And from the Caribbean we go to Central America.

Yesterday, we spoke to the President of the National Secondary School about Belize's historic performance in the 2012 CODICADER games. Today though, we wanted to look the victory in the eye.

So, we tracked down 5 of the stars from the volleyball team who brought home the bronze medal. Here's what they told us about their contribution to the team for the overall win in Guatemala:

Nayala Tun, SCA Volleyball Team
"It was good like the first time we actually won a medal and brought it back to Belize and it was surprising but we worked hard all summer and it paid off."

Sherika Brighton, SCA Volleyball Team
"You really have to train hard and you have to be consistent and learn to hit any kind of set that your setter sets you."

Crystal Bevans, SCA Volleyball Team
"My job is important because I touch every ball. When they pass it to me I have to touch it, so every ball that comes our side I am there for it. I believe that's very important."

"Being there at CODICADER I feel so heartwarming being over there. That's the time where the love for our country shows and all of us can just come together as one team and show our love for Belize and play our hearts out for Belize."

Xiomara Quan, SCA Volleyball Team
"My contribution was not only setting for the team but also serving too. Let's say that our main setter needed a break then I would come in. I also help the team in many other ways in giving them breaks."

Karina Bernard, SCA Volleyball Team
"Whenever the ball comes to me I would have to go after it and put it to the setting zone so we can get a point or an attack off of it."

"It was kind of difficult because sometimes the ball doesn't come exactly to you, so you have to move to the ball and play it."

Sherika Brighton, SCA Volleyball Team
"I plan to continue play volleyball and also to join the all-star team and to improve because I still have a lot more work."

On Monday, another contingent of secondary school scholars leaves the country for El Salvador to represent Belize in football and track and field.

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