A two page document, labeled as top secret and making serious allegations against police officers, has the department in a major upheaval. The memorandum, dated June twelfth, is purportedly signed by the head of the Special Branch and addressed to the Commissioner of Police. The subject of the memorandum centers on allegations of corruption by police officers who were said to be monitored by the special branch and considered persons of interest. The top secret memo does not specify what corrupt practices the officers are allegedly involved in, but it lists the names of fifty-six serving officers of various ranks. These include two senior superintendents, four superintendents, two assistant superintendents, two inspectors and ten sergeants, corporals and police constables including one woman police constable. Some officers have been making contact with attorneys to say that they have seen the list and that their names appear among the fifty-six. Public and police procedures require that officers who are accused of wrong doing or corruption are to be formally placed on interdiction which means that they have to be removed from their positions and sent home until investigations are completed to substantiate the allegations. Before that happens, however, they would have to first receive a formal letter of interdiction or discipline in order to mount a defense or response to any allegation. We have been unable to confirm whether the Police Department top brass has met on the allegations

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