient presented an ultrasound which she performed at a medical facility in Chetumal Quintana Roo. This suggested twin pregnancy and the expected date of delivery was for September 3rd, 2012. During this visit to the Corozal Community Hospital, she was again re-evaluated and diagnosed with a twin pregnancy and also at high risk due to blood pressure complications. The Ministry claims that Gonzalez was referred to the Northern Regional Hospital where she gave birth on September 4th to a single baby boy. According to the release, quote, "It was only until then that the doctors discovered that it was not a twin but a single pregnancy. The client was immediately informed of this by the surgical team which included one obstetrician, two pediatricians, one anesthesiologist, one medical officer, one operating room nurse, one certified registered nurse anesthetist and one circulating nurse. The release claims that Gonzalez was given reassurance during her recovery in the maternity ward and was also offered counseling prior to being discharged on September 6th, 2012 because of her grief since her expectation was not met." end quote Like Doctor Mendez, the Ministry of Health believes that ultrasounds, like many other imaging diagnostic tests, may have limitations. In the case of pregnancy, the older the gestational age the higher the probability of error in determining fetal growth and development.

LICU,How Basto's Nomination Came About
On September 30th Javier Basto of Basto and Son's Plantain Chips in the Village of Guinea Grass is scheduled to receive the Excellence in Micro-entrepreneurship Award in Bridgetown, Barbados. The award comes courtesy of Citi Foundation, the Caribbean Microfinance Alliance, and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) who held their 1st annual Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards for the Caribbean. Basto and Son's Plantain Chips was among the five finalist that were selected for the award, including Cal's Bakery located in the Village of Trial Farm. Both businesses were nominated by the La Inmaculada Credit Union and fall under the umbrella of LICU's micro-entrepreneurship program. The Citi Award focuses on encouraging entrepreneurship, sustainability and savings, similar to what the La Inmaculada Credit Union stands for and the qualities that Basto and Son's Plantain Chips represent. "Because of his ingenuity, his hard work and dedication he was able to create employment for others, he was able to generate income and these are the kinds of stories that as entrepreneurs the Citi Awards looks for. We got some funding to be able to give out as individual grants. Mr. Basto was one of the lucky ones because of his plan because if his idea that we believed in him and we trusted that his plan was very feasible he was one of the lucky recipients for that individual grant. lt proves that with just a very little bit of money, just a little injection of capital these entrepreneurs can go a long way."

Hezbolla Terrorist Obtained Belizean Documents In a Span Of three Days
Last night we told you about the three individuals that were arrested in Mexico, allegedly members of Hezbollah. Two of the individuals, Justin George Abdalah Elders and Yasser Safa are of Belizean Nationality while 44 year old Rafik Mohammed Labboun Allaboun, a Lebanese American, identified himself with a Belizean passport under the name of Wilhem Dyke at the time of his arrest. Here in Belize the news of the men's detention sent off the alarms at the Ministry of National Security and investigations have revealed that at the time of his arrest Labboun Allaboun had a Belizean Passport a Birth Certificate and a driver's license on him all under the name of Wilhem Dick. Today when we spoke to Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security Delroy Cuthkelvin, he told us that the matter has been turned over to the Criminal Investigations Branch and their findings are alarming. Delroy Cuthkelvin - Public Relations Officer Ministry of National Security "There are three things that the police authorities have been trying to establish particularly where it concerns the individual that has been referred to in the Mexican Press as an American national with Arab origin let's say in the East of Belize. The person has been carrying a fake Belizean passport that was issued in the name of one Wilhem Dyck, two this person has been carrying a birth certificate also in the name of Wilhem Dyck and third that person had been carrying a driver's license also issued in the name of Wilhem Dyck.

OCEANA Says DPM Singed Secret Agreement With Princess Petroleum
This morning OCEANA, the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), were back in court in the legal battle against the Government of Belize. The three non-governmental organizations are challenging the legality of the Production Sharing Agreements between the Government of Belize and six offshore oil exploration companies. All parties gathered at court this morning to hear what grounds Government's Crown Counsel would use to have Elmer Danenberger's testimony strike out. But to the claimants' surprise Government's Crown Counsel, Herbert Panton, announced that they will no longer peruse the application. Audrey Matura Shepherd, VP OCEANA "When we went to court this morning we had expected that the Crown Counsel for the Government would have served u with the application to strike out the evidence of or expert because that is what they had announced to the court two weeks ago. However to our surprise he withdrew from that position and said to the court that they will no longer dispute it in that manner and that when they go to court they will bring up whatever they need to bring up in the substantive case. So the good news to that is that we go fully to trial."


Football referees get international accreditation
Congratulations are in order for six of Belize's football referees who successfully completed the FIFA referees examination on Sunday, September 9th. According to a statement from the Football Federation of Belize, the test was conducted by Nicaraguan Donald Campos and six of eight Belizean referees passed the exam. What this means, according to the FFB executive responsible for referees Marlon Kuylen, is that the six successful referees now qualify to be listed on the 2013 roster of qualified referees who can officiate internationally. The official announcement says that the success by the six referees is a milestone for Belizean football and it is hoped that additional referees will take the test to qualify for international officiating when the test is offered by FIFA again next year. The six Belizean referees who made the 2013 list to officiate internationally are Amir Castilla, Christopher Reid, Gerald Henry Jr, Ifran Basdemir and Assistant Referees Ricardo Ake & Daniel Catzim.

The war continue with FECTAB and CHUKKA Belize
The war of words between FECTAB and CHUKKA Belize over installations at Jaguar Paw in the Cayo District appears to have subsided. But being out of the headlines does not mean that everything is honky dorey. Love Tv's Patrick Jones and Video journalist Brian Castillo have been following up the story and bring you part two of their report on the issue on the grounds at Jaguar Paw.

The Belize Dance company returns from a long European tour
Members of the Belize Dance Company today returned to Belize following a two and a half month European Tour. The 28-member contingent touched down at the Phillip Goldson international airport just after ten o'clock this morning. Courtesy our colleagues at the Amandala, members of group expressed their gratitude to all who made their trip possible. Sealy says the Belize Dance Company will take a much needed break after the rigorous tour; but plans to resume local performances and productions within a short period of time.

The fourth annual Youth Awards was held in Belize
The fourth annual Youth Awards were presented this morning in Belize City. Love Tv's Marion Ali was there and brings us the details of the event in this report Altogether, fourteen youths won awards in as many categories, and second and third place runner-ups received certificates in the same categories.

Central Cable Vision launches out a new service
One of Belize's major cable television provide, Central Cable Vision today launched a new service that is intended to enhance the television experience for consumers. Reporter Patrick Jones and Videographer Brian Castillo went to the Biltmore today to learn about this newest venture for cable t.v. here is what they found

A book was launched in Belize city
Two lecturers in the Biological Sciences at Saint John's College Junior College, Kathleen Azueta and Gian Cho, today launched a book that they co-authored at the Image Factory in Belize City. The book entitled "Going Viral: a student's guide to reproductive health" which is intended to be used in tertiary level education institutions. Kathleen Azueta who mentioned that the book was inspired by their students explained its contents According to Co-Author, Gian Cho, he and his colleague began embarking in their writing journey from October of last year. The book was reviewed by representatives of the UNFPA in Belize, the Ministry of Health and Dr. Nicholas at the KHMH. Cho told Love News about the funding The books were donated to thirteen tertiary level institutions throughout the country which include three UB campuses.

Updates on the two detain Belizean in Merida, Mexico
Yesterday it was reported that three men, two Belizeans and an American national were caught up in an operation targeting alleged Hezbollah members over the weekend in the Mexican city of M�rida. The high profile case has engaged Mexican and Belizean law enforcement authorities at the local and diplomatic levels. Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security Delroy Cuthkelvyn told Love News the matter is now a criminal matter. Cuthkelvyn said the Justice of the peace who signed the passport form is being questioned by authorities. He said contrary to reports, there are indications that the person in question did enter Belize to get the documents. Cuthkelvyn told Love News the police have been unable to track down the paper trail involved the acquisition of the passport.


A jungle found -- on Ambergris Caye (!)
If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know how much we've enjoyed traveling around Belize. And some of the highlights have been our visits to the tropical rainforest in Stann Creek and Toledo Districts for hiking and birding. There's just something about the jungle; it's quintessentially tropical -- moist and green. It smells and feels so earthy, as if all the massive trees forming a canopy above your head are shielding you from all things wrong in the world. Even with its inherent dangers, the jungle feels safe, almost womb-like. There's no arguing that Ambergris Caye is beautiful, but it tends towards a sandy, beachy environment. So, we were awfully surprised (but delighted) to find a little jungle oasis right in southern Ambergris last weekend. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, we took a long bike ride south on Sunday, and after going as far as we could, we turned around and headed back just a short ways to the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve/Maya Site, which we'd never checked out because we don't get down that far south very often, and when we do, we don't always have bug spray with us. Today we did, so we decided to venture in and have a look around. As we learned from the sign below, this is a very ancient site. And it became the first Maya Site National Park on Ambergris Caye in 2011.

On the flip side What makes you Happy?
decided to take a look at the flip side of Pet Peeves and think about what makes me happy. and think about what makes me happy. My list has changed over the years and is is much bigger than below, those are a few of the top ones. - A freshly made bed - The curry snapper I ate at Robin's kitchen last night. - Today being my 3rd water workout this week, once by myself and twice at Banana Beach with Eileen. - Starting to fix up the beach cruiser in Dicks yard yesterday with a goal to look a bit less Sanford and son. We put a new seat on, rust coat, bike basket an handlebar grips coming. - Waking up in a king size bed at Grand Caribe Resort on St Georges Caye Day.

Hacienda Venecia: Perhaps The Perfect Spot to Experience Colombia's Coffee Region
The smell of good coffee...the taste of coffee...the feel of holding a warm cup in your hands first thing in the morning, you really can't beat it. But coffee like wines or cheeses comes in many different varieties, grades and from pretty much all over the world. There is the dish water crap from your corner deli and then there is the good stuff. Colombia is the world's #2 producer of coffee. (You may remember a little marketing campaign with Juan Valdez and his mule, Conchita, which really put the spot light on the country. And yes, I had to google the mule's name) And when in the central Western part of Colombia, the thing to-do is visit the "cafetera zona" or Colombia's coffee zone and see how some of the best coffee in the world is grown, picked and then shipped out of the country. Yup, almost all of it is shipped abroad and the Colombians are left with the left-overs. The B Grade stuff. It was time for us to visit a coffee finca (farm) to taste the really good coffee. And to enjoy the insanely perfect weather and scenery of this region.

International Sources

Teaching a learning experience for Grimsby teen
Kayla Kuyvenhoven went to Belize to teach health and hygiene to primary school students in some of the poorest areas of the country. In the course of her journey, she learned as much as she taught, about the larger world and the rich culture of Belize. Kuyvenhoven was in Belize from April 28 until June 9, as part of a team from Queen's University, where the Grimsby teen is enrolled in a general health program. The trip was the culmination of a long-standing interest in health issues. When the team finally got to Belize, they were not immediately placed in a classroom. They spent a few weeks in the countryside, living in a small village. This immersion allowed them to get used to the distinct character and pace of life in Belize. "We went to villages for the first two weeks, we got to live in the villages with the people. We would have dinners and lunches with them and they would cook for us and we'd get to know their families," said Kuyvenhoven. Following this experience, the team were sent to schools in Belize City, the capital city. Belize City, though relatively small with just 70,000 residents, suffers badly from violent crime. Belize has the sixth highest homicide rate in the world. As such, the volunteer teachers were not allowed to wander the city alone. The lessons imparted by the Queens students were designed to help break the cycle of poverty. "They had very strict rules there. We were not allowed out at night time, and were pretty much inside for the last two weeks because there was so much danger going on. There was a lot of gang violence going on," said Kuyvenhoven. "I absolutely loved it. All the people were so friendly, the kids were happy and friendly and excited for us to be there. It was very rich in culture," she said. She has many positive memories from her weeks as a teacher. One student in particular stands out. She'd asked a class of Grade 8 students to share something that made them happy.

Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw on Boise State's Read List
Boise State University has chosen 'The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw' to be their campus read for this year. Sharon Matola, creator and curator of the Belize Zoo will be visiting BSU's campus next month. Bruce Barcott, the author, will visit the campus next year. "It is known as 'The Best Little Zoo in the World' because of the impact it has had in bringing about awareness of the biodiversity in Belize. As the story goes, Matola is a true eccentric, riding around on a motorcycle and keeping a three-legged jaguar as a pet. But when a web of corporations, CEOs, banks and bureaucrats conspire to purchase, dam and destroy one of the great rivers of Central America - and one of the final habitats of the scarlet macaw - she bands together a ragtag army of local villagers and starts a campaign to save the remaining birds. Her dramatic struggle brings alive the worldwide battle over globalization, demand for energy, environmental destruction, the fate of the planet's species, and the realities of economic survival in a tiny Third World country."

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