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Today's Belize News: September 15, 2012 #446721
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Tuna are a NO SHOW for the Second Annual Slam
Word was out that it was Tuna Tournament time, and the smart fish hightailed away from the usual fishing spots. On Sunday, September 9th, Caprice at the Holiday Hotel was the venue for the second annual Tuna Slam Tournament, and anglers took to sea as early as 5am and returned in time for weigh in at 5pm on the beach at the Holiday Hotel. This year’s tournament saw 11 boats and about 40 anglers competing to win up to $4,200 in cash prizes and trophies. The entry fee for each boat in the tournament was $100, with a $50 fee per senior angler and $25 per junior angler. The first place winner would win the proceeds of all entry fees, while second place was to take home $750. Trophies and prizes were slated for top junior angler, top female angler, biggest tuna and the biggest dorado captured would win $500 donated by Dr. Adrian Heusner.

BTB films budget commercial in San Pedro
For many of our visitors, Belize is a dream destination to be enjoyed to its fullest. A lot of travelers are enticed to come to the Jewel via the (BTB) Belize Tourism Board’s promotions. However, the BTB is now working on enticing Belizeans to enjoy vacationing in their own country with a series of commercials aimed at the local Belizean. Presently the team is working on a series of visuals that showcase the various vacation destinations that are available to the budget traveler right here in our own back yard. In San Pedro, the technical team and actors arrived on Tuesday, September 4th via water taxi. They acquired golf carts and drove down our streets to their destination. The commercial aims at showcasing the type of services that can be had in San Pedro at a cost that is affordable to the average Belizean traveler.

Two Belizeans and an American, accused of link to Hezbollah terrorist group arrested in Mexico
The arrest of two Belizean-Lebanese men, their family and an American-Lebanese is making news around the globe after they were accused of being linked to the Hezbollah terrorist network. The arrests were made on Saturday, September 8th, in Merida City in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. The three men arrested were Belizeans Justin Yasser Safa, George Abdalah Elders and Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun a Lebanese/American national. According to multiple Mexican media reports, all three men were arrested in a house belonging to Safa located on street 41-B, between 56 and 5 in the colony of Francisco de Montejo in the western part of Merida, late Saturday, September 8th. The raid involved the use of armored vehicles as well as a Barret M-82, sometimes referred to as a Light Fifty ‘anti materiel’ rifle. When police stormed the building they found Safa along with his Belizean-born wife Janine Gabb and their children. Elders, who is Safa’s brother was also on the property and was initially detained but eventually released because he legally lives in Mexico. Allaboun was also detained and according to reports, while the Belizeans were able to provide valid Belizean documentation, Allaboun presented a fake Belizean passport in the name of a Mennonite Wilhelm Dick.

Ambergris Today

Belize National Dance Company Returns from European Tour
The Belize Dance Company returned to country on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, after a two-month tour of France and Spain. The Company represented Belize at the prestigious international folkloric Festival du Sud 2012 along with 13 other countries. This Festival brought together over 1,200 musicians and dancers from each continent to share their cultural music and dances. The dance company represented the music and dance of the Maya, Creole and Garifuna cultures of Belize in 31 different villages, towns and municipalities.

Misc Belizean Sources

Famous expatriate British Honduras family lives on into the fourth generation
Sue Williams on left, her daughter Lisa on right. Sue's mother, immigrated to Belize back in the late 1960's as I recollect and had a restaurant down by the Swing Bridge in the port of Belize City, where scattered immigrants and pioneers used to gather, particularly on a Saturday for breakfast and lunch, after a grueling trip from the boondocks to the only big city in the country of those colonial British Honduras days. It was here, old rural friends used to meet, after a day of shopping in the only large town then, on a Saturday morning. Sue's mother was a hardy crusty old soul, who arrived in Belize with her son, who had built a tri-maran sailboat, in California. They both sailed down to the Panama canal, went through it, and came up the coast of Central America and ended up in British Honduras flat broke. They started a restaurant called Mom's restaurant. Jim Black, her son, started a marina on the Northern highway, a couple of miles from the then, much smaller port town.

Sounds of Freedom at UB
The University of Belize welcomed Carolyn Cooper to talk about Reggae and Dancehall music. "Students, faculty, staff and members of the public converged at the Jaguar Auditorium at University of Belize in Belmopan to hear first-hand the “Sounds of Freedom: Reggae and Dancehall Music in Decolonization and the Formation of Caribbean Identities,” by Professor Carolyn Cooper of Jamaica. The presentation was part of the 2012 September Celebrations in Belize. Dr. Cooper is a professor of literary and cultural studies at UWI, Mona, Jamaica and is an expert in Reggae/Dancehall studies, as well as in the use of Creole/Jamaican Patois. The presentation of the lecture by Dr. Cooper was a collaborated between the University of Belize and the University of the West Indies, Open Campus, Belize."

Coca Cola at 50 Exhibit at the GPC
The Coca Cola at 50 exhibit, which has been at Belmopan's George Price Centre for the last month, is leaving to go to the next spot. Most of Belize's best artists painted a picture with the theme 'open happiness.' Many of the paintings are amazing, to say the least, and the creativity really makes it hard to pick a favorite. In case you missed it, here are the 50 paintings.

Oceana's September Celebrations Message
Oceana has a great little commercial out for the September Celebrations, and to say 'Happy Independence Day" to everyone. Their 'one goal' is commendable. "Many Faces! Many Dreams! One Goal! Protecting Belize's Sea and Reef from Offshore Oil Drilling. Happy September Celebrations Belize! And a Happy Independence day to all! From Oceana!"

Children parade for September on Caye Caulker!
Ocean Academy, the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School and Little Stars Pre School paraded to celebrate their love for Belize this morning. Children in the CCRCS had voted during the week for their Class Queen and Kings and each class decorated a golf cart upon which their chosen King and Queen rode upon. Mia Cutkelvin was voted (by the children of the school) to be class Queen and she was crowned Queen in a small ceremony at the Park before the parade. Caye Caulker was alive with the sound of the drummers, the colors of red, white and blue scattered around and the excitement in the air with September celebrations.

Belize recommended to travelers worldwide by
I am proud to announce that Belize has been featured in the August “On location” issue of Recommend magazine. Recommend is one of the most popular magazines in the travel trade industry, existing over 43 years. The featuring of Belize on this magazine is no coincidence, since they only feature some of the best travel destinations around the world. “We’re always ecstatic to see Belize highlighted in respected publications such as Recommend. We want the world to realize all that our country has to offer and consequently, make Belize a part of their future travels. This magazine in particular, keeps travel agents informed about what’s new and exciting and we’re really pleased to be featured” commented the Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, Alyssa Carnegie.

Channel 7

City Hall Will Soldier On Without The Legacy Fund
Earlier this week, we reported that the Legacy Fund quite suddenly announced that it had disengaged from the City Council - where it was retained as financial advisor in putting together the municipal bond. That fallout occurred with just weeks to go before the launch of the much-delayed prospectus. So then is the 20 million dollar municipal bond in trouble? The mayor bristled at the suggestion when we spoke to him today:.. Jules Vasquez "What went wrong with the Legacy Fund that caused them to send out this very adverse release?" Mayor Darrell Bradley "I don't think that anything went wrong. From the very beginning we've been using several financial advisors to advise us as it relates to the launch of the bond. We've been assisted tremendously by Legacy. They did a full forensic of our financial operations. They delivered on a lot of the works that they were supposed to give us in terms of putting us on the right footing meeting with potential investors. We also have benefitted from the insight direction of the Central Bank of Belize. We've also been advised by our internal persons. We have our auditors who are also assisting us. So we have a team of financial advisors who have complemented the internal persons from the city council who really are in charge of the release of this bond and our perspective and so it's not a problem for us to say that well at one point certain works to be delivered by a certain service supplier has been completed and we don't want to proceed with you going forward."

A Street With Cars Named PUMA
And as you may have noticed, Mayor Bradley was speaking today at the opening of another street. Under his leadership, the council has paved 23 streets - and today PUMA street was declared open. It is the namesake of PUMA Energy, which has taken charge of what was formerly the ESSO franchise in Belize. The land that PUMA street spans was actually the property of the adjacent PUMA Ramon's Gas Station - which has been newly re-branded. PUMA agreed to assist the Council with the 40% of the cost for the concrete paving so that it could become a proper street. Today the mayor said it is an important one as well:.. Mayor Darrell Bradley "They contributed about 40% of the cost for constructing the street. The street cost us $41,000.00 and it was done by M&M Construction. The street was actually finished about 2-3 `weeks ago but Puma was not ready in terms of their re-branding exercise. So today we officially dedicated the street and it provides a major gateway from Coney drive for persons to access the Northern Highway in the morning so that they could go on to the Northern Highway. From a traffic management perspective it's a street that very necessary - there are couple other of the streets that we have chosen to do because of its importance to allow access to persons in the Coney Drive area to the Northern Highway."

Mayor Says City Mass Paving Will Continue On Southside
And while there is now a free flow of traffic between Coney Drive and the Northern Highway - on the north side of Belize City - there is congestion all over. That's because some very major streets are all under construction - all at once. That's Craig Street, Barrack Road, Freetown Road and contiguous streets. It's a constant traffic headache - and that's because it hasn't come to the southside yet! But the mayor says, bear with it, it's all for the greater, long term good:.. Mayor Darrell Bradley "Right now we are focusing on the north side down town grade and the contractors are almost completed on Barrack Road and then they will move on to Freetown Road. When they finish Freetown Road they are going to move on to Douglas Jones and Mapp Street and they finish that they will do North Front Street and New Road. We are also working on the south side down town area; all the streets off Albert - Bishop Street, South Street, all of those streets." "The information we are getting though from BWS is that those installations are old and all of them need to be repaired. It's a lot of timing and its lot coordination and that's why it's difficult."

PUMA Mum On Patrocaribe
As we've been reporting - the government of Belize has resurrected the Petrocaribe agreement and is importing fuel from Venezuela again. The first shipment landed last Saturday - and, in a new arrangement, it will be stored and distributed by PUMA energy. Now PUMA is a multinational, a subsidiary of Trafigura - and Petrocaribe is a pro-poor initiative. So how will these two entities work together - and will it be a fair and transparent deal for consumers? That's the question we tried to put to PUMA's country manager Freddy Flores today when he appeared to open PUMA street - but we got the corporate cold shoulder. Here's what he said when we asked him how the PETROCARIBE agreement will work:.. Freddy Flores, PUMA's country manager "I would have to differ that comment to the government because they can give you more details." Jules Vasquez "The largest vehicle retailer in Belize is saying that there is contaminated fuel in the diesel. Can you comment on that?" Freddy Flores, PUMA's country manager "If you need any more information the public relations officer can assist you."

Man Complains About SSB
53 year old Rodney Bowen has a lot on his mind. The Ladyville resident and former BATSUB Employee hasn't been working since last August when the British Army wound down its operation in Belize. But his real problem now is that he can't work after he got a stroke last year October. Social security ruled him an invalid - but they only pay him a benefit of 188 dollars a month. And that's not for his invalidity - it's for a disability he suffered in 1994 when he lost half of his vision. And so today he came to our office well before 8:00 am - just so he could get his story unto the media. He says he can't work and he can't live on what they are giving him:... Rodney Bowen "They can't pay two pensions, so how can I live? How can I live with $188 per month that they are giving me for my eye? I am just 53 years old and I have to wait until I am 60 years old to get any kind of compensation from them. What I am saying to them is that they should think about my situation. I am a Belizean man; I have been working all the days of my life - paid my contributions constantly upfront. I am in a situation where I have my family, I have all my bills to pay and they are telling now that because of that I am getting a disability pension - they can't give me a invalidity pension. I am telling them if they can take away the disability pension and just stick to the invalidity pension."

Disgraced Coast Guard Officer Vindicated In Supreme Court
35 year-old Marlon Hernandez, a former Lieutenant of the Coast Guard, got some good news from the Supreme Court today when Justice Michelle Arana ruled that the Security Services Commission unlawfully dismissed him from the Belize Coast Guard. Back in 2008, Hernandez was criminally charged in relation to forgery but in November 2009, he was acquitted of all the charges against him. Very soon after that, the Security Services Commission brought him up on disciplinary charges in relation to the very same incident that the Judiciary acquitted him of, and they ultimately dismissed him from the Coast Guard. He decided to appeal the decision to the Belize Advisory Council, but they dismissed the appeal and upheld his dismissal from the department. Well, with the help of his attorney, Dean Lindo, they took the matter to the Supreme Court and they filed an application for Judicial Review of the decision of the Security Services Commission. That case was heard to completion earlier this year, and today, Justice Arana handed down her decision in which she ruled that Hernandez was unlawfully dismissed from the Coast Guard, and she gave him a back-salary award for just under $60,000. Today, he spoke to us, and he explained that this judgment somewhat relieves the sting of the SSC's railroading of his career as a member of the security forces.

MOH Employee Under Suspicion
A Ministry of Health employee has been charged with obtaining property by deception - allegedly after he tried to sell an engine from a Ministry vehicle that had been crashed. First class court in the registry section Fermin Zelaya had his eye on a Ministry vehicle that had been crashed in 2008. The allegation is that he accepted money from an individual to sell him the engine - for a vehicle that he didn't own. Zelaya was arraigned on the charge and received bail. We understand that he was scheming to get the vehicle but the Ministry of Finance had to write it off first. By the time they did some other government employee had already scooped it up - and Zelaya was left in the lurch. Zelaya - we are told denies receiving any such money. He continues to work at the Ministry where the CEO rather generously told us that he is innocent until proven otherwise.

Jamaica's PUC Advocates For Electricity Monopoly
The public ownership of BEL is constitutionally enshrined - which probably means that the monopoly on electricity supply that it enjoys is also probably also secure in the long term. But in Jamaica - there was a landmark Supreme Court ruling in July which found that monopoly held by Jamaica's monopoly power provider, JPS was not valid. But now the Consumer Advisory Committee on Utilities - which gives input to Jamaica's PUC has come out very strongly in favour of a sustained monopoly and against the supreme Court Judgment. It's an interesting perspective on a problem we all face - high electricity rates. The CACU argues that sometimes competition can be a bad thing.

That Winning Look...
And from the Caribbean we go to Central America. Yesterday, we spoke to the President of the National Secondary School about Belize's historic performance in the 2012 CODICADER games. Today though, we wanted to look the victory in the eye. So, we tracked down 5 of the stars from the volleyball team who brought home the bronze medal. Here's what they told us about their contribution to the team for the overall win in Guatemala: Nayala Tun, SCA Volleyball Team "It was good like the first time we actually won a medal and brought it back to Belize and it was surprising but we worked hard all summer and it paid off." Sherika Brighton, SCA Volleyball Team "You really have to train hard and you have to be consistent and learn to hit any kind of set that your setter sets you." Crystal Bevans, SCA Volleyball Team "My job is important because I touch every ball. When they pass it to me I have to touch it, so every ball that comes our side I am there for it. I believe that's very important."

Why Children Rally
Today the Ministry of Education held its annual Primary School Children's Rally - celebrated under the September Celebrations theme: "Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal: Celebrating Belize." The rally's main focus was patriotism which was highlighted in the list of items on the program. Over half the city's primary schools attended the event that was held this year on the Bird's Isle basketball court. We found out more from the Ministry of Education's press officer:... Arlette Gomez "We normally used to call it the Children's Rally but we've added on another element to it where the afternoon - the high school students have a rally also. So we just called it the School Rallies." "This morning we are doing the primary school rally and the theme for this rally is all about patriotism - so all the items that we've commissioned from the schools we've ask them to ensure that it has a patriotic element in there. We just finish listening to little Anthony Gill from Los Angeles. His grandmother is Henrietta Gill of the boxing fame in Belize and 10 years old and he is a motivational speaker - well renowned in the United States. So are the things that we want our young children to start to emulate and to aspire towards."

A Symphony Of Steel Drums
And while that took place today, tonight at the House of Culture - we'll hear shimmering sounds of Steel Drums. The event is the 4th annual Pan Yaad concert where pan groups will converge for something like a symphony of steel drums. It has become a mainstay of the September Celebrations - and we got a preview today:... Greg Vernon, Director ICA "Tonight's concert will be the 4th Pan Yaad that we having for the September celebrations. This is we are very proud of because we have merge all the pan groups together in one yard in making a good representation of pan music." "Tonight we will be seeing 4 groups, we are very proud to say that we have come back with Grace Primary Steel Orchestra, we have Panerifics and we also have Pantempers. This year we have gotten a soloist from Trinidad and Tobago, Dane, who will be with us and he will be doing some of his music Trinidadian style and so this will be a plus for this pan yaad this year. It's a different style of music, it's a music that represents the Caribbean and it's a true Caribbean instruments - it's one of the youngest instruments that was made in the Caribbean and so we are very proud to call it our own and having it here in Belize."

Aurelio ... To Andy
And tomorrow night, there will be sweet music as well - but this one will be coming from the Bliss Center. Master Garifuna song and dance man Aurelio Martinez is in Belize for an Andy Palacio Tribute concert called from La Ceiba to Belize. He will be performing with the with the Garifuna Collective and Paul Nabor - in a show that promises to be hugely entertaining. Arlette Gomez - who is doubling as the promoter - told us more:.. Arlette Gomez "Tomorrow we have a tribute to Andy Palacio. The show is entitled "From La Ceiba to Belize, A tribute to Andy Palacio." The Garifuna Collective will be performing sounds of Andy. Paul Nabor will be performing sounds of Andy and Aurelio Martinez and his Garifuna Soul Band from Honduras will be here performing Andy's songs and paying tribute to one of our own." "Aurelio approach Minister Faber about this initiative and Mr. Faber jump on board and says that the best way for us to remember Andy and to carry on is to put his life work on paper and so we commissioned a book on Andy's life. It has been written by Mr. Lawrence Vernon who is a former chief librarian and will be presented tomorrow night at the concert."

Belizean Patriots Honoured
Order of distinction awards went to four persons - two of them posthumously. They are broadcaster and educator, Cynthia Henry, former NIP politician Sabino Savery, matron and Red Cross Director General Audrey Courtenay, posthumously and cultural artist Benjamin Nicholas, posthumously. The meritorious service awards went to career public officer, Jeffrey Perriot, Conservationist Godsman Ellis, Advocate for older persons, Leotine Gillett Lewis, Sugar Industry Expert, Rudolph Ellis, Beverage and Olympic Executive Hilly Martinez, Educator Hortence Wade, Former Corozal Mayor Israel Jacinto Alpuche, Educator and Tennis Player Hadie Gomez, Beautician Mapye Smith, Surgeon, Mr. John Waight Educator Dr. Gilda Lewis, Musician Bredda David Obi, Four time cross country champion, Kenrick Halliday, Educator Brenda Armstrong, Boxer David Dakers, Rural Community Activist, Geraldine Joseph, Girl Guide Commissioner Marie Kos, First Female Mayor in Corozal Daisy Olga Marin, Educator and church Minister Rita Maehetibel Flowers, and cultural activist David Ruiz.

Kendawg Kills It with New Tune
Over the years, 7News has featured Kenroy "Kendawg" Williams several times in our newscast. He is a Belize City rapper who made his debut back in 2006 composing songs with inspirational lyrics. Well, he's back tonight with his new single, for which he's made a music video. Here's what he told us about the new tune: Kenroy "Kendawg" Williams "I always come to Channel 7 whenever I have a new product. I have a new video out right now, this new video is called "Only one can win" it's a hip hop music video. It featured Ras Pin on it." Daniel Ortiz "Tell us about the music video and about the song?" Kenroy "Kendawg" Williams "The song is call "Only one can win" and it was shot in Orange walk

Channel 5

City Bond without Legacy
The municipal bond by the Belize City Council was launch on July twenty-third and it was tabled in the House of Representatives one month later in late August. The twenty million dollar bond, according to CitCo, is being floated by inviting the business community to invest in City Hall for much needed infrastructural improvement in [...]

Wikileaks from U.S. Embassy show Hezbollah in Belize for years
The recent capture of Rafik Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, who acquired a Belize passport and other documents in a matter of three days, is a high profile case of a very old program. Fraudulent passports, and visas given to facilitate human trafficking of Chinese, Sri Lankans, Nigerians, and Somali nationals to the United States has been [...]

Ex-coast guard gets cash award, but wants reputation back
An Ex Coast Guard officer has won a major judgment after appealing his dismissal from the force. Marlon Hernandez was a Lieutenant in the Belize Defence Force before being transferred when the Coast Guard was established in 2005. But in 2008, he was accused of serious offences including forging documents to get a credit card [...]

Former cop, Conrad Jones, missing; have you seen him?
Sixty-four year old Conrad Jones left his house at eight o’clock on Wednesday morning to go to work, but he never made it back home and tonight his family fears the worst. Jones, who was a police officer for over thirty years, retired as assistant inspector and now works as a Customs Guard. His job [...]

Family desperate for Jones’ return
Shilpa says her father was very “old fashioned” and didn’t carry a cell phone. That means he had no way to contact anyone for help when he was left on the road side after eleven o’clock at night. And while the Jones family says the Customs Department is assisting them with the search, Shilpa believes [...]

GST and the Economic Indicators
A country’s tax regime is always a key factor for any business or individual. In this segment the Great Belize Research Center looks at the general sales tax, the GST – which replaced the ‘Sales Tax’ in 2006. GST is a tax on consumer spending which is collected in stages, that is, at the point [...]

Missing twin; Doc says there were some errors
We have been following the story of Michel Gonzalez, who claimed that her twin son went missing after she gave birth at the Northern Regional Hospital. She has had two ultrasounds that confirmed she had a double pregnancy, but the mother alleged that the hospital treated her very coldly and up to now she hasn’t [...]

Children’s Rally a success
It’s September and the festivities are only half-way through for the month. As a part of the celebrations, students are engaged in fun and educational activities, like the annual Primary School Rally. Students from each primary school across the city gathered for an exciting show. News Five’s Andrea Polanco stopped by the Bird’s Isle and [...]

Ready to drive on Puma Street
The official dedication of Puma Street took place this morning. The street is located adjacent to Puma’s Ramon Gas Station at Mile one and a half on the Northern Highway and connects to Coney Drive. The event brought out the City Council in full force along with Puma representatives. Duane Moody was also on hand [...]



Woman Raped In Corozal, Police Look For Her Attacker
Tonight Corozal Police are looking for a man from the Village of Xaibe who is accused of raping a 34 year old woman. Reports are that the 34 year old female reported to police that on September 9th she was sitting in front of her house when she was approached by one Arnoldo Copo who asked her to accompany him inside her residence. The moment she refused Copo grabbed her by the arm, covered her mouth and dragged her inside his residence located in the same yard, took off her clothing and proceeded to rape her. After making her report, the woman was accompanied by police to the Corozal Community Hospital where a doctor certified that she was raped. Police are now looking for Arnoldo Copo for questioning. And while Corozal Police hunt for Arnoldo Copo, in the City of Belmopan police are investigating the rape of a 13 year old student. On September 13th the 13 year old female reported to Belmopan Police that on September 6th, at about 7:00pm, she was getting ready to go to her grandmother’s house when she noticed that a male individual identified as one Alexander Colindres had somehow gained access to the residence. According to the minor, Colindres pushed her against one of the walls of the house and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police have since detained 19 year old Alexander Colindres pending investigations.

New Revelations On Investigation Carried Out On Hezbollah Member
Tonight there are some new revelations as it pertains to the criminal investigation carried out on 44 year old Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, a Lebanese American marked as a member of Hezbollah who was detained during a raid in Merida Mexico on Saturday. Upon his detention, Labboun Allaboun identified himself with a Belizean passport under the name of Wilhelm Dyck from the community of Shipyard in the Orange Walk District. He also carried on him a Belizean birth certificate and a driver’s license issued under the same name of Wilhelm Dyck. Here in Belize investigations have revealed that all three documents were issued to Labboun Allaboun in the month of August 2012 in a span of three days, of course, the documents were issued under the name of Wilhelm Dyck who police have discovered died two months after his birth in 1976. Investigations have reveled also, that Rafik Mohammad Labboun Allaboun did set foot in Belize, and passing as Wilhelm Dyck, applied for his passport which was approved by one Gilroy Guzman. Since Allaboun was applying for a new passport, the officer at the immigration in Belize City requested a social security card or a voter’s identification from him which he could not produce

Anthony Garbutt Died Of Trauma Asphyxiation
Around 1:30 on Saturday morning a traffic accident claimed the life of 71 year old Anthony Garbutt from the Village of Ranchito in the Corozal District. Despite the fact that upon collision both airbags from the victim’s grey ford escort car were released, he sustained severe head and body injuries and died while receiving treatment at the Corozal Community Hospital. Garbutt was traveling from the direction of the Corozal Free Zone to Corozal Town when upon arriving between miles 85 and 86 of the Northern Highway; he crashed into a back hoe, driven at the time by 46 year old tractor operator from San Andres Village, Cecil Lewis, who was travelling in the opposite direction. A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Garbutt revealed that he died of Trauma Asphyxiation due to a neck injury and multiple trauma due to road traffic accident. As mentioned on Tuesday, the driver of the back hoe, Cecil Lewis, was charged with driving without due care and attention, driving with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit, causing death by careless conduct and manslaughter by negligence.

Great Discounts At Sky Wireless
On Saturday and Sunday businesses from across the country will migrate to Belize City to take part in the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2012 Expo. It’s where all the hot deals on all items imaginable will be found. But there is one business here in Orange Walk that is not going to make the trip. Sky Wireless, located on Queen Elizabeth Avenue won’t be at the 2012 Expo because, according to Manager Melanie Claude, they will cater for the people who will be unable to travel to Belize. “Since we are not going here we just decided to stay and do a special for everybody and we have special deals on these phones right now.” Hipolito Novelo – Reporter “What would be some of the special deals?” Melanie Claude, Manager Sky Wireless “Like for example this is a smart phone and we have it for $145 and we have this Digicell phone for as low as $45 and we have this one here touch screen and it come with two different bags you can change it is a really nice phone, it is kind of cute and even has a flash light and a nice camera. This none is for $145 as well and even this is a slide phone it can slide this way and it can slide this way right.”

Cuello's Distillery Limited Corporate Social Award
This year a record 80 youths between the ages of 15 and 29 from across the country, were nominated for the Youth Award 2012. The nominees were spaced out in 15 categories and yesterday at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts, the winners of the various categories were recognized for their achievement. Among the first place winners was Cuello’s Distillery Limited who was bestowed first place in the Corporate Social Responsibility Category Award. In this category, Cuello’s Distillery Limited was recognized as a business entity whose extensive involvement in sports and recreational activities have benefited the entire community. This morning we spoke with part Director of Cuello’s Distillery, Froila Cuello, who told us why the company was awarded first place. Froila Cuello, Cuello’s Distillery Limited “We also donated 5000 block for the Technical High School, we help with the Welcoming sign for the Yo Creek R.C. School, we also sponsored the feeding program for St. Peter’s Anglican School, we also donated a young bull for the cross country race and money for the female rider and for the junior rider as he passed for the station first price, we also sponsored the first place prize for the NICH canoe race, we sponsored trophies for sport days, we also sponsored the Uprising Drum Corp, we also sponsored the Association, we donated a stove and a refrigerator for the Meal on Wheels program.”


Radiothon in aid of media personality
On Saturday, a member of the R.S.V Media Family, Love Fm announcer Armin Arana, lost his house as the result of a fire. Tomorrow a radiothon will be held to raise funds in order to assist Arana in this time of need. Organizer of the Radiothon is Julia Carrillo. Once again the lines will be open from 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. The numbers to call are 203-2098, 203-0528 or 203-2281.

Addiction workshop to be held in Belize City
Hope Addiction Prison Ministries is a program spearheaded by Michael Znachko, a missionary from the U.S who has been working with patients of addiction for about ten years. Znachko says there are numerous existing addictions and his program reaches out to most. He has however been concentrating in working with prisoners. This afternoon Znachko spoke with Love News to tell us more about the program. An event on Saturday is geared to enlighten members of the community as to what Znachko’s program is really about because according to him, he only counts with the support of one Church so far, since many tend to withdraw from the word addiction. The seminar will take place from 9:00am to 1:00 pm at St. John’s Cathedral. Lunch will be served to those in attendance.

Plot thickens in alleged Hezbollah terrorist with Belizean passport
The Immigration supervisor who reportedly approved the passport application of alleged Hezbollah terrorist, Rafic Mohammad Labbon Allaboun, without the provision of pictures has reportedly given a statement to the police. Love News has confirmed with the Government’s spokesman, Delroy Cuthkelvin that Gilroy Guzman, who is stationed at the Belize City Immigration Office, told police in the presence of his attorney, that he approved Allaboun’s passport application after Allaboun showed him a Belize Social Security card. But what is not clear is whether Guzman made a copy of that card, as would be expected. [(VO of Alleged Terrorist] Allaboun, as we have reported, is the man who, on August thirtieth, acquired a Belizean passport, after having paid for expedited services the day before. As it turns out, the investigation has so far unearthed that when Allaboun applied to the Vital Statistical Unit of the Registry Department for a copy of a birth certificate for a deceased child, that application as well either disappeared from the records or was never entered, similar to the passport application he made. [VO of Passport] Allaboun, who also acquired a forged driver’s license from the Belmopan City Council’s Licensing Authority, was allegedly trying to steal the identity of the deceased Mennonite child, Wilhelm Dick, who died at the age of two months in 1976. Love News understands that it was Allaboun himself to visited the Immigration office on August twenty ninth to apply for and on the following day received the newly issued passport in the name of Wilhelm Dick. The matter has become a full fledge Crimes Investigations Branch investigation which is looking at possibly other persons in the Immigration, Vital Statistics, Social Security Board and Belmopan City Council’s Licensing Authority, whose license issued to Allaboun bears a number series still not being used in their system.

Controversy brewing at the PG hospital
Plans to relocate the maternity and child health department at the PG Community hospital compound has stirred up controversy in Toledo. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. Shortly after the story was first broadcast on our sister network Love FM, the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen clarified the situation with the reported relocation. Here again is correspondent Paul Mahung.

PACT hands out grants
Protecting the nation’s natural resources is always up for discussion, but this morning, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT, handed over some big money towards that end. At a brief ceremony at the Coastal Zone office on Prices Margaret Drive, the PACT Foundation gave out grant awards to four non-government organizations, including the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, Friends for Conservation and Development, Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association and Rancho Dolores Environmental and Development Group. This is the sixth year that the PACT Foundation is giving out monetary grants to NGO’s to help with their work. Chairman of the PACT Foundation, Edilberto Romero, told Love News that the grants do not exceed forty thousand dollars and altogether, two hundred thousand dollars was distributed among the four groups. He explains how the intricacies of the grants are worked out. SATIIM’s Park Manager for the Sarstoon/Temash National Park, Cordelia Requena, says that they will invest their thirty four thousand dollars in three major areas. The Friends for Conservation and Development received forty thousand dollars and that NGO’s Executive Director, Rafael Manzanero, told Love News that they will focus on studying the behavioural patterns of poachers and hunters in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve.

Belizean Patriots to be honored
The annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots is set to take place tonight at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City. It is part of the activities for the September Celebrations, as explained by the Acting Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman. Pakeman says that the Tribute to Belizean Patriots is an event for the entire family. This year’s tribute ceremony includes two posthumous awards to Audrey Courtenay and Benjamin Nicholas.

Burrel Boom man jailed for indecent assault
Fifty year old Dennis Frazer, a laborer of Burrell Boom charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature on an 11 year old girl, was given the maximum sentence of three years today after he was found guilty of the charge. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who imposed the sentence, told Frazer that she would have given him more jail time if it was in her power to do so. The incident occurred between 11:15 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. on April 26, 2012.The child, who testified in camera, said that her older sister had gone to get some water and had left her and her seven year old sister alone in the house. She said that she had just finished sweeping the living room when Frazer entered. She said Frazer sent her seven year old sister to the shop to buy a bottle of Coca Cola and when her sister left Frazer, pushed her on the sofa and covered her mouth with his hand. She said she bit Frazer on his hand and Frazer slapped her, the he pulled down her pants and underwear and touched her while he had himself exposed. She said her older sister entered the room and Frazer then hurriedly left the house. The older sister also testified. Frazer testified and said that the child was to blame for what happened. He said that the child called him into the house to fix a chair and after he finished fixing the chair, the child took off her underwear and told him to look. But Chief Magistrate Smith did not believe his testimony and she found him guilty. Frazer was not represented by any attorney. Inspector Carol Tucker represented the prosecution.

Minor caught shooting gun in public
A minor has been detained by police for discharging a firearm in public. According to reports, a police officer was in the area of Hondo and Nargusta Streets when he heard gunshots and he saw a seventeen year old laborer with what appeared to be a black pistol in his hand. The minor was firing gunshots towards a male person who was caught inside an open yard on Mopan Street. A search of the area revealed a nine millimeter Daewoo pistol bearing serial number BA501312 with magazine loaded with ten nine millimeter Lugar live rounds. The minor is detained pending investigations.

Lawyers car jacked
He is a prominent member of the legal fraternity, but that designation mattered little to an alleged car jacker on Wednesday morning. Attorney at Law Derek Courtenay parked his silver color 2008 Mitsubishi Montero SUV valued at seventy thousand dollars at the corner of “A” and 18th Street in Belize City around 6:15 yesterday morning. Courtenay says that he left the key in the ignition and the engine running while he went to close his gate. When returning from closing the gate, he saw a dark complexioned male person enter his vehicle and drive away with it in the direction of Princess Margaret Drive making good his escape. Police investigations continue.

Falklands Cricket team heading to Belize
The Belize National under Nineteen and Senior national Cricket teams are scheduled to play a series of international games later this year against a visiting team from the Falkland Islands. According to an online report published by the South Atlantic News Agency on Wednesday, the games are part of a Caribbean Tour by the Falkland Islands Cricket Team scheduled for November and December. The news agency report says that the fifteen strong team plans to travel first to Belize, then to Barbados and Jamaica. It is the third international tour for the Falklands Team and the news agency report says that the team players are looking forward to taking the pitch against the Belize teams. On the Belize leg of the Caribbean Tour, the Falklands team will be captained by Andrew Brownlee. Cricket has a long history in the Falklands despite the fact that the Falklands Islands Cricket Association was only founded in 2004. According to the Merco Press report, the planned Caribbean Tour will not only benefit the players involved and provide excellent Public Relations for the Falklands but will also be a way of fundraising for a charity in each country visited. The team is aiming to raise one thousand pounds sterling or about three thousand dollars for Liberty Children’s Charity in Belize, Sport For Life in Barbados and the Courtney Walsh Foundation in Jamaica. To raise this money the team plan on receiving sponsorship and undertaking a physical challenge by running, swimming, cycling and rowing the equivalent distance of the Falklands to the Caribbean.


New definition of "Spouse" is now Law; Financial Institutions Act gazetted!
The new Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions Act 2012 is now law; it was published in the government gazette l...

PlusTV reports over 1000 downloads of Controversial HFLE Manual
The discussion on the controversial HFLE Manual has been ongoing all this week on Rise and Shine and has also been ...

Video clips of Belmopan's Children's rally September 2012
Today was Children’s Rally Day. Students from the various primary schools within the Belmopan area all converged on...

Conrad Jones missing after being left at Hattiville bus stop
The Belize Police Department is seeking the assistance of the general public in trying to locate 64 year old CONRAD...

Crashed Ministry of Health vehicle lands employee in court
A Ministry of Health vehicle is at the center of a plan to make money by one entrepreneuring employee. Ministry of ...

Toledo 14 year old minor is 2 months pregnant
A Toledo mother and her 14-year old daughter, on Wednesday, reported to the police that on July 20 of this year, 19...

Groom threatened with gun at his wedding reception
Dangriga Police have formally arrested and charged Police Constable #422 Jervis Williams. PC Williams who is presen...

Visitor's gun stolen while in Belmopan
Ronald Romero reported that on Sept 11 at 8:00am he discovered that his 9mm pistol Smith and Wesson was missing fro...


Kaylee Burgess, 2, of Quilters Estate in Ladyville, who police say was suffocated to death, was laid to rest on Sunday, September 9, at the Ladyville Village Cemetery after funeral services at the Ladyville Evangelical Church. The baby was found dead in a chlorine bucket with some water in it at the home of her mother, Deidra Pratt, in the Japan area of Ladyville on Thursday, September 6, around 12:30 a.m., about six hours after she was reported missing, around 6:00 p.m., the previous evening, Wednesday.

A 50-year-old married man, Dennis Fraser, charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature on a child, now 11 years old, was given the maximum sentence of 3 years today in the #1 Magistrate’s Court after he was found guilty of the charge. Fraser is a laborer of Burrell Boom. The Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, who imposed the sentence, said she would have given him more jail time if she had the power to do so. The incident occurred between 11:15 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. on April 26, 2012, at the child’s home.

A businessman, who is an ex-policeman of San Ignacio, is dead, and the coroner has ruled suicide. Harth Evan Gillett, 45, was shot once in the head at his home on Orange Street in San Ignacio around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital, where he was initially treated, and then rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was declared brain dead on arrival. Around 3:05 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, he died while undergoing treatment. Doctor Mario Estradabran, who conducted the autopsy today, Thursday, concluded that the cause of death was “traumatic shock due to severe brain damage due to head trauma due to gunshot wound.” Police said that around 9:55 p.m. Tuesday, they went to the San Ignacio home of Harth Evan Gillett where they saw him lying face up on the floor of his house near the front door in a pool of blood, gasping for air. A 9mm pistol and an expended shell were seen on the floor beside him.

The Belize Ministry of National Security has launched an investigation to determine how a Lebanese-American imam—said to have key Hezbollah links and who was wanted on a Texas warrant after skipping parole in the US—found his way into Belize and stole the identity of a dead Mennonite by obtaining an official copy of his birth certificate, which he used to obtain a passport and then a driver’s license before absconding to Mexico, where he was picked up over the weekend in a heavily armed operation by Mexican security officials aided by US intelligence operatives. Days before the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, Mexican state police and immigration agents descended with high caliber weapons on a house located in Francisco de Montejo in west Merida and detained Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, 44, an imam from the Shia Association Bay Area (SABA Islamic Center) in San Jose, California. The Islamic spiritual leader has allegedly been linked to a radical cell of Hezbollah agents operating in the US and Central America, who FBI authorities in the US are now investigating for alleged links to the 9/11 incident.

Big-Up our CODICADER Gold medalists!
A delegation of high school players and coaching staff from our CODICADER Gold medal basketball and softball teams made an appearance on the Krem WUB this morning. Ladyville Technical High [...]

Here they come! BCC September Criterium Classic
Cycling fans lined the route on Albert and Regent Streets on Sunday, September 9, to witness another exciting Belize City Council (BCC) September Celebrations Criterium Classic, which featured races in [...]

The legend visits, Pine Hernandez in town for the celebrations
Legendary Belizean football star of the late 50’s and early 1960’s, Gilbert “Pine” Hernandez arrived in the Jewel on Saturday in time to see the Carnival parade. He is on a two-week visit to the old home town. Pine was captain of the legendary Dunlop team, who moved up from Junior champions to take the Senior title around 1958-59 (?), shortly after which the team folded. He then led BEC to a number of championships before migrating to Chicago, U.S.A. The X wrote about this era in his “Sports, Sin and Subversion,” which features a picture of Dunlop on the front cover. On this trip home, Pine brought us a picture of a Belize football team that just two weeks ago won its second consecutive championship of the Northern League in Waukegan, Illinois. Included in this “Team Belize” is Deon McCaulay, who is also expected back home soon to play in the Premier League tournament. Deon won the Most Goals award in the competition. Orange Walk star Marselino Tun was the Best Player, and a youngster named Matt Matus from Libertad received the Most Improved Player award. The team is coached by “Tun” Ortega, son of another Belizean legend, “Maya” Ortega, who, according to Vincent “Winty J” Johnson, presently resides in Santa Elena, Cayo. Welcome home, and enjoy your stay, Pine. (Ed. Note: The FFB heads, who are presently undertaking an administration course in Belmopan, should invite “General Pino” as perhaps a guest of honor at their closing ceremony, and try to avail themselves of the wisdom of this living legend of Belizean football.)

IT NEVER ENDS… Editorial
Colonialism in certain parts of the world was unconscionable in its brutality. In King Leopold’s Congo, for instance, up to half of the 20 million inhabitants perished. Millions were forced to harvest wild rubber, and if they missed their quota, their right hands were chopped off. The trade was notoriously one-way — shiploads of rubber and ivory were taken from the Congo while the Congolese got slaughtered in return. In Kenya, the British colonialists were savage. They not only killed more than half of the 20,000 Mau Mau guerilla insurgents who dared to fight for land reforms and political freedom in the east African country, they reportedly held nearly the entire Kikuyu population of 1.5 million in detention camps, “physically and psychologically torturing them” for supposedly taking the Mau Mau oath. In the case of Belize, the British did not have to mete out anywhere near such horrific brutality to keep control and produce whatever corporate returns they desired. They controlled us via the classic divide and conquer model. Those who the British considered safe were elevated. Those who they did not trust or who did not show enough emulation of British social and political values were relegated to a lower social status in the colony.

FROM THE PUBLISHER Publisher — 14 September 2012 — by Evan X
Late last year or early this year, Peter “Chukku” Young was visiting from Jamaica, and came over by my home one evening along with his good friend, Owen “Sonny” Meighan. We ended up next door at my dad’s, and during the course of the latter conversation on my dad’s verandah, a fairly heated argument began between myself and Chukku about the year when the MCC Grounds was declared open in Belize. He was saying 1957, but I thought it had to be later than that, because in 1957 the PUP and the British were locked in bitter dispute. And MCC was a British gift … Chukku and I reached the point of challenging each other to bet, but then he took out a big roll of money, an intimidating roll of money, and that ended the whole thing, because I had to back down, discretion being the better part of valor, you know, and all that. In 1957, the British sent Mr. Price home from London “in disgrace” because they accused him of holding secret talks with the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Jorge Granados. The following year, 1958, the British tried Mr. Price in the British Honduras Supreme Court for sedition, for which he was acquitted by a jury of his peers. By 1959, however, Mr. Price began to speak of independence within the British Commonwealth, whereas before that he had never committed himself to the Commonwealth. The MCC Grounds was opened in May of 1960, and it is clear, in political retrospect, that it was a kind of peace offering from the Mother Country, through their leading cricket club.

Medical mystery – Corozal mother, expecting twins, gets only one son
“Did the ultrasound tell a lie?” mother asks Expert says error with three different labs’ diagnosis “highly unlikely” BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 13, 2012 The Ministry of Health continues its investigation into a strange case emerging [...]

J’ouvert participant drowns after jumping off Belcan Bridge
BELIZE CITY, Mon. Sept. 10, 2012 Just after the carnival j’ouvert (pronounced “joovay” in Belize) early Saturday morning, September 8, a young participant lost his life in the Haulover Creek by the Belcan Bridge. Jermaine Madrill, [...]

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The Reporter

Carnival day 2012
Carnival Day 2012 brought out a record number of participants and spectators. The day’s festivities began as early as 5:00 a.m. with the fifth installment of Jouvert. A estimated 3000 participants convened at the BelCan Bridge for this year’s Jouvert. The enormous crowd covered themselves in mud and chocolate and danced through the streets in the pre-carnival warm up.

Wole Parks, American actor with Belizean heritage stars in action thriller
There is no Belizean in the United States’ movie industry to have made appearances in mainstream television series or major Hollywood movies. Young American actor, Wole Parks, though born in New York City, has direct Belizean heritage through his mother, Belizean retired educator, Lillett Parks-Soberanis, who now resides in Belize. Parks-Soberanis spends some of her time doing community work for the Anglican Diocese. Parks recently landed a major role in an action thriller, “Premium Rush,” which is based upon the bicycle messenger business in New York City. The “Speed Merchants,” as a New York Times article once described bicycle messengers, are the life line for many of the city’s business places. Bicycle messengers are a rugged bunch, whose ability to peddle from one end of the city to the other in a few short minutes, delivering everything imaginable that can be slipped into their specialized bags. In any kind of weather, they are seen slipping in and out of traffic, crisscrossing and speeding across red lights. Pedestrians love to hate them. Drivers curse them out on a daily basis, but the simple truth is that New York City cannot do without them.

Ex-policeman dies of gunshot to the head
Former policeman, Harth Gillett, 44, died of a single gunshot wound to the head, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Wednesday afternoon, September 12. Gillett was rushed to the K.H.M.H. Tuesday night after he was shot at his home in San Ignacio Town, Cayo, earlier that day. The incident has not yet been reported by the police and has apparently been labeled a suicide, based on the appearance of the scene. However, the police handling of the case has irked much of the San Ignacio community. Many of Gillett’s neighbours and friends said he appeared to be full of life and was a jovial, fun-loving person.

Attorney concerned about clients well being in jail
Calaney Flowers, accused of killing her boyfriend Lyndon Morrison, is in need of special medical care that the Belize Central Prison cannot provide, her attorney Arthur Saldivar told The Reporter on Tuesday. He said Flowers suffers from lupus, which is an auto-immune disease where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. This results in symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart, and lungs. The degenerative nature of the disease causes the afflicted person to need regular blood transfusions and it is advised to refrain from high levels of stress. With Flowers being on remand for murder and her seven-month-old child on the outside, Saldivar says her stress levels are exceedingly high.

Marijuana smoking tied to testicular cancer
Young men who had smoked marijuana recreationally were twice as likely to be diagnosed with testicular cancer than men who have never used marijuana, according to a U.S. study. Researchers whose findings appeared in the journal Cancer said the link appeared to be specific to a type of tumor known as nonseminoma. “This is the third study consistently demonstrating a greater than doubling of risk of this particularly undesirable subtype of testicular cancer among young men with marijuana use,” said Victoria Cortessis of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, who led the study. “I myself feel like we need to take this seriously now,” she added, noting that the rates of testicular cancer have been rising inexplicably over the past century.

Parents can let sleepless babies cry
A new study released today in the journal Pediatrics suggests it is OK to let babies cry while trying to fall asleep — a finding that may help settle a long-running debate among both parents and experts over whether allowing a baby to cry itself to sleep harms the child in the long run. Australian researchers looked at 225 babies from seven months to 6 years of age to compare the difference between parents who were trained in sleep intervention techniques and those who were not. Specifically, researchers allowed parents in the sleep intervention group to choose one of two sleep training techniques to use with their baby. Parents who chose “controlled crying” responded to their infant’s cry at increasing time intervals. Parents who chose “camping out,” also called “adult fading,” sat with their infant until they fell asleep, removing themselves earlier each night over three weeks.

SCA girls win 1 in CODICADER basketball
The girls of St Catherine’s Academy enjoyed their first victory in basketball at the XVII Central American Junior Scholastic (CODICADER) Games hosted by Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Mazatenango and Retalhuleu on Wednesday, September 5. It was historical in that it was the first time a Belize team had won in female basketball since Belize began participating in CODICADER in 2007, coincidentally also hosted then by Guatemala. The SCA girls triumphed over the girls of Honduras’ Luis Landa de Nacaome Institute 64-51 at the Quetzaltenango Sports Complex. Dejeanne Norales hit two long 3-pointers as she scored 17 pts for SCA to lead 18-16 in the first quarter. Kursha Pollard also hit a 3-pointer as she added 15 pts, but the Honduras girls responded to tie the game 26-26 at intermission.

SCA girls win bronze in CODICADER volleyball
The girls of St Catherine’s Academy won the bronze medal in Volleyball at the XVII Central American Junior Scholastic (CODICADER) Games hosted by Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, Mazatenango and Retalhuleu on Friday, September 7. Sherika Burton also won an individual gold medal as Best Hitter. It was the first time that Belize had medalled in Volleyball since Belize began participating in CODICADER in 2007. The SCA volleyball girls won the consolation match for third place in five sets over Nicaragua 3-2 at the Mazatenango Sports Complex.


CSI Belize
Did you know we have our own CSI Belize? Crocodile Scientific Investigators. We have our fare share of crocodiles in Belize and the CSI Belize adventure crew are the perfect people to take you up close and personal. You learn a lot about croc life on Ambergris Caye and mainland Belize. In fact while taking the tour, I learned so much information about crocodiles that there will be a part 2 coming on this post. The ACES/CSI Belize adventure is very educational experience and highly necessary. With an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 wild American crocodiles [Crocodylus acutus] left World-wide. Aces, short for American Crocodile Education Sanctuary not only protects these magnificent reptiles in Belize, but conducts scientific research and educates local communities to help save human lives. The Belize forestry department has put in place strict rules and regulations regarding Crocodiles. It is unlawful to feed, touch, harass, molest, or kill crocodiles. It is illegal to have crocs or any parts of them including teeth, meat, hide, skulls, or bones in your possession without the proper permits, all of which is punishable by fines up to $500BZ for the first offense and a fines of up to $1000BZ or imprisonment for the second offense. Keep that in mind when someone is trying to sell you that cool looking crocodile tooth necklace.

International Sources

VIDEO: Osprey -- the ultimate fisher
Wonderful footage of an osprey catching fish. Hovering at moderate height, the osprey dramatically plunges down feet first to snatch fish from the water's surface. A shake of the head as it emerges from the water; the osprey carries its skilfully captured prey with its long talons.

Belize says talks with creditors are 'constructive'
Talks between Belize and its international creditors aimed at preventing a default on the country's $1.1 billion debt are "ongoing and constructive," a senior government official told AFP Friday. Mark Espat, who heads Belize's bond negotiating team, told AFP in an email that Belize "remains committed to a good faith approach. Negotiators are "confident that based on reasonable assumptions, Belize's capacity to pay justifies immediate and material debt relief from external commercial creditors," he said. Espat said he held meetings this week at the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and that he has remained in contact with officials from other multilateral organizations including the International Monetary Fund (IMF). "To date, a variety of options for possible multilateral support has been discussed, though none has been finalized," Espat said. "These discussions with the multilateral institutions have been consistent, completely open and will continue." The small central American country of 330,000, with an economy heavily dependent on tourism, failed to make a $23 million debt payment on August 20. Belize was not considered to be in full default however because it was already in talks with creditors to reschedule the debt. The country now has until September 19 to renegotiate its foreign debt or default on what its owes.

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