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  • One Shot To The Head Ends The Life Of Harth Gillett Sr
  • Bateman In The Slammer Again
  • Ralph Moody Is The New Sheriff In Town
  • Give Me A Chance To Try It
  • Old Beef Land Rodel Guerra In Jail Again
  • Guatemala Fuego Volcano Eruption Triggers Evacuation
  • Full Basket Belize Now Accepting Applications for 2013 Community Grants
  • Presidential Elections Are Won By Electoral College Votes And Not Polls - President Obama Only Needs 33 Colleges
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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Cancer Society hosts a successful Health Fair
The San Pedro Cancer Society held a health fair on Saturday, September 8th. The fair served close to 200 people who took advantage of the many services that were offered to the public. In addition many residents stopped by to purchase food from the sale which took place at the San Pedro Lions Club. The SP Cancer Society had been planning the health fair for months and garnered the support of several organizations. In a report to the members, the SP Cancer Society stated, “We had quite a few organizations that were present and the turnout was ok.” The group says that they collected 14 units of blood that was donated and made a total of $781in food sales. Many who visited the health fair donated blood, had their blood pressure checked and were tested for diabetes and HIV/Aids, did a quick breast check up, got a massage, visited with the eye specialist and took advantage of the opportunity to gather information from the Social Security Board and the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC).

Belizean certified as Emergency Diving first Aid instructor
A Belizean living on Ambergris Caye has recently returned to the island newly certified as an Emergency Diving First Aid Instructor. Abner Bacab was certified after he attended a diving emergency symposium offered by Diving Alert Network (DAN) through the Training Beyond Borders program in Cancun, Mexico in July of this year. Bacab becomes the only Belizean living on the island certified as an instructor that can offer Emergency Diving First Aid training in Belize. “It is important that we make Belize an even safer diving destination for everyone including our tourists. Diving is one of the base products we sell to our tourists, which is a good tourism product. The rule is that once you are diving you have a risk of suffering from decompression sickness and we need to make sure we can respond to diving accident when it happens,” said Bacab. For that reason Bacab said it was very important for dive guides to get the adequate training so that they know how to deal with emergencies at sea.

DFC wins Manuel Heredia Cup Under 17 football tournament
The Manuel Heredia Cup 2012 an Under 17 football tournament which commenced early in May came to an end over the past weekend. The tournament originally began with five teams and in the end, saw four teams going up for first, second and third place. Reaching the finals were: Strikers, DFC, Captain’s Casino and Blue Dolphin. At the end of the first round of tournaments, Strikers were in the lead with 13 points, while DFC followed with 10 points. At the lower end of the score board were: Captain’s Casino with six points and Blue Dolphin with five points.

Misc Belizean Sources

Give Me A Chance To Try It
BY: Peter Wolf Licensed Tour Operator in Belize The average Belizean still believes that his country is listed as the number 1 ranking Ecotourism countries in the world. There is a flaw in his mind because he does not decide the ranking but the visitors do. And the average Belizean does not want to see reality but he wants to believe. He wants to believe in the superiority of his country, in God and in everything what makes him happy. So it is not easy to speak about another view of realities. Give me a chance to try it. Ecotourism means something like living in line with nature. People all over the world pay extraordinary fees to experience this kind of holidays. They are riding to Equator, exploring Brazil or Botswana and some of them are coming to Belize. You are reading right. Some of them, Belize is not the middle point of earth.

Maya 2012 Winter Solstice Celebrations Carved in Stone
The Lodge at Chaa Creek is reviving an ancient Maya art and form of communication in order to leave a lasting legacy of Belize’s 2012 Maya Winter Solstice celebrations, and they’re doing it exactly as the ancient Maya themselves would have. What we know about the ancient Maya comes primarily from early stone monuments known as stelae; large tombstone-like slabs of mostly limestone on which important dates and events were recorded using Maya glyphs; the written or carved characters considered to be one of humankind’s earliest forms of writing. Although the Spanish conquistadors of the 16th century destroyed the vast Maya libraries and almost all of their codices – long scrolls on one of the world’s earliest examples of papermaking, the stelae have survived, as has the Maya language, which is still spoken by many Chaa Creek staff members. Chaa Creek owners Mick and Lucy Fleming commissioned local Maya artist Arcenio Itza to carve a stela commemorating the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice – an event identified thousands of years ago by the Maya as having supreme importance to the human race, and more recently misinterpreted on the Internet and in Hollywood films as signifying the end of the world.

'Blease-ing' the trail
SINCE her February debut at the Quad nightclub in St Andrew, Belizean selector Miss Blease has been doing the Jamaican club rounds. She has played at the popular Fiction and Privilege nightclubs as well as lounges like Macau and Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records; none compared, however, to a particular Montego Bay show in July. "One of my biggest Jamaican performances was at the Reggae Sumfest Beach party. I was nervous and excited as I was the only female DJ among five of the reggae/dancehall industry's top DJs," the 25-year-old told the Jamaica Observer.

Expo 2012 15 Years of Excellence - This year's EXPO Season is Officially Open.
2012 marks 15 years of excellence in the organization and production of the EXPO Belize Market Place. Through the years the public has witnessed the growth of the show in terms of scale and participation from the business community. This event is one of the most popular events slated for the month of September, and it is an event that the public visits in droves. This year the EXPO Belize Market Place will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16 at the ITVET Campus through the good graces of the Ministry of Education, which has agreed once again to give the Chamber permission to use its excellent grounds and facilities. As you go through the process of applying online to secure your booth, you will notice that the EXPO Floor Plan has some minor changes from last year in that we now have 24 more booths due to the increased demand consistently expressed each year and changes in parking area for exhibitors, who will no longer drive unto the field and park, but instead be relocated in an area behind their booths that is more convenient. It is very important that you review the Rules and Policies of the EXPO, since there have been some additional rules added to the list as it relates to music, electricity, complementary passes and security procedures. From time to time it is very important that you check this website for updates as it relates to Notices and Reminders so that you are always in "the know" and are able to plan accordingly.

Get To Know Belizean Folklore
Every country has fables, some more than others. And Belize’s diverse and vibrant cultures have contributed to one of the most unique and interesting mix of folklores. As a child I recall spending Sunday evenings at my grandparents’ house hearing countless tales of old Belize. Stories that date back before there was any radio or television, when rivers were the main form of transportation, men rode horses to work, and logwood and chicle extraction was the main livelihood of most Belizeans. My grandmother was the storyteller; she really enjoyed telling her grandkids how different things were when she was growing up. She didn’t only take pleasure in telling us about rural life, early Cayo days, the dense jungle and little Sacbe roads. She loved to tell us about the folklore characters that were part of everyday life growing up in a small British colony. Here are the most popular Mayan, Creole and Mestizo beliefs:

Octavia Waight Centre Celebrates 26 Years
Cayo has a new convention center! The Octavia Waight Centre had the opening ceremony for their 26th anniversary. "The Octavia Waight Centre in San Ignacio town celebrated its twenty sixth anniversary over the weekend. On Sunday, the celebration was marked by the opening of a convention centre, which will serve the dual functions of a hurricane shelter and an avenue for a sustainable source of income for the Octavia Waight Center, which benefits senior citizens from all over the country. One of the key pillars of the establishment of the Octavia Waight Centre is former career public officer Elias Awe, who was presented with a plaque by the Board of Directors for his dedicated service. Courtesy Kent Pandy, here are highlights of Sunday’s celebration."

Books for Belize Donates to the SIPL
Feelgood news of the day. The Books for Belize project donated 300 books to the San Ignacio Public Library. They are currently doing another book drive to get more. Thanks, Books for Belize! "Curious where the books you donated last year to Belize ended up? Then check out these pictures on the San Ignacio Public Library’s Facebook page. They were taken on the happy day St. Philip’s alum, Kimberly Miralda and her brother, 6th grader Joseph Spence delivered the many boxes of books, videos and literacy resources they’d collected during the Books for Belize drive last school year. The local librarian, the town mayor and a room full of enthusiastic young readers were on hand to receive them."

International Sources

Caribbean Islands – Caye Caulker, Belize
One of the first Caribbean islands I stayed on during my travels in Central America was Caye Caulker in Belize, which probably is the most famous (and smallest) of Belize’s islands. While the people on this island is more “Caribbean” than anywhere else I have been, the look of the island is not the typical “Caribbean island” that you would think of. There is actually only one minimal beach on the island, and it’s almost not worth the definition “beach”. The rest of the coast line is mangrove, which is good in its own way as this protects the coast and sea life. " The island of Caye Caulker is only 8 km long but most of its life is focused on an even smaller part than that. One main beach walk is the focus of the tourists and behind it exist two parallel streets with only locals. Again it’s sad to see such an obvious segregation, but at the same time it’s perfect if you want to spend time with locals without any other tourists around. To get to Caye Caulker there are two options, either take a water taxi from Belize City or fly. It’s unbelievable how many of these small Caribbean islands that actually has an airstrip, but the water taxis is convenient and fun, with most of them having a roof that covers you and your luggage against the occasional heavy rains.

The Peak Of Hurricane Season Doesn't Disappoint
The title says it all. We're more than halfway through hurrican season, and now past the average peak. Here's to no more hurricanes! "The season got off to an early start with Tropical Storm Alberto and Tropical Storm Beryl developing before the official start to hurricane season on June 1st. Since then the Atlantic Basin has produced eleven more named storms, five hurricanes and one major hurricane (Michael). Eight of the thirteen named storms so far this year formed in the month of August... Since 1966, the average hurricane season produces eleven named storms, six hurricanes and three major hurricanes."

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