Here's a well written travel article about Cayo which makes for a great Sunday read. It has many colorful pictures, many from houses around town, along with some pictures from downtown, and the Mopan river. Bullet Tree Falls, 'deep into the jungle' as the author puts it, is shown in pictures, as well as the Parrot Nest, which is where they stayed. Mr. Greedy's get an honorable mention too.

"How an Unexpected Delay Led to a Wonderful Trip to San Ignacio, Belize. Sometimes, when it seems like things are going from bad to worst, all you gotta do is hang in there for a bit until the sun comes out again... Something you immediately notice upon entering Belize are the colors of the residences. If you're from the USA and ever wondered whatever happens to all those always-on-sale-at-50-percent-off cans of loud, garish paint, I have a theory about where they end up."

Link to article