The members of the Belizean Bus Association met today, 18th September 2012, and resolved the need for the following:
- Lower fuel rates
- Duty free & Tax Exemption of Parts and Equipment
- 120 Day notification should be given before a Road Service Permit is terminated or not replaced

Members decided that the following WILL occur commencing September 22nd, 2012:
- Re-alignment of Bus Fares (in 3 Phases) - Phase 1 will:
- Affect the Western Route, Crooked Tree, and Maskall
- New Prices will be released by tomorrow
- All Short Stops will continue to be $1.50 across the board
- Minimum for Students will be $1.00

Members STRONGLY Urges the Ministry to re-align the cost of permits to a more realistic rate:
- Road Service Permits = $200.00 minimum (for a 2 year permit) with $1.90 per mile being the Maximum charge per permit per year.

Members consider the following as TOP-Priority:
- A member of the BBA MUST be on the Transport board to avoid the continual chaos that has continued to plague the Ministry due to Political connections, Cronyism and outright corruption.
- The re-instatement of Skai's Bus Line to the Ladyville Shuttle Route
- Members refuse to pay for the portion of the permit for which they were not protected nor covered by the Ministry.

**We request that these points be taken VERY SERIOUSLY to AVOID FURTHER ACTION!